Freaks Ch. 02

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I nodded and he took my hand in his and led me to my bed. He instructed me to sit and I did. Then he maneuvered to sit on top of my lap, facing me.

“Atlas?” he asked, “Did I ever tell you how unbelievably hot you are?”

I shook my head no. He insisted that I was and I blushed, turning my pale white skin a rosy pink shade.

“Do you want to take a shower with me?” I blurted out.

“I’d love to, lead the way.” He replied.

I lifted Brian off my lap and took his hand in mine, leading the way to the bathroom. I’m quite proud of my bathroom. It’s got a gigantic shower area made of stained glass- yes, the stuff that makes up church windows. There’s a red light hanging above it, casting a very ‘demonic church’ type feeling over the room. The walls are covered in a dark stone material and my sink, tub, and toilet are blood red. I really like my bathroom, but others might find it over the top, or even offensive. I was worried about how Brian might take to it, but not for long. As soon as we entered, his hand went to his mouth and he exclaimed,

“Oh my god! It’s so beautiful!”

I thanked him for thinking so and proceeded to kiss him. He kissed me back and whispered into my ear, ” Can I undress you?”

I nodded, blushing again. He pulled my shirt off over my head and actually moaned at the sight of my chest and stomach. By the way, that’s a real ego booster.

“You are so smooth, I love it!” he cheered.

I flexed my muscles for him and he cooed. He pulled closer to me and run his hands over me. He bent forward and licked my collarbone. I shivered. He bit it. I moaned. As he brought his hands up and circled my nipples with his fingertips, I could have melted. He traced my abdominal muscles with his palms and hooked a finger in the waistband suggestively.

“Go ahead.” I encouraged. I felt tingling down my spine. I was painfully hard and he was touching me in ways I had never been touched before. He began to unzip my pants, and I gulped, wondering what he had planned. He shook and shifted my pants until they fell to the floor and my cock sprang up in my boxers.

“Mmm, I guess I’m not too bad at turning you on.” He said approvingly.

I kicked my pants completely off and stroked Brian’s casino siteleri luxurious hair. With one swift motion, he pulled my boxers down and off. My dick popped him in the cheek and we laughed together.

“You’ve seen mine. Show me yours.” I commanded. I get much more ‘take charge’ when I’m horny.

I pushed himself up off his knees and began stripping slowly for me. First he kicked off his shoes and peeled off his socks. Then he pushed off his pants. He turned his back to me and pulled off his shirt.

“I have a present for you. I hope you like them.” He announced, and turned around. There, through his perfectly protruding nipples, set a pair of shiny silver nipple rings.

My mouth fell open. My cock jerked at the sight. I immediately latched onto his nipples with my lips and sucked. He writhed under my mouth. I yanked off his boxers before he could make a move to stop me. His cock was rock hard. I slid my hand down his stomach and gripped his shaft. It was so unlike my own. It was so strong feeling, yet so soft at the same time. He moaned under my touch, encouraging me to squeeze harder.

He rocked into my hand while pulling my head up from his chest to attack my mouth with his own. Our tongues fought for dominance.

I didn’t want to be rough, but it was as if I couldn’t help it. His body demanded it. I had to spin him around and pin him up against the shower door. It felt like hot coals were heating me from within. When he moaned I knew I wasn’t doing anything wrong.

“I love it that you’re controlling like this, you know?” he said with approval.

I released my hold on him for a moment in order to turn the shower on. As the steam billowed up, the red light hanging above the shower made it look like fiery smoke. For some reason, this type of ambience makes me SO horny. Even when I’m alone, I can’t help but to stroke myself to release when I’m being rained down upon by the showerhead as the red steam fills the room.

Once the water was hot, I pulled him inside the shower with me. We immediately embraced under the water. His lips and teeth began to suck and bite at my shoulder, and my knees felt weak. I spun him around and pressed him back up against the glass door. From the outside I’m sure slot oyna it would have been a beautiful sight: his naked body barely visible behind the steam, with his hands smearing the fog that had collected on the glass.

