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Author’s Note: This is a work of erotic fiction. All characters are at least 18 years of age. Enjoy!


***Part 1***

He heard female voices outside just before the door slowly opened. The lights came on and he blinked as his eyes adjusted to the soft, warm glow from the fixtures in the corners of the room. Cozy mood-lighting for a cozy room. He was seated in the middle of a large bedroom. His chair was wooden, but padded and surprisingly comfortable, especially considering its extremely short seat. He could see a lovely oak dresser in the corner to his left. Off to the right was a low, green couch that looked as inviting as any he’d seen. He could feel but not see the foot of a large king-sized bed behind him.

In the doorway were two young women dressed in what appeared to be comfortable sleepwear. In front was the woman who turned on the lights. Her sharp features were framed by flaming, wavy red hair that fell to just past her shoulders. So it was Rose’s turn again. He shuddered in a confusing mix of trepidation and lust.

Rose sauntered into the room with a predatory smile on her face. Even barefoot she was tall. She was clad only in a t-shirt and green boy-shorts. Her long, cream-white legs were slender but muscular. Her t-shirt, though large and loose, couldn’t begin to hide the fact that her breasts were *very* large and firm, nor the fact that she was not currently wearing a bra. The wobble of said breasts was both delightful and hypnotic, and he stared unselfconsciously as she crossed the short distance to his side. Though her gaze was fixed on him, she wasn’t looking at his face.

“Impressive, right?” she said, turning to the girl in the doorway. At first he thought Rose was talking about herself, but then he followed her gaze to the other girl. This one he did not recognize. She was wearing light blue wool socks and plaid pajama pants. She had on a purple tank top that showed an alluring amount of cleavage, and though her breasts were not as large as Rose’s he could see that she was quite aroused. Her mouse-brown hair was longer than Rose’s, and she had lovely bangs that came just over the top of her thick-framed glasses. Her features were softer, too, attractive in a gentler way.

Then he noticed her open-mouthed stare, her eyes glued to his crotch, and he remembered his own appearance. He was mostly naked, his thin muscular frame on display as his arms were secured fast to the chair, behind his back. His ankles, likewise, were strapped to the legs of the chair, in such a way that his legs were held apart. This naturally drew the eye to the “prize”. He was wearing only the thinnest pair of white cotton panties imaginable, which were at that moment distended to truly amazing proportions by his cock and balls. The chair had a very short seat so that his swollen, shrink-wrapped package hung heavily over the front.

“Even soft he’s massive, but when he hasn’t cum in this long it’s pretty much always at least half-hard,” Rose said to the other girl, turning back toward the man in the chair. “Ooh, look! It likes when we talk about it.” He felt his thick cock engorge, further stretching the poor panties, and he blushed furiously in spite of himself.

The woman in the doorway didn’t make a sound, so Rose turned back to look at her again. “Kat,” Rose said to get her attention. She then made a subtle wiping motion near her mouth. Kat blushed and wiped a line of drool from her chin.

Kat briefly tore her gaze from the man’s crotch. The first thing she noticed were his pale blue eyes; something about his eyes made him seem both earnest and hungry. He was fit but not big; built more like a runner than a football player. His skin was pale and smooth, his muscles clearly defined. Other than a shaggy mop of brown hair, a few days’ growth of reddish beard, and a thin happy trail he was almost hairless. But of course it was his panty-clad genitals that drew her attention and set her heart racing.

“You said he was big, but Jesus…” she trailed off, soaking in the details of the sight before her. She guessed he must be circumcised, as the thick ridge of his cockhead was clearly visible. ‘God,” she thought to herself, ‘what must that knob feel like inside of you?’ Kat came a couple steps closer and bent to get a better look. Up close it became apparent that the man had a tremendous set of balls, too! It looked like two over-sized eggs topped with a fat, coiled sausage. His whole package seemed to throb; she imagined those balls swollen with pent-up seed, constantly working to produce more and more and more. She could practically feel the heat and need radiating out from his crotch. Her stiffening nipples rubbed against her tank top and her clit throbbed with desire. She heard a soft moan and couldn’t tell if it was her, the man in the chair, or Rose.

Kat turned to see Rose touching herself over her shorts and biting her lower lip. She appeared to be enjoying Kat’s reaction to the tableau casino siteleri as much as the tableau itself.

