Cabin on the Lake

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It has been six or so months since our Weekend cabin getaway. Even half a year later, we still remember the first night by the fire. Now we are heading up into the mountains again to a different cabin, at the invitation of Rick and Gayle.

Rick’s new position at work has given him an influx of cash, and he and Gayle wanted to celebrate with a weekend at the Lake. He thought it would be a good idea to invite us along, and Gayle agreed. We both leaped at the invite, and now we find ourselves pulling up in front of a lakeside cabin. Rick’s red truck is already there, meaning that he and Gayle must be inside.

I shut down the engine and we both get out, taking in the clean mountain air. I go around to the back to get our bags while you walk up onto the porch. You hear something and turn to motion me forward to join you. I sit the bags down at the bottom of the porch steps and climb up to see what you’ve discovered.

You step away from the door and approach a window to the right. Seeing your stealthy movements, I whisper, “What is it?” Then, I hear it too. Coming from inside the cabin is the sounds of panting and moaning. I step up closer to the window and try to peer in around the curtains. I smile as it is now my turn to motion you forward. You join me at the window.

What we see is two people fucking like rabbits. You recognize Rick on top pounding his hard cock into a dirty blond woman laying naked on the bed. Her large breasts swaying with the thrusts. Each time Rick thrusts into her she lets out a huff of air and the occasional moan of passion as her climax is rapidly approaching.

I take your hand and lead you to the door. You see what I intend to do and pull back a little. “Shouldn’t we wait until they finish before announcing our presence at least?” you ask. I pause for a second thinking about that. I step back down the steps, grabbing the bags, then come back up to join you at the door. “No better time than the present.” I say.

With my hands full of our baggage, you open the door for me. I step in just as if we had just arrived and not been watching them through the window. As the door opens, Gayle’s moans turn into cries of pleasure as she cums on Rick’s thrusting hard cock. Rick too grunts as he pulls out to cum all over her belly and tits.

Rick rolls off her and notices us for the first time. He smiles, “Great. You made it.” He says. Gayle’s eyes pop open and she looks over at us in shock. She grabs the covers and pulls them over her naked body. Gayle was so concerned about covering up that she didn’t notice you were taking in her curves with your eyes. Your tongue comes out and you unconsciously lick your lips.

Rick on the other hand is just laying there in all his naked glory for the world to see. A little cum still drips from the head of his still hard cock and he reaches down and starts stroking it slowly. Rubbing the cum into the soft skin of his dick.

“Traffic was lighter than we anticipated.” I say.

“We weren’t expecting you for about another hour.” Rick replies, still stroking he hard meat. Gayle pulls the covers about her and gets out of bed and rushes off for the bathroom.

I watch her disappear behind the bathroom door. “Yeah. We kind of gathered that.” I say smirking at Rick’s nude form laying on the bed. I step into the room further setting down the bags. You regain your composure and close the door.

You then pick up Gayle’s discarded clothing from the floor and head to the bathroom. You knock on the door, softly, saying. “Gayle, I got your clothes if you want them.” The door opens a crack and you place her clothes in the hand that pokes through the crack. “Thank you, Cat.” She says then closes the door so she can get dressed in privacy.

When you turn back to face us, you are grinning from ear to ear. I look at you quizzically. You are still holding her panties in your hand. You didn’t give them to her when you handed her the clothes. I also notice that you didn’t bother picking up her bra from the floor either. I smile back at you.

Rick has stopped his stroking and sits on the edge of the bed. He starts pulling his jeans on, without his underwear. He then his socks, boots and finally his shirt. “I know it’s Summer, but it can still get cold up here at night. I’m going to get some firewood for both the fireplace and the bonfire I’m going to make this evening.”

I nod, “Want some company? I think it’s probably a good idea that Cat be the only one here when Gayle comes out. She can help her relax.” Rick thinks for a second, then says. “Sure. Sounds good to me. She’ll be ok. She is just a little embarrassed. She has never been naked in front of Allan before and she is getting used to the idea that he might be seeing a lot of her this weekend.”

Turning back to me, he says. “Let’s go.” Rick then walks out the door. I walk over to you and give you a deep kiss. You can feel my hard cock through my jeans. Everything we had seen in the last few minutes has got me rock hard. casino oyna As we kiss you rub my cock through my jeans. I break the kiss, saying. “We’ll be back in a bit.” Then I lean in and whisper, “Good luck with Gayle.” Then I turn and walk out the door before I’m tempted to throw you down on the bed and rip your clothes off.

