Aunt Carolina Ch. 01

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Note from the Author: This story is written in a very specific form, namely the “my arms broke so now xxx person helps me out.” I chose this form deliberately as a writing exercise. I have been out of practice for some time so having a structure to the story helped ease the transition back to writing. I hope my contribution to this story form is a pleasurable read. I have more interesting ideas on where to take this story in the future that will not be so predictable. This time I really just wanted to get a solid start. I appreciate your thoughts and comments below. Constructive criticism is welcome as are any volunteers editors. I felt too timid to reach out to one this time.

Thank you,


The summer of ’74 was cold. I lived in a row-house suburb of a large city. Twenty years ago this neighbourhood had been up and coming. Now, it was run down and I was eager to get out. The summer after my high school graduation I had worked hard to earn a full scholarship to a 4 year college out of state. I promised myself I would get a good job and move my mother out of the old neighbourhood. Life had other plans for me.

A knock at the door roused me from a deep sleep. I peered over at the clock and saw it was almost 5 am. I didn’t want to get out of bed but the knock was persistent and desperate. As I peered through the peephole I saw Aunt Carolina. That’s what I called her. Her real name was Carolina Morales. A forty something woman who had lived next to my mother and I for the last ten years. Her curves were generous but well proportioned. Carolina’s flawless caramel skin contrasted with her black uniform. The cold air made her nipples stand out and the peephole was at the perfect height to spot them. Carolina’s black, curly hair shone in the morning sun with small wisps of grey at the temples. The touch of grey gave her a distinguished look. I lusted after her all the time but especially during the summer when she would wear the deep red sun dresses she was so fond of. The dresses were low cut in a v-neck that accentuated her breasts and hugged her hips well. The small flair at the bottom of the skirt bounced whenever she took a step. Tantalizing, it promised to show me more but never did.

Unlocking the door I was greeted with her small shivering form. “My car is refusing to start. Can you take a look?” She barely managed to say the words without her teeth chattering. I was no expert with cars but I just finished a year of auto shop. Carolina clutched her arms around her chest to guard against the cold morning air. This had the unintended effect of pushing her breasts into a pair of magnificent swells. Her uniform’s hemline plunged deep. I stammered some sort of OK to her request. Grabbing my mother’s spare jacket I handed it too her. I watched Carolina’s breasts rise and fall with a sort of hypnotic effect while she quickly drew the jacket about her.

Carolina’s car was a rusty old junker. It was honestly a miracle that it worked at all. I lifted the hood and used a stick to hold it up. It was immediately obvious that her drive belt had slipped. I began to try and get it back on the pulley.

Leaning over the hood I noticed that Carolina was leaning in too. For a moment that seemed like an eternity I stared in disbelief. She was wearing a skimpy maids outfit. Not the typical kind found in your average motel 6. This was a black velvet dress with white lace frills and a pristine ironed white linen apron. White lace gloves were tucked demurely in her waistband. I never asked what she did for a living; she must have worked in a rich household on the upper east side. Her breasts hung low and I could see down her shirt, she was not wearing a bra. “What a uniform!” I thought. A wisp of salt-and-pepper canlı bahis hair betrayed her age as it hung playfully across her breast. My eyes followed it as they trailed upward to her sensual neck and to onward to her beautiful face. Our eyes met. She saw me glaring. Immediately I began to stammer an apology and in a moment of shame I jerked backward. I slammed my head into the hood of the car. I reared back as the hood slammed down and broke both of my arms just above the wrists. Shouted out in agony and spent the next 10 hours at the emergency room getting both arms put in casts.

Over the next few days my hopes for summer were dashed one by one. My girlfriend waited a whole 4 days before dumping me. She said that this was her last summer for fun before college and decided that with broken hands she was no longer interested in me. Next, I lost my job at a summer camp. That was supposed to give me a nest egg for the coming school year. Finally my father, a rancher in the mid-west, called and said that with my broken hands he could not afford to have me hanging around the farm during the harvest season. I was stranded with two broken hands in the suburbs all alone for three months.

With all the problems I was having handling my day to day affairs my mother arranged for me to spend the daytime at Aunt Carolina’s house while she was at work. Carolina readily agreed to watch me. She said it was the least she could do given the fact I had been injured working on her car.

