Californian Gold Ch. 02

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No matter how hard I slammed on the brakes, there were no reactions. Seeing the end of the road coming up, I grip the steering wheel and yank it to the right, trying to get the truck to stay on the road, in hopes of it slowing down on its own on the flat portion.

The steering wheel locked up, and I bounced over a curb, taking out a male box, and hitting a house head on. The sounds of metal crunching, the windshield shattering, the hood slamming into my head.

I scream, and sit up straight, sweat pouring down my face, the sun was shining into the room. Dakota was sitting next to me, worry in her eyes. “It’s okay, bro. You’re okay. It was just a nightmare.”

Shaking my head, I sigh softly, the scars on my chest visible as I sleep completely naked. “Were you dreaming about your accident?” Nodding softly, I felt her hand shoulder, and looked at her.

“I dream about it every night. I see it whenever I close my eyes, when ever I’m in a vehicle, if there’s a movie with a crash in it.” She smiled softly, laying me on my back, and laid beside me, cuddling up to me, her head on my chest. “Its okay bro. If you ever need to talk, and just need someone to comfort you, I’m here.”

As I nodded softly, I looked down at her, feeling a little better, but weird as I was naked under the covers, and my half-sister was cuddled up to me. Slowly, I felt Dakota’s fingers tracing some of the scars on my chest.

“Are all of these from the wreck?” Her voice had a hint of sadness in it, but also a hint of curiosity. “Most of them are, yeah. Some of them are from my stepfather. He wasn’t very…nice…”

“Well, that’s one thing we have in common. I hate my ex stepfather…he was very abusive.” She closed her eyes, shifting her head on my chest, her hair becoming a messy pillow on my chest, the heat from her body emanating on mine. “I know, Dad told me about what he did to you…he also said to be lucky that you wanted casino oyna to meet me.”

She smiled softly, wrapping her arms around me, placing one of her legs over one of mine, her leg resting on my member. “I don’t normally like men…so you really are lucky. I’m normally distant and wont let any guys around me..”

I smiled softly, feeling her leg moving up and down, rubbing against my member, getting hard. “I-I um, I’m gonna go take a shower okay?” Seeing her pout, I let a soft sigh escape my mouth and rolled over, putting a pillow against my crotch, between the both of us, and wrapped my arms around her, holding her close. “I’ll stay here for a bit longer..”

Smiling, Dakota nodded, before flicking my forehead, and sitting on my back, pinning me to the bed, as she laid down on me. “H-hey! What is this for?!”

“What? Have you never wrestled with anyone before?” she asked teasingly, rubbing the back of my head, messing my hair up more than it already was. “Oh…so you want to wrestle? Fine.” I rolled over onto my back, laying ontop of her, hearing her laugh, and struggle. “Noooo! Get off!”

Rolling over, I pinned her to the bed, covers barely hiding my body in more, pinning her hands above her head. “Whatcha going to do? Huh?”

She struggled, wiggling underneath me, giggling a bit. “I will…” she wrapped her legs around my waist, and flipped me onto my back. She was now sitting on my stomach, looking down at me, holding my wrists together, above my head, with her hands, her face just mere inches from mine. ‘Shit…this isnt good…I…I like this…too much..’

She smirked as her hazel eyes looked into my ocean blues. “Looks like I win~” I couldn’t help but blush deeply and smile. “That’s what you think.” Pumping my hips and stomach up, my plan failed, throwing her into the air and onto my face.

I couldn’t speak, and when I tried I could feel her squirm and let out a soft, muffled, and cute canlı casino moan. “H-hey! Bad boy! You arent supposed to-” she let out another moan, biting her lip as she squirmed, when I opened my mouth, to try and say something.

“Mm…b-bro…s-stop…” She tried to say, but moved her hips, rubbing her pantie covered pussy against my face. At this point, I could tell she liked being like this, so I slowly licked her pussy through her panties, feeling her thighs squeeze around my head a bit, her moans becoming more prominent, her resistance was no longer there, her grip on my wrists lightened as she gripped the headboard of my bed.

“B-bro…I…oooohhh…” she released my wrists, covering her mouth with her hand. Taking this as a sign that she really wanted me to continue, I lifted her up a tiny bit, just enough to roll her over onto her back, and pull her panties off, from under her long shirt, and burried my face back in between her legs, licking her slightly damp pussy, from bottom to her clit, flicking it with my tongue, enjoying her squirming and wrapping her legs around my head.

Hearing her moans grow louder and louder, I burried my tongue inside her tasty soaked cunt, swirling it around before pulling it out, and holding myself above her, watching her breath heavily, her face as red as a tomato. “Youre naughty sis…enjoying your brothers tongue on your pussy…” I chuckled softly as she diverted her half closed eyes. “Sh-shut up…I was so close…”

Smirking, I rubbed her clit teasingly with my palm as I slid my my middle and ring finger into her, slowly pulling them out, then putting them back in, over and her, feeling her arch her back, pushing her body into mine. “F-fuck me~ Its so good…~”

“Mm…not yet…” I smiled, kissing her neck, fingering her faster and harder, feeling her walls tightening around my fingers as if she was about to destroy them. Then, I heard her scream, feeling her pussy tightening kaçak casino and loosening, tightening and loosening, as she came hard, coating my arm, and bed in her juices.

When I laid beside her, I could hear her panting softly. “You enjoyed that, didn’t you?”

“Isnt it obvious…?” she asked between her inhales and exhales. She did enjoy it, and I knew it. “Good…I have never done that before…still a virgin..” I laughed nervously, awkwardly, feeling her roll over and sit on my lap, her pussy pressed against my erect cock, rubbing against it.

“Then, allow your little sister to take your virginity~” she slowly lifted herself up, then sat back down as she felt the head of my cock enter her tight opening. “Oh fuck…~So tight…”

Dakota smiled, leaning down and kissing me deeply, passionately, as she rubbed against me, my cock deep in her, and against her womb. I couldn’t help but kiss back, letting out a soft moan into her mouth, feeling her rubbing a bit faster and harder now, changing to bouncing after a few more grinds.

With her bouncing on me now, the bed was rocking slowly, creaking. The faster and harder she bounced, the more violent she did, the more the bed rocked, slamming into the wall.

Slowly, she broke the kiss, pulling away a few inches, a strand of saliva connecting our lips. “You like your little sister’s tight pussy?” As I nodded softly, I gripped her hips, pumping my cock into her every time she flung down, her ass slapping against my balls, my cock slamming against her womb. This made her speed up, biting her lip as she leaned back, placing her hands on the bed, slamming down on me as hard and fast as she could, screaming each time my cock slammed into her. “I-Im close…” we said simultaneously, but were both wrong about how close we were as I shot my hot load into her, filling her womb to the brim, and she came, squirting all over me.

“Fuck!” she fell down onto my chest, panting heavily, my cock still inside her, shooting the last little bit of my semen into her, it pouring out around my cock. “D-damn…that felt…amazing…” She nodded in agreement, falling asleep on my chest.

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