I Never Knew Her Name

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I had just turned 16 when my father and uncle purchased several acres of property high up in the Uinta Mountains close to where I lived. Over the course of a couple of years, they built a modest little “A” frame cabin on that property. My aunt and uncle hadn’t as yet had any children. Being an only child myself, aside from constantly getting in the way, there was very little I could do to help out aside from a few minor things they had me do. Such as it was, I often spent a great deal of my free time whenever we’d gone up to work on the cabin, exploring and venturing out in the surrounding wilderness. By the time I had turned 18, it was finished.

One of the things I really did enjoy doing, was hiking over to a small but beautiful lake located less than half a mile away. I would often go there during the day and go skinny-dipping, as it was fairly secluded. It was a rare occurrence to ever see anyone else, aside from an occasional adventurous, early morning fisherman.

One particular weekend, I’d helped with unpacking a few things, doing my assigned chores before scrambling off towards the lake for an early afternoon swim.

As was usual, I followed the deer trail down towards the lake. I’d stumbled upon wildlife before while making my trek. Because of that, I’d learned to walk quietly, slowly as I approached, in hopes of running across something. I always enjoyed giving myself an opportunity to observe without being noticed. I had nearly reached the lake, as I began to make my final decent down the side of the hill when I spotted someone sitting alone, on the outcropping of rocks that jutted into the water. There was a natural shelf just beneath the water line that got very deep in a hurry. I’d often balanced myself on those rocks before diving in. Curiously, I approached, as my line of sight hadn’t told me anything more than there was someone sitting out on those rocks. Creeping as stealthily as was possible, I eventually made my way over to one of the last thick-trunked trees that stood on the outer edge of the clearing, just before the lake opened up before me. What I saw took my breath away!

I had never seen a real live nude woman before. I mean, not really. I’d certainly seen my aunt once quite by accident, as well as my own mother on rare occasion. And though I had thought my aunt to have nice boobs, and even my own mother for that matter, I never thought twice about either one of them after that. Well, not often anyway. I had found one of my father’s men’s magazines stuck beneath the cushion of his favorite chair. And though that had served as my primary source of “jack-off” material, up until this very moment I had never seen an actual naked female before. Even the girls I’d been dating I had barely gotten to first base with, overly shy perhaps, but with a strict upbringing, all my activities had been closely monitored.

From my hiding place, I had a clear and unobstructed view of her, though I silently chastised myself for not bringing along my father’s binoculars. Something I wouldn’t be without again. Sitting on the rock as she was, it was hard to really see much of her except the soft flowing curves of her nude body from the side. She had long dark brown hair that fell to the middle of her back. I watched as she reached behind, twisting her hair into a knot on top of her head. As she did, I got the first really good look at her breasts, once again, finding myself holding my breath. What I didn’t know at the time, but would eventually learn, was that she was five years older than I, a difference, which was like night and day back then. Once her hair was all tucked away, I watched as she stood briefly, performing a near flawless dive into the water. She remained beneath the surface for several long moments, and I took that opportunity to quickly scour the area. Almost immediately I spotted a bright red towel along with a neatly folded pile of clothing sitting near by. I neither saw nor heard anyone else in the area, immediately relieved that she was by herself. Both frightened as well as aroused, the last thing I wanted was to have a run in with a boy friend, husband, or worse…a father.

I watched her for nearly twenty minutes as she swam, often floating on her back allowing me brief, casual glimpses of those near perfect breasts, along with a teasing peek at the occasional dark patch of hair between her legs. Again, I belittled myself for leaving behind the binoculars. Taking a quick glance back towards her pile of clothing, I realized if I carefully made my way back up through the trees and down the other side of the hill, I could place myself a lot closer to where she would eventually come out in order to dress.

Having done that, I made my way even closer to the spot by crawling on my belly until I had sequestered myself inside a small ring of sage brush that gave me perfect concealment while allowing me to fairly easily see her towel and pile of clothing. With my heart racing, beating a hundred miles an hour, I waited patiently for her to emerge from the water. A short time later, she did.

