Carnal Knowledge Ch. 03

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I watch the door close softly as Father Matthew leaves the room. Rebecca’s eyes are closed and her head is nestled into the crook of my neck. I am stroking her hip with a delicate fingernail and squeezing her breast with my other hand. I can feel the nipple hardening.

“Are you okay?” I ask her in a whisper.

“Mmm-hmm,” she breathes.

“You’re not freaked out?”

“Not at all.” She turns over to look at me. “I have wanted to be with you for a long time. And I’ve noticed you watching me sometimes.”

Blushing slightly, I nod. “I couldn’t help it. You’re just so beautiful.”

Rebecca leans forward and our lips meet in a moist kiss. I breathe in her musky scent and slide my tongue between her lips to flick against hers. I can feel the soft folds on the roof of her mouth and the gentle curves of her teeth. Our tongues tease each other in a sensual dance.

I break the kiss and look into her deep blue eyes. There is a long silky ringlet lying across her cheek and I brush it away. “Can we be together again?” I ask quietly. She smiles and says, “Of course!” She glances at the door, then back at me. “But I should go before we get caught by Sister Anne.”

She gathers her clothes, slips them on. I watch her beautiful breasts vanish beneath her gown and her long legs slither into her panties. She gives me one more coy smile and turns to the door.

When she is gone, my mind begins to swirl. I don’t understand what has just happened. Father Matthew makes me feel so wonderful…like a woman. But Rebecca also makes me feel sexy. And her body excites me beyond reason. Is it possible to love both men and women? Is it a sin? Pulling the sheets over my shoulder and turning on my side, I decide I shall speak with Father Matthew tomorrow.


In the morning I make my way to the shower room. As I push the door open I see Rebecca just stepping from a shower, her body glistening with moisture. Her long black hair is cascading down her chest and her nipples are peaking out from beneath. I catch her eye and she blushes slightly as her mouth turns into a grin.

As much as I am longing to, I can’t stand and watch her dry herself, as there are several other girls in the room. So I slip out of my clothes, with her eyes wandering over my body, and step into a shower stall. The thought of her wet, naked body are more than enough to send my clit into a heated frenzy. As I soap myself, my fingers make their way to my pussy and begin to play. I feel the folds, soft and slippery. I imagine it is Rebecca’s hand giving me pleasure. Moving further, I slide a finger into my opening and begin stroking in and out. It is all I can do not to call out as an orgasm takes me.

I quickly finish my shower. Rebecca has dressed and gone already. I dry myself and return to my dorm room. Once I am dressed in my uniform, I make my way to breakfast. It is agony watching Rebecca across the room, talking with her friends. I want her all to myself.

Again, classes seem to drag. I am anticipating speaking with Father Matthew at the end of the day. Sister Mary gives me many stern looks during my algebra class, as she must have noticed my inattention.

Finally, the last bell rings and I hastily pack my bags. As I walk toward his office, I pray that Father Matthew is there. I knock on the frosted glass and I hear him call me in. His face brightens casino oyna as he sees me enter and close the door.

“Angela,” he says, motioning with his hand to a chair in front of his desk. “How are you this afternoon?”

“Very well, Father.” I nervously tuck a stray strand of hair behind my ear.

“Is there something bothering you, my child?”

“Um, well, sort of,” I stammer. “Last night…”

Again he smiles. “Yes, last night…”

“I really enjoyed it, Father. I loved being with you and feeling you inside me.” I pause, clearing my throat. “But I also loved being with Rebecca. Her body is so soft and wanting. I could have pleasured her for hours!”

Father Matthew gives a soft chuckle. “I understand.”

“But,” I pause again, shuffling my feet. “Is it normal?”

“Is what normal?” he asks.

“Is it normal to love both men and women?” I blurt out.

He leans forward, clasping his hands on his desk. “I think it can be very normal and very healthy. It is a special gift from God to be so able to love.”

I nod and he continues. “But if you are confused, I might be able to arrange something for you.”

“Arrange what, Father?”

