Blinded Ch. 01

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(All characters and events depicted in the following fictional story are over 18 and figments of my imagination in no way based on actual events or people.)

I’m going assume, if only to keep myself from going insane, that you’ve done something stupid that if your parents found out about they would ground you for life. But at some point you threw all concerns out and just did it because you wanted to so bad. I’m also going to guess that you still felt like as much of a piece of garbage as I did.

I sat in the passenger seat of a car as it came to rest in the driveway of my friend’s house. Attempting to mentally force down the potent mixture of shame and guilt I swallowed hard, it just seemed like it would help.

It didn’t.

My friend Sasha watched me from behind the steering wheel with a mixture of concern and amusement dancing across her features. I felt a stab of irritation, it was about half her fault that I was here right now.

“You alright Jamie?”

I know Jamie isn’t an incredibly manly name, but it was mine, and I’d learned to like it.

I took a moment to answer. “Yeah,” then I added with a faint smile. “I’ll live.”

She grinned, her green eyes sparkling. “Awesome, ready to go in?”

The house wasn’t hers, it was Brianna’s, another friend. Brianna was the other half of the reason I was here.

“Are you sure about this?” I asked quietly as she opened her door.

She was still smiling “Of course” Then added more seriously “It’s honestly not as big of a deal as you seem to think.”

The door shut and I was left to my conflicted self in its warm interior. Finally I shrugged and left the car. It was just after dusk and I braced myself for the cold and pulled my sports jacket close as I followed Sasha.

Light spilled out of the house as a beaming Brianna nearly ran out of the house and embraced Sasha. I swear these two were about a hundred times more excited about this than I was. I knew I could have just left at any time, but I wanted this. Not necessarily like this but this was the only way I figured I could do it.

Brianna came for me next giving me a full on hug, she was about half a foot shorter than me and I was painfully aware of the lavender smell of her blonde ponytail and her breasts pressed against me. It seemed like I always noticed the same things when she or Sasha hugged me.

“I’m so excited” She smiled up at me. “Are you ready?”

Seeing how happy she was I forced a smile. “Yeah” I tried to sound enthusiastic though I’m afraid I must have failed.

She finally released me and headed for the door, Sasha had already gone in. “Come on. Let’s get you ready.”

Brianna’s parents were out of town for the weekend. That was another reason I was here right now. Almost as soon as I was inside the two overexcited girls were giving directions and ‘preparing me’. “Take off your shoes, oh, and your jacket.” “You are wearing deodorant right?” “Here put this on.” I was left standing in the living room in my bare feet, jacketless despite the slight chill in the air and wearing a blindfold.

Why am I such an idiot, this was a horrible idea.

“Alright” that was Brianna’s voice. “Come this way.” One of them took each of my hands and started to lead me through the house, I couldn’t see a thing. I could only feel the lush carpet squeezing between my toes and, was that smell cinnamon?

“You have a condom right?” that was Sasha.

I raised my eyebrows then I realized that they wouldn’t be able to see that under the blindfold. “I’m not stupid, of course I did.” Inside my head I wondered why I was so dumb to actually go through with this.

“Good. Remember the overarching rule is that you put that on, and pull out before you, you know, cum.” Despite what I was about to do I felt myself blushing.

Brianna piped in. “And if she gives casino oyna you head, it’s only polite to go down on her as well.”

“I doubt she’s gonna do that Bri.” Sasha argued.

“There’s no saying what’ll happen.” Brianna defended herself. “I’m just making sure he is ready for anything.”

I could feel Sasha’s shrug through her hand. “In that case if you do go down you should–”

“Seriously?” I cut her off. “I’m gonna be fine”

“Whatever.” Sasha grumbled. “I was just trying to help.”

“No more talking” Brianna ordered.

I could feel that they had both moved together in front of me, which meant we were probably in a hallway. It wasn’t long before we stopped. I heard a door open and was guided into a room. My nervousness multiplied as I realized she was in here. The girl was about to lose my virginity to, if all went as planned I would never know who she was.

This was so weird. Strangely my foremost though was: I hope she’s hot. I almost panicked as I pictured a 300 lb girl waiting eagerly. They wouldn’t do that to me, right? I fought the panic down by telling myself that if I felt rolls of fat I would bolt for the door and demand that they get me out of here.

