Bren , Lanie Ch. 01

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Chapter 1

Ok it all started a little over three weeks ago I had gotten the shock of my life. And had fallen in love with my soul mate and it totally floored me. I am 21 years old and was home on winter break from college. I am 5’6 I have long brown hair and hazel eyes. I also have a brother who is eleven months younger than me he’s 20 and he’s 5’10 green eyes and blond hair and he’s is absolutely the most handsome guy. I had pulled up to our house and found his car in the driveway. I knew that our mom was probably at work it was the middle of the day. She was a Lawyer and worked for one of the biggest firms in the city. She and dad were both only children so we didn’t have any cousin’s. I got out of my car and grabbed my bags and walked to the door and fumbled with my keys. Finally I got the key in and got the door opened and walked in side. I sat my bags as the base of the steps as I shut the door. I then listened to see if I heard any signs of my brother as I heard music.

I walked into the kitchen and took something out for dinner knowing mom as well as I did she would want to eat out or call for takeout. But I was home now I would make sure they ate right. I then started to clean up the kitchen a bit I was really glad to be home and away from things at school. I didn’t tell anyone at school but things had gotten pretty rough with my boyfriend. I have known for about two months that things were bad. But it didn’t really hit me hard till last week when we had our fight and I walked out on him. I needed these three weeks at home away from it all just hoped I could keep my mom and brother in the dark. I then realized that B was home and I wanted to see him.

“B I’m home. Hey B where are you.” I yelled as I started up the steps and as I got to the landing his door opened and out came his girlfriend. I had never meant her and didn’t know much about her. I only know what mom and he had told me about her. She was 5’5 and blond hair and blue eyes small framed like a cheerleader. She started down the steps as she stopped in front of me and then slapped me. My hand went to my face and I was stunned at why she had hit me. Then I turned to see her leave the house and walk out the door and slammed our front door. I then looked back to my brother’s room and see the look on his face and I knew something was terribly wrong. He looked at me and the tears started and I was immediately at his side and he wrapped his arms around me. I hugged him back and held him as he let the tears fall.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry…” B said as he continued to cry in my arms I guided us to his bed as we sat down and I just held him. I had no clue what he was saying he was sorry for but I was sure he’d tell sooner or later. It didn’t take long for his breathing to slow down and I knew right away he was asleep in my arms. This brought back many memories of us as kids he was always the strong one. When we had bad storms I would get scared and run to his room. We would in turn sleep peacefully till morning. This continued till I moved away to go to college. B opted to stay close to home and go to college after dad died to be here for mom. But I needed to get away and deal with it on my own.

I looked at him as he lay asleep in my arms to see that he was shirtless and only in a pair of boxers. My mind was racing as to what was going on in here before I got home. Then I started to look him over from his bright green eyes to his perfect lips, then his chiseled chin casino oyna and his sculpted chest and abs. Then my eyes fell farther south to the tent he had in his shorts. I then felt this tingling going through myself as I knew what it was. I was getting wet just thinking about my brother. My mind started to race and I then started to get up without waking him up. I then slowly and quietly walked out of his room and shut the door. I then headed down to get my stuff and took them to my room and started to put them away. I was really glad to be home after all I have been through.

I pulled my top off and stood in front of my mirror on my closet door. And I saw the huge bruise and the tears started. I was so ashamed of myself that I let someone who I thought loved me abuse me the way he did. Never in my life had I let anyone do anything to me, I always stood up for myself. But here I was running away from a guy who I thought loved me. Boy was I ever so wrong. I then took my pants off and there was the yellow outline of the old bruises. I knew that I needed a shower and hoped that I could wash away all the sadness in my life. Ever since dad had died my life was one wrong turn after another. I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my body as I headed to the door. I walked to the bathroom and was about to shut the door when I heard the phone ring. I rushed back to my room to answer the phone.

“Hello.” I said

“Hey Honey you made it home ok?” Mom asked

“Yeah mom I made it ok. So what’s up?” I asked

“Well I was calling to see if you and your brother would be ok. I need to go out of town to help with a client at our Chicago office. I’ll be there the rest of the week. I’ll see you on Friday evening.” Mom said

“Yeah not a problem I’ll tell B when he wakes up.” I said

“He’s not up yet?” Mom asked

“No he was but him and Sara must have gotten in a fight she stormed out and on her way out she slapped me.” I said

“Oh Honey you ok?” Mom asked

“Yeah I was shocked. Then I looked back to B and he was upset and crying and before I knew it I was there and he hugged me. I guided him to his bed and held him till he fell asleep.” I said

“Honey watch over him. He’s dealing with a lot and I know if anyone can help him you can. I have to go see you Friday. I love you both be good and have fun you have my blessing.” Mom said as she hung up. I started to think about what she was talking about.

I grabbed my towel and walked to the bathroom that my brother and I shared. I stripped down to nothing and turned on the hot water and I stripped out of my clothes. There I saw the marks that I hoped to never so anyone. I then opened the doors and got in. I grabbed the soap and started to rub it over my body to get myself all soaped up. I fingers slightly glided over my pussy lips and my already peeking mound. I was turned on and I was really wet already very wet. I took my left foot and placed it up on the shelf and started to slowly play with my clit. I rolled it between my fingers as I leaned back against the shower door. I could feel my juices just flowing as I got myself worked up. I was all but there when the thoughts of my brother’s bulging cock came to mind and before I knew it I was convulsing and shaking with excitement as I cummed all over my hand. I got out of the shower and walked to my towel and there standing in the door was my brother.

