Briget Ch. 05

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Ball Grab

Though I am writing this, and posting it under the ‘Briget’ series, it is still basically Brian’s story, the way he told it to me.

The next few installments take place in the summer and fall of 1985. These parts should bring everyone up to date with the present.

Then the fun begins.

WARNING: There is bisexual (male) content in this story, so if that doesn’t work for you, I’m sure you can find something else that does. Thanks.


I wanted to be surprised. I really did. But after everything that had happened, it was like I was anesthetized to everything. Even something so absolutely fucked up, as Brian admitting that he and his grandmother had been screwing for the last two weeks, didn’t phase me. The fact that she wanted to meet Briget and I, barely caused a ripple.

I merely asked him if he was out of his fucking mind. He calmly said, no, he wasn’t. I demanded clarification as we sat there on Anya’s sofa. I asked him again if he was insane. Although I wanted to know what happened, we surely didn’t want to wake anyone else in the apartment. He simply said it happened after he moved out of my place- and three weeks after his grandpa’s funeral- and left it at that. He assured me that he’d tell me all about it later; he promised.

Part of me could not believe that he would tell me something so weird and disgusting and part of me couldn’t wait to hear all about it.

By the time I did hear about it, both Briget and I (and soon, Roz), were drawn into it. And nothing would shock me ever again.

Here is what happened…


After his grandfather’s funeral, Brian’s parents and his Uncle’s family stayed for about a week, then went back to their own lives. Brian knew that there was a ‘coolness’ between parents and the children, but didn’t know why. They just never talked about it. Brian, the oldest grandson and the most responsible, moved in with his grandma to help wrap up his grandpa’s affairs.

It also turned out that Brian had been bequeathed the majority share of his grandpa’s hardware store. They were good stores, with three branches in surrounding cities. It looked like a growing empire. There was some envious grumbling about Brian being so only one to inherit anything of value, but the truth was, he was their favorite grandson, and the only one to come running when the old guy got sick. He was now a businessman.

He really worked hard to learn the business, which, because he had good managers, was pretty much running itself. Bubba-Lou was a great help, since she had also been involved in the business from day one.

When he wasn’t doing that, he was sorting. His grandpa was a pack-rat. It seems he never threw anything out. Brian spent hours going through his grandpa’s stuff, donating some things to charity and sorting the rest for storage.

That was when he found it.

It was an ordinary cardboard apple box, on a shelf in the workshop, tucked under the basement stairs. Inside were six black plastic boxes containing new-looking Beta tapes. There were ancient magazines from the early 40’s, with titles he had never heard of. On the covers were scantily clad women with improbably pointy breasts, being threatened by mad doctors or convict lunatics.

And there were about a dozen photo albums and yellowing, aged scrapbooks that seemed to be stuffed full of pictures. One of the magazines caught his eye. It was from 1943, and the paper was horrible- really low-grade newsprint, and almost falling apart. The woman on the cover looked awfully familiar. He gently opened the brittle cover and started paging through it. Halfway through, there it was.

Bubba-Lou. Almost naked.

She must have been forty years younger, but it was her. And she was a looker. In the title panel, she was dressed in a nightgown, cowering against a wall, being threatened, while in the following series of photos, she was stripped almost naked. She ended up on the floor being mounted by the madman. You couldn’t see everything, breasts and genitals were covered by strategically placed hands and such. But it was his grandmother.

To say it was a shock would be an understatement.

It was a shock, but in some weird way, it was a turn on, too. Brian placed the magazines aside and went for one of the albums. His mouth fell open. Where some folk’s grandparents would collect snapshots of holiday trips, here were pictures of his grandparents.

Fucking naked. Naked and fucking.

Brian flipped through the first book, each with about five black and white pictures on each page. They were younger and fitter, but they were his grandparents. There were pictures of his two grandparents fucking each other in every position under the sun, and in every room of the house above him. And if that wasn’t enough, they were fucking other people.

Here was Bubba-Lou, with one cock in her mouth and another in her hand, smiling at the camera around the cylinder of cock-flesh.

On the next page, his grandpa casino oyna was being ridden by a blonde woman, his big hands covering her massive breasts. Then, his cock was being sucked by someone else. His cock was long and hard and shiny with spit… and to Brian, it looked… good.