It was like watching a mirage. As she stepped from the water, the sunlight casino oyna backlit her nude form as she gracefully made her way up the bank. Holding my breath, desperately trying to calm my breathing, I lay motionlessly watching her approach. I fully expected to see her using the towel to dry off with, followed by her dressing. Both of which I eagerly awaited with my only intent as to see her nude form more closely, however brief it might be. To my surprise however, she placed herself upon the towel, intending to let the sun’s warmth dry her instead.

“Even better!” I thought silently.

From my hidden vantage point, I was no more than ten or so yards away from her. As such, I knew even the slightest movement would alert her that something, or someone was nearby. Again, I grumbled silently realizing that bent in the position that I was, it would soon become unbearable to sustain for much longer. I’d begun planning my escape, wondering how I could safely and silently retreat when I saw one of her hands reach up, cupping her breast. All of a sudden, I wasn’t as uncomfortable as I had been.

My brown haired beauty began to softly massage, caressing her breast. I watched as she gently teased her already stiffened nipple to an even greater firmness. Her breasts weren’t certainly as large as those I had seen in my father’s magazines, but I found them to be the most beautiful I’d ever seen, even if they weren’t large. Her caramel colored nipples looked even more alluring, especially at this distance as it made them easier to see, appreciate…and admire.


For a moment, I thought someone else had entered the clearing. Holding myself still, even more than I had been, I frantically allowed my eyes to wander back and forth, searching for signs that someone else had arrived. Then I heard it again, or rather heard her as she moaned, softly.

“Hmmm, Ohhh”.

Looking back towards her, I now saw she had placed her other hand down between her legs. Whatever she was doing, must have felt good. The movement was subtle, hardly noticeable at all. And had I been farther away from her than I was, I’d have probably missed it altogether. But I watched as her hand slowly moved, heard her continued sigh’s, moans, as she continued to lie there touching herself. As I did, I felt my own arousal stiffening inside my pants.

I might have been horribly naïve and inexperienced at my age, but I knew just enough about sex to find it wondrously curious, particularly as I’d never seen a woman masturbating before, let alone ever dream I’d actually witness it. Within the space of a single hours time, I had more than tripled whatever limited experience and knowledge I had. All of which had me sorting out a myriad of emotions, questions, and feelings that I had not as yet been prepared to deal with.

I began hearing an almost hiccupped cry of pleasure, “uhh, uhh, uhh”, which grew louder and louder with each passing moment. Whatever it was she was feeling, must have felt incredibly good, as there was no other way to describe the sounds she was making. I’d watched her draw both knees up spreading herself. And though she was facing away from me so that I could not see specifically what she was doing, I could see her hand furiously working that spot between her legs with wild abandonment.

“Oh? Oh? Ohhhh?” I lay, watching, listening as her self-pleasured questioning told me that she was seeking some sort of relief. In a sense, I knew what that was of course, having done so myself countless times. But again, the thought of a “girl” doing so had for some reason escaped me. Fully prepared now for some sort of final climatic sweetness to occur, I was still totally unprepared when it came. And unfortunately, it startled me, confirming my worst fears.

When she screamed, I was sure it was because she’d somehow discovered I was there. Kneeling as I had been, I lost my balance, tumbling forward through the brush making all kinds of noise as I did.

“Who’s there?” she yelled out immediately.

No longer able to see her as I’d all but nose-dived into the ground, I lay there motionless, fully expecting to hear her scrambling up to get dressed.

“I can see you,” she said a little too calmly. Even so, I remained as I was. “How long have you been spying on me?” she asked simply.

As the so called “jig” was up, I stood, brushing off bits of broken sage and dirt from myself, still too afraid to look her directly in the eye, but expecting a well deserved tongue-lashing that never came. Even more bizarre, she hadn’t made any effort to cover her nakedness except for rolling over onto her stomach.


Still unable to look her directly in the eye, I continued staring at the ground as I answered. “I just got here,” I said lying to her nervously.

“Look at me,” she demanded.

For the first time I gazed into those cobalt blue eyes, feeling when I did that I would surely turn to stone as her look held me in place.

“So what are you doing here anyway?”

“Nothing, I was just coming down to the lake to have a swim,” I finally said honestly.

“Where’d you come canlı casino from?” she asked again still taking no measure to more fully cover herself.

The fact she obviously wasn’t going to kill me calmed me somewhat as I answered. “My folks are building a cabin about a half mile away from here.” She seemed to accept that answer as truth at least, and then surprised me as she rolled over sitting up, though she did draw her knees towards her chest effectively concealing herself from my prying gaze.

