A Trip to the Islands Ch. 02

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The story continues with Chad and Susan going to a secluded cove for some fun in the sun, and the water, and the hotel room. Please comment and let me know what you think. No criticism is even worse, than harsh criticism.

Chad woke up that morning just as he had been earlier, naked and in the chair. It was 10:00 am and he needed coffee bad. He took a shower, dressed, and then started downstairs to the café just outside the hotel. It was a nice little place, not to busy and quiet.

He sat down at a table where he could look out into the street. Chad loved to just sit and watch people move about. From out of the café, a beautiful Carmel colored woman walked up, asking him what he’d like.

“Do you have any coffee here?” he asked.

“Yes Sir, right away, anything else?”

“No I don’t think so right now.” The pretty waitress turned to head back inside. He noticed the way her summer dress flowed around her body. As he waited for the coffee to get there, his thoughts drifted back to last nights events. ‘Man, did that really happen? Who was this woman?’ he thought to himself.

His coffee arrived, breaking his thoughts of the memorable moment. “Thank you very much; that will hit the spot,” he said to the waitress.

“I’m sorry to bother you and I hope this doesn’t sound too forward but; were you out dancing last night?” the pretty woman asked.

“Yes I was. I met this really nice woman at the hotel pool yesterday and we went out to a club not too far from here,” he told her.

“I thought that you were the same person. My name is Monica; I was at the club too and enjoyed watching you two last night. You’re very good,” she told Chad.

“Well thank you Monica. Although I can’t take all the credit; I had a good partner,” Chad said.

“The lady you were with, you said you just meet her yesterday?”

“That’s right; we sort of bumped into each other at the pool. Not a bad way to start your vacation is it?” Chad told her.

“Are you going to be seeing her again then?”

“I don’t know I just got up and we didn’t talk about it much.” Chad wondered where this was going. ‘Is this girl hitting on me or just curious?’ he thought.

“Well if you want, I could give you some hints on where to go around here. It seemed the two of you were getting somewhat close. If you would like a little, shall we say, private time; I know just the place,” she said.

Chad listened to Monica for a while as she told him of the nice spots to go, and things to do. She seemed to know all the hidden spots, even though this was a place tourist normally vacationed. One particular thing to do seemed to get his interest. The coffee was good and strong, just as he preferred it. Even though he didn’t get a lot of sleep last night, he seemed ready to go again today. Chad decided to head back to the hotel and see what was happening by the pool.

He was walking through the lobby when he heard her voice. “Well I was hoping to run into you again.”

“Susan: well it sure is a pleasure to see you again. I hope you slept well last night,” he said.

“Best night sleep I’ve had in a while, actually,” she said.

“So Miss Ross, what do you have planned for today?”

“Well nothing really; I guess what ever it is you’re doing. That is if you haven’t met someone to replace me,” she said with a smile.

“That might be a bit hard to do. How about we go back up stairs and get into our bathing suits and I’ll meet you back here?” Susan agreed and as she went to her room to change, Chad went to the front desk and had them make some phone calls. ‘Yes this was going to be a wonderful vacation; hopefully for both of them,’ he thought.

As promised, she was back in a flash. She had on a nice little blue one piece with a wrap around her waist. Chad had to admit he could really start to fall for this woman. “Ok, so what did you have in mind?”

“I’ll let it be a surprise for now,” he said.

“Oh goody; I like surprises,” she said in a mock little girl voice. They went outside to a hail a cab. Chad gave him the name of the rental place he was looking for, and they sped off down the street. It was a beautiful ride to the other end of the island; in no time, they were at their destination.

He took her by the hand, as they walked up to the rental store. This seemed to bring a smile to Susan’s face. She squeezed his hand to let him know she was enjoying her time with him. There was a man at the counter; he seemed weathered from years out in the sun and more than likely; the water. “Hi, my name is Chad Franklin and I believe you have a reservation for me.”

“Yes Sir, here you are. The boat is in stall eleven at the end of the first dock,” he said. As he filled out the papers, he told him of the earlier conversation he had at the café with Monica.

“So, you’re the one that Monica said would be coming over today,” he said. “She told me to send the two of you to the cove, and give you this.” He gave him a large backpack. When Chad put it over his shoulder, casino siteleri it was very cold. “It’s really quiet at the cove, and you can only get there by boat. You and the lovely lady should have a good time.” The old man pointed it out on a map so Chad could find it easily enough, and sent them on their way.