I was shocked to see him there in the door way and I stopped canlı casino a few feet from the sink that held my towel. And he was just standing there in with his cock peeking out of his boxers. I could feel my self-getting excited all over again. And I knew how wrong it was but I felt something deep down in me as I watched as he walked toward me and his cock was hard. He then stopped and walked over to me and touched my ribs. His hand felt like fire running over my flesh. I was scared at what he was thinking as he touched my bruise.

“Lanie what happened.” B asked as I was feeling very self-conscious I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around me. Just from the touch of my brother got me all hot and bothered. I just wanted run and hide I could feel my tears as I thought back to how I got them.

“B I don’t want to talk about it. So just drop it.” I said as I started to leave when he grabbed my arm. He turned me around to face him and pulled me into a hug. I could feel his rock hard cock pressed up against my belly and I was getting turned on. I started to think about things that I shouldn’t be thinking about. I returned his hug as my hands rested around his shoulders and his hand were resting at my hips.

“Lanie please talk to me. We never were able to keep secrets from one another. Don’t start now.” Brendan said as I looked into his bright green eyes. And from that moment I knew that I could tell him anything.

“My…Dan and I well things aren’t so great.” I said

“He did this to you?” Bren asked I was all but in tears and all I could do was shake my head as I thought about everything else. Then he did the unthinkable as he pulled my towel off and kissed my rib cage.

“B don’t do this… We can’t its wrong.” I said

“But right here right now we both need this.” B said as he backed up against the door and started to message his now rock hard cock.

I couldn’t help myself as my hand went to the slit of my pussy lips and started to rub and roll my peeking mound around. Everything in the back of my mind was telling me how wrong this was but it was something that we both apparently needed this he was right. I watched as his hand moved faster up and down his cock and his thumb would slide across his head as I could see the pre-cum. Then I heard him as he let out a low groan as he began to shoot out his cum. I counted at least five streams and there was still more I don’t know what came over me as I went to him and got on my knees, he knew what I wanted and his last few strands were shoot right on my face. When he was done I started to lick his cum off my face. All the while I was still getting myself ready to cum. I felt it as he pulled me up and got to his knees and put his head under my already leaking pussy as I started to cum as I hit the clit he moved my hand and let my juices fall into his face and mouth.

Finally I was done and I went to the floor and sat there looking at my brother who had my cum all over his face. I licked my lips and I could still taste him on my tongue. I leaded back against the sink and he was against the door. I was completely exhausted that was the best orgasm that I had in a very long time. It was a strange silence but yet I looked to my brother and all I saw in his eyes was lust and love.

“Lanie…I…I’m sorry.” He said as he started to get up to leave.

“B wait.” I said as I too got up and walked to him and pulled him into a hug. He relaxed in my arms and I could tell kaçak casino he was sniffing my hair.

“I love you Lanie.” B said

“I love you too Brendon.” I said as I did the unthinkable. As I turned my head to his so we were face to face and I kissed him. He took his hand and placed them to the side of my face and kissed me back. His tongue pushed through my lips to cress mine. I was lost in his kiss as I melted into his arms.

As we stood in the bathroom kissing I could feel him getting hard again as I was wet. I was pushing everything out of my head the only thing I wanted was his cock in my mouth. I pulled away from his kiss and looked into his eyes.

“Bren are you sure?” I asked

“Yes Lane I have wanted this for months. I am sure I want you so bad.” He said as I took his hand and guided him to my room. I shut the door and took him to the bed. He laid down and I got between his legs as I took his balls into my left hand and his cock into my right hand. I started to pump his cock in my hand as he laid his head back and moaned. Then I took the chance to blow across the tip of his cock. And then I couldn’t help it I leaned over his cock and took the head into my mouth. I began to use my tongue to tease the top. Then swirling my tongue around the head and then I took him deep. I felt his hips buck up to push it farther in my mouth. I held his hips down and I took all him in as I relaxed my throat and took the rest of him in so that all 8 inches were in my mouth. I then started to hum to cause the vibrations as his cock was still in my mouth. I lapped up his cock as I could feel his balls tightening up.

“Oh fuck baby please…I’m cumming…” Brendon yelled as I soon felt his hot strands of cum empty into my mouth. I began to swallow everything he had to give to me. Finally after he was done I crawled up to kiss his stomach and then his chest and his neck. I reached his lips and we shared a very passionate kiss.

“Oh god Lane that was amazing I have never experienced anything like that.” Brendon said as I kissed him yet again and his hand started to travel to my pussy. He then sucked on each of my nipples and paid attention to both my breast all the while he was using his finger to run over my clit. I could feel myself getting very excited and turned on. I could feel the juices starting to leak as I was bucking my hips and then he slid a finger into my dripping wet pussy.

“Bren…please I…” I couldn’t finish my sentence as he was driving me wild and then he just stopped and looked at me.

“Lanie…I…” he started as I stopped him by pulling him up to my face and kissed him with wild passion. No matter how wrong this was I wanted this I needed this.

“Bren please it’s ok. Take me make me yours I need you.” I said

“Lanie I know how wrong this is and believe me I have always looked at you and wished you weren’t my sister. I don’t know why or when I started to feel this way but no other girl has ever made me feel like you do.” Brendon said

“Oh Bren please. I need you. I trust you with my life.” I said as he bent down and kissed me as he worked his way back to my throbbing, wet pussy then this time he surprised me by diving in to me with his tongue. He kept moving around going from my clit to pushing his tongue in to me. I held the sheets tightly and started to buck my hips. He was lapping up everything I had leaking out then I felt that familiar feeling as my walls started to clinch and spaz as I started to convulse yet again in a very hard and strong orgasm. That was the last thing that I remembered as it was so powerful I passed out.

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