Appointments With Mr Black

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Black Lipstick

Knight Black is a legendary businessman. His profession is legally pleasuring women, some of his clients are sent to him by their husbands or boyfriends and some even by their fathers so that they can learn how to pleasure a man. And then there are the select few like Finn Cooper who sent themselves because like Knight they have an insatiable appetite for carnal delights. This is Finns story.

Part one

The sounds of moaning and grunting could be heard the minute the elevators doors opened, making her nipples contract into hard points in an instant. She walked down the short hallway and into the reception area.

“I have an appointment with Mr Black, Finn Cooper.” She told the receptionist, he must be new she thought I definitely haven’t seen him before he was a strong handsome looking man with broad shoulders and even sitting he looked tall.

“Good morning Miss Cooper, I’m afraid that Mr Black is running a little behind schedule today, but if you’d like to make yourself comfortable.” He smiled gesturing to the couches arranged around the reception area “Mr Black shouldn’t be too much longer.”

“Thank you” Finn replied and walked over to the couch directly opposite the receptionist. It was blue and hard with an array of small bumps across the middle where she could rest her aching pussy. Gratefully lifting the very short hem of her flowing floral print skirt she lowered her naked pussy onto one of the larger raised lumps on the couches seat. casino oyna “Mmmm.” She moaned in pleasure closing her eyes and rocking her hips gently.

The sounds of moaning and grunting began to reach its crescendo and Finn could hardly hold in her accompanying noises. She could feel the receptionist’s eyes on her and reached up to her peach coloured tank top to grab her generous heaving breasts, pinching the hard nipples through the thin material. Peeking through her lashes she watched as his hand disappeared under his desk. Just then the door to the inner office opened and an extremely dishevelled woman teetered out holding her shoes in one hand and he skirt in the other being supported by the legendary Mr Black, who was in a small loosely tied white towel and nothing else.

“Blaine” the deep baritone voice of Mr Black ran down her spine making her rub just a little harder on the couch “Mrs Spencer is going to need a hand to the recovery room” he informed the receptionist handing the swaying woman over and crossing the room towards her “Now, now Finny,” he chided kneeling before her and securing her hips between his hands “I know I was running late today, but please don’t start without me.” He smiled into her flushed face and moved his thumbs in gentle circles across her groin.

“I need you,” she groaned breathing hard “oh, knight you need to take me… now… here.” She moved her hand down his naked chest to the towel he had secured low around his hips. With canlı casino one quick tug she had his hardening erection bared, and grasping it in her hand she pulled him towards her aching slit. Running his hands over her tits he pulled her tank top down and thrust his long thick rod into her dripping cunt. Moaning in delight Finn wrapped her legs around his muscular back and hooked her ankles together for the fast and hard ride she knew was coming.

Pistoning his hips in and quickly out of her tight hole he dipped his head and latched his mouth onto her right nipple nibbling and sucking while his left hand grabbed her firm ass to control her movements and to thrust just that little bit harder. She grabbed his right hand and placed it on her other tit squeezing it in time with his rhythmic pounding, he bit down hard on the nipple in his mouth and she raked her fingers across his back while squeezing him with her internal muscles. She was close he could feel it in the way her fingers spasm’d on his back digging into his skin she was probably going to give him another scar or two after today’s session. He moved his right hand back to her other hip and in a grip that would bruise he upped his pace groaning as he felt her pre-orgasm grip his pulsing cock.

“Ah, ah, ah” she breathed with every hard thrust, her orgasm was very close just a little more she thought, focusing on the movement behind Knight she saw that the new receptionist hadn’t left the room straight away. In kaçak casino fact he had Mrs Spencer up against the wall near the recovery room door and he was pounding her hard in time to the fucking she was getting. Looking in to his face she saw that his eyes were focused on her getting banged by Knight. They were so focused on her that he didn’t seem to realise that Mrs Spencer had passed out completely and was slumped half on him. It was so hot watching him fuck the unconscious woman while all his attention was focused on her that she came. Hard. Screaming out her release she clutched Knight closer to her, his mouth dethatching from her breast to bite her hard on the neck, setting off yet another orgasm. She had another one before Knight gave in to his own release and in a powerful thrust he shot his load deep inside her holding her tightly to him as they both slowly regained their breath.

Looking back at Blain she noticed that he’d finished too. The unconscious Mrs Spencer half falling to the floor but still joined with the big man. Lifting her off of his softening dick Blain carelessly tossed Mrs Spencer over his right shoulder and looking at Finn grabbed her ass cheeks and disappeared into the recovery room.

“Knight?” Finn asked gently stroking his sweaty back


“Can we do that again?”

He laughed picking her up still joined to him and slowly made his way back to his ‘office’ squeezing her ass along the way, groaning deep in his throat when she tightened her muscles around him in response.

“Don’t worry sweetheart,” he murmured “You’re my last appointment of the day. And we’ve only just begun…”

to be contunued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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