A Trip to Sydney

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Reading your text conjures up images of us in some illicit tryst in a luxury hotel. We meet, there’s no time to speak, you take my hand and we walk to the lift. In the room you push me up against the wall. Later we talk for hours until you touch me again…

Don’t ask me to say this on the phone, you know I can’t, besides I know you with your fertile imagination, you probably have a much more exciting version.

Helen’s message played on my mind as the plane thundered down the runway, stood on its tail and climbed into the endless blue. My heart was thumping. Not scared of flying but almost in a state of shock that I was actually doing this.

‘This’, was flying to Sydney. ‘This’, was going to meet Helen who had captured my imagination. This, was finding out if the elusive spark would be there or not.

Of course, the mundane, ostensible reason for flying to Sydney was work. I was being sent along by the law firm I work for to observe proceedings in a long running wrangle being conducted in the Sydney manifestation of the Federal Court of Australia. I had a week of living out of a suitcase to look forward to, that and trying to stay awake whilst the tediously dry details of some fallen businessman’s bankruptcy were picked over until the entrails became desiccated beyond recognition.

Helen and I were students on a distance learning course and apparently my witticisms on the Facebook page for those on the course had caught her eye. She sent a personal message. Suffice to say we became firm friends almost immediately, friends with a healthy side of flirtation to the point of open admission of attraction to one another. Brisbane and Sydney are not exactly neighbours so that side of things simply bubbled away under the surface of day-to-day chat and banter about all and sundry by messages, texts and occasional phone calls. I had talked her through her experiences with online dating. Even, curiously to some perhaps, discussing the merits of those who had got past the coffee and dinner stage and into her bedroom. We had accepted somewhere along the way that there would never be an ‘us’.

When I told her that I had a trip to Sydney coming up, her response had been without pause.

“I’ll get to meet you at last!”

I needn’t have worried that she might feel under pressure to meet when she didn’t want to.

I was arriving on a Sunday evening, expecting to be up and out to court first thing. We’d arranged to meet for dinner on Tuesday at 7pm and I hoped the case didn’t go short on Monday because I couldn’t justify staying down in Sydney if that happened.

As I flew south my mind was filled with questions. Would our naturally easy relationship be just as easy in person? Would she still find me attractive in reality? Would we…well, have sex? Or just say goodnight have a friendly hug and peck on the cheek? I realised that I didn’t mind either way, I wanted to meet someone I felt I knew well.

Monday transpired to be rather less dried out than I anticipated and the day sped past. I spoke to Helen quite late and confirmed the next day’s date. Tuesday dragged. The running around of a first day of trial was over and the tedium began. Or was it that I could scarcely contain my nervous excitement about that evening’s rendezvous?

When I emerged from court that afternoon, I checked my phone and found a message from Helen.

“What time do you finish in court? I’ll be down in town, meet you there?”

It was almost 5pm.

“Bugger,” I exclaimed out loud. “I hope I haven’t missed her.”

I was phoning her as my mind raced.

“Hello,” she answered the call.

“Hi Helen. I’m free.”

“Great! See you outside the court building in five.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

I sat on a low wall outside St James’s church opposite the steps to the Federal Court, my heavy folders beside me. Five minutes dragged then she was there, standing before me.

“It’s me, Philip,” I stated somewhat lamely.

“I’d never have guessed.”

Our grins echoed between us. How do you greet someone who’s a friend you’ve never met? After a moment’s pause I simply put my arms around her and kissed her on both cheeks.

“So good to see you at last.” More or less we said the same thing at the same time.

“Look, I’ve got these bloody files to get rid of and the hotel is just around the corner. Would you mind if I drop them off then we can go get a drink and dinner?” I spoke with the haste borne of nervousness.

“Sure, that’s fine.” Helen sounded so much more relaxed casino oyna than I felt.

“How come you’re free so early?”

“Mum volunteered to take the kids earlier than I’d asked. She thought it might be nice.”

“Nice? Don’t swear at me,” my eyes sparkled, “It’s bloody great! Today was so very tedious and I might have been drunk by the time seven came around.”

Helen responded, “Always the comedian.”

I smiled even more broadly.

“What?” She challenged.

“You love it really.”

“Don’t be so sure.” Her narrowed eyes, as if to dismiss me, were betrayed by an accompanying smile.

“This is it.”

We walked into the lobby of the hotel.

“You can wait here for me if you like?” I didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable coming up to a hotel room with me moments after our first meeting.

“Don’t be silly, I’d be bored down here on my own!”

Helen obviously understood my reasons for asking, though her mischievous look made me wonder whether she wanted to have something to entertain her, or not.

The ride up to my floor in the lift was passed in silence. Not an uncomfortable one, more a reflective one. I handed her the door card so I didn’t have to put the files down. Once inside I walked briskly to the desk in the corner and dumped them. I saw Helen still near the door, leaning against the wall, simply watching me.

“What?” I asked. It was my turn to challenge.

“Nothing.” Helen was a picture of insouciance.

“I might get changed, if that’s ok?” I was already untying my laces and casting off my shoes and socks.

“Can I watch?” Helen’s question took me by surprise.