Rick and I walk away from the cabin towards the edge of the lake and the surrounding woods. Although I don’t turn around to confirm, I can feel you watching from the window as Gayle is still getting dressed. You can hear her mumbling to herself about not finding her bra with the clothes you handed her.

Meanwhile, we reach the lake shore. I had found a small four-wheel wagon to load up with wood to make it easier to carry more wood back. Rick tells me that they had arrived about thirty minutes earlier than we did and were not expecting us for at least another hour. I just tell him that we got lucky on the light traffic.

We continue talking back and forth like this for a while until we have the wagon loaded to straining. It’s an old wagon and the weight of the wood has bowed it in the middle. Rick sits down on a large fallen log and pulls out his cigarettes and lighter.

I get out my pipe and tobacco and follow suit. I begin loading my pipe. I sit down beside him and light my pipe. We start talking about what kind of trouble we going to try to get into this weekend. And if we can convince Gayle to join in on the fun. We both finish our smokes and Rick says, “Follow me. I want to show you something I thought we could do tonight.” We both grab the wagon handles and pull the wood back to the cabin.

We pull it around back and stack it neatly near the firepit. When we finish, Rick walks over to the deck built into the back porch. He throws back the cover to reveal a brand spanking new hot tub.

Rick looks at me, winking. “What do you think?”

“Nice. This’ll be fun. Does it get cold out here at night?”

Rick’s smile widens. “Yes, it does. Especially after spending time in hot water. Nipples will get hard quick.” He says with a chuckle.

I slowly shake my head, “You ain’t fooling me. You just want to see Cat’s hard nipples. She should be good with that. That’s ok, I wouldn’t mind seeing Gayle’s either. So would Cat.” I return with a laugh.

I glance down at the front of his jeans. “You’re still hard?”

Rick shrugs, “Not still. I had gone down until we started talking about hard nipples and spending time in the hot tub with two hot women.” Rick rubs his hand over the front of his jeans. “Damn. It’s really hard.”

I sit down on the bench in front of him. This puts my mouth level with the bulge in his pants. “Allow me. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, you know.”

Before he can protest or react, I reach over and unzip his jeans. I then pull them down to his knees. His hard cock stands proud before me, pre-cum glistening from the tip. Rick gasps as I smear the pre-cum with the tip of my finger all over his thick head. I then start stroking slowly, but firmly.

Rick throws his head back, groaning as I jerk him off slowly. I glance up to the back window looking out on the deck, to see you watching us. I give you a wink, then take him into my mouth. Rick’s knees nearly give out as I suck him into my hot mouth. My tongue swirling around the head, tasting the pre-cum and the residue left over from his fucking of Gayle.

I moan as I taste her too. Rick begins to thrust into my face. I decide to join in too, by moving up and down on his cock. I can feel his cock twitch as he gets closer to cumming. He won’t last long like this.

I start rubbing my tongue into the spot just under the ‘v’ notch beneath the head. Suddenly Rick stiffens, and his cock bursts, shooting his cum down my throat. I continue sucking, swallowing as much as I can. He shudders as I release his dick.

Rick quickly pulls his jeans up and sits down before his legs can give out. “Wow.” He says, tucking his now flaccid member into his jeans and zipping up. He pulls out his cigarettes and lights up. “What brought that on?”

“I figured it was the least I could do after we interrupted you and Gayle. Besides, like I said. I’ve been wanting to do that for a while.” I say laughing. He just grins.

You are watching from the window, squeezing your tits through your shirt and bra. Your nipples begin hardening. Your hand starts sliding down your body, heading for your dampening pussy. Then you hear the bathroom door open. Pulling your hand away from your pussy and your tits, you turn to see Gayle looking around the room for something.

You walk over and hand her the bra you neglected handing her when you gave her the clothes she had discarded. She thanks you as she takes the bra from you. She sets it down on the bed, not bothering to put it on. Which means of course, that she has nothing on under her t-shirt. Her nipples are poking through the thin material.

“Where is Rick and Allan?” she asks.

You canlı casino point to the window looking out over the deck. “They went to get some firewood for tonight. I’m Catherine, by the way. Allan calls me Cat. You’re welcome to as well.” You say shaking her hand.

