Brother and Sister after the Party

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My eighteenth birthday party was a hoot. My lovely sister Jan, who was all of nineteen, had hosted the affair at her place. When it was over she took charge of the drunken hordes and made sure they all safely got taxis or lifts from sober mates or whatever.

It was about 1am and we were sitting in the back yard sipping beers and talking crap, both being very tipsy. Jan told me she needed to make some room for more beers, and half-joking I told her to go ahead and pee.

“I promise to look. I mean not to look, har har.”

“You wish, pervy boy!”

She went behind the tree, but being pretty drunk she didn’t realise when she squatted I could see her from the waist down. She was sideways on so I saw bare thigh all the way up, then a silver stream of piss glinting in the light from the house. The hiss of her pissing and the splash as it hit the ground was loud in the still air, and despite my advanced state of inebriation it gave me wood.

“I can hear ya tinkle, sis! hah hah”

“Fuck off, block your ears…”

But not my eyes, I thought. She pissed hard and long, and I watched it hit the ground.

When she came back I must have had a grin on my face, because she asked what the big joke was, I told her nothing except I thought we’d moved to Niagara Falls.

“Is that what you’re into, little brother? Girls peeing?”

I was feeling pretty bold, edged on by the drink. “Maybe. How about you? You got kinks? Or just straight stuff?”

“I got kinks…”


“Not telling you, ya perve!”

“Not even a little, for another cold beer?”

She smiled and relented. “Pass it over. Thanks. Well, since you’re sooo interested, I like it when guys look at me, y’know, THAT way.”

“You ever do anything about?”

“Sometimes I flash and tease and stuff. Is that what you wanted to hear?”

“You little fox! Tell me more!”

“You first. What do you like?”

“Yeah, fair enough. Believe it or not I like to watch. Not sneaking peeks in the showers or whatever, y’know. I like it when the girl knows I can see. I’m not a creep.”

“Did you just watch me pee a minute ago?”

“I may have seen more than you thought, but I admit nothing!”

She slapped my arm. “You peeked? What did you see?”

“Not much. Nice thighs though!”

Another slap. Then she said. “Are you drunk?”

“A little.”

“Me too. Wanna play?”

“Play what?”

“Play bro and sis have a dirty talk session. canlı bahis Up for it?”

“Um, OK. What kinda stuff?”

“Well, we’ll tell each other hot stuff we love or we’ve done. For fun. Right?”

“OK, you go first so I get the idea…”

“You pussy! OK. The last time I flashed was Kevin Baxter at Silvia’s birthday party last year. It was about 2am, Kevin was pretty tired and almost asleep in the hall. On my way to the toilet I took my panties off and practically sat on his face. I don’t know if he saw or not, but I got hot anyway.”

“Fuck! Who’d have thought my sister was so, er, brazen!”

“Little do you know, brother! Now you.”

“I’ve got nothing as hot as that. I watched Donna and Frank necking. Well, hot kissing with fondling really. Frank had his hand up her top and was playing with her tits, she was stroking him outside his pants.”

“What did you do?”

“Just watched.”

“You said you didn’t perve…”

“Donna saw me. Looked straight at me and smiled.”

“Oooh, nice! Her tits are huge.”

“How do you know?”

“Little brother we’re in the same netball team. We shower together.”

The thought came into my head. Donna and her huge tits, naked in the shower with my sister, bodies wet and glistening…

“You’ve gone quiet, little bro. Having horny thoughts?”

“Um, yeah. You and Donna in the shower. Oh, fuck. Did I just say too much?”

A giggle. “Maybe. You think of me naked a lot?”

I sensed a bridge about to be crossed. The kind you can’t un-cross.

“Oh shit Jan you know you’re fucking pretty, right? And I have those two things most dangerous to pretty girls, y’know?”

“Hah hah. A ‘Y’ chromosome and a heartbeat. Am I though? Pretty, to you?”

Half way across the bridge. Forward or back?

“Really pretty. Just so you know.”

Hr head tilted to one side, provocatively.

“Thanks. Now, back to the game. I get hot thinking about a guy watching me peeing or masturbating. Your turn.”

I gulped hard. Suddenly I wasn’t very drunk any more. My sister was giving me a sexy tease. I went for it.

“I get hard thinking about a girl pissing or masturbating.”

She gulped down the last of her beer and held out a hand for another, which I gave her. I opened another for myself.

She upped the ante. “Beer makes me pee hard and often. And I’m a little horny, so…”


“So I might let you watch.”

