Thoughts of Him

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Lately, my mind seemed to be filled with fantasies of him. It’s unusual for me to fantasize in such detail about someone I don’t even know. But in just the short time since I had met him, I’ve found that he is invading my private thoughts frequently. I suppose it could be something about the way he just stared at me that day in the book store. I’ll admit, it was a bit unnerving at the time. Normally, I wouldn’t have minded the attention, but since I was standing in the section with books about sex, it made me a little uncomfortable having him standing there, just watching me. I tried to be oblivious to him, as I continued to pull a book or two from the shelf and flip through them. But, each time I looked up, there he was, just standing close by.

“Try this one.” His voice startled me.

Holding a copy of “The Erotic Mind” out to me, his smile was somehow inviting. His eyes seem to say that he had sized me up and figured out what I might like.

“You’ve read this one?” That was all I could think of to say at the moment.

“Yes, it has some intriguing passages in it. I don’t know what kind of book you’re looking for, but this one asks you to explore your mind in order to truly enjoy your sexuality.”

Why was I feelin so shy? It’s not at all like me to be at such a loss for words.

“Thanks for the recommendation,” I managed to say. With that, I turned, book in hand, and made my way to the check out line.

After paying for the book, I did a quick scan of the store to look for him. He wasn’t there any longer. I wanted to feel relief, but instead I was feeling a little disappointed. Over the next few days, as I was reading the suggested book, my mind kept drifting off to thoughts of him. As I read the more explicit passages, I wondered how he felt when he read them. I kept telling myself to put thoughts of him out of my mind, trying to convince myself that he probably was some strange man that just got a kick or two out of making me uncomfortable in the book store.

But then, I would think of his eyes. They were the darkest shade of green I’d ever seen. And yet again, I found myself thinking of him, wanting to run into him again.

I almost laughed at myself when I looked in the mirror. I was going to my favorite book store, but I had dressed as if I were going to seduce someone. My dark blue skirt was shorter than most I owned, ending just an inch below my ass. The paler blue shirt was tight enough to allow outlines of my breasts to be noticed quickly and I left the first few buttons undone. And heels. Since when did I wear heels canlı bahis when going to buy a book? Since I met him, I thought. I was hoping against odds that he would be there again. I knew it was unlikely, but that wasn’t going to stop me from hoping.

Entering the store, I felt a little self conscientious about my appearance. After all, this was a small store that I frequented. I knew the owners and often talked with them at length about books, usually while dressed in jeans and a t-shirt though.

“Hey Karen, good to see you stop in.” Marie said from behind the counter. Oh well, my hopes of going unnoticed by the owners were gone.

“Marie, great to see you, too. I have a few minutes before going out this evening, so I thought I’d come by and see what’s new.” I barely finished my sentence when I saw him.

Sitting in one of those over sized chairs Marie had scattered around the place, he looked relaxed and seemed to belong perfectly in that spot. I wasn’t too sure if I should try my hand at being subtle or if I should just be blatant enough to walk right over to him. I decided on the latter.

“I just wanted to thank you for the book suggestion. I found it enlightening. It was quite a pleasurable read.” There, I’d done it. Oddly, I wasn’t feeling as intimidated this time.

Slowly, he looked up from his book, “Enlightening? Is that some kind of way of saying arousing? If it is, then I’ll agree with you. I wouldn’t mind discussing it with you if you have the time.”

“Karen?” Marie called out. “Do you and Matt know each other?” She was making her way over to us as she spoke.

“We had a brief discussion recently about a few books, Marie,” he answered for me. “But, we haven’t been formally introduced.”

“We need to take care of that then, don’t we? Karen, this is Matt Hankin, a friend of ours from Chicago who has just moved to San Diego. We’re delighted to have him close by us again. And Matt, this is Karen Pennington. I think you two will find you have a lot in common.” Marie seemed to be just a little too cheerful with all of this.

I was ready to think of this man as a mysterious soul, a phantom lover of sorts. Now, I’m told he’s a friend of Marie’s from Chicago. So, much for the mystery.

“It’s wonderful to meet you, Karen. Now, do you have time to discuss that book we were talking about?”

“It’s nice to meet a friend of Marie’s. I suppose I have a little time, yes.” I sat down in the chair next to him.

