Homewrecker Ch. 03

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Once again I found myself waiting days for a response from Brandon. The fact that he had a boyfriend had almost completely slipped my mind and now I was just fixated on how attracted I was to him. His rock hard body and confidence had me spending all my time thinking about our hookups and craving more.

I thought about how Will had managed to find his way into Brandon’s and mine relations and it pissed me off. I should have known that he was jealous and that he had feelings for Brandon after that first morning-after. Even knowing his feelings though, I still didn’t care. Brandon was going to be mine now and I was not keen on sharing.

This time, I was sick of waiting for Brandon to text me first so I decided to make the first move: “Hey man! What’re you up to?” I sent the message and tried to distract my mind with work until he texted me back, not knowing if he even would.

The response came about half an hour after my text: “Not much man, just finishing up some school work. You?” I saw the text immediately and even though I knew I would seem less eager if I waited a couple minutes to text back, I wanted him too much to wait.

“Just bored here. A little horny. Hoping you could help me out.” I hoped that the text wasn’t too straight forward, but I wanted him too much to waste any more time. Luckily he didn’t waste any time either.

“I could go for a nice, little fuck right now.”

I didn’t even wait seconds to respond to respond, “Alright. You wanna come over to my place?” Normally I would never ask someone over, but I didn’t want to have to risk the possibility of sharing Brandon with Will again.

“No. Why don’t you just come over to my place? I don’t really feel like driving.” I found this annoying.

“Will be be alone or should I be expecting another surprise guest?”

“We will be alone. Will is gone for the night. No surprises, I promise.”

I mulled it over in my head for a little, but decided that as long as we would be alone, I would go over. I told Brandon I was on my way and left my apartment as soon as possible.

When I got to Brandon’s apartment, I didn’t even wait at the door for him to let me in. I ripped open the door and marched right into his room, ready to take control. I saw him sitting on his bed with no shirt on and I walked right up to him and pressed my mouth into his. His smooth lips fit into mine and softly molded against them. I placed my hands on the bottom of his jaw and he set his on my lower back, pulling me slowly down onto his lap.

Our lips kept smoothly against eachother as I kissed him again and again. I felt all of the doubts I had had about him in the last week drift away. Something about his mouth against mine felt right to me and in that moment nothing mattered. He slowly spread my lips apart with his and I felt is warm tongue slide into my mouth and against my own tongue. Our kissing slowly hot more intense. I could feel his every breathe in my mouth and against my face. He moved his hands under the hem of my shirt and I shivered to feel his fingertips against The bare skin of my back. I felt him slowly pull up on my shirt.

I broke the connection between our lips to allow Brandon to pull my shirt off over my head. I stared into his blue eyes while he removed illegal bahis my shirt. As soon as it was completely off I moved my mouth back into his, this time pushing him down so he was laying down on the bed with me on top of him. As we made out I allowed my hands to move down the sides of him body, feeling every warm muscle with my hands. I felt his hands move under the waist of my jeans and grab my ass. I groaned into his mouth which just made him grab on harder.

Our kissing was getting more intense and I felt my body grinding into his. I could feel his hard cock rubbing against mine even through layers of clothing. I broke our kiss again to tell him to take off his clothes. I rolled over to lay beside him and we both ripped off everything that we were wearing in a matter of seconds. Brandon turned over to me as soon as he was done and asked, “69?”

As soon as I nodded, Brandon crawled up over my body and positioned himself so that his dick was tangling above my head. His dick was already hard and was grazing my mouth as it hung above me. Before Brandon had a chance to go down on my dick, I moved my head up and took several inches of his dick in my mouth. I slowly started moving my mouth up and down his cock. I could feel it pulsing in my mouth as I took more and more in. I also felt Brandon grab my dick and suction his lips to my shaft.

The deeper Brandon went on my cock, the more I found myself moaning into his cock. This apparently turned him on because everytime I moaned, he thrusted his cock further into my throat. Before I knew it, Brandon was face-fucking me while simultaneously deepthroating my cock. We kept going on eachother’s cocks, alternating moans between the two of us. After several minutes I decided to take a chance a reached my hand up around his ass, I rubbed my index finger against his smooth hole. I could feel warmth coming off of it, and although Brandon had told me he never bottomed, his hole felt smooth and I felt no hair on it.

I began rubbing my index and middle finger on his hole and judging by the moanings growing in intensity from Brandon, I assumed he didn’t mind. I began to press the figers down into his hole, when Brandon jumped up, ripping his cock from my mouth and leaving mine dripping wet against my body.

“What do you think you’re doing?” He said to me. His face looked violated and he just stared at me. I could feel my face mirroring his as it tensed into a scared look.

“I just thought we could try something new. You seemed to be enjoying my fingers rubbing your hole.” I was on the defensive and freaked out that he seemed to be so bothered by what I was doing.

“I told you I don’t bottom.” He was standing away from the bed while I sat there. We were still staring intensely at each other.

“I know…I just…” I didn’t know what to say. I felt like shit that I may have ruined my chances with him, especially since we had just been so charged.

Brandon just stood there staring at me. Then I saw his face soften, his eyes moved up and down my body several times before I heard him say “fuck it”. He then jumped onto the bed pushing my shoulders down and shoving his mouth into mine. We kissed again for several minutes and I forget all about the little interruption when Brandon pulled away illegal bahis siteleri to say, “If you’re going to fuck me at least rim me first.”