I stepped toward her with a quizzical look on my face. My mind was desperately trying to divine whether she was serious or just teasing me. Face to face her deadpan expression didn’t change. She put her hands on my shoulders and kissed me. Our lips met tentatively at first, slow, delicate almost but with increasing urgency amid rising passion.

“Still want me to undress?” I said as we parted.

“Only if you undress me too,” Helen softly replied.

My hands at her back found the tab of the zip between her shoulder blades. With our faces close, eyes gazing into eyes, I slid the little runner down slowly, my forefinger brushed over her smooth, warm skin all the way until I could feel the lace of her knickers a fraction before the stop. I smoothed my palms up her sides and slid them over her shoulders. With deliberation my fingers hooked the broad strips of fabric on each side and slipped them sideways. Dipping my head I followed one side with my lips. With eyes closed, her shape, her delicate skin, her scent, filled my mind. Then her dress began to slip away from my hands at the tops of her arms. It caught at her wrists, her heavy bangle and watch holding the fabric across her midriff. My response was instinctive and I pinned her wrists to the wall, my lips trailing across her collarbone to the swell of her breasts. With the touch of my lips I found the edge of her bra and followed that tantalising line across one soft peak to the other. My tongue flicked, capturing the taste, augmenting the intoxicating scent of her skin.

I paused to look up at her and found her throat bared, her head tilted back against the wall in surrender.

At her ear I whispered, “I want you.”

“Yes,” she replied.

The dress slipped and pooled at her feet as my hands spread across her back, one sliding up into her hair pulling her head back, tilting her face to meet mine. The other hand slipped down over the curve of her bottom, cupping, gripping and pulling her up to me. Lust rushed through both of us, into our urgent kissing, lips crushed against each other, tongues fighting between us. My right hand went to the clasp at the back of her bra; I consciously slowed my fumbling hands to accomplish their mission. I slipped the straps off her shoulders and she shrugged the cups free and it fell to the floor. My hands swept up her flanks and moved inward to fill with the warm, pliant flesh of her pretty breasts. My thumbs ran over the stiffened nubs of her nipples bringing a sharp intake of breath from her. My eyes found hers half hooded with desire.

I held her gaze, slid my right hand firmly down over her belly and into the front of her knickers. Her eyes widened with the rush of stimulation to her slick, swollen flesh, mine with the discovery of her bald pussy, smooth, slippery, warm. She bucked her hips instinctively as I teased around the edges of her rapidly canlı casino blossoming flower and my fingertips skated over the sheen of her juices. My kisses and the flicks of my tongue around her mouth echoed the movements of my fingers. Helen’s breaths were shallow and rapid; the irregular jerking of her pelvis grew more pronounced. My fingers found the wide pout of her cunt and my tongue the parting of her lips and both thrust as one. She jolted as the twin assault sent a surge of electricity through her tensed body. High up inside her my three fingers began a powerful forward and back motion. Very quickly her insides seemed to liquefy; hot, molten, her clutching overpowered as she raced to a leg-buckling climax. Her hands clung to me, her face buried in my shoulder, mine in her hair as my fingers stilled, conscious of her hyper sensitivity as she came down.

Walking backwards I pulled her toward the bed as Helen’s hands fumbled with my belt buckle and the fastening of my suit trousers. Mine flicked open the buttons on my shirt and, taking over, I pushed both my trousers and briefs down and in one movement lay Helen back on the bed.

My arms hooked under the backs of her knees and pushed her legs high and wide. She was splayed open, ready to receive my rampant cock. She reached down and guided the blunt head to her engorged sex. I slid inside her with ease, pausing, fully impaled.

“That feels so good.” Helen muttered through a long moan of pleasure.

“I think I like Sydney,” was my grunted retort.

“Oh God.” I wasn’t sure if Helen was exasperated by my comment or simply overwhelmed with sensation.

I began to fuck her with measured, powerful strokes occasionally pausing to tease at the cusp of her entrance with my smooth crown, before again plunging full length into her. I wanted this to last, this first time with this glorious woman. When I reached the very limit I stopped, sheathed in her heat and kissed her lips, her face, her neck, her breasts with soft, spine tingling kisses imparting a white heat of intense desire.

“Take me from behind?”

I grunted my assent as I slipped out and she hastily turned onto her knees, face pressed into the bed. I stood and admired her displayed treasures before sinking to my knees behind her and running my tongue over the reddened, swollen flesh of her vulva, smooth, hot and wet. Long, broad, deep licks from her stiff clit upwards through her furrow and high to her pulsing anus, swirling around that dark little star, delighting in the deep moan that elicited from Helen’s throat.

I stood and pressed my still glistening cock to her sopping slit and drove deep inside. There was no holding back now. My thumbs slipped repeatedly along the cleft of her arse, teasing the sensitive little hole remorselessly. With the pounding of my shaft and the toying of my thumbs it wasn’t long before Helen’s unintelligible cries signaled her second orgasm and shortly after I gripped her hips and growled out my own release, my jerking cock spurting time after time into her.

I lay on the bed beside Helen and held her to me, wrapped tight in my arms, feeling our bodies calming after the storm of lust that had just raged.