I was led forward slowly, taking agonizingly small steps. Then Brianna, or was it Sasha placed another hand in mine. It was small and fit nicely into my larger palm, it was also a little cold. Another wave of panic struck and my heart nearly leapt out of my chest. What if the was a Minor? I was eighteen and could get into an incredible amount of trouble. The girls hand was placed into my other hand. Neither of us moved, I could almost sense that she was at least as nervous as I was. That helped. I was just going to have to trust that my friends weren’t going to get me sent to jail.

Quiet steps retreated from us. That would be Sasha and Brianna leaving, I heard one of them whisper something that sounded like “say something”

“You two have fun now.” Brianna announced loudly, almost causing me too jump. I wasn’t the only one, I felt the girls hands twitch involuntarily in mine. That was comforting, it meant that she was blindfolded as well, which was the plan. It was strange though, I thought I heard a beep while Brianna was talking. One of them had probably gotten a text message.

The door closed and I clearly heard them talking about cinnamon rolls as they left, so that smell had been cinnamon… The two of us stood motionless for a while, neither sure what to do. I was the man, I guessed I should make the first move. I did the only thing that made sense. I traced up her arm with my right hand. Her flesh was smooth, no rolls of fat, that was a good sign. In fact her arm felt toned. I felt the fabric of her shirt as I reached her shoulder, probably a tank top.

Her free hand settled on my forearm, the chill raising goose bumps. I continued until my hand brushed her hair and cupped the back of her head. I imagined a beautiful face for her, then pulled her in and kissed it.

Our lips touched hesitantly at first, then her fingers intertwined with mine, a strangely romantic gesture considering the situation I thought. Then my mind exploded as kissed me back with a surprising amount of passion, to my surprise I felt it as well. Our bodies were soon practically crushed against each other as we engaged in by far the most fervent kissing I had ever done.

My uncertainty and nervousness popped like an overfilled balloon and I began to roam her body with my hands, it was hard to tell her build but she was a little shorter than me and certainly wasn’t fat. She was wearing jeans I decided as my hands rested on her ass for a moment before sliding up and under the fabric of her top. Her stomach felt flat and a little toned. So she was probably in athletics…

I forced myself to stop thinking like that. The blindfold was so that I wouldn’t canlı casino know who she was, that would all be pointless if I kept looking for clues about her identity. I didn’t have to try to distract myself suddenly as I felt something tug at my belt. A shiver ran through my body, this girl didn’t mess around.

Following her lead I slid my hands up further expecting to encounter a bra, much to my pleased surprise I ended up with two handfuls of worm soft mounds. She moaned into my mouth and thrust her hips against mine, a second later her hand slipped into my pants and closed around my swollen shaft. It was nearly too much for me. My knees buckled and I caught myself before going down, and my breath went ragged. Her mouth still pressed against mine curled into a smile.

And then we both lost it. I caught the bottom of her top and ripped it over her head, now that I think of it I’d be surprised if her blindfold stayed on through that. My pants and underwear were around my ankles as I dropped the tank top not caring where it landed. I hopped on one foot to lose the pants as I leaned in to kiss her again. But I was interrupted by my own shirt coming over my head. As soon as it was free I knelt unbuttoning her jeans and pulling them down along with her panties. I paused for a moment not sure how to proceed, her hands settled on my hair and mine rested on the backs of her thighs.

Her body heat tickled my face as I leaned in and almost smashed my nose into her thigh, I repositioned and kissed what I thought must have been her pussy lips. My suspicions were confirmed as her hands tightened in my hair and she gasped. Unfortunately I had no idea what I was doing so I moved on after quickly parting the lips with my tongue and giving it a quick flick. She moaned again, I was beginning to enjoy hearing that sound.

Slowly beginning to stand I worked my way upwards, kissing and caressing her body as she began to gyrate in my grip. I paused and gave special attention to each breast, but my cock was beginning to ache and I moved up to plant another kiss on her welcoming lips. I was almost surprised as her tongue pushed into my mouth and began to explore, but was immediately distracted by her grip on my shaft.

I could feel her hot breath on my face when I pulled back and knew that she wanted me as much as I wanted her. It was time to get on with this. She stepped back and I followed, we bumped into something and lost balance in the blind desire of the moment, spilling onto what was fortunately a bed.