The next hour was filled with some of the most provocative conversation I’ve ever had with someone bahis siteleri that I had just met. Using ideas from the book, we discussed our sexual preferences, our quirks and a few kinks here and there. One of the most intriguing things I learned about Matt was that he is quite a voyeur. He described in some detail about how much he enjoys the simple pleasures of watching. I was surprised by how easy it was for me to talk with him. The more he talked about how much he loved watching a woman masturbate, the more my thoughts seem to drift. I had quite a challenge remaining composed while we talked. He had a way of making whatever he said sound enticing.

Leaning closer to me, he brushed his finger against my cheek and just slightly touched my hair.

“You have beautiful hair.” He said it very quietly, but it sounded like thunder to me.

“Kind of you to say. “ I could only manage a whisper.

This man was having more of an effect on me than anyone I had met in a very long time. Looking at my watch, and remembering that I said I only had a little spare time, I told him, “It’s been enjoyable talking with you, but I really do need to be on my way.”

He stood, offering his hand to me and with the flare of a true gentleman, kissed my hand lightly and smiled. “Yes, very enjoyable for me as well. I would love to continue our discussion when you have time.” He offered his business card to me and suggested that I give him a call.

For days after that, he was on my mind constantly. He had become the star in my fantasies when I pleasured myself. This time was no different.

I unbuttoned my shirt, with no sense of urgency. I had decided to make this a long leisurely solo flight. I allowed my breasts to escape from the clothing and pulled the shirt from my shoulders. All the while taking each opportunity to rake my nails over my sensitive skin. I unbuttoned my shorts, slowly undid the zipper and slid them down my legs, taking the time to caress my thighs as I did so.

I recalled a comment he had made about my hair, and I thought how sensual that would be to feel his hands raking through it. One hand lingered on my neck, as fingers of my other ran through my hair. My hands then slipped away from my hair and neck and my fingers began drawing circles over and around my nipples. I loved how they responded to my touch.

As I continued with my nipple play with one hand, my other began sliding down my stomach. I paused long enough to reach into the glass I had on the bedside table. Pulling out one slender piece of ice, I raked it across my bahis şirketleri breasts and over my stomach. I massaged the quickly melting ice onto my clit as I thought of his tongue indulging in the wetness now covering my clit. I continued pinching and squeezing my nipples, going from first the left then to the right as my finger play on my clit became faster. I slipped the sliver of ice inside of my pussy, loving the sensations it provided and pressing it inside with my finger as my thumb continued the tantalizing dance on my swollen clit.

I imaged my fingers to be his tongue. I thrust my body downward onto my fingers as I slipped another one inside of me. Using my other hand to give more ardent attention to my clit, I flicked it, pinched it, twisted it and gave in to the sheer pleasure I was experiencing.

I closed my eyes tightly and he was there with me, if only in my mind. Surprisingly, not as a participate, but as an admiring voyeur. He stood to the side of my bed and I could see that he was aroused. He smiled and encouraged me to continue pleasuring myself. It was as if I could hear him whispering words filled with lust and desire. I eagerly continued my now quickening pace of self indulgement. I wanted nothing more at that moment than to feel my body release its juices as he watched.

In my mind, I heard him tell me how much he wanted me to cum for him. I wanted to please us both. I whispered to him how close I was. I imagined watching as he took the glass of now melted ice, turned it downward toward my pussy and slowly allowed the cold water to trickle from the glass.

I wanted so much for him to join me and spread the water over my pussy with his tongue. I begged him to come to me, but he just continued smiling as he began to massage his cock and whispered, “Not yet.”

The promise of his touch and feeling the sensation of my fingers on my clit sent my body beyond any semblance of control. I heard myself moan and began to thrash about on my bed. I gasped for breath and it was then that I gave into the pleasure. Bracing my legs on the bed, grabbing the pillow next to me, I screamed out his name.

I opened my eyes to find myself alone ofcourse, but the thoughts and fantasies of having him watch me were very real. God, how I wanted that. I wanted him to be there with me, to have him watch me pleasure myself and to have him so hot from it that nothing would stop him from giving me what we both wanted.

I tried to relax. I wanted to drift off to sleep. But, I kept hearing his voice, “Call me.”

I wasn’t sure why I was being so reluctant to call him. Maybe I was enjoying the fantasies of him a bit too much to do so. Not any longer though. I knew, in the morning, it would be time for me to make that call. It was time for me to give into to my desires.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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