The Long Pull Pt. 02

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Day 2


Today was going to be a great day-she could tell. Every bone in her body felt refreshed and the aches from staying put for hours on end were nowhere in sight. Today would be a day to kick ass and even work in a run. A quick stretch and Jana was ready to get going. For a moment, she was disoriented until she remembered Jonathan had put away her things. She really would need to return the favor or favors rather as he had been a touch more helpful this trip than on ones prior.

Jana geared up and checked the time. Perfect, she thought. She’d have an easy thirty before having to jump right into the shower. On her way out, she thought to invite Jonathan on her fun run, but as she got closer to his door she heard him deep in sleep and decided he’d probably prefer the sleep to exercise.

Feet on the pavement, in her mind, was the best medicine for everything. Feeling unproductive? Put on your trainers. Feeling a little bit dissatisfied? Put on your trainers. Funeral get a little too emotional and weird? Put on your trainers. People’s lives would be a lot easier if they acted more than thought she mused.

After the first ten minutes, her lungs opened up and Jana’s mind started to purge all of the thoughts she didn’t give time to during the day. Most notably, the ones of Jonathan. She could feel her cheeks heat as she remembered her thoughts from the night before-how embarrassing. The man was what, five…six years her junior? Even if she knew him outside of work, he wasn’t her type. Jana preferred men of the more disposable nature-so long as they had a nice ass. While she wasn’t picky, a man’s fundament was the only requirement. Men without last names or ambitions or interests provided all of the sexual relief she needed over the years and with the help of technology, they were as easy to come by as her needs arose.

Hmm…maybe that was it, she mused. It had been a while since she had indulged in a nocturnal gratification. There were a few days after this week where she probably could set something up. With the idea of getting laid in her head, images of Jonathan’s messy hair and relaxed smile inadvertently popped in her head. She felt herself get wet at the memory of seeing him in his bed last night. She felt herself smile and realized the maybe fuck needed to become a priority fuck. With that decided, she checked her time and started back. Seattle may have had a wonderful breeze, but she was on the verge of needing a jacket which just wouldn’t do.

She grabbed a couple of gourmet coffees and headed back up to the suite.

“Morning Mr.Unconscious.” She cheered mildly. Jonathan was definitely under the blankets somewhere, but where exactly was a bit unclear.

“Fuck off.”

“Mr. West. I can’t say the morning agrees with your sentiment. It’s a great day outside. Wake up already. The sun is shining. Coffee is here. I wanted to talk to you about the research I finished last night and can’t very well do that while you’re asleep, now can I?”

“I repeat my earlier sentiment. Fuck off.”

Jonathan had shifted so the top of his head stuck out, so she was certain he definitely was in there and not some random stranger.

“Quit being such a puppy and…”


“I’m sorry, what did you say?”

“Bear. You meant bear. Puppies don’t hibernate, bears do.”

“I didn’t mean bear. I was calling you a puppy because you’re acting infantile.”

And the next thing Jana knew, she was being pulled by the wrist and flipped over so she was on her back in a mess of blankets and…him.

“Do I look like a puppy?”


There’s no other way to say it. Jana went stupid. Jonathan was halfway atop of her and looking into her eyes like…she was a woman. There was a heat and intensity to his stare. Nervously, she licked her lips and struggled to remember what he said.

“Could you repeat the question?”

He paused for a beat before moving off of her.

“Forget it.”

“Oh, ok. Um, well I’ll see you in a bit. Sorry for uh….well, just sorry. “

As Jana was hastily exiting his room, she heard him call after her.


“Never separate a man from his bed unless you’ve got something better to offer him, got it?

“Like coffee?”

“Christ no-but I’m up now.”


Fuuuuuuck. That could not have gone worse. He slept like shit. He felt like shit. When he did sleep, his dreams were full of Jana and then she just materialized like a genie with all of this energy and to top it all off, he touched her.

Boundaries. He’d have to do a hell of a better job if he’d get through this week.

But fuck, those curves? He was half asleep and all he could see was her sitting next to the bed in leggings and a sports tank that didn’t cover enough. After hearing her voice, he couldn’t help but peak out to see if she would be all proper or…something else. There was only a couple of inches of skin showing from where her top ended and her leggings started, but it was enough to stir him-not that he needed casino siteleri extra help. And before he knew what he was doing, he had pulled her partially underneath him and looked at her.