“So meeting other women on the side, are we Mr. Franklin?” She said jokingly as they walked down the docks.

“Not really Susan; just a waitress who wanted to give me some advice on women.”

From the way you performed last night, I didn’t think you needed any advice.” Susan said. Chad just shook his head pathetically. He wasn’t about to get started on this again, not just yet anyway. They reached the stall and discovered that it was a beautiful little speedboat. “I take it from the conversation back there, that were going to some secluded cove,” she said.

“Well I thought it we would take a little boat ride today. I hope you don’t mind, do you?” he asked.

“Not at all, sounds like some fun. You are just full of special surprises today,” she said. He pulled away from the docks and headed down the lush coastline. The water was like glass today, with very little wind, and not too hot. Susan leaned back in the seat and Chad could see her ample cleavage, as she spun the chair towards him.

“Well, Mr. Franklin, what else did you have in mind on such a lovely day?” she asked.

“I thought it would be a nice idea if we went for a swim in something other than a pool; with hopefully less people around.”

“That sounds like a wonderful idea! Is that what you and Monica were discussing?” She asked.

Chad looked into her eyes, which were sparkling. “She told me that if I wanted to please a lady, then I would need to do something special for her.”

“Well I would have to say Chad; you are scoring an awful lot of points so far,” she told him.

“Oh goodie I like scoring points. What do I redeem the points for?” he asked.

“The more points you get; the better the prize is!” she replied. Chad just smiled at her, hoping to make some serious points this afternoon.

They reached the cove and it was just as Monica said it would be. The little beach was back in behind an outcrop of small cliffs and trees it was so secluded that the only way there was by boat. You wouldn’t even know it was there, unless someone else took you there. Chad pulled the boat in until they were out of sight from anyone passing by. He tossed the anchor in and tied it off. It would prove to be a long walk back if the boat drifted off.

“Well, I’d have to say this is the most beautiful spot I have ever been to Chad. Are you sure we’re going to be alone?” she asked.

“From what Monica told me about it; this is an out of the way place which not too many folks go to,” he said.

Chad reached down and opened the backpack. “More surprises for me? Are you sure you’re not some ‘James Bond’ kind of guy?”

“Well my dear we can’t come all the way out here and have anything to drink, now can we?” he said in his best secret agent voice. Chad pulled the ice-cold bottle of champagne out, and along with it, a container of fresh strawberries.

“Let’s see if I can recap the day so far. You have a conversation with a waitress. You take me to a secluded beach. Then you produce a bottle of champagne, and you just happen to have strawberries. Are we planning on doing any swimming at all?” she said.

“Well, it would seem a waste of such crystal clear water. Besides we did bring our swim suits out here.”

Chad passed her a glass, and she drank the bubbly liquid quickly. Putting the glass down on the dashboard, she pulled the wrap away from her hips and let it fall to the deck. “Let’s see how warm the water is today.” Susan stepped up on the side and jumped in. The water was about 4 to 5 feet deep where he anchored and Susan seemed to glide in the water. Chad checked the anchor rope once more and jumped in after her. He swam up next to her, giving her a little splash.

“Water seems to be really nice,” she said.

“I agree, it’s even warm enough to not even have a suit on.”

“You know; I was thinking the same thing,” she said seductively. Susan moved her hands up to the top of her shoulders’ and slid the straps down her arms slowly. “I do believe this is the kind of swimming you had in mind,” she said. Chad could only stare as she started removing her swimsuit, allowing her breast to slip free. “Are you going to just stare – or join me?”

Chad began to slide his shorts down. ‘Now this is the way to spend your vacation,’ he thought.

Chad watched as she continued to take her suit off. Since she was an exquisite woman, he enjoyed looking at her body. She tossed the bathing suit into the boat and began to swim around him slowly. He felt like a shark was stalking him, so he finished taking his shorts off. Once they were clear of his feet, he tossed them in the boat next to hers; then dove under the water. Chad slowly went up her body, canlı casino rubbing his hands on her skin as he slid up. When he broke the surface, his hard cock was pressing up against her belly.

“Well, I think we have a habit of bumping into each other when we’re swimming,” she said.