For long moments she sat in silence as I stood nervously swaying back and forth. I wondered briefly if I’d been summarily “dismissed”, thinking perhaps that I should quietly move off.

“My family owns a cabin near here too. Or rather, used to own one. They just sold it. This is our last weekend here. My father recently got a promotion where he works so we’re moving away.”

“I’m sorry.” It was all I could think of to say, still pondering whether to stay or to go.

“Sit down, you’re making me nervous.”

I found a nearby boulder and sat down. Unable to take my eyes off her, I tried not to stare, but it was virtually impossible. The smooth, somewhat hidden slopes of her breasts peeked invitingly around her drawn up knees. Had I of positioned myself in front of her, I would have been stealing glances at something else too.

“So, do you have a girlfriend?”

I don’t know why her question surprised me. It certainly wasn’t something I expected to hear from her. Perhaps the fact that I didn’t at the time was a little embarrassing for some reason. .

“No. Not at the moment,” I said truthfully. “You?”

She laughed, “A girlfriend? Sure, have several of them. None of which I’m very close to however.”

I felt my face blush. Catching her joke as well as the obvious way she’d evaded my own question, I decided not to push it. If she’d wanted to answer the question, I figured she would have without sidestepping the obvious. A second later we locked eyes again. As we did, she stretched out her legs revealing her marvelous breasts fully to me. This time I did stare, uncaring if I was. Figuring as she stretched, exposing those glorious twin beauties that she didn’t mind my looking. And under the circumstances, I wasn’t about to pass up any opportunity to do so either. I heard her laugh, though I didn’t look immediately into her eyes this time, still gazing at those rock hard swollen nipples.

“You must be a breast man,” she said teasingly. “And obviously one who’s not afraid to admit, or appreciate a nice pair of breasts on a woman.”

This time I did look at her face, smiling at her, catching her smile in return. I nodded my head trying not to leer, feeling a bit giddy and sensing my arousal growing by the second.

“You have beautiful tits,” I said. “Breasts! Breasts!” I thought a second later. “I should have said breasts, not tits!” I worried momentarily that she would take offense at the comment. Tits were more of a guy’s word, not a woman’s, particularly since she’d been very careful about using the word herself. Her soft chuckle at my use of the word way-laid any fears however.

“Such a delightfully naughty word. Tits. Titties, knockers, boobs. Though I do tend to use the word ‘boobs’ more often than not myself.”

This time I laughed, more at ease than I had been, appreciating hers with my eyes. “Well, whatever you prefer to call them, they really are pretty.”

I saw her eyebrows lift in curious acknowledgement. Simultaneously she placed both hands beneath her “breasts”, lifting them up as though to better frame them against her chest.

“Not too saggy?” As she cupped them, readjusting their position trying on a different ‘look’, in asking me.

“Not hardly. They really are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.” Which of course was neither a lie nor the best compliment I could have given her either. But of course, she didn’t know that. Once again long moments passed in silence though she continued to rearrange her “breasts”, I thought silently. Almost playing with them after a fashion, I felt my prick lurch inside my jeans in almost reverent acknowledgement of that fact.

“Would you like to fuck me?”

That one did take me by surprise, and I actually lost my balance, almost falling off the rock I was sitting on.

“I’m sorry. Maybe I should have said, would you like to have sex with me instead? Though I do prefer saying, ‘make love’, though you certainly don’t love me, so that seemed even sillier to me to have stated.” She was rambling, nervously perhaps. But the fact was, she’d asked me point blank if I wanted to “do her” as I thought the words.

“You serious? Here? Now?”

She looked away, once again drawing her knees back towards her chest. “Can’t think of a nicer way to say good-bye to this place,” she stated more quietly to herself than to me. “Unless you’re really not interested,” she added considerably louder.

“Ah sure,” I responded, looking about nervously. Confident that we were alone, I was still nevertheless unsure of myself, being a virgin and all, and knowing that the truth of that was apt to manifest kaçak casino itself shortly.

“I’m fairly certain you’re still a virgin,” she said reading my mind. “So don’t worry if you are, I’ll teach you. Unless of course, you’re saving it for someone special, or for marriage, or for some other reason perhaps.”