Jana’s breathing quickened and he could feel the quick rise and fall of her chest as he looked into her eyes. The thing about Jana was that she was almost always in motion if she wasn’t buried into a project and looking down at her felt like seeing her for the first time. In her eyes, he saw the shock of what he had just done, bewilderment, but more than those things, he saw desire. And when she licked her lips? His cock jumped.

Then it hit him…what he had just done and to whom. After she left, he let out a long groan into his pillow and rolled over. Life wasn’t going to wait around for him to be led around his cock and with that thought, he got up, showered, and started going through his mental calendar for the day. Once dressed, he entered the living area where Jana sat focused on her laptop.

“Sorry about this morning… I wasn’t myself.” He managed. Apologies weren’t an everyday affair for him.

“Think nothing of it. Are you ready for today?” Her playful demeanor was gone as was her more desirous side. Back was the cool and distant Jana Carson he had worked with for some time, complete with a carefully pressed shirt, pencil skirt and with not a hair out of place. This Jana he could manage.

“Always. So what was it you wanted to go over this morning?”

“As of last week, the CEO and all senior staff have been fired.”

“Seriously? Why? And why wouldn’t they say something before we flew out?”

“It appears embezzlement was happening on a grand scale, so when the board of directors got wind of it, they had a massive clean up to do, so making contact with us wasn’t top on their priority. It was all very hush hush.”

“Two questions- who are we meeting with if everyone is gone and why would they want to meet with us so soon? Actually, strike that, three questions-why so many?”

“Apparently the practice was so long standing it was hard to distinguish who was actually taking money and who simply knew about it. We’ll be meeting with the Board of Directors directly and to answer your first question, it was their chairman who reached out to me. When he found out I was one of the members of the team, he tracked me down yesterday.”

“And how do you know him exactly?”


“What’s your read of him?”

“From last night, he seemed to want our help and thought with having to rebuild, it would be a great opportunity to make some bold steps.”

“Hmm-we’ll see. Ready to go?”


It wasn’t until they were in the lift and he glanced over at Jana to find out the top button of her blouse had come undone. Jana was always dressed perfectly, except today.

“Fucking great.” Jonathan whispered under his breath, or at least he thought he did until he heard Jana speak.

“Mr. West?”

“Yes Ms. Carson?”

“You swear a lot more in the mornings.”

And with a rare and unexpected observation from Jana, the two set out to do what they do best.


Could the lift take any longer? Could it be any smaller? Why did he have to smell so good? Why couldn’t her mind focus on anything except the feel of his body on hers? Why did she have to remember in vivid detail the way his eyes searched her earlier in the morning? For all of the things to over think about, this was not one she wanted to dwell upon. All of her early morning self reflection was out the window.

Was he naked under the covers?

Christ, but she needed to focus. Focus on the meetings of the day, the schedule, the business of it. As soon as the lift pinged, she excused herself to the ladies to give herself one hell of a pep talk. Although Jonathan didn’t seem to notice, there was no way she would head into the presentation with anything less than 100% focus.

For the ride over, Jana took Jonathan’s lead and plugged her ears full of music and spent the entire journey ignoring him-or trying to do so. Cars were also too small in her opinion.

Once at the potential client’s headquarters, it was easier to fall into their routine. Jonathan started the introductions once everyone was comfortable in the boardroom while Jana started distributed the materials, noting each person’s reaction to the information Jonathan was presenting. In part, these initial stages were a bit of a set up. Jana wouldn’t sign up any company, bonus or not, if it wasn’t a mutually beneficial relationship to GCS. Having an impeccable reputation led to both a superior clientele and a demand for their services, so there was never a shortage of clients to sign or work to be done. The work day went as many other work days did in many other cities in years past. The client was eager to take bold steps to help do damage control and Jana’s company would reap loads of PR credit for helping to turn the company off such a steep cliff. It was a win-win situation and knowing this agreement canlı casino would secure the bonus should have filled her with a sense of satisfaction, but working with Jonathan felt differently today.

