A Tryst after a Wait

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It had been a difficult month for our family. My wife was working some odd shifts, and when some other family obligations were factored in, we were both either working, watching the kids, or too tired to do anything else. There had been little time for us to spend together all month, and my wife was thankful to me for all of the helping out I had done around the house.

“I want to give you a blow job tonight, for all you’ve done this month,” she said one evening.

It didn’t happen that night, we were both too tired.

The next day, “I really do want to give you that blow job I promised. Maybe tonight,” but it wasn’t to be that night either.

“It’s going to happen, I promise,” she said the next day. “You are going to get a really enthusiastic blow job .. as soon as we get the chance.”

I wasn’t annoyed; we were both being run ragged with our everyday life. But after a couple of weeks of no sex, and then three days of promises like that, the desire was building up inside me. I really wanted that blow job.

The next night, we finally had a normal family evening. After putting the kids to bed, I was finishing cleaning the kitchen and taking the garbage outside. Sex wasn’t even on my mind. From the bedroom, she called for me to come upstairs.

I walked in, and immediately remembered how much I had missed touching her all month, how much I had forgotten about the heat and passion we loved to share because we had been so busy for the past few weeks.

She was sitting in the love seat in our bedroom, wearing nothing but an open bathrobe and a pair of green lace panties. She was cupping her breast with one hand and tracing her other hand up and down her leg.

“Remember that blow job I’ve been promising?”

“Of course.”

“You always tell me that the thing that turns you on the most is seeing me turned on. I want to turn you on. And I want to be really enthusiastic about that blow job you are going to get. You think you’d like to watch me first?”

She knew darn well that the thought of watching her touch herself — something she had only done one other time in front of me — drove me crazy.

“It’d be a dream come true to watch you.”

“My pleasure,” she said, as she had begun brushing her nipples between two fingers and sliding her hand across the top of her panties. “Hmm … I was getting turned on just sitting here waiting for you to come upstairs.”

She tickled her breast and slid her fingers between her legs outside her panties, spreading her legs to give me a better view. I had settled on the edge of the bed, mesmerized by the beauty of my wife pleasuring herself.

She leaned back in the chair, inhaling sharply and exhaling slowly … my favorite sound in the world, the sound she always made as she started to get turned on.

“FFfffffhhhewwww”…. She was slipping two fingers up and down outside her panties, pushing her lips apart and slipping up to rub against her clitoris. She continued rubbing and twisting her nipples, arching her back and twisting in the chair. She began pressing her fingers side to side between her legs, pushing harder, and moaning a little.

I was mesmerized, and could feel my desire for her growing. I was getting harder and harder as I watched, but I was so enthralled with what I was seeing that I felt as though I could not move.

She stopped touching herself and lowered her panties to the floor and shrugged her robe off, leaving her body bare. Then she leaned back in the chair, lifted one leg over the armrest, and pressed one finger inside of herself, returning the other hand to cup her breast as her thumb brushed the nipple. She twisted casino siteleri her finger and withdrew it, gasping at the sensation, and slipped the moist finger back over her clitoris, lubricating her lips and letting her finger stimulate her most sensitive parts. She pushed her body deeper into the chair, her wet finger slipping side to side, creating some noise from the suction. She twisted and pulled slightly on her hardened nipples. Her breathing was quicker and quicker, a mixture of quick gasps and a moaned “oohhh … yes …”

I couldn’t stand just watching any more, I wanted to participate in creating her orgasm. I stood and unzipped my pants, letting my fully erect penis fall out as she lifted her head to watch. I stepped over to her, leaned in and kissed her forcefully as she pressed her face toward mine. As our tongues mingled, her hand dropped away from her breast and found my cock, gently squeezing and sliding upward.

I could hear her other hand still slipping across her clitoris even more quickly as I broke our kiss and slid my hand across her stomach, resting my fingers on her breast. I leaned lower and took her other breast into my mouth, swirling my tongue gently around her nipple as I more roughly squeezed the nipple my fingers found.