I felt myself smiling and almost couldn’t believe what I was hearing, but Brandon got up and turned his body around so that his face was laying on the bed on top of his arms while his ass was still in the air. I got up on my knees behind him and for the first time got a chance to really admire his backside. His back muscles rippled all the way down to his ass, which was much rounder than I had ever previously thought.

After staring for a couple seconds I couldn’t hold myself back anymore and I shoved my face into his ass. I felt his round cheeks pressing against both sides of my face as I pressed my tongue into his smooth hole. It was better than I could have imagined, his smooth hole tasted delicious to me and I could smell a sweet musk coming from his ass. As I worked my tongue into his hole, taking in every velvety taste, I grabbed his cheeks with my hands and started to work them roughly. I pressed his cheeks into either side of my face, intensifying the musky smell. I must have been doing a good job because I could hear and feel Brandon moaning in front of me.

After a while, I heard him say something that I couldn’t hear. I pulled away from his ass to ask him what and he practically yelled back to me, “Just fuck me already! I can’t stand it anymore, I want you inside of me.”

I almost asked him if he is sure, but with the force he yelled at me I know he is. He stayed in the doggy style position as I lubed up my dick really well. Then I slowly pressed the head of my dick against his hole, just teasing him at first. Then when I was about to him if he is ready, when he turned around with a giant smile on his face, “Are we gonna do this or not?”

I smiled back to him and pushed the head of my cock into his hole. His head whipped back in front of him as he groaned loudly. I felt how tight his ass was around my cock and it almost felt like a vice around me. I decided to go slower, figuring that it must have hurt him. I slowly pressed a little more of my cock into him before slowly pulling it out. He was still groaning in front of me, but it sounded less pained and more pleasured. I slowly pushed my cock back into him until my entire cock was buried into his ass.

I pulled my cock back out before sliding it back in. I could still feel Brandon groaning so I felt the need to ask him if he was okay. “Yeah, just don’t stop. Keep going.” I started taking a steadier pace as I fucked his ass. The longer it lasted, the less Brandon groaned and the more I could tell he was enjoying it. Before long I could feel him pressing his ass back into my cock, so I decided to really give it to him. I grabbed onto one of his shoulders before I started hammering into him. The room began to fill up with the slapping sound created from my hips ramming into his ass.

I could see the sweat building on Brandon’s back and could also feel it running down my body. I leaned forward to grab his face and turn it into mine. I kissed him passionately while still fucking his ass. He pulled his face away to moan loudly and say, “Just keep fucking me Jake. Don’t stop. It feels too good.”

I grabbed both sides of his canlı bahis siteleri hips and began pulling them back into my hips as I started to pound his ass again. I admired the muscles on his back as I fucked him. I couldn’t believe how good he looked and felt. I felt myself getting close and told him. All he said back was, “Me too man, just cum inside of me.”

“What? Are you sure?” I couldn’t believe that someone who just got mad at me for trying to top him would want me to cum inside of him.

“Yes I’m sure, just keep fucking me Jake!” I decided that if he was going to let me cum inside of him, the least I could do was help him out. I reached one of my hands around his body and grabbed his throbbing cock. I felt that it was dripping in precum and decided to start stroking it as I fucked his ass.

After several seconds I finally felt my cock about to nut. “Here it is”, I said to Brandon as I felt my cock explode into his ass. I could feel rope after rope of cum leaving me as I plunged my cock in as deep as I could one last time. I felt his ass flexing around my dick which made my orgasm feel even better. After I felt my cock stop throbbing I pulled out and fell down onto the bed. I looked at my hand and it was covered in Brandon’s cum, but there was even more on the sheets beneath him.

He fell down next to me and we were both panting and sweaty. He lay down on my arm with his head resting on my chest. He noticed that my hand is covered in his cum and offeed to go get me a towel.

“I can’t waste this, man,” I said to him as I put my hand to my mouth and started sucking the cum off of my fingers. It tasted so good to me, but maybe that’s just because it was his. After my hand is clean, I lay my arm down at my side.

“That was so hot,” Brandon says to me as he pressed his mouth into mine. This kiss wasn’t as strong, but it was sweet and sensual. It makes me feel warm inside and I smile through the kiss. Brandon pulls away to rest his head back on my chest. I lay there smiling for a few minutes before Brandon speaks up again:

“I don’t think we should do this anymore.” The smile immediately left my face and I felt a heavy weight on my chest.

“What? What’re you talking about? What’s wrong?” My mind immediately started working at full speed. What could I have done to ruin this? We just had one of the best fucks of my life? Is it because of Will?

“I have a boyfriend Jake.” This hits me like a pile of rocks. I had completely forgotten about his boyfriend. I felt like such a complete asshole. I was once so preoccupied with the fact that he had a boyfriend and now I had almost forgotten he existed.

“Shit.” I said back. “I mean, I knew, but I thought… Fuck.”

“I know. It’s just that I’ve been with Jeffrey for a long time and even though you and I have fun, it’s not fair to him.”

I just lay there next to him in silence for a while before I finally worked up the nerve to say, “You’re right. I’m sorry.”

The silence took over. I could tell he wants to say something else, but before he got a chance, the sound of the front door went through the apartment.

“It’s just Will,” he said. “He won’t come in here.” I breathed a sigh of relief, but it didn’t last because after a few seconds the door to Brandon’s room flew open. Brandon and I shot up to the sound, but I didn’t recognize the guy standing at the door.

I stared at the man in the door, trying to figure out who he was, but deep down I knew. It was Brandon’s boyfriend.

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