There would be times when she would be engrossed in the company’s financials and feel this heat on the back of her neck and when she would look up, Jonathan would be talking with someone or going over portfolios. Maybe it was simply that she wanted him to be looking at her again and her mind was inventing the notion of being stared at, who knows.

One thing Jana didn’t imagine was the amount of attention her old friend was giving her. Thomas Andrews was providing a lot of personal attention, despite the fact that as the chairman of the board really didn’t need to be present at the onset of their first day. Jana liked to be behind the scenes and left alone to sort the facts out. Thomas’s presence made her uncomfortable and even a little annoyed. But Thomas wasn’t the first male to be overbearing and too much and he most likely would not be the last. So Jana did what she normally did when people became too much, provided a wide berth of silence to guide them to the conclusion of her disinterest.

With the work day complete, Jana was surprised when Jonathan offered to join up with her to ride back to the hotel. Normally, when work was over, they would each head off in their own directions. Then Jana remembered their shared residence and inwardly groaned. She secretly hoped he would go out for the evening so she could get some well deserved time with her tablet and toys. Getting off in the shower certainly was helpful, but nowhere near the relief she needed to feel satiated.

A loud incessant ringing startled her from her thoughts.


“Evening Ms. Carson. I wanted to call you to remind you it’s your birthday.”

“Oh-thanks Patti. Have a pleasant evening.”

“You too. See you in a few weeks.”

Jana disconnected the call and stared out the window only to get lost in thoughts of a different sort.

“Was that your personal assistant calling you to remind you of your birthday?”

“Well, yes.” Jonathan gave her a look.

“What? I imagine most P.A’s do a lot more labor intensive task then providing their boss with a reminder.”

“It’s not the task I’m confused about. It’s the why behind it.”

“I forget my birthdays some times. And…” She paused to give Jonathan a look to stifle his laughter. “And it’s important to be aware of these things. Birthdays mean having to update records, renew subscriptions, etc.”

“Right, but most people look forward to their birthday or at least have friends or family call them to wish them well.”

“Most people do. I don’t. It seems sort of hypocritical to expect people to remember my birthday when I know I won’t be able to remember theirs. It’s only a day.”

“Fine. Only a day.” The silence stretched on both because Jana didn’t want to talk about her birthday any more and Jonathan didn’t have a glib response for her. “What will you do?”

“Same thing I always do. Nothing.”

“Oh come on, you have to do something.”

“What do you do for your birthday?”

“It depends, but something. Everyone does something.”

“Apparently not.”

“Apparently….not yet.”


“I said not yet. You are not staying in tonight.”

“Yes I am. Do you know something I don’t?”

“Ms. Carson, I do.

Jana turned her head to stare at Jonathan in the small space of the backseat. His eyes were full of mischief. She was quickly becoming an anti-fan of this…different version of Jonathan.


Jana’s death stare had no teeth. She could be upset, mad, or even annoyed, it didn’t matter. The bigger picture was that she was looking right at him. Having the weight of her full stare felt intoxicating. It didn’t help that the whole day he had to use every ounce of discipline he had to focus on the tasks at hand. It was the little thoughts he had and couldn’t shake which would make him look over at her for a brief moment before she’d notice.

When she said she never celebrated her birthday, a random thought popped into his head and he decided to focus on it to avoid thinking about just how far her skirt had ridden up during the ride back to the hotel.

He quickly dialed the concierge desk.

“Yes. We’re in need of female evening attire, size 8. Yes, she’ll need those as well. Size 7 sounds about right. Please make sure to include everything…an hour? Perfect. Thanks.”

“Did you just order me clothes?”

“I did.”

“And why would you do such a thing?”

“Because Ms. Carson, you are going out for your special day.”

“It’s not special…just a day.”

“Fine. Think of it however you like, but you’re still going.”

“And why do you think I’ll agree exactly?”

“Because you owe me for the room and I’m calling in the favor.”

“Oh, you know you’re right Mr. West. I’ve changed my mind for no apparent reason. What a fantastic kaçak casino notion to spend an evening out.” And if the sarcasm was dripping any more from her sentiments, Jonathan thought she’d need a towel.


“I was kidding. Surely you know I was kidding.”