I bit his shoulder, perhaps a little hard, and he gasped. I licked it soothingly to try to make up for it and he cocked his neck and begged to be bitten again. I latched onto his neck with my teeth and he screamed for me to bite him harder. He wasn’t satisfied until the blood was trickling and I was lapping it up. By that point he was rubbing his erection up and down on the glass door.

I dropped to my knees and spread his ass cheeks. Wasting no time, I stuck out my tongue and began to lap at his hole. He breathed out a series of curse words and spread his legs wider. I had worried that it would be an unpleasant taste, but it wasn’t. It tasted a little like soap, so I could tell that he had prepared for me. He wanted this all along; enough to clean himself very well just in case. I snaked my tongue up him as deep as I could. He was whimpering with pleasure. My tongue was tiring though, so I licked my finger and rubbed it along the crinkly circle of skin. He was rocking back into my hand, begging for more so I gently pushed my finger inside of him. He moaned loudly and tilted his ass up to give himself a different angle.

“This feels SO good.” He breathed, “Please, please fuck me!”

Grabbing my bar of soap, I worked it into lather. I covered two of my fingers with the frothy bubbles and penetrated him with them. I was trying to get him nice and loose, because I’ve heard that it could hurt if he wasn’t properly prepared. He let out a sound that could be described as a mix between a moan and a scream, and started rocking up and down on my fingers. I fucked him fast and hard with my fingers and he kept making the noise. It was turning me on SO much. I pulled out my fingers, soaped up another, and shoved them back in.

“Oh my GOD!” he yelled out.

“What do you want?” I asked him rhetorically.

“I want you to fucking fuck me already!” he snapped.

“I live to please.” I quipped.

Soaping up my dick could have made me cum. I was so hot for him, so hard. I bent him over and grabbing the canlı casino siteleri top of my cock, pushed it inside him. He let out a continuous moan as I stuffed more and more of my dick into his warm body. When I was all the way in, he reached back and held my hip to tell me to be still. After a few moments he let go and began to slowly rock back and forth. He was so tight that it was torturous to not just fuck him hard into oblivion, but I waited patiently for him to adjust. It only took a couple of minutes for him to be thrusting back onto me.

“Fuck me hard, Atlas.” He commanded, and I obeyed. I pounded his ass like I was trying to break down a door with my penis, and he seemed to love every moment of it. Slurping, sloshing noises filled the air. I spanked his ass cheek a few times and he squealed. I grabbed his hips and pulled him back and forth on my dick. I told him to keep his hands up against the wall to keep him from stroking himself. If he was going to come, I wanted to be the one to make him come. I took his penis in my fist and pumped him at the same rhythm as I fucked him. He felt so thick and hard it was amazing. I squeezed it and stroked it, and he bucked into my hand.

“I think I’m going to come.” He announced, “Please don’t stop.”

Just the thought of him coming while I was inside of him pushed me over the edge. I fucked him so hard that he was ramming into the side of the shower. I was losing control. I stroked him hard and fast as I felt that familiar feeling in my balls. He cried out and poured cum all over my hand. His ass muscles clenched as he came, and I followed. His hole pulled and tugged at me, like it was milking every drop of come from me. We were both huffing and panting, and I stayed inside him a little longer until I was too sensitive and had to pull out. I turned him around and kissed him. He kissed me back, but with obvious exhaustion. His arms encircled me in a hug and I embraced him as well. We held each other under until the water poured out cold. I dried him off and wrapped him in a towel before drying myself. We walked tiredly to my bed and curled up together. I found out that I really like to ‘spoon’, even if it is considered ‘girly’. As we lay together, bodies pressing tight against one another, he spoke to me.

“Atlas?” he asked. I let him know I was listening. “I love you.”

I kissed him on his neck and told him that I loved him too. And while some people think it’s just about the sex, I really think I do.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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