The Roommates

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Josh and I had been roommates for all of three months when he walked in on me naked. Well, partially naked. Let me explain. We were sharing a small two-bedroom apartment in Queens that I had found the previous summer. My former roommate, a friend from college, had relocated and Josh found me when I posted her bedroom on Craigslist. I had never lived with a guy before, but Josh seemed nice (and normal) and he had a steady job working at a law-firm. The fact that he was cute didn’t deter me. If anything, it was a bonus. Not that I had any intentions toward him. I was seeing someone when he moved in, and I’d heard enough horror stories about roommates becoming romantically or sexually entangled. We became friends, but that was basically it.

On the day in question – the day he saw me partially naked – I had awoken relatively late. It was a weekday and Josh was at work, or so I believed. I work at a restaurant and my shift doesn’t start until the evening, so I rolled out of bed around noon (this was later than usual) and made my way to the kitchen pretty much naked. I was wearing a pair of panties, but they were lace, see-through, and didn’t leave much to the imagination. In fact, catching myself in the hallway mirror, I was slightly turned on, and was actually tempted to return to bed and play with myself.

I opened the refrigerator to pour myself some orange juice when I heard his voice.

“Whoa!” he cried. “Sorry, Claire.”

Josh was standing in the doorway to the kitchen, backing away from me actually . . . he was wearing an undershirt and a pair of briefs. I was standing in the middle of the room in a thong. It was awkward. I couldn’t even cover my boobs immediately, because one hand was holding a carton of orange juice, casino oyna and the other hand was holding a glass.

“Um, Josh! I didn’t know you were home!”

His face was red and he had trouble looking me directly in the eye. “Yeah,” he said. “I wasn’t feeling so well, so I called in sick.”

“Ok!” I practically yelped. I didn’t know what to say. Neither did Josh, apparently. I couldn’t help noticing that there was a distinct bulge in the front of his black briefs. Josh shyly returned to his room and I bolted for mine.

In fact, I locked the door.

A few minutes later, I heard the shower running, which I used as an excuse to get dressed and get out of the apartment. When I returned, Josh was asleep in bed and it was time for me to go to work.


Several weeks passed and nothing particularly unusual happened. No nudity. No awkwardness. Although I did notice that neither of us seemed exactly careful about walking the halls in our underwear. But really, that was it.

I guess it was a month after Josh had seen my boobs that I first saw his cock. I guess it was inevitable, given the close quarters – and mounting sexual tension – but still it was pretty astonishing. Not the cock, but the circumstances under which I saw it. Ok, the cock was astonishing too.

By this time, Josh and I were close friends, and we allowed each other certain liberties. For instance, I didn’t mind him borrowing a book now and then from my room, and he never protested if I used the computer he kept in his bedroom (mine was broken).

Again, a misunderstanding brought us together. It was late in the day on a Saturday, and I was under the impression that Josh was out seeing friends. Indeed, that’s what he’d told me he’d be doing that canlı casino day. I was spending a lazy afternoon at home and needed to look something up on the Internet. When I opened the door to his room (without knocking! stupid Claire!), I almost made it to his desk before I realized I wasn’t alone.

Josh was in bed, completely naked, and masturbating vigorously with his eyes closed. His right fist was wrapped around the head of his dick and his left hand was massaging the underside of his balls. At a glance I could tell that he was pretty close to climax. I guess he hadn’t heard me enter, because he didn’t look up or say anything. He had headphones on (I learned later that Josh liked to get off while listening to classical music – weirdo). For a moment, I just stood there, kind of mesmerized. I should have left immediately, but he hadn’t seen me. His body was rather amazing: muscled, slightly tanned, culminating with a shockingly thick penis. I’d never really spent much time actually watching a boy jerk off and it was incredibly hot. I was so overcome that I nearly forgot that I wasn’t supposed to be there.

However, what I saw next made me break my silence. Josh reached for something half-hidden beneath his leg, a piece of bright fabric which he wrapped around the tip of his erection. He was about to blow his load and I was about to bolt from the room. What stopped me was a sudden realization that he’d somehow procured a pair of my underwear – a nice pair! – and was about to empty himself into it! I’m sorry, but what the hell?

“Hey!” I shouted.

Josh opened his eyes and gasped. “Claire!”

“What do you think you’re doing?”

Josh still had his headphones in, his pumping his cock; he couldn’t really hear me. “Oh my god,” kaçak casino he said.

“Those are mine, weirdo!” I cried. I was upset! But turned on at the same time! It was all very confusing.

Meanwhile, Josh was trying to cover himself, but it seemed like he literally couldn’t stop rubbing his dick. I soon found out why. “Oh shit,” he moaned as a ribbon of jizz shot from the end of his cock and filled one of my nicest pairs of lace panties. “Ohhhhh,” Josh groaned, “fuck.”

Yeah, he was pretty embarrassed. I, on the other hand, was impressed. I had to continue the pretense of being angry – I snatched the underwear from his limp hand in a faux show of disgust – but I was incredibly turned on.

I left the room (with Josh calling after me, “wait, wait, I can explain!”), and locked my own door. I immediately undid the buttons of my jeans and found that I was perfectly soaked. If I masturbate, it’s usually at night, before bed, as a kind of sleep aid, but I really needed to make an exception here. I didn’t even reach for my vibrator. I just fucked myself with crazed relentlessness, my jeans around my ankles, one hand on my cunt and the middle finger of my other hand teasing my asshole, while I brought myself rapidly to orgasm, picturing Josh’s cock.

Meanwhile, I could hear Josh approach my door in the hallway. I’m sure he wanted to apologize. I’ve no doubt he was about to knock on the door, but he must have thought better of it. By the time I climaxed I was making no secret of what I was up to. I let out moan after moan as ripples of orgasm shook my body. I could hear Josh’s retreat down the hallway.

When I was finished I opened the door of my room and walked down the hall completely naked, passing a dumbstruck and clearly repentant Josh. In the shower, I brought myself off again, thinking of ways that I could contrive of seeing my roommate naked in the future. I didn’t expect it would be particularly difficult.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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