Auntie Sue’s Wedding Tricks

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I met “Auntie Sue” at Sharon’s wedding. I’d been told beforehand that she was a bit of a snob and to watch out for her. But, never one to be bothered about such things I just did as I normally would and went with the intention of getting plenty of free beer and food and generally working my ticket with the bridesmaids.

The night turned out pretty good, the food was top class, there was a choice of champagne wine or beer, of course I had all three and I was up dancing with all three of the bridesmaids. You could see the husbands there looking on with pangs of jealousy at me working myself on the floor, sometimes this single life lark had its benefits.

I went to the bar and a guy on the next table came back 5 minutes later to tell me I’d just missed the bridesmaids doing handstands in the foyer.

“Why didn’t you come and tell me” I joked.

“What, you think I was going to miss that to come and tell you” he said. I could see his point.

“Right then, I’m going for a repeat showing” I said before heading off to the foyer myself.

When I got there the bridesmaids were still fooling around and dancing about in the foyer, obviously all quite drunk by now on the champagne they’d been drinking all afternoon. They all shouted out at me as I entered and I replied by asking why I hadn’t been invited to the handstand show.

“That’s OK,” said one, “We’ll give you another.” And with no further ado they took it in turns to do handstands for me against the foyer wall before making a group effort to finish with. Stockings, suspenders, basques and thongs abounded and I was about to leave, a big smile still spread across my face, when Auntie Sue wandered into the foyer.

“What’s going on here?” she asked. A couple of the bridesmaids, one of which was her daughter, blushed like mad and legged it back into the function room. The other had collapsed into a chair by now a bit worse for drink. I just stood there laughing.

“Oh they were just doing a few handstands and having a laugh” I said “Do you want a go?” I teased.

“Oh I couldn’t” she said, she’d obviously had a couple of glasses of champagne herself and was verging on being a bit tipsy too.

“Oh go on” I encouraged.

“No, I mean I really couldn’t”

“Why not? A fit looking woman like you could do it easily” I complimented.

“Because I haven’t got any knickers on that’s why” she said.

Laughing out loud I encouraged her even more now to do one for me but still she wouldn’t.

“You’re just winding me up” I taunted.

“I’m not” she persisted.

“Go on then, prove it” I said finally, calling her bluff.

“You really want me to?” she asked quizzically.

“Yeah, too right” I replied.

“Alright then, but not here.” This night was getting better and better.

“Where then?” I asked.

“I’ve got a room rented upstairs for the night” she said, “Let’s go there.”

She wandered back into the function room to get her handbag with the room keys before returning to the foyer.

“What did you tell you’re husband?” I asked when she returned.

“I just told him I was going for a quick lay down and to freshen up” she said, “He’s enjoying himself on the drink too much in there to be bothered anyway. illegal bahis He’ll be pleased I’m out of the way for a bit.”

I followed her upstairs to her room, checking her out on the way. She was about forty with dark bobbed hair and a nice rounded figure and I tried to make out whether or not she really did have any knickers on through her skirt, but I couldn’t tell. Even so I was beginning to get hard just thinking about it.

She switched on the light and threw her bag on the bed when we got into her room.

“Do you want a drink?” she asked wandering over to the mini bar and extracting a bottle of vodka and orange juice for herself.

“I’ll have the same.” She poured the drinks and handed mine to me.

“Cheers” she said as we clinked our glasses together.

“Here’s to absent…” I paused at the end.


“I was thinking more of panties actually” I joked.

“Oh yes, ” she said teasing “I knew we’d come here for something.” as she sat down in the chair that stood nearby next to the dressing table.

“Come here” she said beckoning me across. I walked over and we both stood our drinks on the dressing table.

“Kneel down” she continued. I did as asked and knelt before her on the floor.

“OK, look closely.” I already was.

She took hold of the hem at either side of her skirt and ever so slowly began to pull it up. It began to lift from just below her knees, over them and slowly began to rise along her thighs. I glanced up very briefly a couple of times and she sat there smiling seductively at me.

The skirt continued its upward journey and as it swished against her nylon clad legs I wished for stockings as well.

There must have been someone watching over me tonight because sure enough as it continued she exposed her dark tan stocking tops to my gaze. She paused and smiled as I looked on in wonder.

“God you look so hot in those” I commented.

“Thank you, I feel hot too.” she responded. She started again and more of her pink suspenders came into view which clasped her full thighs. She stopped again just before I could see everything, the blackness under the last bit of skirt still just protecting her final shred of dignity.

“Do you still think I’m winding you up?” she asked.

“I can’t tell yet” I said nearly panting, and with my full erection already sticking into my leg..

And with that she tugged her skirt up the last couple of inches..

Sure enough, she was a woman of her word. Her dark triangle of pubic hair came into view and I sat there just gazing at it.

“There then, I told you I wasn’t”

“You’re right, you weren’t were you.”

She pulled her skirt up past her hips and then opened her legs before me to give me a better view, still smiling at me as she did so.

“I’d been told you were a snob before I came” I mentioned.

“Well they were wrong weren’t they,” she said, “Underneath I’m really a right dirty bitch.”

“So I see, I’m pleased to say” I added.

I sat for quite a few moments just gazing at the sight before me as she lay back in the chair with her pussy almost winking at me and her stocking clad legs spread wide.

“Wouldn’t you like to lick me out then?” she asked hopefully.