“Someone as beautiful as you, I enjoy bumping into,” Chad said. Susan reached down and gently stroked his cock, quickly making it throb in her hand.

“It would appear to me that someone enjoys a little bit of skinny dipping.” Susan told him.

“It’s really kind of relaxing being naked in the ocean,” he said.

“If you’re this hard when you’re relaxed; I would love to feel it when you’re stressed,” she replied, with a smile. Susan released his cock, and Chad swam for the boat.

Chad boarded the boat from the steps in the back and reached down for the backpack. Pulling the champagne from the ice, he asked if she would like another sip. Looking at Chad, she ran her tongue across her lips seductively.

“I just love champagne, it makes me feel all warm inside,” she said. Susan moved to the side of the boat and Chad began to reach down for her glass; suddenly when she stopped him. “You don’t need that,” she said as she opened her mouth and tilted her head back.

Chad slowly poured the cold fluid into her mouth, until it was full. Susan closed her lips; spilling some of it out of the corner of her mouth. Looking into his eyes, she swallowed the champagne and smiled. “Oops, looks like I missed some!” she said as she licked her lips to get the champagne that leaked out.

“You seem to enjoying teasing me Miss Ross,” he told her.

“It makes the prizes that much more enjoyable, don’t you think?” she said.

Chad reached down, pulled one of the strawberries’ out, and then turned to her. She was still hanging onto the side of the boat, smiling like a cat that just ate the canary. He placed the berry on her lips as Susan slowly opened her mouth, allowing it to slide past her lips. He slid it in and out of her mouth, forcing her lips to close around it like a small cock.

Chad could hear her moan as he manipulated the fruit between her lips. “Do you want the strawberry Susan?” Susan just nodded her head and moaned. “Do you want me to slide it into your mouth; so you can taste the juices?”

He pulled the berry from her lips. “Yes: I want you to push it into my mouth; please.” Chad placed it back on Susan’s lips and her mouth instinctively opened. As he slid the berry in, he allowed one of his fingers to slip into her mouth and brush her tongue. Susan moved her tongue to the meet the new invader in her mouth. She tried desperately to close her lips around it.

Chad quickly moved his finger to her lips, making her whimper in disapproval. “Would you like me to give it back to you?” He asked teasingly.

“Yes!” she pleaded.

Chad was starting to figure out that Susan liked to have someone slightly torment her, to a certain extent. “Where do you want me to put it again?” he asked. Susan had her eyes closed and was whimpering louder. “I asked you a question,” he demanded.

“My mouth; please put it back in my mouth!” she pleaded. Chad placed his finger against her lips. She wasted no time in sucking it as far as she could into her mouth. She ran her tongue back and forth and at one point, she was trying to wrap her tongue all the way around it.

He pulled his finger out again and leaned down, kissing her full on the lips. His tongue had snaked out, fighting with hers. “I think I need to cool off a bit,” he told her, then jumped into the water with her. Chad moved towards the beach to where the water was just above his cock. He turned around and saw that Susan was following him. She had a glassy look in her eyes, as if drugged, or even worse – possessed.

Susan moved up against him, wrapping her arms around his neck. They kissed each other hard, his hands roaming up against her nipples causing them to become as hard as small pointed rocks. She raised one of her legs up his body and wrapped it around his back. Chad slid his hands down her hips and picked her up, her other leg wrapping around him to join the other one. Chad’s cock was rubbing up against her shaved pussy, causing her clit to jump and twitch against the hardness.

“We shouldn’t be doing this, but it feels so good!” she breathed in his ear. Chad began to thrust his hips back and forth in a fucking motion, causing her to whimper against his neck.

“If you want me to stop, all you have to do is tell me, and I will,” he said teasingly.

“Yes, I mean no; oh my God that feels good! You should stop before it gets too hard: I mean goes too far,” she whimpered.

“Which is it, Susan? Stop; or keep going?” he asked. The illicit behavior of it all was too much for her senses.

“Oh the hell with it; keep going: please!”

Her body was almost weightless as he lifted her up. Chad moved her up until his hard cock was at the entrance to her pussy. He was lightly biting kaçak casino her lower neck; and in one swift movement, brought Susan down onto his hard cock.

