Love or Lust Ch. 01

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Anime Porn

It’s a cold Thursday morning, first day of my three-week work leave, and there are no eggs in the house. I was planning on making myself a Spanish omelette and some coffee for breakfast, then use the rest of the day for some much needed rest. But this now means that I have to leave the confines of my warm house and venture into the icy cold streets of Menagerie to do some shopping. So I decide to take a quick shower and head out, before I convince myself otherwise. The bath was quite soothing, must be the lavender soap I recently acquired.

I tied my relatively long dreadlocks in a messed up bun, put on a vest, sweatpants, a hoodie and a pair of gloves. With my keys in hand, I stepped out of my house having locked it and got into my matte black Mustang and pushed the start button. The engine roared to life and I was off to the mall. I found parking space not too far from the entrance of the hypermarket where I parked my car. Urban Hip-hop was blaring from my headphones as I approached the “trolley area” as I so eloquently call it. Must be why I didn’t notice someone grab the same trolley I did. Normally I get irritated when such things happen, and as a matter of fact, I was about to curse when I turned and took in the sight of the exquisite beauty standing beside me. She was shorter than me, mocha colored skin, her hair was short, trimmed on the sides. Her full lips were adorned in matte red lipstick, she had just a touch of make-up, her eyes were a pale shade of brown I haven’t seen before. She had the kind of eyes you get lost in, the kind of eyes that make your mind scream trouble. I must have stared at her for at least five minutes. I can’t remember the last time that someone had this effect on me.

I took a step back and apologized profusely. I let her take the trolley, and for a minute there I thought she’d give me a piece of her mind for obstructing her way, but she smiled at me curtly and walked on. The smile she flashed was beyond brilliant. What was happening to me today? After gathering my wits, I pulled out a trolley and placed my headphones back on my head. When did I even remove them?

I had to know this fascinating lady. One encounter wasn’t enough. I decided to do what I do best when I have personal agendas I need help with, call on my crazy friends. I picked up enough supplies for a small party and exited the shopping mall. On the drive home, I kept replaying the events that had left me so disoriented. I got home and before anything, I called the crew, told them about the incident, and sure enough they had a lot to say.

Sasha, my best friend, obviously wasn’t shocked. “You lesbians are too much at times,” were her exact words. She wanted to know the nitty-gritty details. I told her as much as I remembered. I was still quite confused, as if in some sort of trance. Vince and Martin were making cocktails laughing their asses off, saying they told me that my transgressions would one day catch up with me. True I wasn’t a fun of commitment and as a result, I ended up breaking quite a few hearts, not intentionally though. They suggested that I should have a couple of friends for dinner and get a girl to get my mind right.

We prepared the house for guests and they invited their friends, most of them I knew, but there were a couple of new faces tonight. I talked to some pretty ladies hanging around Martin for a while, danced, well tried to. I had to get her out of my mind. The ladies though fun and pretty, didn’t excite me enough. I decided to get some air, have my drink in solitude, just when Vince came barging through the glass sliding doors leading to the casino oyna balcony where I was. He looked more excited than usual and that irritated me. Why is he so annoyingly chipper all of a sudden? He pulled me by the hand and told me that there was something I had to see. I reluctantly followed him. What now? He came to a stop and I looked at him, half expecting him to perform a magic trick. He looked at me and smiled and nodded in the direction of the door. There she was! The girl from the mall. I was nervous, excited and surprised all at once. How did she get here? How did she know where I lived? It then hit me, that she was a friend of a friend of Martin’s. Not that it mattered anyway. I was beyond thrilled to have her here.

After composing myself for a few seconds, I downed my drink in one gulp and made my way to the kitchen counter. I figured she’d head there eventually to grab a drink of her choice. I poured myself a generous amount of Makers Mark scotch whiskey on the rocks as I rehearsed what I’d tell her. Not that planning out your conversation before hand ever works, but what was a stud to do? I leaned on the counter, trying to still my nerves when she appeared. She was in a blue dress that stopped mid thigh. It clung to her frame like a second skin, she had on Balenciaga boots that accentuated her perfect legs. Her make-up wasn’t much either this time, but her lips were cherry red. She didn’t have good intentions tonight. What I wouldn’t do to taste those lips.

