Ginny Turns Pro Ch. 03

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This is the third of a three chapter installment. For continuity, please read GINNY TURNS PRO, Chs. 1 and 2, by clicking on my name and going to the link. For Ginny’s previous exploits, read GINNY REMEMBERS DADDY and GINNY LAYS HER CLAIM. Ginny thanks you in advance for your votes. We’ll try to respond to all of your great feedback.

The next day it was another sunny morning at the photo studio. I replaced the futon cover, stowing in the laundry room the evidence of Saturday’s debauchery, and opened doors and windows to air out the big room. Ginny and Carol arrived, once again bearing food and drink. Over a pot of coffee and rolls we spent about three hours editing the remaining five ice show videotapes for Ginny’s students, and dubbed copies of all but that of the 18-year-old Cindy, her most accomplished pupil, who wanted to skate professionally.

There was a noticeable lack of tension in the air. Ginny was bubbly as usual. Carol was radiant and more relaxed than I’d seen her, having obviously enjoyed yesterday’s fucking. Both were dressed very casually and were barefoot. Ginny wore cutoffs and a black tee shirt, revealing braless nipples that challenged the thin, green cotton. Carol had on long, pink, skin-tight pants with a black tank top, cropped at the bottom to show an attractive navel centered on her slightly- pregnant, tan belly. Her ass hinted at an alluring, french-cut panty line. I was in tee shirt, shorts and topsiders.

No mention was made of the day before, though I’m sure the ladies had discussed it, either as they drove home or while returning this morning. Ginny was very demonstrative physically, now obviously comfortable with our threesome. Carol was slightly more reserved, though very much at ease with our touching bodies. She was quiet, and I noticed that her hip or leg caressed my upper arm as I sat, whenever we worked closely. The heat of her body was distracting, and I – we both, or all three – knew that the afternoon would probably find us once again at play. Carol’s favorite place this morning, though, was across the counter from me, watching the monitor. I’d frequently look up at her and catch her regarding me with a sparkling glint in her eyes.

Shortly after noon there was a soft knock on the open door and Cindy swept in, dramatically throwing her white windbreaker on a chair. She and Ginny embraced, and my eyes went immediately to her ass. With her back to me, I saw that she was barely clothed in a pair of the briefest red short shorts. Carol caught me looking, and returned my glance with a knowing twinkle. Cindy turned toward me, shyly looking up to murmur a greeting, then hugged Carol. She was wearing a white halter-type top over her upthrust C-cup breasts, with a single spaghetti strap holding up the front and going around her neck that under the safest circumstances barely prevented its collapse. The 18 year old’s breathtaking, 5’6” body defied quick description. She measured perhaps 36-22-36, with her lower butt cheeks spilling out of her shorts and her gonzo legs replicating those of the curvaceous Ginny. With an effort that challenged more than one law of physics, the halter top strained to prevent her round, fleshy tits from lurching out of their perch. Her rippling belly and the seductive saddle where her legs met, bounded by hard, creamy thighs, looked as if they could suck a python into her tender reaches. Carol smirked at me privately as I loaded Cindy’s tapes into the editor, while Cindy and Ginny reviewed her album of stills.

I sat at the console as they oohed and aahed over the album. Then it was time to view Cindy’s rough-cut tape. She sat next to me in a low chair as I sat on the higher drafting stool. Ginny stood next to me on my left, with an elbow on my shoulder, and Carol was across the counter, regarding me with a wry smile. We ran through the ten-minute tape once, then – at Cindy’s request – restarted it and proceeded slowly to elicit her responses. She was very animated, unconsciously almost touching my bare thigh below my shorts, then withdrawing her hand, while signaling for me to stop and make slight changes. I glanced down every once in a while at the bulging upper slopes of her firm mammaries and she caught me once, looked away embarrassed, and her nipples hardened. As they poked defiantly through her top, her face and upper chest flushed. I looked at Carol, who by this time was ignoring the monitor, and she returned my glance, raising her eyebrows as if to ask, ‘What’re ya’ gonna do now, buddy?’ I decided to be firmly in control of this ridiculous situation and exercise some discipline.

“Can I use your bathroom?” Cindy asked.

“Sure. Right there,” I pointed.

She was off in a flash. As the door lock clicked, Ginny stuck her wet tongue in my ear and Carol came around the counter to my right and grasped my hardening rod through my shorts. “Is Cindy getting to our dirty old man?” Carol whispered teasingly in my right ear, reaching up my shorts leg to grab my lengthening, bare casino siteleri cock. “Huh? Is she getting you all hard for us? Isn’t she just a little young for you, you big fucker? Huh? You can’t really want her with all this experienced woman flesh just waiting for you, can yooou?” she drawled, breathily.

