A Trip to the Mountains Pt. 01

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Lissa & Mark were headed out of the city for a weekend away at a cabin in the mountains. It had been a stressful spring, & Lissa felt they deserved some time to unwind together, so she found a secluded little spot in the Pennsylvania hills for a getaway where they could be alone & do whatever they wanted. Being alone together always gave them plenty of things that they wanted to do.

Lissa was a gorgeous woman with a bright smile, sparkling green eyes, & a cutely-cropped shock of dark hair. She moved with a confident grace that suited her long, slim limbs perfectly, giving the impression of being much taller than her petite frame really was. Mark loved the way that her body fit into his arms when she cuddled up against him, & had a special fondness for her nice soft ass, which always seemed just slightly bigger than you’d expect. He was a tall man with kind eyes & big hands, hands that Lissa loved wrapped around her hips or her neck. She couldn’t wait to feel those fingers running all over her body all weekend.

Before that could happen, though, they needed to get to the cabin, & their GPS wasn’t helping much.

“I’m sure it was just down this road, I’m sure just saw that cross street…” Lissa swore as she rifled through her stack of papers.

The cabin really was in the middle of nowhere, which necessitated printing out directions & maps of the area. Unfortunately, the written instructions from the landlord were comically specific & not much use in finding the spot for the first time— “Turn left at Mrs. Jones’ farm, there should be a brown cow in the corner of the yard” — but Mark didn’t seem too worried.

“Hey, don’t worry about that. We got the coordinates, I can keep an eye out for that house number,” he said absentmindedly. The slow backcountry roads had given him an idea, & a grin casino siteleri crept over his face as he continued, “Here’s something you can do, though. All these long, winding roads with nobody around, why, it’s such a lonely drive. I sure could use a friendly hand to help relieve this tension…”

The corners of Lissa’s lips curled into a smile. “Is that so?” she asked, dropping the papers in her lap & leaning over to rest a hand on his thigh. “You need some help with this?” As she slid her fingers over his lap, she was not at all surprised to find he was already rock hard, but she still let out a little gasp to tease him.

Mark had a great cock, 8″ long & a perfect shape to slide inside her. She thought about the sticky drips of precum beginning to leak from the tip & absentmindedly licked her lips. It had been a while since she’d sucked him off on the road. It sounded like they were about 2 miles away, she wondered if she could make him cum before they arrived. Her thoughts were interrupted by a hand on the back of her head pulling her closer even as she unbuttoned his pants. Though Mark kept his eyes on the road, he couldn’t help but moan softly as her fingers wrapped around his shaft.

“Good girl,” he murmured as she took him into her warm mouth & teased his head with her tongue. “That’s what I like. That’s what I— uhh…” he trailed off as she leaned forward suddenly & took his cock as deep as he could. She felt his hips twitch with pleasure, pushing him even deeper into her throat.

“Jesus fuck, you’re a good little slut,” he said with a sigh. Lissa loved that. She wanted to be the perfect slut & drain every drop of cum from Mark’s big cock. Wasn’t that what a good girl deserved? “C’mere, bad girl…” he groaned as his hands slid from her neck down her back & lifted up the corner of her sundress. canlı casino She let out a soft purr of encouragement as his fingers found their way down the back of her panties & started to tease her tight little asshole. Her head bobbed faster & faster in his lap, stroking his shaft & hungrily lapping up his precum even as her own wetness started soaking into her panties.

“Hey, I think— mmm, that feels good, princess— unh, I think that we might be right in here…” Mark eased off the gas & slowly turned onto a long dirt road. Lissa was glad that Mark had remembered to look for the address, as she had been totally focused on getting her load before they arrived— a goal she had not forgotten. She picked up the pace as his huge dick rhythmically slid in & out of her mouth, sometimes taking him deeper than planned as they traveled across the bumpy road. Each thrust into the back of her throat sent a warm, throbbing feeling to her little cunt, making her greedily stroke him faster in pursuit of her hot thick load of cum.

“Oh my god, I’m going to— oh fuck!” Mark moaned through gritted teeth as the car grinded to a halt. His back arched beyond his control as he grabbed a handful of her hair & pushed her all the way down on his cock. It was then that he noticed the middle-aged woman working in the garden, not even 40 feet away. He began to realized that this house didn’t quite match the color of the one they were looking for. However, he did not know how to communicate these new facts to Lissa, who was bent over in his lap happily working over his cock, as the gardener climbed to her feet & started walking slowly to the car…

“Oh, fuck, Lissa, I think we might be— there’s a— oh god—”

But it was too late to stop now. He felt his heart beating faster as the orgasm shivered through his body, taking kaçak casino full control of his hips as he shot a huge load down Lissa’s throat. He prayed the gardener couldn’t see his face while he filled his eager slut’s mouth with cum. Lissa’s moans were muffled by the huge cock as she tried to take every last drop— but she could feel a few sticky drips sliding down her chin. She loved having her throat used like a good little slut, especially when she got such a nice reward.

Lissa’s head was already reeling when she sat back up, so nothing could have prepared her for the sudden entrance of a third party. She was 20 feet away now, could she see Mark rushing to zip his pants up over his still-huge cock? Did she notice Lissa popping up in the passenger seat suddenly with the naughtiest smirk? She tried to collect her thoughts, but it was impossible to smile without blushing a furious red… Mark rolled down the window as she arrived at the car.

“Oh, um, err, good evening, ma’am—” Mark stammered.

“Howdy,” the gardener greeted them bemusedly. “Haven’t seen you around here before, I’m Mary Jones. You staying down the road at the cabin?”

“Oh, yes! That’s us! So sorry to intrude on your—” Lissa started, but Mary laughed & shook her head.

“Ehh, don’t you worry about that. There’s not so much to do up in these parts, I’ve caught my fair share of teenagers around my property…” She paused as if searching for the right word. “…necking. But I’m sure you’re good kids. It’s only about a mile down the road from here, can’t miss it.”

The couple thanked Mary, laughing nervously as they pulled away. It was only when Lissa checked her hair in the rearview mirror that she noticed the last few pearls of cum running from her neck down to her collarbone. Her cheeks burned hot with embarrassment, but she couldn’t help but giggle.

“Mark! Do you think she…?” He laughed sheepishly as Lissa playfully punched his arm they had a fun weekend ahead of them, and it would be far from the last load Lissa would take.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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