Jonathan exited the car and walked ahead of her to the hotel.

“Sorry, I can’t hear you, stiff breeze and all that. Catch up with you soon!”

And with that, he nearly ran up to the hotel, leaving Jana with having to sort out the driver and alone with her own thoughts.

For Jonathan, in the space of the time it had taken to get from the client’s office to the hotel, he rescinded his previous decision. It didn’t seem like he was going to be able to fully focus until he got Jana out of his system. Another fuck might have killed his most pressing need to get off and it was still worth a shot for the night, but if not, he’d go after her. After all, it wouldn’t help to have these curiosities linger unexplored after the completion of this job.

He quickly ordered food and headed straight for the shower.

Sometime later, he heard Jana shouting through the door.”Hey-did you order food?”

“Oh yeah, can you do the tip? Sorry, I didn’t think I’d be in here this long.”

“Sure thing. You know I’m using a lot of my own money on my special day here. “

Jonathan ignored her comment and yelled back. “Oh Jana-one more thing!”


“Half of that is for you too. Just pick what you like-I’ll eat whatever.”

And with that, he continued scrubbing up for the evening’s festivities. Before long, he was clean, shaved, and dressed for the night. As he came out to put on his shoes, he had to stop for a minute.

There was Jana dressed in nothing but a very tight, very curve hugging short black dress, stockings and heels. His gaze started at the bottom of her very long legs and ventured up until he saw the swell of her ass which was highlighted by the cutout on the back. When she turned around, he thought he’d blow his cover right there. Her tits were near to bursting out of the garment and she had styled her hair down and to the side. This was the woman who would make a video like the one he had seen. Except she wore this pensive expression.

“I don’t think I can go out in this dress.”

“Why would you say something like that?”

“Because if it got any shorter, I’d be arrested for public indecency.”

“Hmm…maybe fined and given a number, but I don’t think they would lock you up…well, unless you asked them very nicely.”

“Ha-ha…very funny. Listen, I know you meant well, which is why I tried this whole thing out in the first place, but this isn’t anything I’m comfortable with wearing out.”

“Give it an hour, k? If you don’t like this whole thing after an hour of being out, I’ll take you back and even participate in whatever boring night you were going forward with in the first place.”

“How do you know it would be boring?”

“Because spending the night alone in the room in a city like this is insanity.”

“Not the way I do it.” she mumbled softly.

“I’m sorry?”

“Nothing. Don’t worry about it. Let’s go.”

“There’s the spirit.” Jonathan smiled and they both proceeded downstairs.


I’m a hooker. I’m a street walker. Prostitute. Lady of the Night.

Jana couldn’t escape the thoughts of indecency. While wearing outfits of this sort and even more skimpier ones depending on the reason behind it, were all well and good at home-this was not the way she behaved in public. Jana was always pretty cautious of a great number of things most people wouldn’t think twice about, but that’s one of the ways it kept her in the lead with her career and life. The dress covered next to nothing, sure, but it was also a very thin material. The breeze went right through her. The nipples perked up and she could only hope in the dark of the night, no one would notice.

The two of them arrived in what was a very loud and crowded club of some sort. Bodies were everywhere and she could feel the bass of the music right down to her core. Jonathan guided the two of them to a spot at the bar and ordered.

“This is supposed to be one of the best spots in town.”

“I have yet to figure out why.”

“Shots. You need….at least two of them.”

“I do not need to drink alcohol this evening. With these shoes, I’d topple right over after a couple of rounds.”

“Fine. Then go dance.”

“I don’t dance.”

“What kind of woman doesn’t dance?”

“I don’t know…most kinds? Just go and have fun. I’ll be here with my stopwatch.”

“Seriously? You’re in a room with tons of people having fun and you want to stay here and just…sit?”

“Yeah-that is my idea of a good time while being here. So go on with you now. Forty-six minutes left Mr. West. Get after it.”

With an exasperated sigh, Jonathan took off in some direction. Jana ordered a water and watched the timer on her phone. Some men approached her over the span of minutes, but after she opened her mouth, they left rather quickly. Each of them were fine in their own way, but nothing about them made it worth the effort for her to play dumb and take things further. Still, it was rather boring sitting alone.

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