An Unexpected Visitor

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That summer I began to appreciate the unnoticed things. I attributed this sense of awareness to my art classes. The everyday aspects of the physical world needed to be documented and enjoyed. I cataloged changes, both mentally and with my sketchpad, delighted not just in the changes but my recognition of those changes.

The house, which I always thought of as dilapidated and isolated, took on new meaning for me. Tucked away on the crest of a hill at the end of the road; cut off from the old working class neighborhood to the east by the commuter rail line; encompassed on the south and west by trees and overgrowth of a long abandoned urban quarry, it became my vantage to explore my blossoming body and the evolving world about me.

In the early morning before my father or sister awoke I would sit on the front porch and sketch the changing skyline as the sun chased shadows across the rows of packed houses to the east. From the south side of the house I could study the trees from two perspectives: rapidly as the sun quickly set behind the horizon to my right and slowly as the hot, dry summer crept by.

The evening solitude, which passed to twilight and then to darkness, let me meld my changing body with the rustic surroundings. Wearing an artist’s smock, I sat on a tree stump and tried to capture the dynamics of the scenery as nightfall rushed in. When the last light faded, I stowed my art supplies and sat on the grass with my back to the tree stump. Shielded by the house and trees, I opened the smock and exposed myself to the night. In the hot, humid air, beads of sweat formed on my skin, eventually rolling off me in slight rivulets. On cool nights, a gentle breeze raised goose bumps and made me shiver. These summer idylls all ended the same way. Naked on my back looking up at the stars I masturbated. Sometimes it was slow and casual, teasing my body for what seemed like hours before a gentle orgasm washed over me. Other night, especially if it rained, I would writhe on the grass feverishly working the million nerve endings of my clit into a cataclysmic come. All this I did in the privacy of my own urban Eden.

On this day dark clouds billowed in the west, a portent of possible summer thunderstorms. With vicious stokes I tried to detail the rapidly moving genies. My concentration was interrupted by the sound of a car slowing to a stop on the gravel shoulder of the road. I was not in sight of the visitor so without chancing a look, I stopped, waited and listened. The car door opened; closed. Soft footsteps made their way up the steps to the front door followed by a firm rap. Silently, I made my way to the back door and walked through the house and opened the door slightly. There stood a guy in a t-shirt and tan drawstring shorts. He was at ease and confident in his manner.

“Yes?” I asked brusquely, not wanting to appear home alone.

“I’m Mike and I’m here to see Teri” was the polite response. “Is she in?”

“I think she’s at work. At least she is scheduled to be.”

“She was earlier but she suggested I meet her here. She should have gotten off about half an hour ago. Do you mind if I wait?”

Teri had not mentioned this and I was reluctant to let him in even though he was a nice looking guy. “You can wait on the porch,” I said trying not to appear inhospitable.

“That’s fine. I’ll just sit on the step and wait.”

I nodded as I closed the door. As I set the lock, the low hum of the ‘quiet’ tone on the phone sounded in the kitchen. It was my sister in a mild panic. “Is he there?” She asked trying to keep her voice low and still speak above the din of the bar. “He is,” I said. “He is waiting on the porch.”

“Shit! I knew this would happen. Joe showed up and he won’t leave. I am stuck here until he splits. Can you do me a favor and keep him occupied for awhile?”

She did not wait for my answer but hung up. Teri and Joe were at one time, an item. He got her the job at the bar and wanted her to move in with him. She might have been persuaded to do that if he would still let her fuck around. Teri was never one to be satisfied with the same cock night after night and Joe did not have enough going for him to make her want to change. Still, he pursued her with an ardent passion and Teri wanted to avoid an unnecessary incident as long as they worked together.

I opened the door and saw Mike was sitting on the top step, acting blasé and taking in the scenery. A warm wind gusted across the porch as the threatening clouds gathered.

“That was Teri. She has to work a little longer. Do you still want to wait for her?”

“I don’t have any plans. I’ll sit a spell longer if you don’t mind.”

“Makes no difference to me. Suit yourself.” I said. At that moment, something came over me; curiosity, latent desire, sense of adventure; any of these, so, without much as a thought I made a suggestion. “Around on the side is out of the wind if you want to wait there.”

“Why thank you,” he offered as I pointed to the exposed side of the house, “Around here?”

“Yes. My supplies are there now. I can move casino oyna them.”

