An Extended Weekend

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The bright flame of love and romance, often shown during the early years of their marriage, had dimmed over the recent years. Now it was only a flickering light sometimes or even a glowing ember, but there where some occasional sparks. The couple were similar to many other couples: two children in grade school and one pre-school, driving the kids to various activities, two jobs, a home mortgage, limited job opportunities where their skills existed, laid off / down-sizing company, future college expenses, many monthly bills, and taxes to pay, etc.

Where once a few words or the showing of some skin brought each a feeling of sexual excitement, followed by mutual touching and intercourse; now there was little response. Once the bathroom was shared just before going to bed to intimately know each other, now the couple where seldom in the bathroom at the same time. Instead of ‘doing it’ daily or every other day, now it was like a couple of times each month when they joined together to become like one. The couple still slept in the same king size bed, but only met a few times monthly in the center of the bed for quick sex — ‘wham, slam, thank you’ — and rolled over to their side of the bed for a few hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Yes, the bright flame of love and romance had gradually dimmed because of the many pressures of daily living and raising a family. However, the family had a wise Grandmother and Grandfather who observed the problems and insisted that they would take care of the children for an extended weekend so the couple — Deborah and Daniel — could have a relaxing carefree time at a secluded resort on the Pacific Coast. The gift of money to pay for the resort trip, selected by Deborah’s parents, and some money for the home mortgage were certainly welcome.


In the afternoon, Debby and Dan were individually busy packing for the trip. She had street clothes, shorts, and a swim suit. Plus a variety of revealing bedroom lingerie that took a long time to find in a box placed in the back of a bedroom closet — while old, it still fit and was revealing. He had street clothes, shorts, swim suit, digital camera , and tripod. Plus a variety of adult toys, lubricants, and sex educational material he finally found in a dust covered box in his basement workroom.

Debby watched her television soap programs that she had recorded. Don put gasoline into the car and stopped at a large drug store to purchase some wine and current dated personal items. At last, the car was packed with the suitcases and bags; as the sun was setting the grandparents arrived. The adults and children greeted the grandparent, minutes later all went to a family restaurant for the evening meal. Back home, the children went to bed later than normal; the four adults talked briefly before the grandparents went to bed. Later, Debby and Dan went to bed. Soon, each was sound asleep on their own side of the king size bed.

An Extended Weekend 2 of 21


The drive to the Pacific Coast Resort took Debby & Dan about four hours, including several quick stops. He drove the entire distance and was somewhat tired when the couple checked in and located their two room suite in the early afternoon. Dan laid down on the bed and had an afternoon nap. Debby watched some afternoon television soap programs.

When Dan woke up it was late afternoon and said: “Would you like to take a swim in one of the resort’s pools?”

Debby replied, “No. I do not want to get my hair wet and the ocean breeze is too cold.”

“Well I am going to swim. Be back in an hour or so. Than we can get something to eat.”

After changing into his swim suit, he had a refreshing swim in the large resort pool. Than sat down near the pool with a bottle of beer. While the sun would be setting in about an hour, the pool area was still being enjoyed by a number of men and women. Through his sunglasses, Dan looked at several women wearing little strips of cloth that were called two piece bathing suits. They were in the company of men — Dan could only enjoy the view and think about the possibilities if he was single. The view was one of lots of female skin showing or a view of watching the sun set over the ocean and the changing color of the clouds. Dan did both, but one somewhat more than the other.

His spouse was still watching television when Dan returned to the suite. Clothing was changed and the couple went to one of the resort’s restaurant and had an excellent meal.

Walking back, Dan suggested, “Possibly we could make love when we get back to the suite?”

Debby responded, “I am concerned about the kids and how my Mother and Father are managing.”

“You could telephone them,” stated Dan.

Once back to the suite, a telephone call was made — it lasted about one hour. Dan watched television, read a magazine, and then got ready for bed. While she was talking on the phone, Dan gave her a hug and a written note suggesting that they make love.

Finally, Debby came casino siteleri into the bedroom, changed into a long flannel night gown and got ready for bed.