I almost bit my tongue, wanting to inform Carol that once a bull has had all the cows in the pasture, any new, attractive arrival becomes a prime target. But I didn’t. I just sat there while she slowly stroked me to erection, making gutteral sounds in my throat. Ginny then moaned, “Ooh, JJ, I‘m getting all wet,” and began kissing me deeply with a probing tongue.

Cindy was in the bathroom for quite a while, almost ten minutes. As she emerged, flushed, Ginny and Carol broke from me and resumed their positions, leaving me with a raging hard on. Cindy sat down and directed me to a sequence where one of the cameramen had focused for a long time on her pelvis, her butt, and the area between her knees and waist as she skated her routine. “Umm…do we have this on another camera where my whole body shows? This one’s kind of embarrassing!” she giggled.

All business, I said, “Sure, Cindy, just a sec,” as I switched to a machine with another tape sequence. As I did, I swiveled the chair slightly toward Cindy and my open legs revealed the stiff, fleshy cock in my shorts, which she stared at immediately. She moistened her lips with her pink tongue, dark blue eyes peering out from below black bangs, and her breath caught in her throat, causing her to cough on some spittle. As she did, she placed both hands on my knees and her cheek bumped my inner thigh. She coughed again, mumbling that she was sorry, then looked back at my bulging shorts. “How’s this sequence?” I asked, to which she glanced up at the monitor and nodded her head affirmatively, mumbling assent.

Across the counter, Carol exhaled audibly and said, “Well, if that one’s okay with you, that should do it for today, huh, Cindy?”

We made ready to end the meeting and told Cindy to show the dubbed tape to her folks, see how they liked it…and to stay in touch. She dawdled, thanking us profusely and making small talk, and hinted that she’d like to stay and help us finish up other tapes. I shook my head ‘no’ to Ginny and said that we were about finished anyway. Cindy reluctantly left, inviting us all to a pool party at her house some time in the future. As she departed, she looked at me over her shoulder and – blushing — pulled down the bottom of her shorts to try to cover the bottom of her gorgeous buns, as women do with wet bathing suits. The gesture didn’t work, as her round cheeks flashed naughtily on her exit.

I closed the doors and windows quickly, much to the amusement of Ginny and Carol. “Is it my imagination or does that girl want to fuck?” I asked, effecting naivete.

“Sure she does,” said Carol. “She’s hot ‘n’ horny! More than once I’ve caught her masturbating at the ice rink. What d’you think she was doing in the bathroom? After you and Ginny did your thing that night in the light booth, Cindy told me she wanted to screw your eyes out.”

Holy shit! I imagined. What would I do with three ice skaters? I neglected pursuing the answer as I watched Ginny and Carol stroll over to the futon and, as Ginny admired its new clean cover, Carol crooked a beckoning finger at me as she unzipped her pink pants. Ginny was naked by the time I reached them. Carol was just unfastening her bra to let her tits tumble forth, and I watched her slowly peel her panties off her smooth flanks. My tee shirt, shorts and boxers fell to the floor and my groping hands became full of soft flesh. Ginny’s baby-smooth inner thighs and Carol’s luscious breasts responded quiveringly to my touch as we rolled about the futon, muttering soft cries and whimpering with rising body heat. My hungry mouth kissed them first, probing both of their sweet mouths, then lashed briefly at their open cunts as they oozed forth new juices to join those already soaking their muffs. I gently maneuvered both of them into a 69 position, with Ginny on top, and stroked them as they mewled softly into one another’s cunt while licking noisily at flowery, pink labia. They fused into one writhing, two-backed beast, Ginny the more pale, contrasting with Carol’s bronzed tan-ness, as they tongued each other to an ancient tempo. Their moans became groans as I placed myself behind Ginny, embedding my cock in her pussy as Carol’s tongue slavered up at me. I then probed at Ginny’s anus. She quickly raised her head, then hurriedly gasped, “The lube, JJ! It’s in the basket!”

I found the lubricant – strawberry flavored! – and squeezed some onto Ginny’s pucker and my dick. Carol watched me with glazed eyes from her position below my groin as I covered my thickness with the jelly, and lost all sight of me except my gonads as I slowly pushed into Ginny’s rectum until my pubes brushed her buttocks. I stayed stationary, riding Ginny’s firm, undulating canlı casino butt, melding with her as she moved in response to her friend’s frantic tonguing. As always, Ginny had taken an enema in the morning, as the spooge emerging around my cock was a clear, slippery substance. She clenched both of her lower cavities, providing peristalsic milking sensations to my engulfed probe in her dark, velvet hole.

I reached between them, sliding my hands forward to massage Ginny’s breasts, then back to pinch Carol’s nipples between my fingers, which made both of their busy mouths grunt sharply. They both then began to groan rhythmically on their way to orgasm: “Ooohmm…ooohmm, ooohmm,” then faster, “ohmm, ohmm, ohmm, ohmm, ohmm.” It was difficult to determine who was registering the greater enjoyment.