We walked down the steps and turned the corner. I clutched my smock until we turned the corner and the house blocked the wind. An eerie calm descended on me as he followed me to the side porch.

“How long have you known Teri?” I asked, “I have not heard her mention you.”

“Oh. We dated once or twice a year or two ago. I just got back in town and looked her up at the bar. Had a few drinks since then.”

His demeanor was natural and unassuming. There was nothing about his manner that conveyed horny expectations. But if he had been out with Teri, he knows what to expect and she usually delivers.

I gathered my art supplies along the way to the back porch. It had an angled roof and offered protection from potential rain. An old metal glider sat clanking gently in the wind facing out at the side lawn. I gesture for him to have a seat as I opened the back door and tossed my things onto the kitchen floor.

He sat at one end of the glider and rocked as the clouds scudded across the blackened sky. I took a seat at the far end scanning his profile for any hint of reaction. No, he just gently rocked the glider in a smooth arc.

After a seemingly long space of ‘dead air’, Mike turned, gave me a nod and said, “So, you are the sister, the one with the interesting nickname.”

“If it is the one I am thinking of, I happen to like it.” I tried to tinge my words with an air of resentment but I did not succeed.

“Well, I think peculiar names have character and say something about that person. Don’t take offense. I liked it when I head it. What is it again?”

“You don’t remember? I’m sure it will come to you.” “Handjob Princess” popped into my mind. The schoolyard nickname that I deserved was usually the first thing to come to mind.

“OK. If you like the name, what else did my Teri say about me; or was that some pillow talk that you can’t discuss?”

“Well, I reckon you know what she says about you.” His smile broadened and his eyes perked up as he replied. “She tells a good story, you know.”

“Fair play!” I retorted. “How well do you know Teri then?”

The game was afoot. Somehow I knew we were both trying to get to the same place but taking different avenues.

“As I said, we dated a few times.” Clear, succinct but did not reveal any details.

“But about you, she said you were young but precocious, adventuresome and will someday have a legion of guys lined up at the door. Not a bad recommendation from a sister.”

“And how do you feel about Teri?” I inquired, hoping to elicit a detailed and personal insight.

“She is a good time. Like I said, we dated a few times and we both had a good time. I know she is popular but I never thought it was a waste of time to try. I suspect she is seeing an old flame this evening.”

His nonchalance amazed me. I expected him to be pissed that she may be with someone else and doing what she most likely did to him. But no, it was part of the game.

“You may be correct, but then again you may not. She did not tell me what she was doing other than work.”

Mike continued to stare at the sky. The clouds broke up to reveal a large full moon at its zenith. The moon glow and the reflected light from the distant streetlights gave the side yard an unworldly appearance, a world of ill-defined shadow images. I turned a slight angle towards him and rested back in the corner of the glider. As I crossed my legs, the smock easily rode up my thighs. Indifferently, I kicked my foot back and forth in the direction of his leg, trying to generate that spark.

My swinging foot caught his eye and he turned slightly towards me also. When he did my toe grazed his bare leg. He placed his hands behind his head, stretched his legs and gave me a smile of approval. I felt a force between us, a magnetism urging me to close with him, but I resisted. If he felt it too he did not let on.

“Perhaps I should be going, I don’t want to keep you up too late.”

“Don’t be so patronizing. You’re just pissed she stood you up.”

“Relax, I was only joking. I am not naive. I remember when I met her! It wasn’t a church social. If memory serves me correct she was with someone else at the start of that night.”

I gained confidence with each insight he revealed about Teri stirring my latent spirit of adventure began to show itself.

“So what attracted you to Teri: her looks, her body, her hands, her mouth or her . . . ” I let my voice trail off.

“All of the above I reckon. I wanted to try them all. She even said that you were better with your hands than she was but felt she was better in other ways.”

I smiled to myself. “What ‘other ways’?”

The game of cat and mouse had begun and it could go on for a long time before either creature tired of the chase. Instead, Mike cut to the chase.

“To be honest, she gives great head. Anytime anywhere, no matter who may be watching she will go down. God she is hot about that. Swallows too. Never spits.”

“And what about canlı casino me” I countered.

“Handjob Queen! Can stroke two at once, never miss a beat and get them to shoot at the same time.”

