A Walk Through the Common

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This is a continuation of the journey of Sarah and Mike, as first started in “The Accident.”


Boston, Massachusetts, Late July

Sarah picked her purse off of the seat next to her and got out of the car, straightening the skirt of her knee-length summer dress as she stood. She took a deep breath, shut the door and pushed the button on her keys to lock the door. As she walked towards the elevator of the parking garage she shook her head and had to talk herself out of turning around and making the two hour drive back home. She rode the elevator down to the lobby, and walked outside to the warm summer day. As the sun hit her face and a warm breeze blew up her skirt, teasing her naked pussy lips, she remembered why she made the journey, and with a grin she pulled out her phone.

She and Mike had been texting and emailing for the past couple of weeks, but she hadn’t seen him since the night they ended up at the parking lot of the high school. As Sarah walked she could feel a warmth between her legs thinking about that night. It had been some of the hottest sex she had ever had, and since then all that she and Mike would talk about was sex. Sarah was spending her days in a horny cloud, distracted from everything around her. They would text throughout the workday, describing passionate, primal sex, and she would occasionally have to leave her desk to quickly rub her clit and get off in the bathroom in order to be able to focus. All she could think about was having his thick cock pounding her again, but he was a couple of hundred miles away. Their explicit conversations were helping her to achieve intense orgasms by her own hand, but she was starting to feel as though she needed him.

Here she was in Boston, in a dress with no panties on, intending on surprising Mike. He has teased her, saying that she should come visit him for a day, but she was pretty sure that he didn’t expect her to. She took the day off, giving her a long weekend, and made the drive up. It was a big risk. She didn’t know if he would be excited, if she was going to have to wait for him to finish his work day, or if it was all just a waste of gas. “Oh, just call him already,” she thought to herself. It was the early afternoon, maybe it wasn’t so far-fetched for him to take the rest of the day off.

“Hello,” Mike’s voice came through as he picked up within the first couple of rings. Sarah’s voice caught in her throat, so luckily for her Mike continued, “What do I owe the pleasure of your call?” Surprising herself she responded, “If its pleasure you want, you need to take the rest of the afternoon off and cancel any plans you had for this evening.” Her heart felt like it was going to explode from her chest. She was naturally flirty, but that was a bold statement coming from her. There was a moment of silence on the line, followed by Mike asking simply, “Oh?” She smiled and let out a nervous giggle saying, “I’m in Boston.”

“Where are you right now?” Mike asked in a serious tone.

“I just parked my car in the garage and have been walking around for a bit,” Sarah replied.

“Give me 30 canlı bahis minutes. I’ll meet you on the Common.” Mike said, his voice low and hungry.

Sarah shivered while standing in the sun as she hung up the phone. She felt so naughty, calling her lover in the middle of the day and making him leave work early to satisfy her desires. She needed something to do while she waited for Mike, so she grabbed an iced latte from the nearby Starbucks and started walking towards the Common. It was a beautiful day, hot but not too humid, and even though it was the middle of the summer Sarah didn’t see as many people out and about as she thought she might. She walked first through the paths of the Rose Garden, slowly as she sipped her drink, trying to calm her nerves about seeing Mike. She crossed from the Garden onto the Common, lost in thought when she suddenly felt Mike’s hand on her elbow from behind her, lightly pulling her to a stop and turning her to face him.

Her face broke into a huge grin as her turned her towards him. “Damn, he is sexy.” she thought to herself as she looked him over, watching him take her in as his dark eyes traveled over her body. She could feel his eyes as they traveled over her full breasts, her nipples hard against the thin fabric, down her legs. She wondered if he could tell that the only thing between him and her warm, sweet center was her dress.

“Come here,” Mike said pulling Sarah towards him, cupping her chin in his hand and pulling her face to his. He kissed her deeply, the tongues twirling and dancing with each other’s, the heat growing between them. Mike pulled her close to him, his hands on her lower back and ass while she wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing her body up against his. After a few moments they broke apart, Mike grabbed her hand and they started walking along the paths.

Sarah was dizzy from his kisses, and his hands on her body. As they walked Mike slipped his hand around her waist, and running his fingers up her side he caressed the side of her breast through the thin fabric, smiling when he heard her gasp as his fingertips grazed her hard nipple briefly.

They made small talk as they walked, talking about the weather, and work, but their bodies told a different story. Mike was caressing every inch of Sarah’s bare skin that he could reach as they walked, his the back of her arms, the tops of her shoulders. He was firmly grabbing her ass, reaching down and kissing her on the neck. Sarah slipped her hand around his back, tracing small circles along his spine with her fingertips.

Sarah suddenly realized she was still holding her coffee cup, and broke away from Mike to toss it in a garbage can. As she pulled her hand from his back she heard him sigh, so she turned to him as she walked over and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll be right back.” She grinned at the way he looked at her, the hunger that shown through his eyes, the way he bit his lip as he watched her hips sway as she walked. She loved their little flirting, the teasing little touches, and she was finding that she was even hornier than she was on the drive up. She noticed bahis siteleri a discarded coffee cup laying up the path a ways near a bench, and bending to pick it up she pulled the skirt up on her dress a bit, letting Mike see her naked pussy lips briefly, their wetness glistening in the afternoon sun. She waited a moment before standing, and reached out and threw the cup into the trashcan.