She saw me and smiled, apologized for earlier on in the mall. I told her that there was no need for her to apologize, the fault was probably mine. She confessed that she had grabbed the same trolley as me on purpose. My eyes widened in bewilderment despite my best efforts to play it cool. She picked up on this and told me that the way I dressed and the aura of confidence I carried myself with intrigued her. So she wanted to make a point of talking to me. I looked at her and chuckled nervously and offered her a drink after i noticed she didn’t have one in hand. I introduced myself as Skylar. Sky in short. How rude of me?

My nervousness had dissipated and Vince had had thrown me a knowing smile at least 3 times in the past 15 minutes. She told me that her name Camille. She co-owned a chop shop. I was surprised. She didn’t look like the typical motorcycle enthusiast but yet again, what would I know? We talked for what seemed like an hour and she took my hand for a dance. I resisted and she looked at me with disappointment written all over her face. I held her gaze and told her that I didn’t want to make a fool of myself in front of her, not today at least. I don’t think there is a worse dancer than me. At least that’s what I think. She looked at me laughed and pulled me, reassuring me that I couldn’t be that bad. The whiskey seemed to work its magic. I didn’t make that much a fool of myself. It went well, okay, as well as it could have gone.

Just as I was going to head back to the seats, a dance hall song played. I liked this song, further more, it required the one thing I could do, grind. I grabbed her by the waist, pulled her in and she rocked her hips to the beat and I followed suit. The rest of the room fell away and there was only music and us dancing. We had lost ourselves to the music. What a sight! It may have been the drinks we’d had but I could have sworn that there was a spark on that dance floor.

We got off the dance floor and went to the balcony for some quiet conversation. But truth be told, I had ulterior motives. We sat on the sofa and she asked me if she minded if we got stoned. I’m canlı casino not one to turn down some good weed and so she sparked it, took a few drags and passed me the blunt. I took a long drag and motioned that I wanted to pass the smoke to her. I half expected her to decline. Our lips made contact. Soft, supple lips. It took all my strength and then some, to restrain myself. We sat quietly after finishing the blunt, enjoying the crisp evening air. The high had kicked in and we talked about her love life. She told me that she was dealing with a break up. Her boyfriend had cheated on her. She found out after they were engaged for two months. She was devastated and nearly fell into a depression. But she met this girl, and smoked weed for the first time and loved how calm she got. So every so often when she felt like the world around her was falling apart, she smoked a joint. She saw a therapist and started dealing with things and for the most part she was okay and didn’t need the weed as an escape anymore. But today she was way too nervous.

We were getting cold, a side effect of the weed. So I went back into the house and picked a blanket. Walked back outside and I found her deep in thought. I think I startled her when I walked through the door. We covered ourselves and she asked me a few questions about myself. I told her about the last girl I dated and how badly I got my heart broken, so nowadays I find it hard to commit to a relationship. I think she felt a bit sorry for me, but I didn’t mind it. Yes it got a bit lonely, but I guess that’s the price of not sharing my life with someone. She scooted closer to me, a chill crept down my spine. What was it about this girl that unnerved me like this? I suggested heading to my room. It was bound to be warmer and a bit more quiet. She shot me an inquisitive look, I laughed and assured her that I wouldn’t do anything she doesn’t want me to do.

I held the door open for her and watched her derriere jiggle as she walked. I poured her a drink, she declined so I slowly sipped it. We started talking some more while listening to Electro-Dance music and she told me a few funny stories of her childhood. The weed must have been fading from my system, because it suddenly got hot. I needed to disarm her, see how much she could take. I took off my hoodie and vest and walked up to a drawer that was next to her.

A gasp escaped her lips. I pretended not to notice and picked a towel and walked naked into the bathroom. She never said a word but I could feel her eyes following my every step. I laughed and told her that she could join me if she so wished. I knew it was highly unlikely, and with that, I walked into the bathroom.