Here, Bubba-Lou sat on the edge of a bed, kissing another woman, the blonde from a few pages back, their hands all over each others breasts… Then they were in a passionate 69.

Brian didn’t recognize any of these other people. He didn’t know many of his grandparent’s friends. Apparently there was much he didn’t know about their lives.

Yeah, right, no kidding.

These were his grandparents- church-going, pillars of the community. His grandpa was a member of every service club going and an elder at their church. His grandma was a member of the PTA and the church’s women’s auxiliary; a stay at home mom and provider of cookies for every bake sale in town. And here they were… fucking.

In these pictures, Bubba-Lou had a petite, killer body, though her hair was done up in the old-fashioned, prissy way. Her tits were nice-sized grapefruits with dark nipples. She had a dark patch of pubic hair- a few of the girls he knew today were shaving their pussies bare.

But the fact remained, she was fucking hot. Then, almost in the same sentence- but wasn’t she still hot? She was always saying how her grandson was so handsome, and he was always telling her how good she looked, and how soon widowers were going to be pounding down her door. Her hair was gray, though tastefully cut. She was- what was the word?- vivacious; that was it. His grandma was peppy, full of life and vivacious. She looked great for over 60. She looked great regardless of her age. It was an oddly disquieting thought.

After he got over the initial shock, he realized that he had a hard on. Grandmother or not, he was horny. Really horny. He hadn’t had any release for a long time… He placed the album on a nearby work table, and unzipped his pants. His cock was hard and leaking pre-cum already. He sat on an old stool and started stroking, turning the pages.

Some of the pictures were blurry and off center, but no-one was handing out marks for composition. They were hot, no matter what era they were shot in- no matter who was in them.

There was his grandpa, down on his knees, licking the shaft of a cock that was half-buried in some woman’s black haired cunt, as she rode the guy cowboy style. Holy shit. There was his grandma and grandpa, facing each other, licking the same hard cock between them. In the next shot, his grandpa had the cock almost all the way down his throat. His grandpa sucked cock- just like he did…

In another series, there was a plump woman with short black hair and small tits, and with her was a skinny dude with an impossibly huge cock, and they were both all over Bubba-Lou, and she was all over them.

There were a few pages of his grandpa being sucked by another couple, a curvy woman with short, light brownish hair, and a guy who was built like a pro athlete, but had a fairly small cock. Brian’s grandpa didn’t seem to discriminate, because the two men, with their wives help, sucked each other to completion in a wild series of photos. Then the posed for the camera, each other’s cum all over their faces and chests. They kissed…

That was it. The cum rose swiftly, almost without warning. He lifted up his t-shirt with one hand and leaned far back on the stool. He came heavily, quietly, all over his chest and belly. After he came down, he squeezed the last few drops from his cock-head, then scooped up some of his cum and brought it to his lips and savored the taste. He hadn’t cum like this in weeks, at least since his grandpa had died.

With his pants around his ankles, he shuffled to the bathroom a few yards away. He wiped himself clean with toilet paper, pissed, then shuffled back to continue looking at the incredibly hot, homemade porn.

He wasn’t alone.

Bubba-Lou was standing at the table. Turning the pages of the scrapbook. She looked up at Brian, who was standing in the bathroom doorway with his pants around his ankles and his cock still shiny and semi-hard.

Neither spoke. It was easily the most embarrassed that Brian had ever been, and he was almost sweating with shame. Until he saw that Bubba-Lou was looking at him, with a totally unreadable expression. Brian had frozen to the extent that he hadn’t even pulled up his pants. He just stood in the middle of the room, his erection dwindling back to softness.

Bubba-Lou spoke first. “I see you found our little treasures.” Brian didn’t say anything, his eyes were downcast. “What do you have to say for yourself?” She sounded angry.

Brian looked up, expecting to see his grandma scowling, but instead she was composed and serene. “Brian, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be mad,” she said. “It’s not your fault. I guess we knew you’d find these things sooner or later… I guess our secret’s canlı casino out. We were a couple of perverts!”