His candor impressed me, as did my sisters. The next move was up to me. I flipped the mental coin, mainly regarding him and Teri and made my decision. I slouched casually in the glider and furtively tried to unbutton the smock. As I did his gaze followed my hand down the front of the smock. I paused at each button as if concentrating and then effortlessly slid it through the buttonhole. At the last button I hesitated, gave my best doe-eyed look before undoing it and letting the smock fall loose.

“Ya’ know”, his delivery became slow and drawly, ” you are an attractive girl.” He reached for the collar of the smock and pushed it aside to fully reveal my pixies, pointy and taut in the night air. His finger traced the hem of my smock down to where it met my chest. With a gentle swirl he etched a circle about my perking breast, continuing in ever narrowing circles until his finger rested on the brown peak of my nipple. A pang of desire shot through me. If that was not an open invitation, nothing was, and I accepted graciously.

He gazed up at me with a crooked grin and like a stalking animal approached. I did not try to flee as his mouth met mine and we locked in an arduous, tongue-sucking kiss. My hands caressed the back, grabbing at his t-shirt and drawing it over his head as he ate my mouth, lips and tongue. Mike released his lock on my mouth and I pulled off his t-shirt and he let it fall from his arms. All the while his hand hungrily assaulted my tits, rubbing, pressing, pulling as my desire reached the tipping point.

Abruptly he pulled away leaving me dangling from lust’s precipice. He stood before me, his bare torso a lustrous alabaster. One step back from me and he extended his hand. I accepted demurely and he pulled me to my feet. A brush of his hand caused my smock to fall from its precarious perch on my shoulder to the grass. Naked I stood bathed in the night. Mike tugged at the drawstring of his baggy shorts and forced them off with a jerky motion. His cock was erect, aiming directly for my midsection.

Naked together in the moonlight we embraced and continued our passionate kiss. As if in a dance, we waltzed away from the porch to the open section of lawn on the side of the house. I imagined our bodies silhouetted against the night sky. Our nakedness exposed yet concealed at the same time. I kept his mouth to mine not wanting to let go of the let go of the zeal, the heat and the passion that was coursing through me.

We held out pose for what seemed like hours and then relaxed. I noticed how much taller he was than I as he straightened and my face met with his bare chest. We stood motionless except for the heaving of our lungs as we sucked in the night air.

My mind was dizzying. I did not look at him but kept my eyes fixed on the shadows on the grass. I wanted and desired but did not feel like I could act. I was a prisoner to his touch and my own lusts.

He relaxed his embrace and I felt a premonition of abandonment. Instead he lowered himself. First to my neck; where he licked below my ear and then along my wispy hairline to my shoulders where he bit. First softly, then firmly he gnawed with his teeth sinking into to my skin. I reacted but did not resist.

Then lower, his tongue leaving a trail of wet as he licked a path to the shallow valley between my tits. I held my breath. My clit was on fire and my cunt oozed juice down my inner thighs. His mouth hovered about my tit and his tongue flicked at my nipple. I felt like I would come as the wave of desire swelled inside my loins. He tongue continued its path over my body from my tits to my underarm, where he licked in broad swaths. I could smell my own odor, pungent and sensuous. Kisses and licks were laid down my side past my waist to my hip. He turned me and bit my ass like he did to my shoulder. Gently then followed by a more intense biting and pulling with his teeth. I turned to better accommodate him. When I did Mike made a broad swipe with his tongue ranging from the lowest point of my ass crack to where it reached the base of my spine. I caught fire. Never had a sensation so penetrated my body as that. I bend forward hoping for more. I desired something to probe me where I had never been probed.

Instead he rotated me back to him. He was kneeling before me his face ringed with sweat. I ran my fingers through his moist hair sensuously caressing his scalp. As I did this he brought his face in contact with my body. His mouth landed just above my mound and the top edge of my furry, erotic triangle. He did not look up but lowered himself into the pubic patch. I tensed and held my breath as he worked his way down to the intersection of my thighs, where he stopped and pressed his tongue toward me. He barely touched the end of my crack. I bent my knees slightly and spread them to give him better access.

