The New Phone

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She unwrapped the box that had arrived in the mail and grinned, she loved all gadgets and toys and he knew that. She had a big toy bag full of vibrators and a host of different gadgets in the house, something for each and every occasion now she came to think about it. She’d grinned as she opened the new top of the range phone he had got her for her. She switched it on and tested the vibrate function on the end of her nose something she’d learnt at one of those kinky underwear parties. She laughed as she remembered the party organiser explaining that it was one of the most sensitive parts of the body and the room full of women with vibrators of all shapes and sizes held on their faces.

Then she read the note that fell out of the box.

“I know you will want to test the vibrate function first” he’d written.

She grinned, he really knew her to well but she had shown some self restraint not holding it against her pussy.

“But that’s not why I’ve sent you this,” the note went on. “Its so that I can tell you and show you exactly what I’d like to do to you at any time I want. Be sure you check it regularly.”

He’d teased her mercilessly that day. Every email he had sent her as she sat in the office designed to have an impact. She’d got to the point where she started to react before she even opened them, his name on the email in her in box enough to get her wet with anticipation. They had arrived one after the other. Some long and graphic descriptions of what he wanted to do to her. Others pictures, explicit images of men and women fucking, women bound submissive, close ups of his cock exploding. One a story of two women giving each other their first orgasms which had bought back a few memories of lovers past. As the day had gone on she had got hotter and wetter, squirming more as each arrived, knowing that opening the next would just make it worse but quite unable to stop herself.

She had to go across town that afternoon, the walk to the station almost a relief away from the open plan office. He had certainly had an effect that day, she seemed to have had comment after comment about looking like she had a good weekend. She grinned, nothing to do with the weekend actually just a constant stream of erotic ideas casino oyna delivered to her all day. The breeze was pleasant against her skin, some light relief from the heat that had been growing, her music playing through the headphones, she chosen the music to fuck to playlist on her ipod today.

The train was pretty empty and she logged in again to see what would be next. Perhaps it was time to add her own thoughts? As she stared round she realised it would be really easy to have a little fun here. She leaned back in the corner and slid her finger over her mound, even though the fabric it felt so good. Now if he was here it would be really easy to slide her fingers over his cock, to pull down his zipper and free it, sliding her nails over his balls which she knew he loved so much.

She leant back a little further thinking about it, feeling her nipples harden and grinning to herself. She imagined bending down and taking him in her mouth, flicking her tongue across the head before burying her head in his crotch and taking as much of him as she could into her mouth.

She pulled her coat over her lap and wiggled her hips a bit so she could pull up her skirt. No panties of course, they just got in the way these days. She rubbed her finger over her swollen clit, flicking the ring in her piercing against it. Oh yes that felt so good. She imagined his cock in her mouth, filling it, feeling his hands on her head, in her hair, holding her, pushing her down harder against him until he was buried so deep in her mouth she was gagging as his cock pushed against her throat.

She rubbed harder on her clit now. Fuck she was so wet, juices oozing out of her pussy, she was surprised they couldn’t smell her at the other end of the carriage. That hot wet smell of sex had to be carrying in the air. She stopped suddenly realising the that the train was slowing and she was getting into the station. Quickly pulling down her skirt, she slipped on her jacket and got up, every inch the conservative business woman again, if one with an itch she really needed to scratch.

She got off the train and paused on the platform, clicking back into her in box. She tapped out a quick question “Ever fucked on a train?” and smiled. Maybe she should canlı casino share some more? She added a quick description of her fingers on his cock and hit the send key. Probably a good job she had a few minutes walk to her next meeting, time and let that scent of sex, of warm wet pussy fade a little. She slid two fingers into her mouth and sucked the taste of herself from them. God he really knew how to get her hot.

She arrived a few minutes early and checked her mail again. Another reply, “No but I’d love to try fucking on a train”. She grinned to herself, well maybe one day. The meeting dragged, she really didn’t want to be there and suspected it was obvious at times. She kept wondering what he had sent her whilst she couldn’t log on. Every time she thought about him and what he said he would do to her she grinned and felt herself get wetter again. She finally made an early exit muttering about family commitments and needing to make the early train home.

She rushed to make the early train and was delighted to find a double seat empty at the back of the carriage. She slipped in, pulling her phone out desperate to see what he had sent her next. A picture filled the screen of a woman bent over being fucked hard from behind. Bastard she thought, he knows that always does it for me.

“Is this seat taken?” She nearly jumped out her skin as a mans voice interrupted her thoughts. She looked up and met his amused gaze.

“No”, she said blushing as she realised from the amused look on his face he had clearly seen the picture as well.

He sat down next to her, his legs touching hers and winked.

“Nice, uh, phone you have there”, he said his eyes flicking over her body, “that’s the latest model isn’t it?”

“Yes it is and it has some really good features” she flirted back, after all she was hardly going to carry off the sweet and innocent routine with any credibility now so she may as well have some fun.

“I’m sure it does”, he drawled, pushing his leg harder against hers.

The next ten minutes flew by as they flirted their way up the line, everything an inuendo. Finally he stood up to go.

“Well this is my stop so I guess I have. to be going” he said reluctantly. He held her gaze and passed kaçak casino her a business card from his pocket, “If you need a hand with the phone, or in fact with anything else, just give me a call”. He stared at her, his gaze burning into her.

“Maybe I will do just that, sometime” she said, her fingers brushing his as she took the card, sending sparks through her. She smiled up at him as he turned and headed for the train doors.

Today was certainly turning out to be an interesting day she thought to herself as she snapped a photo of him surreptitiously on her phone. He really did have a nice ass, one that you could bounce grapes off. Her eyes were drawn back to the flashing icon that meant another new message and she hit the buttons to pull it up eagerly.

“You must be nearly home now and I think you’ve been a very bad girl winding those men up on the train” he’d written. “I hope you haven’t got yourself all hot and bothered again”.

He really did know her incredibly well, this man she had had never even met. Everything he said reinforced just how well he understood her. She grinned as she scrolled down and looked at the picture she’d sent him of her glistening pussy the week before that he had sent back to her just now. Well that had been one hell of a night, she had been soaking wet. She knew just how much he had enjoyed that picture, he’d sent her one back, a photo of her photo with the evidence clearly spread all over it.

She hurried off the train at her station and walked home quickly. She unlocked the door, stepped through and kicking it shut dropped her briefcase just inside. The coat hit the floor somewhere further up the up the hallway along with her heels and she headed up the stairs shedding her clothes as she went. By the time she reached the bedroom she was naked. She immediately started rummaging in the bedside drawer looking for her most effective vibrator.

She sank back on the bed, hit his number on the phone and hit the on button on her vibrator, sinking it into her soaking wet pussy.

“You bastard” she said as he picked up, “You are an evil man”.

It hit her then, the first wave of her orgasm as he laughed into the phone. It washed over her, making her scream as her cunt spasmed.

“Who me?” he said, “You did it all to yourself” he paused, “But tonight I am going to make you come again and again my little cyber slut.”

Inspired by a ‘wet’ Monday. To be continued …?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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