Surprisingly, Carol led the charge first. “Oh, Gin, I’m gonna, Gin, I’m…gon-na…cum,” she warned, pulling her mouth away from Ginny’s gash, which prompted Ginny to redouble her efforts. With a vengeance, she clamped her mouth down on Carol’s gaping pussy, roughly digging at her clit with her tongue, at the same time I pulled from Ginny’s ass and plunged my cock into Carol’s open, gasping, mouth, which she took into her throat. Carol reached her peak, screaming around my thick member: “Aaahmm!…Aahmm! Aahmm!” she gurgled, trying desperately to breathe without expelling me. I then pulled out to enter Ginny’s sucking cunt, which allowed Carol to finish her climax: “Ohh…ohh…ohh…ohh, ah-hmm…ah-hmm…ah-hmm. Ohhh…you guys…hmmmnn.”

Now, just above Carol’s face, I stroked fully into Ginny. On each out-stroke Carol lavished me with her wet tongue, which stimulated me to pummel Ginny harder. Concentrating on her G spot, I drilled the little blonde repeatedly until she too came, shrieking. “Oh, JJ! Oh, JJ! Ohhh…JJ! Ohhh!…Ohhh!…Ohhh!…Yes!…Yes!…Yes!…
Yeah!…Yeah!…YEAH!…YEAH!” she screamed. “That’s it! That’s it! THAT’S IT! Oooooommmnn…oooooommmnn…oooooommmnn, yeahhh.”

They both lay still for a couple of minutes, stroking whatever flesh was in reach…and moaning. Carol then grabbed the lube and – handing it to me — said with a slow, matter-of-fact whisper, “Here, Jay. I’m clean too.” I flipped her over and, with Ginny whispering encouragement, spread Carol’s buttocks and licked her crack from perineum to the base of her spine, pausing to insert the tip of my tongue into her rectum. Trying her best to relax, she pushed her butt up to me and I squeezed a dollop of the strawberry gel into her, also coating my erect cock.

Spreading her legs slightly, with Ginny stroking and kissing her back, I lowered the head of my prick to Carol’s beckoning pucker and pushed it in very slowly. It took many seconds to fully enter her, at which she groaned continually, only to stop for breath and continue. She was incredibly tight, pleasing me excruciatingly as I prodded her nether passage, clenching her muscles on the out-stroke. I was surprised that she’d allow this act with so little preparation. I later learned from Ginny that Carol had just bought a dildo and toyed with herself constantly at home to become adept at relaxing more and allowing penetration of any kind. She was growing very serious indeed about enjoying our threesome. On this day, however, though just as serious, I was more interested in lasting a long while. Who knew when we’d again have the opportunity to embrace such pleasure? I delayed any thought of my own orgasm, and was very gentle with Carol, not wanting to cause any unpleasantness, since I assumed she’d been an anal virgin until this day. So after a while I merely stopped moving, thinking I’d return later. She stopped groaning, and relaxed her clenching movements to allow my withdrawal.

Carol half turned and, putting one arm around my neck, kissed me lovingly. Then I embraced Ginny and we did the same, grinding our bodies together. I was still erect, both my playmates were very relaxed, and all three of our sweaty, reeking bodies were ready for more.

Ginny’s mouth went to my messy cock immediately, sucking wantonly. Carol grabbed a large, high cushion at the top of the futon and brought it to the center. I pulled Ginny off my dick, lay Carol on her back, and pushed the cushion under her butt. I then led Ginny to embrace her face-to-face, spreading the legs of both girls so I had free rein between them. Ginny had to stretch her neck up to meet Carol’s mouth in a kiss. The position left both of their flowery, soaking cunts open to me, one atop the other. I squeezed more lube on my cock and teased Carol’s clit up, down and around with my spongy cock head, probing at her delicious, muscular vaginal opening.

She had practiced relaxing, or had taken some of Ginny’s relaxants, since I was able to lose myself in her without much effort, to which she exclaimed, “Ahhh…fuck, Jay. I love your goddamn cock.” Once inside to the maximum, she began a delightful Kegel-like flexing of her vaginal walls that milked at my probe until I thought I would cum. Slowing down, kaçak casino I began long strokes and she gasped to Ginny that she wanted to raise her legs. Ginny pulled Carol’s legs up, knees mashing her fulsome breasts, and kept them spread, opening both of their cunts to invite my entry when I wished. I was then able to gore Carol fully to her cervix, as both women traded deep, moaning, slobbery kisses. As Carol’s moans escalated and became more pronounced, I withdrew and moved into Ginny, probing at her for entry into her womb.