Like an electric shock went through her, she leaned back and gasped loudly, moving her fingers between her legs even quicker, pushing them downward to draw more moisture out of herself and then returning them to her clitoris. Her hand on my penis squeezed and relaxed in time with the shivers that were running through her body. She started to gasp more and more, and her breathing became more of a pant.

“Ooohh … Oohhhh …. That feels so good …. Wait .. wait .. you sit here …”

I lifted my head and helped her stand, then helped her undo my pants and let them fall. I sat and leaned back in the chair and as I settled myself, she kneeled between my knees, taking my cock back in her hand. As she stroked it gently, she leaned in and kissed the head and underside of my penis, as she raised one of her knees, put her foot on the floor, and reached down and reinserted a finger into her vagina. In the same rhythm, she stroked my cock and circled the wet finger inside herself, spreading her moisture around the outside of her lips as the feeling of having her touch me surged through my body.

She opened her mouth, and slipped it over the top of my cock, licking her way down the shaft. My nerves screamed out in pleasure from the warmth and complete stimulation of her breath and tongue. I felt her tongue circling around, her hand pressing against the base of my penis, and a slight sucking as she breathed in. I could’t tell what to look at, there were too many things to see. I ran my hands through her hair as I watched her head rise and fall, craned my head to the side to see the movement of her hand between her legs — where she had removed the fingers from her inside and had resumed pressing her clitoris side to side, the pressure still making a wet suction sound.

The sensation of the blow job was also coursing through me, making me lean back and close my eyes — but as soon as I did, I wanted to sit up again and keep watching. The pulling and circling warmth on my penis, the feeling of her body moving between my legs, the humming vibration from her breathing.. It was almost too much to bear.

“Oh …. This is incredible …. Almost too much …. Oh, this is perfect … ” I started to whisper, all the noise I could manage with the overwhelming sensations running though my body.

She started using her hand on my cock a little more, as I could feel her arm starting to shake canlı casino against my leg as she touched her herself. Then she lifted her mouth away from me, leaned her face into the crook of her elbow, and pushed up a little on her feet.

“Oh.. Oh …Oh … I’m going to cum … “

Her finger circled her clitoris faster as I tried to cup one hand under her head to support it and reach toward her breast with my other hand. She pressed her head against my hand, removed her hand from my penis and pressed, palm down, against my stomach, standing a little more.

“Oh … ooohhhhh ….” And she was silent, her body shaking, mouth open, her finger still circling her clitoris.

She hovered in this limbo for three seconds, then the orgasm passed and she crashed back to earth, exhaling loudly, twisting her body to kneel on both knees, then lifting her other foot to try and shake the last spasm of the orgasm out of her. Her hand gripped my cock again, and she aggressively put me back in her mouth, sucking with more urgency. I could feel the heat of her breath and the tongue on the bottom of my penis, urging me to reach my release. She wanted to make me come, and I was ready to let all of this energy out.

I leaned back, looking down at her as my hands ran through her hair once again. She wasn’t touching herself any more, concentrating fully on me. I started to feel my cum surging inside of me, I was about to release.

“Oh baby … Oh baby … Oh! I’m there!!!”

I was on the edge and waiting for her to lift her head, but to my surprise she didn’t — she kept me in her mouth, sucking harder, I could feel her tongue probing the base of my penis, slipping up the side. I couldn’t believe she wanted me to come in her mouth.

“Here I come …” I said, as one last warning.

Then I let the orgasm wash over me, feeling the energy build up and pour out, my penis pushing and pushing bursts into her as she continued to lick the shaft, smartly avoiding the super-sensitive head as I exploded. The warmth and sensation from the pressure of her mouth made me continue feeling surges of pleasure far after I had ejaculated all I could.

“Oh … thank you baby …” I whispered as I fell back.

She sat up and swallowed. “Glad you liked it.” She stood and kissed my cheek, whispering into my ear; “I don’t think I’m done yet, though.”

She stepped back and lay on the floor. I hadn’t noticed that she had returned her fingers between her legs, and now she pressed two inside her and removed them, still drawing moisture up toward her clitoris, circling slowly, then pressing downward to slip them in again. She had brought her other hand back to her breast and was once again pinching her nipple. She writhed on the ground, trying to find the perfect position, as she opened her legs further and cast her head back, moaning once again.

