Gothic Love

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I was trying to impress the chick who lived next door to me. Yolanda, I think her name was. So, when she asked me to “babysit” her 18-year-old brother who was living with her while she went out on a date, I automatically said yes without even thinking about what I was agreeing to. If I had put some thought into it, I might’ve gave her some excuse as to why I couldn’t watch her bratty little brother. But the deed was done and I’d already promised her that her brother could come over to my place and stay while she went out on her “date,” so my hands were tied.

Anyway, on the night she brings her brother over so I can keep an eye on him, my eyes nearly pop out of their sockets! I swear this kid looked like Marilyn Manson’s love child! He was skinny, about six feet or so, and looked like the biggest fucking freak I had ever laid eyes on! One side of his head was shaved and the hair on the other side of his head was dyed so blonde that it looked more like a yellowish-white color rather than an actual blonde. He was wearing more makeup than his older sister, particularly around his eyes and on his lips that were painted thick with black mascara and red lipstick. The rest of his body–what I could see of it anyway–looked pale like he hadn’t seen the sun in a hell of a long time. He was wearing a lime-green T-shirt with a red star in the middle and a pair of worn out-looking brown leather pants with black leather motorcycle boots that looked like they’d seen better days. Oh, and get this, his name was Danny, but he insisted to be called “Goth Child.” Like the old saying goes, I guess it takes all kinds, huh?

Yolanda assured me that she’d be back to pick up “Goth Child” before midnight. I said that would be fine (while I was thinking in the back of my mind the sooner she pick up her Marilyn Manson/Alice Cooper wannabe brother the better!). As the night dragged on, Danny or Goth Child or whatever the hell his name was sure wasn’t much of a conversatinalist as he just sat there next to me on my couch just staring like a zombie at the TV. I tried to have at least a halfway decent conversation with the little bastard, but he would just mutter incoherently under his breath and basically just shrug me off. Needless to say, this rather pissed me off, so I did the only thing I knew how to do in situations like this and drink many, many beers before I passed out cold on the couch with this little fucker sitting right next to me.

I woke up to the feeling on something on my crotch. I gazed down sleepily and got the shock of my life! Danny the Goth Child had taken my pecker out of my pants, which had apparently gotten hard while I was passed out, and was sucking the hell out of it! I tried to make him stop since I was no fag by any stretch of the imagination, but I was still half-drunk and half-asleep, plus I thought I might have been dreaming (not that I regularly dream about 18-year-old goth boys sucking me off, of course!). But the more he kept blowing me and fisting my prick the more I realized that this was anything but a dream! And, probably the biggest shocker of all, I was enjoying the hell out of this freaky kid’s blowjob!

Goth Child really knew how to suck a mean dick as he was running his fist up and down my shaft and licking the swollen purple head of my cock. He sucked the head into his mouth and jacked me off even harder. I watched his head bob up and down on my prick and listened to him moan while casino oyna he gave me the most exuberant blowjob I had ever gotten! He took my dick out of his mouth and licked it all over like it was an ice cream cone. It turned me on to watch him licking my dick all over every vein and every inch of skin, making it nasty wet with his saliva. He put the tip of his tongue right under my swelled cockhead where the head connected to the shaft and flicked his tongue several times back and forth over that very sensitive area.

That in itself caused me to nearly blow my wad right into his face, but he stopped just seconds before I blew and went down on my balls that were just as swollen as my dick. He took my balls in his hand while he held on to my dick with his other hand and sucked them both into his mouth at the same time. He stretched them out with his mouth as far as they would stretch until they slipped out of his mouth altogether. He took my scrotum sack back into his mouth and bit into my balls with his teeth. I threw back my head and groaned out as I felt a jolt of pain shoot into my nuts. He swirled his tongue around my sack over and over a number of times making the hairs and my sack skin just as wet as he had made my dick.

He stopped licking my testies and lifted them up with his fingers. He let out his tongue again and placed the tip in the space between my nuts and my asshole. He ran his tongue all the way down this area to my asshole. He started flicking his tongue over my glory hole. Before I even knew what the hell I was doing, I scooted up closer towards him so he could have better access to my shithole. He let go of my balls and drove his tongue deeper into my crapper. My balls were literally in his face as he tongue-fucked my ass like his tongue was his dick or something. While he was rimming my shitter, my sensitive testicles slowly ran over his bald spot. I swear it was just like running your hand over sandpaper, only this sensation was way more intense.

My whole body shuddered as my balls ran over the bald side of his head until they rested on his cheek. By now he was plunging his tongue in and out of my asshole, the tip of which was banging the shit out of my prostate. This caused my cock to become even more inflamed and hard until I thought it was going to explode right in Goth Child’s hands! Goth Child finally took his tongue out of my ass and went back to sucking on my rock-hard cock. He sucked me and fisted me much faster than before. I couldn’t hold it back any longer, so I let myself blow all over his makeup-covered face. He held his face over the flushed head of my prick and jerked me off as I blew wad after wad of my whitish jism right into his face, smearing his makeup in the process. I groaned and moaned as I had what had to have been one of the most intense orgasms of my life! I tell you, this kid could suck a dick even better than a woman!

Goth Child stood up after I’d finished coming and, without saying a word to me and with my come dripping from his face, pulled down his brown leather pants. Unlike me, he wasn’t wearing any underwear, and his dick shot out of his pants like a fucking rocket. My eyes got big as saucers the second I saw his already-erect dick he was now holding in his hand. It was at least a good two or three inches than mine–probably longer than that!–and his balls hung down so low I couldn’t help but wonder just how in the hell he was able to canlı casino walk around with those things in his pants!