The water was just right. Maybe a bit too hot for most people, but I loved it that way. I walked out of the shower, dried up and put on a robe. She looked at me as I walked out of the bathroom but still didn’t say a word. I knew that I had probably taken things too far and I waited for her to walk out the door. She instead told me that she wanted to freshen up and asked if I minded. I of course didn’t and she scurried off into the bathroom.

I awoke to her voice calling for me. I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming or not, but I woke from the bed and entered the bathroom to see what she needed. She stood before me in all her glory, naked as the day she was born. Words caught in my throat. Candles littered the bathroom floor, rose petals floated in the tub. faint smells of my bath oils lingered in the air. She looked at me and didn’t say a word, but motioned me to move closer. My knees nearly buckled as I took that first step, kaçak casino but I knew I had to make my move fast, before I lost my nerve.

I walked to her and stopped a few steps away from her. I took in the sight of her, naked in my bathroom right in front of me. All she had on was a gold chain with a small infinity pendant dangling from it. She had the body of a goddess. Her ample breasts, thick toned thighs, wide hips, toned stomach, were enough to drive me insane. Not to mention the tattoo of a phoenix ablaze stretching from the top of the side of her ribs, down to her hips. I couldn’t contain myself. I walked up to her, firmly planted my lips on hers and she kissed me back. She was an extremely good kisser. she ran her hands along the length of my back, expertly finding those places that made me quiver. The kiss grew deeper and I pushed her up against the wall, pushing my knee in between her thighs. She bit my bottom lip, pulled on my hair. This girl liked it rough. I clasped her hands spun her around and kissed the neck of her neck as my hands massaged her breasts from behind. A whimper escape her lips as I tugged on her nipple. “Harder,” she said. I pinched her nipple and grazed the skin of the back her neck with my teeth. A deep groan escaped her lips. I kissed her down her spine, then up the sides of her back, stopping to give extra attention certain areas. I spanked her magnificent ass and told her to bend, place her hands on the wall and spread her legs.

I ran my fingers from her ankles up her thigh, waist and then veered in front and stopped short of her pussy. She groaned in frustration. I placed butterfly kisses behind her knee and I could feel her knees getting wobbly. The scent of her sex filled the room. I ran a finger along the inside of her thigh, up to her pussy, along her slit and stopped just short of her clit. she was soaking wet. “Lick this clean for me,” I ordered as she parted her lips to allow entry of my digit. She sucked on it and flicked my tongue on my finger. It instantly sent shots of electricity to my groin.

I parted her ass cheeks and ran my tongue along the length of her pussy, circling her entrance but not allowing her to have my tongue inside her. Cries of frustration and need emanated from deep inside her throat. I sucked on her outer lips, making sure to run my tongue along the length of her slit, lick around her clit, making sure not to make contact with it. She begged me to get her off, but I was having too much fun. I gently blew warm breath on her clit. She got her hand in between her legs in a bid to try and relieve the fire in her loins. I pushed her hand away and told her to place it on the wall and not remove it.

She bent down further, I ran my tongue across her clit and she inhaled sharply. Her knees nearly gave way. I helped her steady herself as my tongue began its assaults on her clit. She moaned deeply as she ground even harder into me. I paused and turned her over to get better access to her pussy. I slid two fingers into her slick entrance and curled them to rub on her g-spot. Her head fell back and her eyes closed as she enjoyed the ministrations my experienced fingers were performing on her. I flicked my tongue on her clit, ran circles around as I watched the beauty’s chest heaving. Her breathing was laboured. Rivulets of sweat trickled down her chest. Her muscles clenched around my fingers with a vice like grip and her body tensed. Her orgasm hit her like a bolt of lightning. Her legs gave out, but I didn’t stop. Another orgasm hit her and she laid limp on the floor, her legs wrapped around my neck.

When she had finally calmed down, She motioned to the bath tub. She got into the tub. I stood and as soon as my toe touched the water, I awoke in a heaving heap on my bed. Camille was by my side soundly asleep. It was all a dream.

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