Helen raised her head, tenderly kissed me and spoke softly:

“Will you take me out for dinner?”

“I thought you’d never ask. I’m famished!” I replied, smiling at her.

“I’ll want more later you know,” Helen spoke seriously.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be hungry again by then.”

With that we rolled around, wrestling on the bed until I had her pinned down, wrists by the sides of her head, my legs trapping hers.

“Come and have a shower with me,” I said.

I pulled her to her feet and we shuffled, wrapped in each other, to the en suite. With tender care and close curiosity I washed her all over, taking the time to explore her body, not just the pleasing curves of her breasts and bum but the smoothness between her thighs, her shoulders, collar bones, back, sternum, belly, thighs, hips. Helen returned the favour, smiling, as I again grew firm in her grasp.

“I’ll be hard again for you later I can assure you,” I murmured.

Helen sank to her knees, gave my cock a long slow lick and popped the taut crown in her mouth as she swirled her tongue around it. Then she was on her feet again.

“It better be.”

15 minutes later we were out on the now dark street heading for a place Helen knew. A bar she had found whilst on one of her string of dead end dates.

Drinks, followed by dinner was an easy kaçak casino affair and, with the unknown element removed, we relaxed in each other’s company. Free to talk and just be. Under it all ran a thread of flirtation, fuelled by the anticipation of what was to come. Time raced by and leaving the restaurant we walked, laughing a little too loudly on account of the wine, toward the hotel again.

“So, you’re coming back up?” I asked despite Helen’s earlier certainty. I didn’t want to take it for granted.

“Don’t you want me to?” She asked softly.

I looked at Helen with an expression of incredulity.

“Well?” She persisted.

“Of course I do,” my voice was suddenly quieter and more serious. “Can you stay all night?”


Nothing more was said until the hotel room door clicked shut behind us. I ushered Helen to the huge windows looking out over the city. I stood her, in the dark, facing the glass and methodically undressed her of all but her hold-up stockings and shoes.

“Put your hands against the glass Helen,” I whispered hoarsely.

She did so without demur and waited as I removed my own clothes. The familiar sounds seemed loud in the quiet of the room. My hands slid softly down the smooth skin of her back and over her buttocks. With my foot I pushed hers apart. I slipped one hand between her thighs and found her wet heat. I drew my fingertips back and her lips sprung apart, her molten core oozing over them.

“Don’t move,” I commanded.

She stayed in place but I saw her looking around at me as I undressed. I swatted her arse with a flat hand.

“I said don’t move!”

“Oh God!” She gasped.

I spanked her again.

“Your lips moved,” I was grinning as I spoke.


A third slap silenced her save for her shallow, ragged panting.

I stood directly behind her and pressed down on my burgeoning erection, placing it between her thighs, letting the topside of it slide forward over her slick sex to emerge in front of her. Helen released a low, keening moan. With slow deliberation, I slid the flat of my hand around her flank and up between her breasts, spreading my fingers wide as I reached her collarbones, spanning across the base of her throat. I could feel her body trembling with desire, her breathing uneven, heart rate elevated. Even as I took these details in I was drawing my cock back and forth with a studied, slow control that I struggled to find.

I pulled back a little further and the engorged helmet of my prick lodged in Helen’s fully bloomed sex, her heat enveloping and radiating far beyond. I paused for as long as humanly possible and smiled wryly as I felt her pushing her hips back toward me, seeking more. My hand met her pale arse with a sharp thwack, breaking through the soft sounds of our laboured breathing.

“Fuck me Philip…now, please!” She begged.

That same hand gripped her hip, the other curling a little closer around her delicate throat and with almost cruel languor I pressed forward, sinking my thick shaft inexorably up inside her until the tops of my thighs met her buttocks. I pushed home hard and straightened my legs fully, forcing Helen up onto her toes, impaled, caught.

The hand at her throat moved around to grasp her hair and turn her face to me. I leaned in and met her lips with mine and we kissed with voracious hunger. My other hand captured her breast, fingers and thumb clamping the nipple firmly, pinching and tugging. Helen’s reaction moaned through our kiss. I moved my hand down over the slope of her belly to the juncture of her stretched cunt, finding the stiff little nub, rhythmically squeezing the whole area between my forefinger and thumb.

“Come for me Helen,” I hissed, our faces still close.

“Oh God, yessss…don’t stop, don’t stop!”

I could feel Helen’s thighs shaking with the rush of her wave of release, her panting breath on me, her hands clenching, one slapping at the glass, then a rush of wet heat flooded my cock, my balls and down the fronts of my thighs and tension seemed to sweep from her body.

“Now I’m going to fuck you.”

And I did; hard, long, unrelenting thrusts. Each forward push hitting high up inside her cunt, pulling back until the crown of my pole threatened to leave her entirely before surging back inside, the shaft dragging over the puffy, distended flesh of her inflamed lips.

“Oh Helen, Helen… I’m coming…”

As we both returned to Earth, I held her back close against my chest, head tucked under my uplifted chin and we stayed like that for an age.

Eventually, Helen broke my encircling arms and faced me, one hand on my chest the other to the side of my face.

We said nothing yet our eyes said everything.

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