“Do illegal bahis siteleri you really want me to?”

“I wouldn’t be asking if I didn’t, come on put you’re tongue in” she urged.

I leant forward and began to run my hands up her nylon clad legs. Starting at her ankles I let them travel slowly up along her calves, over her knees, along her thighs, past her stocking tops to her triangle of pubic hair. I stopped briefly and Sue who had had her head thrown back with eyes shut in anticipation opened them to see why I had stopped.

“Just teasing” I said before continuing and she smiled in appreciation.

She closed her eyes again and gasped in anticipation as my fingers reached her outer lips. Gently I pulled them apart and peered inside for a moment before bending my head and letting my tongue begin to probe her depths. Sue emitted a hoarse moan as I commenced and proceeded to moan more and more loudly as I continued. I stuck my tongue deep into her to taste her juices and then pulled back a bit and began to roll her clit between my teeth. She cried out as soon as I started, spread her legs wider still and pulled me tightly into her with her hands round my ears.

“Yes, that’s it, don’t stop she pleaded as she began to flinch jerkily beneath me. I could tell she was close to coming and quickly rammed two fingers inside her and began to finger her furiously. Unable to take any more she climaxed under me, her body shuddering violently in the seat where she lay. She let go of her grip and I sat back smiling at her as she lay before me, still spread-eagled but now contented.

She stood up and pulled me to my feet as well and began to undress me. I helped her with the process and was soon stood before her in just my shorts.

“I think it’s my turn to see what you’ve got now, don’t you?” she said and she knelt down before me and pulled down my shorts.

“My, my” she said when she had done so as I stood before her now completely naked and fully erect.

She stood up again and began to undress herself as I lay down on the bed. She undid her silk blouse and threw it aside, then her bra to reveal her full round bosoms and finally unzipped her skirt, slid it down and stepped out of it. She stood by the bed in just her stocking suspenders and high heels and ran her hand across my body and down towards my groin before joining me on the bed.

She lay next to me and draped one of her legs across mine, the nylon rubbed against my thighs and made me harder still as her breasts pushed against my chest. We kissed for the first time and immediately our tongues met desperately, lust quickly taking over. She rubbed her leg up and down mine as we kissed and I could feel her stocking tops rubbing over my dick, this too felt magic. My hands trailed down over her back to her bum and I gripped both cheeks in my hands and pulled her over so she lay on top of me. We began to grind our bodies against each other, my dick rubbing against her pubes.

“I want you now” I whispered to her.

“Then have me” she responded.

I reached down and took hold of my dick as she lifted her body up a little and slowly lowered herself down onto me. We both groaned as I entered her and slowly began to thrust canlı bahis siteleri in and out. She didn’t move for a short while as she got used to the intrusion but as her juices eased the initial tightness she soon began to join in. Before long she was bouncing noisily up and down on me matching my thrusts and moaning out with each stroke. I got her to dismount and kneel before me on the bed. I got behind her and, gripping her big meaty arse cheeks, pushed into her again.

“Do you like it Sue?” I taunted as I began to screw her again.

“I love it, don’t stop.” she replied.

“You really are a dirty bitch underneath aren’t you?”

Yes, now fuck me you randy bastard.” she muttered before succumbing again to my thrusts and returning to her continuous moaning. I dug my fingers into her buttocks as I gripped her and pulled her onto me harder. I pounded into her and as I could feel my climax building up inside me I reached round and grabbed her by the front of the thighs, rubbing at her silky stocking tops. I could see she was rubbing one of her breasts with one hand and she reached underneath her with the other and began to tickle just behind my balls. This was too much, pulling her onto me as hard and as fast as I could I came, jetting semen deep into her as I groaned loudly. Sue was moaning pretty loudly herself too but it was muffled by the pillow she had her face buried in. I withdrew and fell down onto the bed beside where she still knelt and looked up at her. Still both panting heavily she reached down and took hold of my dick and bending her head to take my wilting knob between her lips she began to slurp our mingled juices from it.

When she had sucked me dry she climbed off the bed and sat down in the chair next to the bed. Opening her legs wide again as I lay there watching her she parted her pussy lips with one hand before sliding two fingers deep inside her with the other, closing her eyes and throwing her head back

as they entered her. She removed them, covered in my sticky juices that I’d just shot inside her, and then proceeded to lick them clean. She did this a few times until she couldn’t get any more and then began to finger herself in front of me, working herself up towards another climax. I had lain there in wonderment just watching her perform before me but I wanted an active part again. So climbing off the bed as she lay there with her eyes shut I removed her hands and replaced them with my own fingers and again began to flick at her clitoris.

“Yes, make me come again” she asked. I fully intended to.

Flicking and slurping at her wetness she began shuddering again as her climax racked her body and her pubic bone jabbed against my face.

“Hadn’t we better go back to the wedding” I asked when she had recovered.

“I’d sooner stay here” she said “but I suppose we’d best go back.”

We dressed and made our way back downstairs. The party was in full swing and everybody looked very drunk by now and had hardly noticed we were missing. We parted once we got back inside but I did cheekily ask her for the last dance. She agreed with a wicked smile on her face and whispered all the things she’d like to do to me if it had been our wedding night while the music played. The renewed hard on this caused pushed into her through our clothes as we danced and she rubbed herself against me in the darkened lights on the dance floor. I bet the bride and groom would have been jealous if they’d seen what we’d been up to tonight.

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