“Oh my God Chad…!” Susan screamed out in a mix of pain and pleasure, as Chad’s cock thrust into her body. With her arms wrapped tightly around his neck, Chad moved her up and down in the water; literally jacking himself off with her body. Susan’s clit was rubbing wildly against his body causing her to shudder with small orgasms, repeatedly, while he assaulted her pussy and sucked on the side of her neck.

“Do you want me to make you cum?” he asked her. Susan was whimpering loudly and she tried to speak, but could only manage sounds at this point. Chad stopped moving her body and she became crazy with lust. She tried to move her body back and forth trying to finish, but couldn’t.

“Do you want to cum?” he asked again slowly.

“Yes! Please make me cum!” she whined.

“Tell me where my cock is right now.” She looked at him confused but still moved her hips, trying to make herself cum.

“In my pussy?” she asked.

“Not a good enough answer: I guess I should stop.” Susan soon realized what he demanded of her.

“It’s in my pussy! Your thick cock is in my slutty little pussy!” she told him. Chad began to piston her faster and faster, all the while, sucking one of her enlarged nipples hard. Susan could not stand anymore! One of the largest orgasms of her life started to rack her body like an earthquake! “Oh Jesus fucking Christ; I’m cumming so hard!” she screamed. It was a good thing they were off the beaten path, or someone would have thought she was in trouble and run over to see who was in pain.

Chad held her body tightly as she started to calm down. Running his hands through her hair, he softly kissed her neck and face. “You don’t play fair, do you?” Susan said as she began to regain control of her body.

“I’ve been known to cheat a little bit now and then,” he said smiling.

“I need another drink. Let’s go back to the boat and relax,” Susan told him. Susan pulled away and started to swim back to the boat. Chad could tell that she was still recovering as she climbed back into the boat wobbling. Even in her shaken state, she was still stunning as she threw her legs over.

Chad joined her in the boat and sat down on one of the seats along the side. Susan passed a glass of champagne over to him and he took a long pull off it. He could not take his eyes off her body. She was a beautiful woman who could possess a man’s mind and turn him into mush with a single glance.

Susan moved to where he was sitting and knelt in front of him; his cock was bobbing steadily at her face. With one hand holding her glass, she reached up with the other and slowly stroked his cock. “I think that someone needs some attention,” she said. Chad could only look on as she ran her tongue over the shaft.

Susan stopped and took a drink of her champagne and renewed her efforts with her tongue. The sudden chill on his skin turned his cock rock hard, causing him to suck in his breath suddenly. “Oh shit that’s cold!” he cried out.

“Well it doesn’t seem to bother your friend here,” she said smiling at him.

Susan took another drink and seemed to be holding it in her mouth. She was looking into his eyes with a little smile, and then suddenly leaned over and slid her mouth over the end of his cock. The cold liquid and her warm moist mouth caused Chad to cry out in ecstasy. ‘This was going to be a long afternoon; maybe,’ he thought to himself.

Chad could not believe the sensations that were traveling through his body. Every nerve in his throbbing cock was going into overdrive. “Oh my God, I’ve never felt like this before!” he cried. Susan was taking her time. It was almost as if she was torturing him with just her mouth; not that he was complaining. Chad opened his eyes and looked down at her. Her head was slowly moving up and down the length of his cock.

When she worked her mouth down, he could feel her tongue sliding across it. Then moving her mouth up, she would slide her hand up with it. Stroking it as if trying to will the hot cum into her throat. She pulled her mouth up; at first, Chad thought she would get another drink. Instead, she kissed him deeply on the mouth, fighting his tongue with hers. Susan pulled her mouth away and began to pull on his tormented cock.

“Don’t cum yet: I’m not finished,” she whispered. With that, she began to masturbate him, at the same time, sucking on his nipples. No one had ever done this to him and his mind was racing.

‘I hope she doesn’t expect me to hold out too much longer,’ he thought to himself. Susan moved her lips up his chest to his neck, biting and sucking. This caused Chad to throw his head back. She could tell he was gasping for air.

“Not yet. You’ll know when I’m ready, but you’ll have to hold on a little longer!” she said.

“Please Susan, I don’t think I can last much longer!” he cried out.

Susan continued her assault with her hand and mouth. As she sucked on his neck, he could feel her tits rubbing up against his cock and her hand. Chad resisted the temptation to throw her down on the deck and shove his needing cock into her.

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