Graduating from My Fingers

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Note: All characters in this story are at least 18 years old.


I’ve always been curious about gay sex. It might not have been a top priority, but I found myself fantasizing about something gay once every day or two for my recent years.

I liked ass play, and fingered myself while I jerked off pretty regularly. I got tired of the preparation and cleanup after a while though, and mostly stopped butt stuff.

I was 19 when I started up again. I was on summer break from university, and masturbated at least 3 times a day. With that much time spent playing with myself, of course I was gonna touch my asshole eventually.

After a quick shower to clean myself out, I laid down on a towel with some hot video of a girl getting fucked hard in the ass by a massive cock. My heart was racing; I hadn’t put anything in my ass in months at the time.

I started slow by rubbing my butt with my middle finger and stroking my shaft with my other hand. Then the middle finger when in. Then the ring finger went in. I stayed like that for maybe 5 minutes, wiggling two fingers against my prostate and sphincter while grabbing my cock.

The porno cut to a different angle and the guy pulled out of her ass and stuck his rod straight into her waiting mouth. In the moment, nothing seemed hotter than tasting my own ass, like that dirty girl in the video. I pulled out and slowly licked my fingers clean. It tasted a little salty, like sweat, and smelled like shit. Honestly, the smell made it even hotter. Like I was cleaning out my filthy shithole with my tongue.

After this point, things became a blur of hard and fast fingering, tasting my ass juices, wildly jerking my cock. I felt like my entire body was on fire when I came.

The day after I knew I needed more. I wanted cock in my ass. I needed to taste it. I needed to be dominated.

I got an casino oyna app on my phone. My profile was short and to the point. A few pictures of myself and a quick bio: “Bottom down for anything. Make me your cock slut.” I got replies quick, but I waited a day (a day filled with playing with my ass and dreaming of cock) to see who my favorite guy was.

About half a dozen guys made the cut (fit, taller than me, confident with their dick game). After some flirting, I got cock pics from all of them. The best looking cock won.

His name was Darren, He was a pretty good looking guy: 33 years old, 5’11, built, black, nice body hair. But I wasn’t after him for his good looks. I wanted him to use his thick shaft to turn me into a whore.

We met at a coffee shop but left within 5 minutes.

Darren drove me to his apartment, which was sparsely decorated. The only furniture in the main room was a couch and a wall mounted tv. I guess he wanted a room without many distractions. He sat down on the couch and told me to get on my knees in front of him. Without saying anything else, he unzipped his pants and revealed his cock. It was probably five or six inches soft. He started stroking himself and put his middle finger in my mouth. He pushed deeper until I gagged, which got him harder. He gently fingered my mouth for about a minute. I looked up and saw his erection – it must have been 9 inches long, and about as thick as my forearm. I leaned in as smelled his musky balls and licked the sweat off them. He tasted so manly.

I gave his dong one long lick from the balls to the head then went straight to sucking. He was thick, so sucking him took some getting used to (normally I just suck on my fingers). It didn’t take him long to change the pace from a relaxed sucking to a hardcore throat job. Darren firmly ordered “put your hands behind your back”. I was already on canlı casino my hands and knees, so putting my hands behind my back meant that I would be leaning over, supported mostly by his knob hitting the back of my throat. I complied and before long found myself gagging on a thick pole every time I went down. My mouth was getting reamed and I drooled thick goop onto his shaft and balls. The slime only made him go deeper, which only made me gag harder.

In under five minutes of being in Darren’s apartment, I was reduced to a drooling whore with watery eyes and a runny nose. And the real fun hadn’t even started yet. Without saying anything, Darren grabbed my head and pushed himself all the way in so my face was buried in his pubes. It was more than I could handle, so I tried to move off. Darren, however, had other plans and didn’t let me up. Not only was I gagging violently, but I was quickly running out of air. He let me up as I started to go slack from the lack of oxygen, but instead of letting me take a breath, he shifts his ass off the chair and thrusts in and out of my throat like its a pussy. My snot and throat goop are both pouring out and mix together to form a salty, opaque gel that coats my face and most of Darren’s lower body. His strokes are so forceful that my gagging turns to retching and I puke out bile onto his still thrusting dipstick.

Even though I was already barely conscious, vomiting, and being violated by a big cock, I was determined to make myself even more filthy. I cupped my hands under his ass and collect some of the slime that’s coming from my face and use the lube to finger my hot, twitching butthole. I put three fingers in and fingered myself like my life depended on it. I was fingerfucking my butt so hard that my entire body was shaking.

“It looks like you’re ready for some anal now.” Darren grabbed my shoulder and pushed me kaçak casino on my knees. He stood up and said “Now stick your ass up at me like a good little girl.” I turned around on all fours and stuck my wet ass up at him and pushed my drool covered face into the carpet. I had only gotten four fingers through my asshole before, so a big cock was intimidating. I felt gentle pressure, then sharp pain, then a dull burning in my anus.

The dull burn was replaced with full-body pleasure the moment he started thrusting in and out. He was so wet with my juices that he slid right in me without much force. I closed my eyes and let his cock fuck me into a state of bliss.

The next thing I knew, Darren told me to “clean your shit off my dick, slut”. I turned back around to face him and slowly licked him clean. He tasted just like my fingers, but this time I was also licking a lot of snot and bile as well. The smell of shit was still there, so I rubbed my face against his dong and inhaled to really appreciate that I was cleaning off a cock that had just been in my dirty shithole.

A little more facefucking, then he railed by ass again. We switched off like this over and over, with it eventually becoming his putting his knob all the way in my poop chute and then quickly pulling out and watching me clean it off.

Everything blurred into one slimy, shit-tasting, throat-raping haze until he got close to cumming. He grabbed my hips and plowed me harder than ever before. I heard his animal moans and felt his huge pole twitch inside me when he came. He filled me up with so much cum, I swear it was 10 times more than I’ve ever shot out. Still shaking, he walked around to my face and made me lick it clean one last time. This time was even better, because I got to taste his salty cum mixed with my shit and snot and drool. It wasn’t over yet though. He flipped me over so and moved my legs over me so my asshole was over my face. He didn’t even need to ask – I pushed his hot cum out of my dirty ass and into my mouth and face.

And ever since then I’ve been a cockslut! Thanks Darren xoxo!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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