Homeless Howler

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I went out running one night during finals week, the stress from lack of sleep had begun to get to me. Running always helped calm my mind, and give me a much needed burst of energy. I ran along my usual route, down the river road for a ways, then passed the music school and around the hill by the science museum. I stopped to catch my breath around some statues that happened to have some benches in front, perfect for stretching out my healing hamstring. It was a frigid night, but I only wore a long sleeve shirt and shorts, knowing the stimulation from my run would warm me up fast. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and even through the light pollution the stars were out strong. Although the city had a reputation for being dangerous, I never had any unpleasant encounters, and felt comfortable on this lonely cold night. I could see my breath clearly, and the moon was crystal clear, hung up in the sky behind some pine trees.

After a few moments a bus came to a slow stop on the corner to the back of me, I did not notice up until this point that the intersection was actually on a bus route. The lights lit up on the bus, and one man stepped off. From the looks of him, he was drunk (he had a paper bag with some sort of bottle he was sipping out of) and he also appeared to be homeless… or, he at least had on the usual garb. A cheap orange hat that he wore above his ears, a long brown overcoat, a sweater with some obvious holes in it, sweatpants with various stains, and ragged white sneakers. He stammered and was about to walk in the direction opposite of me when he glanced over and noticed me looking. I did not want to appear rude and talk off running, although I admit i wanted to. I needed to get back within twenty minutes to continue writing, but I figured I would wait a few seconds, if he wanted to ask me for some money I would politely decline and get on with my jog.

“Crazy moon tonight isn’t it?” He said, with a raspy gargle complimenting his deep voice.

‘Ha…it certainly is.’ I said. The tone of my voice flat, in the way that insinuates a closing one off statement.

“It makes me want to howl like a wolf…HAHOOOOOOOOO.”

This admittedly skipped my heart for a moment. It was startling, was this man crazy or just intoxicated? For the first time I realized how alone we were. I had not seen another car drive passed, only the bus. The street corner was rather desolate, a wooded section behind the statues and benches, and across the street a large cemetery.

‘Yeah, it is rather full up there.’ I said nervously, letting out a little forced laugh.

“That’s a great stretch your doin’, I used to run a lot back in my day, tore one too many man muscles though.” He said with another sip from the brown bag, followed by a big grin.

‘Oh yeah, I was just stretching for a second, going to get on my-‘

“You know you kind of look like that wolf boy from that movie…what is that fucker called…the one with the vampires? Yeah you look like the lead guy, the one that stupid chick is so in love with. HAHOOOOO.” He howled again, taking more steps towards me. At this point, he was only fifteen feet canlı bahis away or less.

‘Oh…thank you, I guess.’ I said, not correcting his harmless mistake. I put my leg down and glanced at my watch.

Up close I could see the man looked to be in his late forties. He was black, far above my height, about six foot three, and even with all of his winter layers on I could tell he had a strong muscular build. His hands were large, gripping the bottle in his hand, partially covered by gloves with cut off fingers.

“You know I always thought that wolf fucker looked gay.” He said next.

‘Hah, well, I suppose he has the look. I’m sorry I can’t chat any more, I have a paper I need to get back to.’

“I’m saying you look gay, fucker. Get it?” He said, not forcefully, but matter a factly.

‘Listen I don’t want any trouble, I need to-‘

“Haha hey man, I’m just playin’ with you, relax. This moon is really somethin’ though. If my wife hadn’t kicked me out tonight I’d be enjoying the view on my own deck. That dumb bitch. I didn’t even touch her but she threatened to call the cops. Now I got myself some whiskey though and I met a wolf boy, so this night aint turning out so bad.”

It felt wrong to bolt off running now, I felt bad for the guy in a way (I was always too empathetic) and his tone no longer frightened me to death. I was still uncomfortable with his subject of conversation though, and I know I had to get out of this situation one way or another.

‘I’m sorry she kicked you out, drinking usually helps me in bad situations too. I was running because I was a little stressed myself. Finals week and all.’ I said.

“Wolf boy is a college boy, good for you. HOOOOO!”

‘Ha, yes I am. And I really need to get back to my paper.’

“Your mouth looks just like that twilight boys.”

When he said that I noticed his hand sliding down over his sweats, and he grabbed a very large bulge down his thigh. I didn’t know what to do. I was frozen, my strategy for exiting through some polite indulgence and a graceful goodbye seemed impossible now. He was too close to me, he could grab me if I began to run, and even in his drunken state, I was afraid he would be able to come after me very quickly. My eyes were fixed on his bulge, and the manor in which he was caressing himself.

“I see you lookin’ wolf boy. Nobody is around. Why don’t you step forward and touch it.”

The tone in his baritone voice shifted. It was not frightening, but it felt like an order. A command. Something about the tone of his voice was hypnotizing. I did not think it was wise for me to disobey. I took one step forward, and was only two or three feet from him. He took on step even closer. I could smell the alcohol from his mouth breathing down on me.

“Reach down and grab it, or i’ll bite your neck like a vampire twilight boy. HA” He said.