A thousand questions raced through Kat’s head. She turned back to face the bound man as she asked Rose, “Why the panties? And what if he needs to go to the-“

“Kat, relax. We take very good care of our toys. Don’t worry,” Rose chided with a wink. “And as for the panties, don’t they look amazing? I’ve always loved the look of a man’s package compressed in a nice, small pair of panties. Oh,” she added with a whisper, “and though he would never admit it, it turns *him* on quite a bit, too.”

“He’s got a panty fetish?”

“Oh, honey, that is only the beginning.” With that she walked over to stand uncomfortably close at his side. She leaned down until her generous bosom almost brushed his shoulder. “What do you say, Stud? Anything else turn you on?” she asked breathily. She shook her shoulders ever so slightly, causing her loose shirt to wobble and sway with her titanic breasts. His eyes were glued to the sight, and he unconsciously licked his lips. The panties stretched alarmingly, precum pushing its way through the thin fabric to drip down over his straining ballsac. Rose glanced up at Kat out of the side of her eye and gave a smirk. For her part Kat found the whole scene intensely erotic. Her pussy was already dripping.

“Don’t be shy now. Look over at Kat.” He tore his gaze from Rose’s hypnotic tits and looked into the mousy brunette’s eyes. “What do you think, Stud? What turns you on about her? Is it those innocent looking hazel eyes? Or is it her nerdy glasses? You got a thing for nerdy girls, don’t you?” He gulped. “Oh, you bet you do. But I know what else you love. Kat, can you touch your toes?”

Kat looked at Rose quizzically and asked, “Why?” Rose rolled her eyes, then nodded her head in the man’s direction. You could almost see the light-bulb come on over Kat’s head as her eyes widened in understanding. Without a word she stood and turned around to face the door. “You love a nice juicy ass, don’t you, Stud?” One would think flannel pajama pants would be unflattering, but these hugged her wide hips in a mouth-watering fashion, perfectly outlining her round, full ass. Then she slowly began to bend at the waist until her palms were flat on the ground. This shameless display of her heart-shaped ass was almost too much for the man. He wanted desperately to see it, to kiss it, to bite it. He groaned audibly as he strained at his bonds for the first time.

Kat looked at him around her left leg and felt her pussy moisten even further. She must have soaked right through to her pajama pants by now! She’d never wanted to rub her clit more in her life.

Much to the delight of all involved Kat straightened and reached back to hook her thumbs into the waistband of her flannel pants. Kat slid her pants over the curve of her luscious bum. She slowly revealed a pair of black and white striped panties with a small black lace border. The man in the chair audibly gasped; her ass was truly marvelous. Her wide hips were a delightful frame for a thick bubble butt. As she bent to lower her pants to the floor the crotch of her panties came into view, whose obvious wetness revealed the clean-shaven vulva underneath. She straightened and stepped out of her pants, pausing to give him (and Rose) a moment to soak in the view.

Then Kat did something even Rose didn’t expect. She began to slide her feet out to the sides and lowered herself into a full splits! Kat drew in her breath with a sharp hiss as her clit gently bumped into the carpeted ground. In this position the full globes of her ass were bunched and puckered in heart-stopping display. The man in the chair actually began to sweat. His cock further lengthened and expanded at the sight, truly testing the durability of the panties. It was almost fully rigid now, the swollen knob making a fresh wet spot over on his hip, and they hadn’t even touched him yet. The effect was not lost on Rose.

Kat could restrain herself no longer and openly began to grind her pussy into the carpeted floor. This elicited another groan from the man, and a fresh surge of precum was pushed through the panties. Rose, for her part, was also enraptured and stayed bent over next to the man enjoying Kat’s wanton display.

Kat, resting on her elbows tucked under her chest, reveled in the pleasure emanating from her gushing cunt. She’d never in her life masturbated like this before, but she was so turned on she could already feel the orgasm getting ready to wash over her. She stole a glance over her shoulder, her hair partially obstructing her face, and made eye contact with him. In that instant time stopped and it was like an arc of electricity jumped between them. Suddenly her orgasm was crashing over her like a tidal wave. She clenched her eyes and her teeth, lost in the mind-numbing contractions spreading out from the core of her being. Her ass cheeks visibly shook with the canlı casino orgasmic tremors overwhelming her senses. Kat cried out as the waves of pleasure reached a blinding climax, pushing her cunt into the carpet with one final thrust.