In an instant Mike was behind her, his hands wrapping around her waist, reaching up and cupping her tits. His lips against her ear he whispered heavily, “Flashing your pussy at me is a good way for you to get in trouble.” He was squeezing and massaging her tits, pinching her nipples through her dress, his lips on her where her neck and shoulder meet, his teeth lightly breaking the skin. “Mmm” she moaned, as he slid one hand down her belly, and up and under her dress to tease her wet folds. “Fuck you are so wet, your thighs are covered in your juices Sarah.” As he spoke to her she could hear the lust in his voice, how it turned him on to find her that wet for him.

There was something about him that just pulled her in. It’s why she made the trip to see him, telling her roommate and her partner that she was travelling for work and that she might not be reachable. She was turning into a liar. She was having an affair. She felt dirty, but she couldn’t deny the things that she was feeling, the things that she wanted. Sarah was bisexual, and while she loved everything about every woman, the way they smelled, the softness of their skin, the sweetness between their legs, she couldn’t say the same about every man she had been with. She had found most men to be selfish lovers, but not Mike. She had lost count of the amount of times he had made her cum, from the night on the car, to all of their explicit texts and emails. She just needed to explore this man, and he was clearly willing to explore her.

“I could just…” His voice trailed off. Keeping his one hand teasing her pussy, he quickly reached down and undid his belt, the button and zipper on his pants, and pushed his pants and boxers down. His cock stood free, thick and rock hard, wedged between her legs. Sarah moaned and arched her back, grinding her wet lips against his shaft. She didn’t even care that it was the middle of the day, and they were in the middle of Boston Common, for the whole city to see. She bent over a little farther, and steadied herself on the back of the bench while Mike pulled his hips back and rubbed his swollen head against her wet slit. With a groan he entered her, both of them moaning as her tight pussy stretched around him. Mike reached both hands up her skirt and gripped her hips, his fingers digging into her skin as he pulled her back onto his cock as he rammed it into her dripping wet opening.

Sarah reached down as he fucked her and found her clit and began teasing herself as he thrust in and out of her, flicking her hard little bean lightly. Mike reached up and wrapped a fistful of her long red hair around his hand and pulled her head back, causing a deep moan to escape her throat, his balls slapping against the bahis şirketleri backs of her thighs and her hand while she played with herself. The pull on her hair pushed Sarah over the edge, moaning Mike’s name loudly as she came hard around him, not caring who heard or saw. She reached for one of his hands and brought it around her to her tits, encouraging him to reach into her dress and play with her nipples.

Following her lead Mike reached up and pulled the straps of her dress down off her shoulders, pulling her dress into nothing more than a belt around her waist and gripped her tits in his hands, pulling on her nipples and fucking her harder as she came around him, thrusting his cock through the resistance of her twitching pussy. He slid his hands down her spine to her ass, gripping her firm cheeks before smacking her hard, his hips slamming down against hers harder and faster, showing her off to anyone who was watching as he used her body for his pleasure. She yelped at the smack, rocking her hips back to meet his as he tore into her. She moaned again as he reached up and grabbed her hair in his hand, this time pulling her up from where she was crumbling from pleasure against the bench and with his cock still buried deep in her pussy he spun around and sat on the bench, bucking his hips up to meet hers as she lowered herself onto his cock. Sarah moaned at the sudden change, the way his head hit the depths of her pussy and started bouncing hard on his cock, her full tits bouncing for anyone to see.

He reached around and pulled her legs spread, exposing her wet lips and his hard cock covered in her juices, one hand teasing her clit and the other squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples as she rode his cock. He placed his lips against her shoulder, his kiss turning into a bite as he reached up and wrapped his hand around her neck, pressing lightly. Sarah instantly submitted to him, her body giving in as she came around him, her juices flowing down his cock and balls and onto his thighs. He rubbed her clit a little faster, pushing her over the edge again as he bucked his hips up against her, meeting her hips as she rose and lowered her pussy along his shaft.

Sarah could tell by his groans that he was close, and reached down and cupped and fondled his balls in her hand while she fucked him. Sarah was slamming her hips down against him while he reached up and gripped her hips again, hard enough to leave bruises where his fingers were as he thrust up into her. He held her hips steady as he pumped his cock wildly deep into her warm wet center, filling her with his cum with each thrust. He pulled his hips back, lifting her off his cock, his cum and her juices spilling out of her. Mike reached down and ran his finger along her slit and brought it to her lips, giving her a taste of their combined sex. She knelt down in front of him and brought her lips to his cock, eagerly licking him clean, enjoying the taste of herself on his cock mixing with his sticky milk.

He looked down at her and reached his hand out to her and pulled her to standing with him and tucked his cock back into his boxers and pants while he watched her pull her dress back over her chest and down over her hips. He pulled her towards him, hugging her and kissing her deeply and said, “So, shall we finish the walk to my apartment?”

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