“I’m glad to finally meet you, Cat. I’m Gayle.”

Gayle takes your hand and shakes it warmly. She smiles. “You know, Allan talks about you all the time. He really loves you.”

“I’ve heard a lot about you and your family too. Allan thinks a lot of all of you. He’s an only child, you know. He sees Rick as a brother.”

Gayle nods, “I know. Rick would do just about anything for him, too. Would you like some coffee? I started a pot before me, and Rick ended up in bed.”

You nod as you sit at the kitchen table, watching her ass as she heads for the coffee maker. “Do you take it black, like Allan?” she asks as she pours two mugs.

“Sugar and creamer, please.”

She smiles as she turns around, saying, “Me too.” She sets the sugar and creamer on the table, hands you a mug, then sits down across from you.

You both spend a few moments doctoring your coffees. You are curious about what Rick and I are doing but decide to get to try to know Gayle better. Gayle seems a bit nervous, but she doesn’t look like she is about to bolt. Pretty soon though, you two are talking like old friends.

A few minutes pass and Rick and I come back into the cabin. Rick sniffs the air, “Is that coffee I smell?” and makes a beeline for the coffee maker. I walk up behind you, my hands sliding up under your arms, cupping both of your tits. I lean forward and you turn your head to kiss me. You can taste Rick’s cum in my mouth. Your tongue wrestles with mine, trying to get as much of the taste as you can. Gayle watches as we kiss. Her nipples getting harder from the erotic stimulation.

Rick starts doctoring his coffee. He then sits next to Gayle as I sit down next to you. “You girls getting to know each other?” I ask.

“Uh huh. We’re just sitting here bonding over coffee.” You say with a laugh. I rub your thigh under the table. The sensations run up and down your leg as I rub higher, closer to your crotch.

“Oh, guess what. Rick and I decided we’re going to have dinner out by the fire tonight. Then spend some time in the hot tub. You should see it, baby. It’s small, but it will hold the four of us. Sound good?”

You smile as you think about the possibilities of the four of us in the hot tub together. “Sounds good to me. What do you think, Gayle?”

She gives a nervous smile as Rick is whispering in her ear. She then looks over at you and me, nodding her head. “Sounds good to me. What are we making for supper?”

Rick says, “You ladies get to relax in the tub, while me and Allan will cook campfire steaks.”

We spend the rest of the day enjoying each others company. You and Gayle bond a little bit more, while Rick and I decide to try our hand at fishing from the lake. As the sun starts to set, we pull the boat into the dock with our catch.

After cleaning the fish, we caught, we put them in the freezer to keep them fresh until we are ready to cook them. We start the campfire and get it hot enough to cook. You two, decide to wait until after we eat to get into the hot tub.

We spend the next ninety minutes or so, eating and relaxing by the fire. After carrying the dishes back into the cabin, Rick and I get the hot tub ready while you and Gayle change into your bathing suits. When you come back outside in your robes, covering your bathing suits, Rick and I are already in the tub, waiting.

You both drop your robes to the deck. Both of you in two-piece bathing suits. Gayle is in a white number which is sheer enough to allow her nipples and pubic hair to show through. The cool night air is already causing her nipples to stand out against the material of her top.

Your bathing suit is a dark midnight blue. And while it isn’t as transparent as Gayle’s, your nipples still stand out too. Without wasting too much more time, you both hurriedly climb into the tub. You beside me and Gayle beside Rick, of course. Also, you and Gayle are side by side.

Your left hand drops to my leg under the water, rubbing up and down my thigh. Then you notice that I’m not wearing anything in the hot tub as your hand brushes against my hardening cock. You then glance across the tub and see two piles of clothes sitting on the deck. You guess that Rick is equally naked under the water.

Gayle seems to notice it too. Her right hand has disappeared beneath the water as well. You lean over closer to me and kiss my neck. I moan as you continue to kiss me and stroke my cock underwater. I turn to you and our lips meet. Tongues entwined, our kisses become more passionate, as my hand rubs up and down your inner thigh.

Rick and Gayle seem to be caught up in the moment as well. Rick’s hands quickly untie the strings on her back and he then pull her top off, letting kaçak casino it float away in the water. He leans forward and starts sucking her nipples. She throws her head back, moaning.