An Extended Weekend 3

Debby said, “Things are OK are home. But I have a headache and would prefer not to have sex tonight.”

Dan thought to himself that the secluded resort had not yet worked its seductive charm on his spouse.

But he had some hope and asked, “How about a quickie?”

Debby responded. “I have a headache and I am too tired to make love. But if you insist I will spread may legs and you can just enter me. I really do not want to participate —as I recall we had sex last week.”

Dan just laid on his side of the king size bed without speaking for a period of time.

Than he only asked, “Possibly tomorrow?”

But Debby was already asleep or possibly pretending to be sleeping. Dan went to the bathroom and put some baby oil on his constant companion. After several minutes of rubbing his manhood, it started growing. The head and shaft were rubbed faster, at last he ejaculated on to a towel. Relieved, Dan went back to bed. Debby was sound asleep.


Dan got up early and went for a walk on the resort property, the sun was just coming up as he returned to the suite. Debby was up and dressing for breakfast. After eating, the couple walked down to the cliff, sat in a double chair and watched the ocean waves come crashing onto the beach. Some people where already walking on the beach or just looking at the marine life in the tide pools. Later in the morning, they played some tennis and used the resort exercise equipment.

After a light lunch was eaten, Dan asked, “would you like to join me in a swim? The resort has three pools — one inside and two outside plus a hot tub and sauna room.”

“No, I want to watch my afternoon television programs. At home, I need to record them and watch them at night,” replied Debby.

Dan changed into his swim suit and soon walked through a door at one of the outside pools. He had always enjoyed swimming. Relaxing in a lounge chair, after his refreshing swim, he faced the ocean and noticed the same three women he had seen yesterday afternoon walking up the path from the beach. The three were wearing short robes. No men where with them.

Soon the women took off the robes revealing the same brief bathing suits that Dan had enjoyed yesterday. Quickly they were in the pool. Dan closed his eyes and had a short

An Extended Weekend 4

nap, but a noise coming from the pool was heard. He looked up — apparently one of the woman had briefly lost the top of her swim suit. Dan had a quick view of a pink nipple and a mound of human flesh as the woman fastened her top. The other two where giggling and laughing — he could only see the back of their heads.

For the first time, Dan read a sign that indicated that this pool was an optional no clothing pool, guests who did not want to observe nude adults could use the other outdoor pool, the ocean, or the inside pool The women got out of the pool, one was wearing her two piece red colored swim suit, the others where dressed in their birthday suits. The three stood at the edge of the pool, their backs toward Dan. Two had no tan lines. Dan wondered to himself about tan lines on the woman wearing the two piece suit. Two women walked toward him — four bare breasts and nipples where visible; between the legs of one dark pubic hair was very evident, the other had neatly trimmed short pussy hair. Both smiled at him and sat down in nearby lounge chairs. The third woman had gone to a small change room but soon returned sans her two piece swim suit; she walked directly in from of Dan and smiled. There were some faint tan lines on her body.

Dan observed all of this through his dark sunglasses. His constant companion seemed to be awake and was growing slightly, a mental note was made to use sun tan lotion on his pale skin and again visit this no clothing pool tomorrow. As the women left, they stopped and made small talk with him. His eyes where at the level of the treasures between their legs but when he looked directly at their faces, he could also see three sets of breasts and pink nipples. They came in all sizes — these appeared to be two medium and one large pair — all gave pleasure to his eyes. His hands held on to the arms of the chair very tight — no touching allowed. Their conversation was over much too quickly.

He made a mental note not to take or tell his spouse about this salt water pool. During his marriage, he had got enough of her “hot tongue and cold shoulder ” treatment. He wondered if his relatives knew about this optional no clothing pool — after all, his in-laws had made the reservations.

Back in the suite, Debby was still watching television but looked up and asked, “Did you enjoy the swim and the pool?”

Dan responded, “Yes, this pool uses ocean water. I enjoyed the afternoon.”

Debby replied, “I don’t want my skin canlı casino and hair to be in contact with the salt water.” Dan only smiled — actually, almost a grin — as he went into the bedroom for a brief nap.