I sat and watched, mesmerized. Hearing her breathing, watching her body react to her touch was intoxicating. But the urge to touch her myself was growing inside of me. She opened her eyes, looked at me, and our eyes met. Our gaze locked on each other, as she non-verbally asked me to touch her.

I leaned over her, placing one arm next to her head to support myself and tracing my finger inside her knee. I bent down and kissed her, the kiss lingering for several seconds as my fingers worked their way down her thigh, closer and closer to her vagina. She withdrew her hand as my hand reached between her legs, and I slowly swirled my finger around the outside and parted the swollen, wet lips to reveal her clitoris. At the first sensation of my touch, she gasped for breath and flattened her body against the ground, kaçak casino hissing a moan of pleasure between her teeth.

As I lowered my head to her breast, I pressed two fingers inside her, feeling the moisture and warmth pulling me in. Her insides clenched against me, and she rolled back, letting out a moan as my tongue brushed her nipples. My fingers circled and her insides tightened with each swirl. I drew my fingers out and up, exposing and brushing her clitoris, pushing gently against it. She lifted her leg in response to the energy surging through her and grabbed my shoulder.

I wanted to do more than touch her; I wanted to make her fly into orgasm again. I kissed her stomach, replacing my tongue on her breast with my fingers, twisting around her nipples. I moved my body down and used two fingers to spread her lips apart, exposing her clitoris, and I leaned in to touch her most sensitive area with my tongue.

As I lightly brushed her clitoris she laid still, breathing heavily, eyes closed tight. I moved my body lower, releasing her breast, positioning my head to get a better angle and pressed my tongue into her, exhaling warm breath onto the top of where her lips opened, the warmth flowing down and around her clitoris. The sensation made her squirm.

I repositioned my fingers, reaching down so my two fingers kept her clitoris exposed to my probing tongue, while I was able to press my thumb inside her vagina. Unable to penetrate her too deeply with my thumb, her insides tried to pull me into her, as moisture flowed and the opening grabbed and held my thumb. I slowly moved my tongue upward, mimicking the motion of my thumb — slowly up and around the top of her clitoris as my thumb moved out, down and around the bottom as my thumb pressed in. I could feel more and more clenching coming from inside her, more moisture being pulled out with every stroke, and she started moaning louder, twisting her body more.

It felt as though her clitoris was growing against my tongue, seeking more and more pressure. I kept my thumb inside her a little deeper, started pinching my fingers together around her clitoris, brushing ever more gently with my tongue to keep the sensation going.

“Oh yes … oh … ohhhhh … that feels so good …,” she started to pant. She pushed her body up toward mine, and I reached under her with my free hand to support her bottom off the ground. She pushed against the floor, arched her back, and lifted her pelvis into the pressure of my hand and tongue. I could feel and hear her insides getting ever more wet; I could feel the orgasmic energy building up inside her.

“Oh my oh my oh my oh my,” she started to pant, pushing against me. “I’m going to cum … Oh!!!” And her body went taut, shivering with delight, suspended against me. I swirled my thumb inside her and pressed my tongue under her exposed clitoris, licking the underside of it, touching the soft skin between her spread lips and out to the end of the hard bundle of nerves.

“Aaahhh ….Ahhh….,” She had her mouth open, trying not to scream, trying to prolong the passion bursting from her. The orgasm burst through her as I felt her insides clench against my hand and remain still for three seconds, momentarily frozen in time.

Then she collapsed, her breath coming in hyper bursts.

“Oh, Oh, Oh … Oh stop … oh stop,” she breathed, as I lifted my head and withdrew my finger, sliding it to cover her clitoris. She closed her legs on my hand and rolled toward me, as I slid my body up along hers, wrapping my free arm around her and pulling her close to me.

We laid still, totally spent, the energy from our orgasms both gone but remaining within us at the same time. Our bodies felt melted together. We laid there, enjoying the closeness, about to fall asleep.

“Being with you is worth the wait,” I whispered.

“I agree,” she whispered back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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