I too, have removed your top and am now working on your bottoms. Your hand sliding up and down my hard cock. I have your bottoms untied, but I haven’t pulled them away yet. Instead, I rub your pussy through the material of your bathing suit. You start moaning as I stroke your clit with the silky material.

You look over at Rick and Gayle through half closed eyes. They are getting into their make out session. Suddenly, I pull your bottoms away, exposing your pussy lips to the bubbles of the hot tub. Your eyes pop open in surprise, then slowly close again as pleasure courses through your body.

Gayle looks over in our direction. It’s easy to see the lust in her eyes, as Rick plays with her pussy beneath the water. You decide to make a move on her while she is in this libidinous state. You kiss me deeply, then pull away from me, closing the distance with Gayle and Rick. Gayle barely notices as you turn her head to face you.

You lean in and kiss her. She is surprised, but for only a moment. She returns your kiss with equal passion. Soon the two of you are making out like long time lovers. Your kisses become more frantic and erotic. You start kissing down her neck, making your way to her large tits.

You suck in her left nipple, feeling it harden even more under your tongue’s assault. She moans louder, pulling your head against her breast. You then break off, and help her out of the tub, so that she is sitting on the edge of the dock. She still has her white, now see through, bottoms on. You tug them off and let them float away like her top.

Now, all four of us are naked, and horny. You spread her thighs and lean forward; your tongue slides up first one lip then the other. She shudders as you continue to lick her pussy lips, then she stiffens as your tongue brushes her hard clit. I’ve climbed out of the tub and kneel down beside Gayle. I lean forward and pick up where you left off, sucking her tits.

Rick comes up behind you, stroking his hard cock. He watches you eating his wife’s pussy and her enjoying it. He then sees me sucking her nipples, and figures he is going to get in on this too. You can feel him coming up behind you, then you feel his hard cock head rubbing up and down your slit.

You concentrate on Gayle’s wet pussy, even as Rick slides into your dripping slit. You pause as he slides in balls deep. It’s your turn to moan. He begins thrusting in and out, his balls slapping against your clit with each stroke. You moan again, then go back to Gayle’s pussy.

While you had paused, Gayle had reached up and pulled my lips to her for a deep kiss, but then she releases the kiss as you start eating her pussy again. She turns her head sideways, and reaches for my dick. I move up to give her access. She leans forward and sucks me into her mouth.

After a few moments, she slides back into the water, pulling me in after her. Rick continues to fuck you from behind. You almost don’t care that she has moved out from under you. Gayle sits me down then straddles my cock and impales herself on my hard meat. She begins to ride me.

This goes on for several minutes. Rick pounding your pussy from behind and Gayle riding me like she is in a rodeo. You start to moan as Rick continues to pound you. You are getting ready to cum, and cum hard. Your legs start to quiver as your orgasm cascades over your body. As your inner muscles clamp down on his hard cock, Rick erupts deep inside you. This surge of hot fluid, triggers another climax in you. You pull away from him, cock still spurting cum onto your ass.

Gayle continues to ride me, causing my balls to begin boiling. In a matter of moments, I too shoot my load deep into her. Gayle groans as she feels my cum inside her. She collapses onto me, driving my spurting cock deeper into her. She shudders as her orgasm hits like a runaway freight train.

After she finishes riding out her orgasm, she pulls herself off my deflating cock. You pull up beside me, and give her a quick kiss as she heads over to Rick. I throw my arms around you, hugging you close and tight. You return the hug and give me a deep kiss.

Rick and Gayle embrace and kiss, then snuggle closer as we are.

The next morning, Rick and I pack a cooler and grab our fishing gear. We planned to spend the day out on the lake, fishing. We are gone out the door before you or Gayle rise out of bed.

You enter the kitchen and pour yourself a cup of coffee from the pot that Rick made before he and I left the cabin. You hear movement from the other side of the room. You get up from the table, grab another mug and pour another cup for Gayle.

She sits down at the table across from you and fixes her coffee to her tastes. You look over at her, “You ok? About last night?”

She shrugs, “I’m not sure. It was fun.” She giggles nervously. “I’ve never done anything like that before. I’ve never had another woman, go down on me. It’s hard enough to get Rick to do that. I’ve never thought I’d enjoy a woman doing it, though.” She giggles again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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