As the sun was setting, the couple had some mixed drinks at the resort bar — the view of the setting sun and the changing color of the clouds was stunning. There where two bands of clouds — one low and touching the water, the other much higher with blue sky

An Extended Weekend 5

in between. As the sun dropped toward the water, the cloud color changed from white to dark gray with yellow, pink, orange, red, and purple in between. As Dan saw the colors, he thought of the colors of the two piece bathing suits he had see the women wearing. He also thought of the teat-tee pink color. He only smiled at his spouse.

After an excellent meal, the couple walked around the resort. Once inside their two room suite, Dan asked, “Could we make love tonight?”

Debby answered, “Yes, that would be OK. But first, I want to telephone and check on the kids.”

Dan left the suite and walked on the resort property, he observed the dark beach and ocean. Some people were sitting by several fires made using driftwood. A cool ocean breeze was blowing; the aroma of burning wood reached his nostrils. But only the noise from the crashing ocean waves could be heard. Debby was still on the telephone talking with her Mother when he returned.

After Dan got ready for bed, he watched television. Debby ended her telephone talk and went to bed. Dan turned off the TV and joined his wife in the king size bed.

“I am here and ready for you”, Debby stated.

“What would you like to do?” Dan asked.

“I am somewhat tired — it is your choice. But let’s do it and be finished soon”, Debby replied.

They had a night time quickie. Her flannel gown was pulled up above her waist, his cock was sticking through the opening in his pajamas. A few kisses, touching of various body parts, and some lubricant placed where it was most beneficial. Than he put his manhood on her lower lips and entered. After some thrusting, he ejaculated into her moist vagina.

Both spoke the words — “I love you”.

Sleep followed. During the early morning, Dan woke up– his manhood hard. He was thinking about the three women at the salt water pool.


Debby was still sleeping when Dan got up early. A note was left indicating that he was going to play tennis on the resort courts with Mike, a man he met yesterday at the salt water pool. After several close games, the men rested. Their conversation primarily

An Extended Weekend 6

was about the variety of views possible at the salt water pool and sports. Both men planned to use this pool again.

Mike stated, “My spouse will be with me. Between the two of us, I think she really enjoys looking at naked men.”

Dan replied, “My wife doesn’t care for salt water swimming. And, she pays little attention to my equipment.”

The men parted saying they would seen each other at the salt water pool after lunch.

That afternoon, Dan said good by to Debby at the inside fresh water pool, than walked toward the clothing optional pool. His spouse did not care for the cool ocean breeze.

Dan and Mike, wearing swim suits, shirts, hats, and sandals arrived at the salt water pool within a few minutes of each other. Seeing each other they waved and talked a few minutes.

Mike asked, “Are you ready to get some tan on parts of you that probably have never seen the sun?”

Dan replied, “As ready as I will ever be. But I have been wanting to visit a no clothing pool for some time. Are you ready?”

Mike said, “Yes. My spouse probably will come to this pool.”

Both knew it probably would be hard to leave the small change room wearing only sandals, a hat, suntan lotion and carrying a towel to sit on. But within a few minutes both were sitting on chairs facing the pool and looking toward the ocean. Both where almost naked. Sunlight reached parts of their body that had never seen the sun. At least they had on sunglasses and hats, plus the sun tan lotion.

The three women both men had talked with yesterday were floating on rafts in the pool — – two where on their backs with breasts and genitals completely exposed, the other was getting sun on her back, ass, and legs. Time passed, the women continued to get sun while floating in the pool. The men sat in chairs and enjoyed the view — of the women. There where other women in the pool area to casually look at through sunglasses — some were in bathing suits, some were topless, and some were completely nude. Other men in the area where topless, and some men where nude — with their manhood at rest. When one tired of looking at so much bare skin you could get in the water to swim or look at the ocean.

An Extended Weekend 7

Finally, the three women left the water, got a quick shower, and joined Dan and Mike. kaçak casino The women could make easy conservation but both men found it somewhat difficult to both talk with naked women and look at their faces. The women did most of the talking, the men looked, through dark sunglasses, at three pairs of breasts and the treasures between their legs. But without any touching of those interesting body parts, their sexual exercise equipment remained at rest.