“An experience with another man, perhaps. To test your longing for male attentions.”

Considering a moment, I lift my eyes to his and nod. “That would be wonderful.” I would love to experience another man’s touch and see if I am able to obtain the glorious pleasure of his loving.

Father Matthew returns to his desk and flips through a calendar book. “Bishop McGregor will be staying at the school tonight and will be giving mass tomorrow. Shall I arrange a meeting for you?”

My heart skips a beat. The bishop? “I would be honored, Father.”

“Alright. Come back to my office at nine o’clock tonight.”


My heart is pounding as I lift my hand to tap on the glass of Father Matthew’s door. His husky voice calls me in and I turn the knob. I slip quickly in, close the door, and turn the lock. As I turn back, I see Father Matthew sitting next to an older man on the couch in the corner. He has a shock of white hair, gentle eyes, and broad shoulders. His long black cassock is punctuated by the stark white of his collar.

“Angela, this is Bishop McGregor. Bishop, this is the young lady I was telling you about.”

The Bishop stands and moves toward me, holding his hands up for me to grasp. I take them and follow him back to the couch where he sits me down. “Bishop, it is so kind of you to see me,” I say quietly, blushing furiously. He reaches his hand forward and lifts my chin so my eyes meet his. They are an emerald green and pierce through my soul.

“It is my pleasure, my child,” he says. “Father Matthew has been telling me you are having confused thoughts. Perhaps I will be able to help.” Bishop McGregor leans forward and pulls me into a gentle kiss. My lips part to his probing tongue. My heart beat has quickened and my palms are moist. The heat between my legs has also exploded. As we kiss, the bishop’s hands begin to move over my body, touching first my shoulders then my breasts. My nipples harden instantly to his fingers through the fabric of my blouse. He fumbles with the buttons, opening them one by one. When the last one is free, he slowly slides my blouse from my shoulders and lets it drop onto the couch behind me. I can feel my sensitive nipples canlı casino straining against my bra. Bishop McGregor sneaks a hand into the left cup of my bra and fondles me. I hear Father Matthew stand and come around beside me. He reaches forward and releases the clasp of my bra. It slips off and falls to the floor. As the bishop kisses me and caresses my breasts, Father Matthew lifts my hair and begins kissing me down my neck and back.

Bishop McGregor is tugging at my skirt now. Suddenly, the button pops free and my kilt is open and my black lace panties are revealed. I hear the bishop moan to himself as he catches a glimpse. He reaches his hand forward to press into my place of pleasures. I shudder as his finger hits my clit. Father Matthew’s hands have now found my breasts and he tugs and strokes them tenderly while he kisses my neck and shoulders. I lean my head back in pleasure, reveling in the attentions of these two men.

Now the bishop is pulling me into a standing position. We kiss and he pulls me into his chest. I can feel his hardness beneath his robes and my mouth waters. My hands grope toward his groin, slipping between the folds of the fabric. Suddenly, I feel his penis in my hand, hard and hot. I begin to stroke. But all I want is to have his cock in my mouth. I kneel before him, parting the folds of his robes. His cock bounces out and stands tall in front of my face. The head is a deep red, almost purple. There are long, pulsating veins running along his length. His sac is tight and longing to be touched. Gently, I take his balls into my hand and begin to squeeze very gently. My tongue slips out between my teeth and flicks across the head of his cock. Soon, my lips follow as I take more of his length into my mouth. I slide my tongue over him and suck hard with my lips. More and more of cock is sliding down my throat. He is trembling and moaning in pleasure. Releasing his cock from my mouth, I begin to tease him. I blow softly on the glistening head of his penis. “Oh Lord God!” he calls out. His fingers are in my hair, stroking gently. I trail my fingers lightly over his length, then return to his sac. Moving my head down, I take his balls into my mouth and suck them deeply.

Father Matthew has moved in behind me. He has removed his robes and I can feel his hard cock pressing against the small of my back. His hands are roaming over my breasts as I continue to suck the bishop. I can tell Bishop McGregor is nearing climax as his balls tighten and his breathing quickens. But I don’t want him to cum yet. I want to feel him inside me. I release him from my mouth and I stand. I slip my panties off and go to the couch.