I timidly reached my hand out, and felt his hard cock from under the layer of sweats. It was rock hard, and the head was huge. I was trembling, but not from fear. I realized I was excited, in a way I have never been before. I had never touched another mans cock, bahis siteleri never even thought about doing so, but in this moment I needed to touch his. My dick was growing hard in my shorts. Everything felt suddenly like a dream, or nightmare. The moonlight was lighting up the pavement, one of the dim streetlights surrounding us flickered. The cold wind began to chill the sweat under my shirt and over my brow. I was cold, and his cock felt warm. It seemed comfortable. He let out another chilling howl.

“haaHOOOOOOO. Take that cock out and get on your knees, Twilight” He ordered.

I did not look up, I only looked down at his thick bulge, slowly pulled his waistband loose and down below his ass, and watched his cock flap up into the space in front of my face. I could smell it, and feel the warmth of his body and balls coarse through the air. His large cock looked to be about eight inches in length, from what I could see by the moonlight. I got on my knees as if I wasn’t in control of my own actions, and put my mouth around the head.

“Now suck that dick Twilight.”

My bare knees pressed against the concrete. I took the dick deep into my mouth, slowly swallowing it halfway down the shaft, then out again so it met my lips. I kissed it gently, then swallowed it again, this time down my throat further. I felt his thick pubic hair touch my nose and cheeks. I was his in this moment, my thoughts were gone, and all I could see was his dark skin and hair as I bobbed my head. My hand played with his balls. I felt each one slowly, caressing them with the tips of my fingers, then I shifted my head so I could take each one of them into my mouth. They slipped out of my lips with a pop, and I jerked his cock, feeling its length and girth. The silence of the night was deafening. The wind had stopped, and I could once again feel the overbearing isolation of the moment. He lifted me by my armpits abruptly, releasing me from the trance for a brief moment.

“Turn around and walk towards the moon. Get in those trees.”

I did as I was told, his hand gripped my ass through my shorts. I could sense his drunken gate as he felt me up. I stepped through the benches and the statues and found a tree only a few feet behind the stone objects. He bent me over and felt my ass. His fingers were pressing into my asshole through my shorts and underwear. He spanked my cheeks and slapped his dick against my calves. I was in a hypnotic state, unsure of how long it has been since it hard started, or what time it was. My dick was rock hard.

He pulled my shorts down abruptly, then my shirt came off, then my shoes and socks. I was totally naked when he tossed all of my clothing away. I arched my back and felt his tongue press into my hole. One of his hands gripped my ass cheek and spanked it, and the other hand reached around and gripped my cock and balls hard, strangling them. I moaned from the touch and excitement. His aggression was intoxicating. His tongue furiously licking from the base of my balls up to my tight hole, then pressing in, deep inside me. His groans and grunts seemed to enter my ass.

“Open up that asshole Wolf bahis şirketleri boy. HAHOOOOO!”

I pressed into him and opened myself up. I felt his tongue sink in deeper and deeper. Then after a moment I sensed he had stood up, and I felt something new pressing into me. I hear him spit, and a moment later his hard dick was entering me. It slid in quickly, my ass welcomed his hardness, and just like that he was pumping. My ass was so wet, my dick hard, my body warm and giving off steam into the cold night air. He bit my back and shoulders as he fucked me, again letting out a howl. If anyone walked by or noticed us in the trees, I did not care. I was in bliss. His dick felt so good inside me, entering than exiting over and over. Occasionally he would exit and spit again, making me more wet. He would finger me and slap his thick cock against my ass cheeks as he spanked me, before entering me once more. My hole was relaxed and fully open. His massive balls slapped my mound, his big hands gripping my hips and spanking my ass as he continued to howl and bite me.

“Your ass is so wet, wolf boy.” he barked.

All I could do was moan in agreement. He began to growl loudly like an animal, escalating while he pumped at a steady pace for a long time. Our bodies were sweaty, I did not know if he had taken his clothes off or not, I was in too much of a daze to know what was happening behind me, but I could feel the radiance of his lust and the sweat dripping onto me from his forehead. All I could do is sense and feel the situation. My ass was worshiping his cock, my moans were feminine and womanly. My dick flapped against the bark of the tree I leaned on.

He spit on me multiple times, or was it drool as well? He rubbed the spit and saliva into my skin. His hands squeezed and caressed me everywhere. They wrapped around my neck, and his fingers entered my mouth. I tasted my ass, and salty sweat as he he had me suck them.

The groans got louder and louder, and with a few final pumps of his hips, I felt his cum shoot deep inside. The hot load of cum soaked my insides, I felt warm and alive. He kept himself there for a long time, still caressing my body, howling, and giving my hole some final pumps before he exited. His cock was so long, it seemed to take forever before it finally flopped out. I felt the hot cum slide down my thighs. He turned me around and got me on my knees once more, and had me suck his dirty dick clean of all his cum.

Without saying a word to me he put his dick back in his sweatpants and put his coat back on. (at this point I could see that he had not undressed fully.) He strolled back to the sidewalk, and I listened to his footsteps fade away into the darkness. Before he was out out earshot, I heard one last howl. For someone who was so talkative at first, when he was done with me it was like I was a stranger to him, someone he walked by on the street.

The streetlight that had dimmed became brighter and stopped flickering. I was sitting down on dead grass and pine needles, my dick was still semi erect, my body shaking but still warm. Sweat and spit was covering my skin, I felt sticky and wet and I didn’t mind. I sucked on my own fingers, and touched my nipples. Looking back through the trees I saw the moon and began to howl. I got on all fours and fingered myself in the darkness, the moonlight shining onto my back.

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