And suddenly, unexpectedly, her anger- and her relief, turned to total mortification. She slammed the scrapbook shut and ran from the workshop and up the stairs, crying. Brian didn’t know what to do, but he pulled up his pants and went to console his grandma.


She was on her bed, flat on her stomach, sobbing loudly into a pillow. Brian crept in and sat on the edge of the bed. “I’m sorry, Bubba-Lou,” he said. “I shouldn’t have been snooping. I hope you’re not mad. Too mad.” Bubba-Lou just kept on sobbing, so Brian just patted her shoulder with a gentle hand and got up to leave.

“Brian.” He was at the door, he stopped and turned. She was looking at him with red, tear swollen eyes. “I’m not mad. I’m just so… so embarrassed.”

“What for?”

“Oh, Brian, we should have burned those things years ago.”


“Why? Oh, God, if anyone from the church found out! Any of our… other friends!” Brian just stood there, silent. Bubba Lou sat up and wiped her eyes with a damp tissue.

“That’s just silly.”

“What? You don’t think I should burn it?”

“No. Because if you don’t mind me saying, it was really cool stuff.”


“Well, fine, burn it… but not until I get to look at it all.”

In spite of herself, Bubba-Lou laughed. “Oh, you’re just like your grandfather!- the horny old goat!” Brian laughed, too. They laughed together. Soon the laughter dwindled, and they were left missing someone very special.

“Lord, I miss that man.”

“Yeah, I know… we all do.”

They looked inward, remembering. Slowly she turned serious and somewhat shy. “So… you liked them, then?”


“The… pictures?”

“Oh, yeah. They were… hot.”

“Well, sonny-boy, I guess you did like them.” She smiled and looked him straight in the eye. When he realized what her sly smile meant, it was Brian’s turn to blush.

“They were your grandpa’s pride and joy, those pictures… those movies. He said he was so proud of me. Not that we could ever show anyone. But, we’d look at them from time to time… That’s why he could never throw them out. That man could not throw anything out. Depression habits…” She got up from the bed and walked over to him. She reached up and patted one cheek and kissed the other. “Well, it’s a relief… not to have to keep the secret all to myself anymore. I’m so glad you don’t hate me.”

“Hey, Bubba-Lou… it’s me here. I love you no matter what.” She hugged him tightly and pressed herself into his arms. He could feel her breasts against him, reminding him, uncomfortably, of what he had just seen in the basement.

“Well,” she said, pulling away and breezing past him, “I’m glad you feel that way.”

As she went down the stairs to get supper ready, he thought he heard her say, under her breath, “Because you ain’t seen nothing yet.”


Brian wondered what she meant by that last comment, or if he had even heard her correctly, but didn’t give it too much thought. Supper was a quiet affair. Not much was said of any consequence. Brian was finishing putting away the supper dishes when his grandma called him into the den. She sat in the lazy-boy, drinking a glass of wine. She told him to get a beer for himself.

When he was settled, she sighed and started talking.

“Well, sonny-boy, I’ve never lied to you before, and I;m not about to start now. But I have to tell you this. Not really make an excuse for our actions, but rather to partially explain them.”

Brian nodded and took a sip of beer.

“As you know, Brian, I was an only child. When the Hitler war started, I was 15. But I already knew all about sex and what it meant. I had heard my mother and father… doing it, many times. We lived in a small house and sounds carried. In the Depression, there wasn’t much else to do. I listened to them lots of times, but everything changed when I was about 12 or so- it must have been ’38 or ’39. I heard the night noises again and I crept down the hall and found their door open. I saw them… having sex for the first time. Not only was the door opened, but my mind was opened at that moment, too. She was bouncing up and down on him… Oh, I could see practically everything. My mother’s eyes opened and she looked right at me. She mouthed, ‘Go back to bed,’ so I did.

“I just lay there and she came in later; after they finished, I guess. I was still awake. I didn’t really… play with myself, until after that night. It just never occurred to me. But I sure did, after that night. Anyway, my mother came in and she sat on the edge of my bed, and explained that what I saw, was two people expressing their love for each other. It was the way babies were made, and it was fun, too. But she made me promise that I wouldn’t do anything like that until I was eighteen. I said I would keep the promise, and I did, but the second I turned eighteen, kaçak casino boy, I was looking!