I looked up at his face and saw the little prick smiling down at me like he was really getting off on my shock of his huge schlong and balls. He stepped closer to me and practically shoved his cock into my face. The tip was touching my lips, and I knew what he wanted me to do. Even though I’d never–not once–sucked a man off before, I opened my lips without reservation and let him shove his big hard pecker all the way into my mouth. I almost gagged when I felt the large swelled head of his cock hitting the back of my throat, but, to my credit (and surprise!), I was able to take all of him inside my mouth without too much trouble. His balls slapped me against my chin as he fucked my mouth with his impressive manmeat. His cock had a kind of bittersweet taste to it. To be honest, tasting this kid turned me on, and I couldn’t wait to taste his balls!

Almost as if he could read my thoughts, he took his dick out of my mouth and shoved his sack into my face. I eagerly opened my mouth as wide as I could and let him stuff his nuts deep into my mouth. I closed my lips around his balls and sucked them hard just as he did with mine. I tugged on them with my teeth as he jacked himself off above my face. I watched him as he gritted his teeth and groaned while I kept pulling hard on his nutsack. He pulled back away from me and shoved his prick back into my mouth where he fucked my facehole even harder and faster than before. He ended up shooting this hugely thick load right into my mouth. His spunk gurgled in my mouth and spilled out all over my chin as he kept pumping his prick into my face. His sperm was hot, salty, rich, and oh-so-creamy! It tasted damn good, and I was hoping I could taste some more before his older sister Yolanda came to pick him up.

Since we both just had these raging orgasms, I thought that was it and we wouldn’t be able to do any more for the night. But then, just as soon as that thought entered my mind, Goth Child got on his knees in front of me between my parted legs and shoved two fingers into my asshole. I tell you, the instant his fingers rediscovered my prostate, my limp dick shot up like a roman candle! Once my dick had gotten hard-as-a-rock again, Goth Child stood back up and turned his back to me. He pulled off his motorcycle boots and leather pants and leaned himself back towards me where he mounted my cock. I held my cock upward so he could better straddle it. He grunted a little as he sat down on my dick that was slowly pushing in inch by inch into his tight asshole. I could see his dick growing harder and harder the more he straddled me until my cock had disappeared down his colon. He was holding himself up on my leg with one hand and holding his dick in the other, then he pushed himself up and down on my johnson. I couldn’t believe I was actually fucking another guy in the ass! Me, of all people, the straightest guy in the whole fucking universe! But I was ass-fucking this kid, and I was, to be brutally honest, enjoying the fuck out of it!

Goth Child rode me like a horse while he held his fully-erect dick in his hand. He leaned back onto my shoulder, and I looked down at him. My semen had caked onto his face, making him look even more freaky than he looked already. I could feel my own semen start to rise in my ballsack as his sphincter fit snugly around kaçak casino my trouser snake. I’ve got to admit, his asshole felt a hell of a lot tighter than any pussy–and I mean any pussy–I’ve even been in! My balls started to recede into my waist, and I knew I was going to have what was going to be the biggest orgasm of my life! And that’s just what I had as I moaned out like I’d never moaned before as I shot load after load of my jizz right in Goth Child’s rectum. I could feel my spizz spilling out of his ass and drench my hairy waist.

When the last drop of my spuzz dripped out of his colon, he slowly got off my cock and turned back around, my gunk dripping down the back of both his legs. He got on his knees in front of me again and, before I knew it, he was rubbing the still-swelled head of his cock back and forch over my asshole. I spread my legs a little farther apart so he could again have better access to my shitter. He briefly stopped trying to poke me in my ass and pulled my pants and jockies down farther so they wouldn’t get in the way as much. He went back to shoving his prick into my colon, and he was doing a damn good job as he pushed the head past my hairy opening into my rectum and down my colon until the very tip was touching my prostate. That’s when he rammed his cock in and out of me like he was fucking the shit out of some pussy. It should go without saying I ain’t never been fucked in the ass by a man before–never!–but I felt like not only was my entire body going to ripped in half by this kid as he was brutalizing my tight virgin ass with that huge thing between his legs but that I was also going to pass out from the immense pain and incredible pleasure I was feeling from his ass-reaming and prostate-poking.

I leaned my head back and closed my eyes as I reached behind him and gripped both his pale scrawny ass cheeks with my hands, getting some of my own splooge on my fingers, and held on tight as Danny the Goth Child fucked me like a bitch. Danny gripped my thighs harder with his hands when all of a sudden he screamed out like a woman. In a matter of seconds, I felt my entire colon filling up with his hot thick spunk so much that I could almost feel it shooting back up into my throat! Just like mine did, his come spilled out of my ass and stained my ass cheeks and my couch. He pumped his prick in and out of me a few more times, then he took himself out of my entirely. Again, I thought we were through for the night, but then he lowered himself down and licked up every single drop of my come out of my asshole and he even licked some off the couch. Boy, was this kid a freak!

The second he had stood up, I grabbed him by his hips, spun him around and stuck my entire face up his ass. Goth Child bent over and held on to his knees while I paid him back by licking and slurping up my own caked semen that was still seeping out of his ass and rolling down the back of his legs. His asshole was gaping, so I stuck my tongue all the way down inside of him so I could get a taste of another man’s shitter. And, I must say, it tasted great like a cold beer on a hot July day!

Danny and I finished up just in time for his sister to arrive to pick him up. When she did finally come back from her “date,” which was nearly one in the morning, she asked me–a little tipsy–if Danny had given me any trouble. With Danny standing behind her giving me this shit-eating grin, I looked at her with as straight a face as I could muster and told her flat out, “No, Yolanda, he didn’t give me any trouble at all.”

Needless to say, Danny the Goth Child made many more return visits to my backdoor, if you know what I mean!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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