The women said good by — hope to see you tomorrow and went to the small change rooms to put on their swim suits. They waved as they left. The two men talked for several minutes, both agreed that a partially covered woman — even in a skimpy two piece swim suit — was sexier than a completely nude woman. A little mystery sometimes is desirable. The men parted, Dan met his spouse at the inside fresh water pool. Together, the couple walked around the resort, sat down on a cliff bench and watched as the setting sun painted the clouds with a variety of colors.

After another excellent meal, Dan’s expectation of better sex was high, usually Saturday night was reserved for a long session of quality sex.

Once back in their suite, Dan stated, “Tonight, I would like to have more than just a quickie. OK?”

Debby responded, “Yes, that would be OK. But first I want to telephone my Mother.”

Dan said nothing, he left the suite and walked toward the cliff and observed a wonderful view of the beach and ocean. While now dark, he could hear the waves crashing on the beach and see a number of driftwood fires. A number of guests at the resort where enjoying the evening. The aroma of burning wood and cooking food could be sensed by his nostrils. The cool evening ocean breeze was refreshing.

The resort had several spotlights aimed toward rocks where the incoming waves seemed to explode with spray tossed into the air. It was high tide and the waves were impressive. While each wave was similar, each wave also produced a different show on exploding — sending water and spray upward. Dan thought that he could watch the water show for hours.

When Dan returned to the suite a dim light was burning in the living room, another dim light was burning in the bedroom. Debby was in bed and was at last wearing a sheer revealing black gown trimmed in bright red.

“Do you like this gown, it still fits,’ she asked.

“I liked it several years ago, when you wore it frequently — and I still like it,” replied Dan, as he removed his clothes.

An Extended Weekend 8

Yes, a partially dressed woman was more interesting than a completely nude woman — he thought. But he did not tell his spouse about the three women and the salt water pool no clothing policy.

Dan pulled her gown up over her knees, over her upper thighs, and to her waist. They kissed and cuddled, than he pulled the gown down over her shoulders. The sheer gown was now just a strip of black cloth around her waist. One of his hand started playing with a breast and pink nipple, the other hand found the way to her lower pussy lips. One of Deborah’s hands found the way to his relaxed penis and started to play, rub and pull on his manhood. Gradually her treasure became moist, his organ responded and grew.

Quickly, Debby had her face on the bed, her ass in the air. Dan was behind her, pushing his swollen constant companion past her lips and into her vagina. United together, they became as one. His penis moved in, and than almost out. In, and than almost out. For many minutes his rod explored inside her body. Both deep and shallow exploration. One of Dan’s hands played with her swollen clitoris, the other played with a hanging breast and its nipple. She breathed heavily as his cock continued to pound her moist treasure.

“I love fucking you from the rear,” Dan stated. And added, ” actually any way.”

“And I love your cock in me — you completely fill me up. — Sweetheart.”

He pulled out completely; she got on her back, her legs spread wide and her ass raised up on a pillow. For a minute or so he looked at her — her face, breasts, and spread treasure where viewed. His rigid manhood was rubbed repeatedly against her clitoris. Again, they united and became as one. Than he pushed past her moist lips and probed deep into the opening between her legs. Minutes passed, the exploring of her vagina continued — his shaft and head completely within her body, than only the head. Her breathe was quite heavy; Debby had an orgasm, her body was shaking. Dan continued to pound away at her pussy until his cock exploded inside her.

“Yes, I love you Sweetheart. You make me feel wonderful — like a wanted woman,” Debby said.

“And I love making love to you. I am pleased that we both came — almost together.”

For several minutes, he pressed against her body — she was pressed into the bed with a substantial part of his weight pushing down on her. His cock decreased in size, its work completed this time. But his manhood would grow again — ready for the next mission.

An Extended Weekend 9

They cuddled, kissed goodnight, and separated. Sleep soon came to the couple, both now completely nude. The sheer black gown with red trim was on the floor at the end of the bed.

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