As her orgasm subsided she drew her legs in and just lay for a moment, relishing the diminishing aftershocks of her orgasm. “Oh my God, that was sooooo hot,” Rose whispered in his ear. His unbelievably thick cock was so hard that there was an inches-wide gap between the waistband of the panties and his skin. The thick, pulsing veins tracing his shaft were clearly visible through the comically stretched material.

Rose straightened and smiled. As Kat turned and sat up, Rose nodded toward his rampant, leaking erection, “Well that’s a BIG affirmation from our ass-man over here. But that’s not all…” She then sauntered over to the dresser and pulled something from the top drawer. As she turned she unrolled an alluring pair of knee-length cashmere socks, black with horizontal pink stripes. “I’ve never met a man with so many delightful turn-ons,” Rose added, smoothing the long socks over her sensuous legs. His bulging hardon had begun twitching in earnest, and Rose was a little afraid that he might lose it before the fun could really begin. ‘If he cums without us touching him then it serves him right,’ she thought wickedly to herself with a shrug, ‘and he’ll be good for a few more in any case.’

Still flushed from her orgasm, Kat scooted forward and sat cross-legged, right between his knees. His throbbing genitals were less than a foot from her hungry gaze. While still staring at his rampant erection, she said to Rose, “He has a thing for feet, too? Wow.”

“At this point we’ve determined empirically that he is significantly aroused by any and every feature of the female body.” Kat looked up at Rose with one eyebrow cocked, and Rose said, “In other words, he’s an insatiable horndog.” The girls shared a chuckle while his ever-present blush only deepened.

***Part 2***

Kat, seated between his knees, leaned back on the palms of her hands drew her knees up and together. She looked up into his eyes. In those pale blue eyes she saw need, and an incredible hunger barely being contained. He was like a caged wild animal. She imagined, just for a moment, what he could do to her if they loosed his bonds. A strong chill ran down her body and she squeezed her thighs together, relishing the electric throb emanating from her still-tender clit.

Remembering his reaction to Rose’s socks, Kat ran her own sock-clad right foot up his left leg. Just before reaching his distended crotch she stopped, and slowly slid her foot back and forth on his inner thigh. The effect was instantaneous and dramatic: his cock gave a mighty lurch and Kat thought for a moment that the panties would actually burst from the pressure!

Rose, one hand still lazily rubbing her clit over her shorts, leaned down and whispered something in Kat’s ear. Kat’s eyes lit up and she looked up at Rose incredulously. Rose simply grinned in silent affirmation.

Rose, now kneeling just outside of his left leg, looked up at him and said in a low, conspiratorial tone, “I’m afraid I’ve given away your secret, Stud.” Rose then looked down at his crotch once again, hefting one of her generous breasts in her right and giving the nipple a firm squeeze. While his gaze was transfixed by Rose’s lewd breast-play, Kat had positioned her right foot over his swollen, straining nutsac with a dangerous gleam in her eyes.

He had a split-second to register motion out of the corner of his eye before his breath rushed out of him in a grunt. Kat had barely tapped his balls, but in his tender, blueballed state the effect was tremendous. The constant ache from his arousal doubled and then trebled, spreading into his lower abdomen. Reflexively he tried to squeeze his legs together but his bonds held fast, and he remained at the mercy of Kat’s every whim.

Kat kept her foot pressed into his crotch, enjoying the feel of his bloated balls beneath her foot. She lightly rocked her foot back and forth, the wool of her sock transmitting every delightful detail. And as if in testament to Rose’s word, his cock did not soften in the slightest. In fact, it looked even harder, if that were possible, and a fresh bead of precum had pushed its way through its panty-prison.

“Oh my God,” Kat said aloud, a look of pleasant disbelief on her face. She felt like a kid on Christmas. She slid her foot to the top of his sac and began to compress both balls into the hard wood of the front of the chair. Though he strained at his bonds and clenched his teeth, his eyes never left the wool sock tormenting his poor balls and his raging hardon never wavered. Kat thought for sure he would cry out and/or beg for her to stop, but he didn’t. Without relieving the pressure, she began to slide her foot toward the ground. As his balls tried to squirm vertically to escape kaçak casino her foot, the waistband of the panties dipped in the middle, revealing a substantial length of thick, veiny shaft. His tortured testes finally squirmed free and he let out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding.