I chose silence as my answer, neither confirming nor denying that fact. I half hoped that my initial fumblings would be taken for simple nervousness, natural instinct kicking in when I would need it the most. I had certainly been aroused, my stiff prick reminding me of that fact. But now that the moment was actually staring me in the face, I felt myself suddenly shying up, ‘withering on the vine’ as it were.

Spreading a second towel out on the ground next to the one she was sitting on, we suddenly had a much larger area to “do it” together, I considered.

“Well? You interested or not?”

It was my personal moment of truth. I was interested, yes. More than. And though my cock had certainly expressed an interest earlier, it was now behaving quite badly, and most unexpectedly as I felt myself shrinking up into a withdrawn panic of sorts. What I wanted to do was scream, pummel my crotch as though to awaken the beast that lived within. Perhaps she read my mind, or saw the fear etched deep within my eyes. Though I was shaking my head yes even though unable to speak.

Her smile was one of understanding. Amazing what she knew, or could tell in a simple look. “Maybe she really could read my thoughts”, I wondered briefly.

“Maybe this will help,” she offered. Spinning around on the beach towels, she positioned herself facing me directly this time. Lying down, she no longer made me feel self-conscious with her gaze, making herself even more vulnerable to me. Transfixed, I watched as she spread her legs, drawing her knees up once again, though spread as they were, offering me a view of her sex that I’d only previously dreamed of ever seeing. Even more wonderfully, she reached down with one hand and began caressing herself.

“That help?” Now teasing, stroking, petting herself softly, slowly unabashedly before me.

Truth was, it did. Where I had turned nervously turtle, I was now rock-hard ready. In one way, it was nice feeling the pressure of confinement against my Levi’s. In the other, I was now straining for release.

“You going to just stand there with a hard on? Or are you finally going to get naked for me?”

Now she was looking, having sat up slightly, resting herself on one elbow, though she continued to slowly insert a finger inside her pussy. I watched as she slipped that juicy finger inside her mouth, licking it clean. That did it. Like a mad man possessed, I began scrambling out of my clothing. Once undressed, I stood towering over her like King Kong, feeling a little like that in fact as I gazed down at my deliciously naked Fey Ray. She giggled, and I felt a little more like Cheetah instead. Subconsciously I positioned my hand over my erection as though it would actually hide my arousal.

“I wasn’t laughing at you,” she said seriously. “I was laughing because this is so un-like me, and I feel wonderful because of it.”

Once again in my more Kong-like state, I knelt down beside her on the beach towel. Uncertain as to what to do next, I reached out placing my hand upon her breast, though I did nothing to it, or with it even as her heated flesh filled my hand.

“It’s ok, you can touch me. I won’t break.”

Truth was, I wasn’t sure what to do next, so I placed my other hand on her neglected breast. Now all I needed was a pair of headphones and I could play radio operator.

“Listen, why don’t you lie down? Let me start things off here.” More than happy to oblige her, though I felt remorse at actually having to take my hands off those luscious breasts, I placed myself next to her on the ground. In the next instant, she had positioned herself over me. I had no idea what to expect. I assumed she would merely climb on top of me and we’d be off to the races. At least that’s how I envisioned it. What I hadn’t expected or planned on, was the soft sweet sucking of her mouth as she placed it around my shaft. As such, I jumped, nearly throwing her off.

“What? Your girlfriend never do this for you?”

I didn’t have time to even answer her before she slid that succulent mouth of hers over my shaft once again. This time the resulting tingle of that sweet ecstasy didn’t shock me. But I also knew that it felt better than anything I had ever done to myself. And I also knew that this was going to set a new worlds record for me in the fastest climax I’d ever experienced.

“Wait! Wait!” I bellowed. But she was a lot smarter than I was, fully aware of what was about to happen…and why. I felt the first explosion tear through the root of my cock. I was still yelling, in warning actually as she began milking my prick with her hand, coaxing out each and every drop of my climax as she easily swallowed everything I had to give her and more. I was honestly afraid to look at her, even as my toes finally unfolded from the twisted knots I had placed them in. When I did, she was smiling, grinning wickedly actually. And I watched as she licked her lips from a tiny residue of cream that had somehow escaped the onslaught of that ravenous mouth of hers.

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