Feeling her totally naked body beneath mine was the most incredible thing I had ever experienced, I had to see her. I actually reached up to remove the blindfold before I regained a small part of my senses, that wouldn’t be fair to her. She had agreed to this because we wouldn’t ever see each other, I couldn’t break that trust. I think I love her. The thought scared me but her body bucking wantonly beneath me shook me away from thoughts of any kind.

She still had hold of my cock and was positioning it, I groaned as I felt the tip nuzzling against her wet entrance. I started to roll my hips forward, then froze as terror sprung to the front of my mind. The Condom! It was in the pocket of my jeans. I had to find it. I quickly pulled back and started to twist to reach to the floor. Why was I so stupid? I was stopped by her firm grip on my shoulders turning me back to face her. Did she realize what was happening? I needed that condom. She rose up and kissed me, it wasn’t a lustful or reckless kiss. It was passionate, but calm, controlled. I could almost hear her saying “It’s okay. I know, and it’s okay.” She had to know right? She had been holding my cock.

As quickly as it had come the panic melted away and I allowed myself to be pulled back down onto her warm flesh. Once again she positioned my tip at her hot pussy and wrapped her kaçak casino legs around mine, drawing me into her. I slid in slowly losing my breath repeatedly at the sheer pleasure. I could feel her body tensing and arching, her breath was shallow and came out in little whimpers that sounded pained. I tried to pull out but she with her legs intertwined with mine she didn’t let me. I didn’t want to hurt her.

Her lips locked with mine again, soothing my fears with that same reassuring sincerity. Our hips met, that was it,I was all the way in. we broke the kiss and I could almost see the grin on her face. I was grinning as well, it felt incredible. I paused there for a moment, completely overwhelmed with what I was doing.

I apparently took too long as she rolled us over so she could be on top. My side collided with the wall that the bed rested against but that was forgotten as this amazing girl sat up began thrusting her hips back and forth repeatedly impaling herself on my painfully swollen shaft. One of her arms wrapped around the back of my neck and her head was beside mine, I could hear and feel her breath becoming more ragged as her body began to quiver.

Feeling oddly useless I did what I could to help; timing my own thrusts with her rhythm, reaching up as she lifted her torso and massaging her soft warm breasts. She let out a series of loud grunts and moans and I joined in groaning while doing all within my power to keep myself from exploding in her pussy right then.

She was slowing down. Did that mean she was done or tired? Well I wasn’t done and in a moment of selfishness I flipped us back over, half afraid we would fall off the bed, and began pounding my cock into her body as fast and hard as I could. Her breath caught and for a moment she didn’t seem to be able to breathe, her body twisted and shook under me and the muscles surrounding my penis begin to spasm repeatedly clenching and releasing my length.

Sweat dripped from my chest but I was beyond caring where the drops landed, I gritted my teeth trying to hold on as long as I could. I couldn’t cum inside of her, particularly without a condom, and I did not want to pull out yet, it just felt so good. And then it happened. Her body stilled, but not in a relaxed way. Her back arched, her pussy clamped around my cock and she shook with tension. She let out a moan, starting low but building in pitch and volume. I thrust all the way in and pulled her body against mine only just containing my sperm. Her moan reached an earsplitting pitch and though it wasn’t incredibly loud it was the only thing I could hear.

I swore under by breath as I realized I couldn’t take it anymore and was about to fill her depths with my cum. I started to pull out but her legs immediately wrapped around me, refusing to let me go. What was she doing? I panicked, but it was too late. I groaned with intense pleasure and even though I was blindfolded my mind spun, colors exploding around me. I could feel my penis quiver as stream after stream of warm semen launched into her body.

My strength spent I collapsed, spilling breathlessly onto my partner. Her breasts were so soft, her flesh hot with pleasure but still firm and smooth. We kissed again, softly, gently. Her lips we full and inviting, definitely the best I’d ever kissed. Who was this girl? I was in love. I had the presence of mind to roll over again to take my weight off of her, we hit the wall again, but I still didn’t care. We remained in that position for a long time, her head resting under my chin, our bodies intertwined, my cock slowly shrinking inside of her until it fell out on its own. I knew it was silly but I never wanted to let go of her.

Once again I had to mentally stop myself from tearing the stupid mask off so I could see this undoubtedly gorgeous girl.

I almost fell asleep before I heard a knock on the door. It was followed by Brianna’s voice from outside the door. “I’m assuming you kids are done, go ahead and get your clothes back on and we’ll get you home.”

To be continued

Any comments or advice are welcomed.

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