“I need to feel you inside me, Bishop,” I say, leaning back into the cushions and spreading my legs. His eyes are glistening as he hastens to undress. He kneels on the floor between my legs and begins to caress my thighs. His fingers move in toward my folds, but not touching them yet. Now he is teasing me. Father Matthew looks on, his cock in his hand, as the bishop slowly fondles my pubic hair. I close my eyes as the bishop touches my clit and begins to rub gently. My hips are beginning to rock back and forth. It feels so wonderful.

Bishop McGregor bends his head down and I suddenly feel my clit pulled into his moist and loving mouth. His tongue is probing and sensual, exploring all of my folds and crevices. Now his fingers kaçak casino are slipping into my moisture, searching for my opening. My pussy is throbbing with intense pleasure. I open my eyes again and watch the bishop sucking and fondling. It is all I can do not to cum.

I can see Father Matthew’s cock, hot and erect. I motion with my eyes and my lips open partially. Taking the invitation, he kneels on the couch beside me and I take his cock into my mouth. I suck hard and fast, loving the feel of his cock on my tongue. My hands move to stroke his balls. His breath quickens.

Meanwhile, the bishop takes a gentle finger and begins sliding it inside of me. He presses it all the way in and begins to move it around. Somewhere deep inside, I can feel him stroking. I moan loudly, Father Matthew’s cock deep in my throat. Then the bishop’s tongue is over my clit again, pulling on it deeply. His finger is moving faster, pulling in and out now. I am nearing orgasm. I can feel muscles deep inside me begin to contract. Bishop McGregor must feel this too. He pulls his finger out of my pussy and takes his cock in his hand. He has my juices on his fingers and he begins to stroke himself as I watch. I can see a small glisten of cum on his penis, not an orgasm, but the beginnings of one. I let Father Matthew’s cock fall from my mouth and I plead with the bishop.

“Slip it inside me, Bishop. Please! I need to feel you inside me.”

Again, he teases me. He places the head of his cock at my opening and presses, just a little. Just enough to get it wet. Then he moves it up and slaps his cock on my clit. My back arches from the couch. He slaps again and I arch again. “Oh Lord Jesus!” I whisper. “Please, Bishop!” I cry. “Please!”

“Please what?” he asks.

I am panting, straining myself toward his cock. “Please fuck me! Put your cock inside me and fuck me!”

Suddenly, he obeys. He slams his cock into my hole, ramming deeply. He pulls back, then thrusts in again. And again. And again. My hips are rocking in unison to his pounding.

I can hardly contain myself when the bishop moves forward and takes Father Matthew’s cock into his mouth. As he slams into me, he sucks the priest’s dick and takes its entire length into his throat. I watch as Father Matthew begins to convulse with orgasm. The bishop releases his cock and Father Matthew begins to spurt across my chest. His seed is hot as it hits my nipples. Bishop McGregor leans in and begins to suckle my nipple and clean the cum from my breast with his tongue. It is more than I can take. My back arches and I begin to shake. The bishop quickens his pace, slamming violently into my pussy. I can feel his cock hitting deep inside me. Suddenly he grunts and spasms. His hot cum spurts forth inside my longing pussy. My entire body is shaking and writhing. After a few more quick strokes, Bishop McGregor pulls his cock from my pussy, a long string of cum clinging to the head. He sits back on the floor and gently strokes his quickly softening cock. He shudders again with an aftershock of pleasure.

My body is limp. My legs remain splayed open and Bishop McGregor is looking into my gaping pussy. He smiles and nods. “That was exquisite, my child.”

Father Matthew leans over me and kisses me softly on the lips. “It was indeed.”

They help me to dress and I walk to the door on wobbly legs. Before going, I turn back and say, “Thank you Father. And you, Bishop.” Smiling shyly, I add, “I have definitely learned that I long for and love the attentions of men.” I open the door and make my way to my room.

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