Aroha and Huia

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I was 26, recently separated & I felt awkward dating again, as if I was being unfaithful somehow even though it had been my ex who had left me for another man. I had worked with a bloke called Patrick a few years before & bumped into him in the street. When he discovered I was separated, he having been divorced for years, he suggested we go out together. I thought I probably wouldn’t hear from him again as we weren’t really all that close so I was surprised when he phoned me. He explained as we went to pick them up that we were dating Aroha, a young Maori woman in her late 20’s & her Aunty Huia. He had been trying to get into Aroha’s pants for ages but the catch was she wouldn’t go out with him unless he found a date for her Aunt. I was being used but was a bit stuck by then so figured it was only one night, what the hell. I could see what attracted him, she certainly was a stunning & used that to find partners for her Aunt. Huia was pleasant enough, Maori also & a BBW in her mid 50’s, 30 years older than me. Patrick got on with getting his night organised & Huia & I just tagged along. We went to a local Pub which had a live band & Huia was keen to dance so that’s how we spent our evening. She was a very good dancer for her size, warm, soft, cuddly & had big tits. Patrick was completely cunt struck because they sat the night out watching us. I think he was passing the time until he could get into Aroha’s pants!

The Pubs closed at 10pm in those days & we ended up back at their place for coffee, having had a really good time much to my surprise. Patrick & Aroha disappeared leaving Huia & me to it watching TV. I had no option but to wait for him because he had given me a lift. We made small talk but it soon became obvious Huia was keen to take things further so I ended up joining her on the sofa for a kiss & cuddle. It was very pleasant indeed. I heard some raised voices in another room & Pat turned up at the door & announced he was going. I was enjoying myself by then so told him I would find my way home in a Taxi. Once he had departed, she asked me to take her to bed. I had a big decision to make. I had only fucked white girls, about my age & all were slim casino oyna up until then. Being Maori she was not really black but quite dark skinned just the same, wasn’t obese exactly but had a big body with rolls of fat & a huge bust, more than twice my age, old enough to be my Mother in fact. It had been lean times & as I was going to wank off when I got home anyway so I though “save me a job” I decided to get into her. As it turned out it was the best things I could have done. Although she was very shy I managed to explore her body thoroughly. Fucking her was great, warm soft & her cunt wet & surprisingly tight. I think I expected that because she was big her cunt would be slack, but it wasn’t & although shy at the start she warmed up & was a brilliant fuck. We were at it for a couple of hours & I enjoyed myself more than I had in a long time.

I ended up staying the night & having a glorious dawn breaker. I was curious by then. As this was in the mid 70’s before pornography was explicit & widely available & I had never seen a dark skin woman’s cunt was fascinated by her tight curly pubes, black leathery lips with a beautiful shade of pink inside. I managed to have a long & very intimate look at her cunt even though she was painfully shy & very embarrassed but she could have close her legs to me but didn’t, calling me a Gynaecologist! She got up to pee & I asked to join her & watch but she wasn’t prepared to go that far. Shortly after she returned much to my surprise & delight Aroha turned up with a tray & we sat round together I had Breakfast in bed! Aroha wasn’t too fussy about keeping her dressing gown done up & I got to see what Patrick had not. She had a beautiful young body & didn’t share her Aunt’s shyness so with plenty of what I imaged were quite deliberate “wardrobe malfunctions”, I got to have great views of her tits & cunt. I said I had to pee but didn’t have anything to cover myself up with & they said not to worry, so got out of bed. In spite of having a dawn breaker I was back up (Oh to be 26 again!) Aroha couldn’t take her eyes off me & I think Huia was shocked. Even though I had fucked her twice she was very old fashioned in that she didn’t touch canlı casino or go down on me. Fucking was something you did to her. When I got back Aroha was curious about my lack of body hair & asked if there was something wrong. I explained the I was okay, I just preferred being shaven & asked if she liked it. She said she did.

I got dressed & Huia dropped me off at home, asking for my phone number which I had no hesitation giving it to her. Patrick rang me on Sunday night & wanted to know how I had got on. I told him I had stayed the night & thoroughly enjoyed myself. He hadn’t. Aroha had turned out to be a real tease, he said & ended up sent him packing having only had a very brief feel of her tits. I dared not tell him about my Breakfast on the bed with her! We never dated as such, I don’t think that wasn’t what Huia wanted. She would ring from time to time & I would go round for the evening & fuck her. She just got better & better & I enjoyed her big body more & more. Aroha was usually there watching TV while we headed upstairs. One night Huia seemed a bit funny when I arrived. We didn’t go up but sat for a while in the Lounge where Aroha was watching TV. She started to move in on me & I kept nodding towards Aroha but she said not to worry, she would mind if we got on with it. She sat staring at the TV while we got on with it, Huia letting me feel her right there. Suddenly Huia came out with it & asked if I wanted to fuck Aroha. She had obviously been expecting it because she didn’t look in our direction.

I didn’t know what to say. Of course I did, who wouldn’t. I plucked up the courage to admit it & Huia said I could go with her instead that night. She didn’t seem really upset, more as if the tables were turned & it was something Aroha wanted & she was able to give it for her. She got up & placed my hand in Aroha’s & we headed for her bed. There was no tease for me, Aroha was warm & wet & willing for me. I fucked my brains out but it was hard to tell if she was enjoying it & even though she assured me she did I wasn’t so sure. Until like Huia who huffed, puffed & grunted building up to what she said were climaxes, Aroha just lay still letting me get on kaçak casino with it. When we came down Huia asked if we had a good time, I admitted I had & Aroha was profuse about her enjoyment. After that it all changed. When I went round there they both took me upstairs to Huia’s bed because she had a double. Sometimes I fucked her, some times I fucked Aroha & sometimes I fucked both of them but they stayed & watched when it wasn’t their turn.

It lasted about 3 years continuing fucking them both even while I was in other relationships. I used to bump into Patrick from time to time & he always asked what I was up to. He couldn’t understand why I was still going round there. He said he could have fucked Huia but had been really turned off by her size & thought she was gross, but his loss was my gain. I never told him about getting into Aroha & he never gave up wanting her but to the best of my knowledge they never went out together again. He was the one who told me they had moved away. I hadn’t heard anything for a while & there hadn’t been any sign or mention the last time I was there, only that Huia insisting I fuck both of them. I have no idea what happened to Huia but will always be indebted to her for sending me off in a new direction. Toy Boys & Cougars hadn’t been invented then but there were still a groups of mature women hunting for much younger men.

There was a saying at the time that over 40s were good because, “They don’t tell, they don’t swell & they are as grateful as hell!” I don’t know how many bruised arms I got telling different ones, but it was true & I had some of the best sex I have ever had after that with middle aged women much older than me, of a variety of races. The oldest I fucked was 64, still naturally lubricating & if she is to be believed, went off like a packet of crackers claiming multiple orgasms time after time. There were several in their 50’s as well. What was a big bonus was most had lost any inhibitions they ever had & were up for almost anything so I got to watch several of them peeing. She also did away with my objections I might have had about bedding BBW’s & most of those I fucked were from then on, including one really obese woman, Glenda, who always left a huge wet patch in the bed of lube & sprinklings. I loved her massive body & it still brings many a warm feeling when & fantasise about the good times we had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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