The look on her face bahis siteleri was one of serious, intense sexuality. I looked back. Then I leaned forward and whispered to her: “If I watched you I think I’d blow my load. Would you like to see that?”

“Oooh, yeah, bro. I didn’t get to tell you yet. I like dirty talk too. You?”

“Yeah, as long as it’s hot and not, y’know, hurtful.”

“All right! Let’s play some more. Talk dirty Dave! See if you can get me hot just with words!”

I was at a loss. I hadn’t even thought about it. But I had to say something. “I like your tits.”

She put a hand on her hip and looked at me. “Uninspired. Boring and not sexy. Try again.”

I tried a different tack. I scooted closer, dragging my garden chair with me so that we were knee to knee. I leaned forward so our foreheads met, and our eyes were locked together.

“You, sister, make me hard. See?”

I grabbed her hand and put it on my swollen cock. She recoiled instinctively.

“Hah, shit! Whoah, little brother!”

“Sorry. Bit pissed.”

“Oh, don’t be sorry…”

Then she leaned in so we were back temple-to-temple. Then she kissed me, full on the lips, biting and nipping, tongues entwined. She wasn’t my sister right then, she was a girl I wanted to fuck.

After a few seconds, she pulled back. I must have had a disappointed look on my face, but she told me; “Relax Dave. We’re a bit pissed and getting carried away. But. Well. Do you like it?”


“Me too.”

Then she turned the tables on my earlier attempt at escalation.

“You got me wet. See.”

She took my hand, spread her thighs and put my hand there. I was instantly overcome with lust. My cock strained against the prison of my shorts, but Jan saw to that. As I gently explored the damp patch of her panties, she pulled the waistbands of my shorts and jocks aside and grasped my cock. Her hand was hot, my dick hotter. I gasped. Then I looked into her eyes.

“Jan, we’re drunk, and we’re brother and sister. Do you…”

“Shut up. Don’t spoil it. Oooh, yes. Just there. Perfect…”

I was stroking up and down my sister’s slit. We pleasured each other for a minute or so, all the time looking into each other’s lust-filled eyes. Then I had to interrupt it.



“I need to piss. Sorry.”

Rather than a road block, the drinking had erased our inhibitions so my lovely sister turned it into part of the journey.

“Great! bahis şirketleri I’ll watch you then you watch me. Mucho horny, no?”

I was learning fast what a sexy, horny, DIRTY girl my sister was. She led me behind the tree she had gone behind before. She now took my shorts and boxers right off so I was naked from the waist down. I was still hard and it didn’t help that she held my dick, so it took some time until I could relax enough to piss. A dribble, a spurt, then out it came.

Jan was delighted, and had fun pointing it around like a firehose. It subsided, and came to a stop. She looked at me with glee, then without ceremony pulled her dress up and the crotch of her panties to one side. She was standing with her legs apart, leaning slightly backwards so she made sure I got a good view of her bald pussy, then said: “Ready?”

I nodded, and she let go. Her piss arched strongly from that gorgeous pussy and splashed onto the ground. The hissing was like an electric prod to my cock. I grabbed it and stared wanking, watching my sister’s piss show.

It seemed to last forever, then inevitably dribbled to a halt. I was wanking slowly, but Jan took over.

“Wow, little brother. What a reaction I got. You get a reward!”

She slowly wanked my cock, and I reached down to her piss-damp pussy and put a finger inside.

“Oooh Dave. That’s good. Fuck I’m horny…”

We were head to head again, and we kissed some more. Then I learned a little more about talking dirty.

“That’s it Dave. Finger my pussy. Feel how wet I am? I’m gonna make you come. But you have to make me come too. That’s the spot. FUCK, don’t move. Just let me… Oh fuck…”

She began to thrust her hips at me to fuck my fingers and her pussy grasped them as her orgasm built.

I was close too but I concentrated on her.

“Oooh, yes. Yes. I’m close Dave. Don’t stop. I’m gonna cum. Nnggh. Oh NOW…”

She froze on my fingers and I felt the heat increase as her pussy convulsed on my fingers. She gasped and fell into me as the spasms overtook her and I kept my fingers inside my sister’s cunny until her climax faded. I didn’t think I was going to come after all the beer but it welled up in me, her orgasm ripping through her tipped me over, and I came in her hand.

As I did, she watched it with intense delight, even allowing me to jizz a little on her stomach. I gasped as I shot, and she laughed with joy.

As I finished, we looked into each other’s eyes. I saw no sign of guilt or shame in her, and I gave no such sign myself. I still had my hand on her mound, she hadn’t let go of my rapidly-deflating dick. But she kissed me long and hard. We kissed like lovers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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