At this hint, he pulled me lower forcing me to loose my balance and kaçak casino fall backwards. He broke my fall with is arms and lowered me to the damp grass. I was on my back, heels in the ground, knees bent and thighs slightly parted. Mike went down on me. He pushed my legs farther apart and forced his mouth hard on my cunt. His mouth took in my lips as he sucked with near violence. My cunt exploded as I felt my juices flow from my hole down thighs. He slurped loudly as he lapped the tart fluid from my thighs and my pleasure hole. God! I wanted more. “Don’t stop,” I gasped almost in a scream, “Drive me insane!” He obliged. Pulling like an unrelenting beast he sucked on my cunt harder and harder.

I wanted to scream. My body twisted side to side under the force of his sucking until I felt his hands press up beneath my ass. He was lifting me. Levering my body against the pivot of my shoulders my hips rose. Intuitively I arched my legs over his shoulders and dug my heels into his back. He responded by tensing his back and spreading his shoulders to support the weigh of my legs. He eased my ass up to the precise angle where his mouth and lips met my cunt and lips. They mated in an explosion of ecstasy. My clit was hard and wired. A million nerve endings were about to short circuit. His mouth worked its way between my lips and locked on to my clit. I could not escape. My shoulders were pinned at an angle to the ground and his head forced between my legs prevented me from thrashing wildly from side to side. As best I could I pumped my hips towards his face as he sucked ferociously on my clit.

I was being tortured with pleasure until I placed my hands over my tits and squeezed. Like a rocket my libido soared. I pumped my hips harder to his mouth forcing him to maintain oral contact with my red-hot clit. As he sucked my clit raw I painfully pulled my nipples. And then it hit. I crossed my legs behind his head as my body convulsed with pleasure. I could hear myself scream, part in pain part in pleasure and the physical intensity of the orgasm burst upon me. Twisting, turning, moaning, screaming, I fought my body to maximize the pleasure. It crested and then passed. My body went limp. My legs relaxed across Mike’s back and the rest of me melted like butter,

Mike eased away. The night breeze wafted across my spent body as I lay on the ground. My body responded the way I hoped, eager, willing and totally. I was satisfied.

Mike pulled himself beside me as I lay on the grass soaking up the effects our mingling. I turned to him and kissed him lightly on the lip tasting the faint aroma of cunt as I did. We held this pose for several seconds until my breathing returned to normal. Then I collapsed softly on his chest placing a hand over his peaked nipple as I did.

I was more than satisfied but I could tell from his still hard cock pressing against me that he was not. I glanced up to look on his face and when I did so I pushed him flat on the grass. He relented. I pulled myself to my knees and knelt by his side scanning his muscular, pearly white body. His cock stood rigid at the center of the scene calling out for attention. In the shadowy darkness I could not see his eyes. I ran my hands over his body feeling his nipples; navel and ultimately his cock which stood hard and straight in my grasp. “Handjob Princess” flashed through my mind, as I gently stroked the shaft.

I felt the need to payback in kind. I grasped his cock firmly and bent over. My tongue played with the smooth soft head. I licked the lemony precum and pressed the tip of my tongue directly into the tiny eye. I felt his body convulse under the force of my tongue. I stroked to bring more precum to the head and licked it off. I found the slightly acidic taste to be an aphrodisiac making me want more and more.

I planted a kiss squarely on the head of his cock, pausing long enough to suck at the soft flesh. I was fully aroused. I wanted to taste his cock. Make him come with a pleasure that at least equaled mine.

I took the head of his cock in my mouth. My teeth gently grasped beyond the ridge of the head and tugged. His body twitched in reaction. I went farther down on him, taking his cock deep in my mouth. I sensed his body rise as I did and reached out with my hand to push him back to the ground. I released my grip on his cock and placed one hand on his thigh and the other on his belly. With just his cock in my mouth I rocked up and down on the shaft. He voiced approval with moans and grunts. I changed tempo, faster with more suction and elicited more vocal reactions.

I was now pressing down with my hands on his tummy and legs as I rode my mouth up and down on his cock. “Oh yeah . . . Oh yeah” and “Don’t stop,” urged me on in a steady slow cadence. His demeanor changed suddenly. “Make me come, make me come,” he gasped. Faster! Faster! Make me come!” I picked up the tempo I kept my lips firmly about his cock. I sucked hard as I rose, eased my lock and lowered myself only to increase the pressure as I sucked up. He placed a hand on the back of my head and grabbed a tuft of hair. Pressing and pulling he forced me to eat his swollen cock. I took it in with gusto. Working my tongue on the shaft, with each oscillation I sucked harder hoping to extract a wad from his fiery loins.

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