“See, Brian, I heard how much fun it seemed to be for my mom and dad. But, I had also heard that it was a wifely duty, and something to be suffered. My mother told me later that that was hogwash, it could be a lot of fun, if your and your husband knew what they were doing.

“When I met your grandpa, he had a factory job that was classified as essential to the war effort, just like my father did. They didn’t have to go to war and get killed. I fell in love with him right away. I had had sex with a few men before I met him- mostly soldiers a long way from home, but I took precautions that I wouldn’t get pregnant.

“I was a good looking girl and I had what they called ‘sex appeal’. I guess I just looked… like I enjoyed sex. But, I went out with your grandpa quite a few times before we actually slept together. He was quite the gentleman and we found ourselves falling in love.

“Now he had a friend who was a photographer and he was always on the lookout for models. Mostly for cheesecake magazines for the boys overseas, and that sort of thing. Both my parents had passed on by that time, and I had no living relatives on this side of the ocean that would see them. I wouldn’t have done it otherwise.

“But the most important thing was, that it was good money. We had just come through the Depression so money was nothing to be scoffed at. So I started modeling. A few magazines, that sort of thing.

“Nothing too racy at first, but more money was offered the more I took off. Your grandfather had no objections; he was a realist as far as money went, too. He would always come with me to make sure there was no funny business. But one day, his friend asked if we’d like to fuck for seventy-five bucks. That’s just how he put it; ‘would we like to fuck’… I know you know the word, Brian, so don’t blush.

“That was a phenomenal amount of money so we put our heads together and said why not. We went to a back room and there was a bed and everything and so your grandfather and I had sex while his friend shot roll after roll of film. These weren’t art- this was pornography. Two people fucking like rabbits.

Over a period of time, with the photographer’s help, I learned all about different positions, oral sex, which I really liked, and even anal- though I drew the line at that.”

Brian had to shift in his seat. Despite Bubba-Lou saying she was going to be honest, he wasn’t quite prepared to hear her say she ‘really liked’ oral sex.

“We posed for these pictures more than a few times, in different settings. Outdoors, indoors, wherever. We were getting a nice little stake together. It was around then that we got married. For our honeymoon, his photographer friend set us up with another friend of his in Arizona, so we went there and did a series in the bottom of the Grand Canyon. We basically had a honeymoon for free.

“We were only doing what we would normally have done, but we were getting paid for it. Seems like such a foolish thing to do now, but that’s what we did.

“It got… interesting, I guess, when your grandpa’s friend asked if we would mind adding a few more people to the mix. That was the turning point. We met this couple and they turned out to be just like us, trying to make some money to start their life together. We sat around and had a few drinks to get loosened up, and then the fun started. Your grandpa and I on one side of the bed, and the other couple on the other. Halfway through the photographer yelled ‘Switch!’ and in the confusion I ended up with the woman, and your grampa ended up with the man!

“We were laughing about it, and then everything got quiet, when the woman, Eileen her name was, leaned over and kissed me. It was the first time I had ever kissed a woman and, Brian, it was a revelation; so soft and gentle and yet so… sexy. We started kissing even more and we were, as they say, getting into it. We started… exploring each other. Hands, mouths… it was great, I have to admit. She had done it before, so she knew what worked best. She had me cumming in no time… it was an amazing experience.

“But the real shock happened when we girls took a breather, and saw the two men… doing the same things. The photographer was clicking away and telling us how hot it looked and how much it would sell for, but we didn’t give a hoot. We just did what came naturally.”

She paused, close to tears, to look at Brian. “I know it’s a shock to hear that your grandfather… did those things. With men… but we can’t change the past. Please don’t hate him, he loved you very much, Brian… What’s done is done.”

She paused again to wipe her leaking eyes and take a drink of wine. Brian sighed deeply and leaning close, put a hand on her knee. “Look, Bubba-Lou,” he said. “It’s okay, don’t cry… See, if it makes you feel any better… well, I… do those things, too. With men.” Bubba-Lou’s eyes got wide. “Its called being bisexual. It’s not a big deal. It means you just like sex with women… and men.”

Bubba-Lou brought a hand to her upper chest, like she was having trouble breathing. “You? But you seem… so masculine…”

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