We three were linked again. As the afternoon sun again played on our bodies, we locked into a comfortable rhythm, thrusting and moaning, thrusting and moaning, as feminine fluids slipped from the two beauties to coat our loins. Our sweat poured from us, running down tensed muscles and into crevices and open mouths seeking sensual sustenance, and provided a slick, smacking balm to three disparate egos that had been bruised years apart under differing life circumstances.

I then fucked Ginny to orgasm. So far this day we’d been slow and loving, but Ginny’s periodic hunger for rough sex was not to be long denied. I just fucked her quick and hard, knowing she’d want it deeply in her. I felt her little cervical opening give and admit my pummeling cock and she was soon screaming into Carol’s open mouth. Carol’s eyes took on a demented look as if she wanted to orally devour her petite blonde friend. “Ommmph…ommmph…ommmph,” Ginny exorted, then, raising her head to shout at the ceiling, she shrieked for more punishment: “Oah, JJ! Haagh…fuck me…fu’ me…fu’ me, JJ…haagh…haagh…cum all…the…way…cum…in, JJ, haagh…oooh…oooh…oooh…yeah…yeah…yeah, JJ, mmmnn…mmmnn…mmmnn.” Then she collapsed on Carol’s breasts, drool running from her lips.

Lifting Ginny off her friend, I flopped on my back and beckoned for Carol to squat on my member. As she straddled me, I was able to stroke her smooth, beauteous thighs and run my hands up her belly to grope at her breasts, kneading the flesh and pinching her nipples roughly. She was still very tight, yet placed my pulsing cock head roughly at the entrance to her cunt and – still flashing demented eyes – drove herself down over me to bottom out painfully at her cervix. “Oh-owww!” she exclaimed, then began to hump at me, dribbling copious amounts of thick, off-white juice out around my probe. I collected some of her sauce and sucked it from my fingers, then got some more and put my fingers in her mouth, which she suckled voraciously. “You trying to make me come, baby?” I taunted. “You want me to fill up that deep, hot cunt of yours? Hmm? Mm-yeah, feel that big head up inside you! Mm, feel good? That’s it, take my cock! Yeah! All the way in! Yeah! You want it harder? Okay. Fuck me!…fuck me!” I grunted, teasingly, as I thrust repeatedly up, splitting her clasping, pink inner labia with my angry stalk.

“Nnng-yeah! Yeah! You big…mag…ni…fi…cent…fucker!” Carol grunted. “I’m…gonna…get all… your…cum! I’m…gonna…fuck you…’til…you…can’t fuck…any…more!”

“Ginny!” I gasped. “Sit on my face!” I growled, as the little blonde – now recovered from her orgasm – straddled my head and, reaching under herself to spread her cunt lips open to me, lowered herself onto my sucking mouth and probing tongue. Out of sight, I could only imagine what the two of them were doing, but I assumed they were kissing since their mewling was mixed with breathy, drooling sounds. After a few minutes their tempo was very rapid and they exploded. Carol shouted deeply from her lungs, impaling herself brutally onto my dick, and Ginny uttered little shrieks as my balls and face were soaked in more juice. When they both disengaged from me, they lay together, expelling little gasps and moans and nipping lightly at one another.

“Come on, troops!” I ordered like a drill sergeant. “Time for more physical training!” I then placed Carol on all fours, with legs spread, and helped Ginny climb atop her with her tummy on Carol’s back. I now had four holes open for my pleasure! I thought, obscenely. And I took advantage of this smorgasbord, reaming their lubed assholes hard until I thought I’d cum in each one. Then I switched to their cunts, drilling them in a totally dissolute fashion until they were barking ferally at me to fuck them harder.

Though Carol was characteristically very tight, she finally was relaxed to the point where I could hammer her deeply, bottoming out at her cervix with relative ease. Months of frustration caused by her husband’s cruel negligence dissolved as her long, muscular limbs stretched and whipped her body back on my impaling cock, all the while supporting Ginny’s weight atop her. Her splayed tan thighs, supported by her knees on the futon, trembled with anxious abandon as she entered her own, private, fuck zone. “Harder!…Harder! Jay…HARDER!…You big…fuck! God! Fu’ me. FUCK ME!…Aaagh, FUCK!…Do…it…fuck…it…yeah…oooh…all…the…way in! Ooo-aah! FUCK! I’m…gonna…cum!…Cum!…Cu’…cummm…cum-ming…yea’…CUM-MING! I…CU’ING, Jay! Oh, Gawwwd! Ooooah…nnngah…nnngah…nnngh…nnngh…NNN-GAH!” she screamed until I was sure the cacophony of her screams would bring the neighbors. Carol then fell to her belly, twitching and moaning “Mmmnn…mmmnn…mmmnn…mmmnn…ohhhhh, JJ, nnn, JJ.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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