Rose, for her part, had not been idle. As soon as Kat’s foot landed on his balls, Rose’s left hand went inside her shorts and straight for her clit. She leaned down to rest her face against the man’s left shoulder, her right hand squeezing and stroking her right tit, her left hand making urgent circles around her throbbing clitoris. She watched rapt as Kat’s foot tapped, compressed, and bobbled the man’s huge, tender balls. When his balls slid free of Kat’s foot and the man let out his held breath, Rose shuddered in a mini-climax and soaked her shorts anew.

Kat decided to give his balls a break for a moment and traced her wool-clad foot lazily over his bursting cock. She made sure to pop her big toe across the flared ridge of his distended cock crown with each pass. “I think it’s time we let this monster breathe a little, don’t you?” Kat inquired seductively. Without further ado she set about hooking the waistband of the panties with the toes of her feet, the tip of her tongue sticking out the side of her mouth in concentration.

This proved more challenging than she had anticipated, partly due to having to hold both her legs up and partly due to the growing slipperiness of her wool socks. Within moments the bottoms of her feet had become positively soaked with his precum. Rose stifled a laugh, covering her mouth with her hand, while the man in the chair watched in a confusing mixture of growing arousal and frustration as Kat’s feet slipped and slid over his achingly erect cock.

Finally, with an audible, “Aha!”, Kat succeeded in hooking the waistband between her feet and proceeded to slide it down over his rampant cock. Unsurprisingly, the material caught on the wide ridge of his cockhead, and Kat was worried for a second she was going to lose her grip. Then all of a sudden his cock slipped free of its confinement and swung out toward Kat. An enormous gout of precum launched from the engorged tip of his cock and landed with an audible *SPLAT* on Kat, leaving a slimy trail from her cleavage up to the top of her forehead. This caused Kat to jump, stretching the waistband alarmingly before it snapped free of her feet. Despite the ridiculous testing of its durability, the waistband retained more than enough elasticity to deliver a tremendous slap to the top of his exposed testicles! He grunted in fresh agony as the blessed/horrible ache spread out from his tormented testes with renewed intensity. This fresh impact caused his now free cock to give another a tremendous lurch, sending his iron-hard dick to slap into his abdomen and a fresh wad of precum straight into Rose’s open mouth and face.

Rose sputtered and began to laugh out loud. Kat, looking through a thick string of precum covering most of one lens, started to chuckle as well. In moments all three of them were laughing uncontrollably, tears and precum rolling down their faces.

“Kat,” said, Rose trying to regain her composure after a few moments, “that…was the most…hilarious thing…I have ever seen…in my life!”

“I think maybe next time I’ll just use my hands.” This caused another fit of laughter, with Rose collapsing on the floor next to Kat.


“Oh, no no, this won’t do at all,” Rose said after they had all recovered a bit. She was looking at the man’s cock, which had begun to droop the slightest bit. A long string of precum stretched from the tip of his cock all the way to the floor. As she stood she said, “Let’s get this dick rock-hard again. Kat, you’re on ball-duty.” Kat smiled in pleasure and gave a mock-salute. She reached forward (with her hands this time) and pulled the panties down and tucked them under his bloated balls.

If anything his package looked even more impressive. He was indeed circumcised, and even only half-hard his knob was fat and intimidating. And his meaty shaft was so thick! She just couldn’t get over it. Kat reached forward to heft his enormous testicles, but they were too big for one hand. God help her, but she loved balls. It wasn’t a kink she had shared with very many people, but there was something soooooo hot about how tender and sensitive they were. How intimately they were connected to masculinity and power, yet how easy they were to hurt. She used her right hand to make a noose around the neck of his scrotum, above his balls, and pulled slightly, compressing his swollen testicles into a tight, shiny package. God, they were immense! And they already had a nice shade of blue going, too.

While Kat was getting acquainted with the man’s testicles, Rose sat on the bed directly behind the chair. From this position she could rest her chin on the man’s shoulder and wrap her legs around his waist. Her cashmere-clad feet rested on his inner thighs and she reached around to caress his lower abdomen with her hands. He was rapidly returning to full mast, and once Rose began to trace lazy circles in precum around his swelling cockknob it was a done deal.

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