The first day was hazy. My eyes were heavy from the medications and I slept most of the day away. Occasionally I would wake to the dull drone of mid-day television only to drift off again. The second day was one I will never forget. My mother had to work early that day. I was still asleep in bed when I heard Carolina answer the door.

I heard Carolina and an unknown man speaking. First they spoke in hushed tones. I strained to make out what they were saying. Then in increasing volume they bickered back and forth.

“You cannot just take a day off. Miguel expects you back at work today.” The man said with irritation in his voice.

“I can’t leave him. I ruined his whole summer. And all because I was going out of my way to help you at a strange hour.” Carolina retorted.

“Listen puta, you WILL be back at work tomorrow or I will find someone else,” he seemed to threaten.

“Screw you tonto. I will be there.” The disgust in her voice was palpable.

“Audios, chica.”

I heard the door shut and lock afterwards. Painfully I pushed myself to my feet and wobbled awkwardly as the cast threw me off balance.

“Buenos Dias, Mejo” she cheerily greeted me as I stumbled into the living room. “You sit down and get ready for breakfast.” Carolina came back 5 minutes later with a bowl of oatmeal.

Sitting at the table was more difficult that I guessed it would be. Pulling out a chair with two broken arms is harder than it may first appear. I plopped down and smiled as Carolina came over. She began to spoon feed me the oatmeal. After two or so bites a large drop of oatmeal dropped on her breast.

My eyes followed the glob in slow motion as it fell to her breast. The white paste contrasted with the golden brown of her skin. “Ayi,” Carolina exclaimed as she wiped it from her breast. She raised it to her lips and took it into her luscious red lips. I found it was oddly arousing. Uncomfortably, my cock began to swell. I shifted in my seat trying to conceal my erection. Suddenly it sprang free from waistband of my shorts. Like a veiny obelisk it jabbed upward to the sky. I felt horror wash over me as I realized what happened. My skin flushed as I turned a deep tomato red from embarrassment.

I cringed reflexively and expected bahis siteleri a reprimand as she caught me looking. Instead, Carolina sighed a bemused breath and said “I know what pain you’re in. Please let me help you.” Her hand began on my chest, chasing a trail around my nipple as it slid down my shorts. My penis throbbed in anticipation of her touch. “What the hell is going on here,” I wondered.

“I want to take care of this for you; then we need to have a discussion.”

“Okay,” I stammered weakly.

Carolina’s hand felt warm and soft against my semi-flaccid member. My erection had retreated a little in the moments since her bold advance. She was patient with me. A warm smile spread across her face as she kissed me on the cheek first, then the neck. I smelled the sweet scent of lilac coming from her beautiful black hair as she nibbled on my earlobe. I pressed my body against hers taking a deep breath. A bolt of lightening shot up my spine. Her touch was the most sensual thing I had ever experienced. My cock grew rapidly in her hand. She squeezed hard around it choking off the blood-flow as her thumb played with the slit on my cock head. Fuck was the lone word my mind could muster in a situation like this. I droned it over and over. “Fuck, ugh. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuuuuuuccccckkk.” It felt as I would faint from sudden blood loss. Then she relaxed her grip. Looking me in the eye with a playful and naughty smile her hand began a delicate dance up and down my shaft.

“¿Te gusta?” Her smile was radiant and infectious. I could stifle a laugh as she began her assault on my cock. “I have been doing this since before you were born mejo, and I’ll be doing it until the day I die. I’m sorry you lost your summer, but I will make it up to you. Every little bit. I will take care of you and you can help take care of me.”

“Anything you want, just please don’t stop.” My cock began to have a heart beat of it’s own. I tried thrusting back against her hand but the angle of the chair and my cast prevented much motion. I grew bold in the moment and asked to see her breasts. “I want to see your tits.”

“Ah, such nasty language from a nice boy like you.” Carolina said as she leaned close again kissed my neck again. “Okay, you can see my breasts.” She unbuttoned her top one by one. Gradually I began to see her cream coloured bra holding the greatest pair of breasts I ever beheld. “I saw you staring when you opened the door that morning. I feel so bad. If I had taken the time to find my overcoat that morning you would not have broken your arms. Then again, I suppose you don’t mind too much right now. Do you mejo?”

“No. I’m groovy.”

“How many girls have gotten you off? Have you had sex with a girl?”

“I got a hand-job from Maddie Linklatter junior year, but I haven’t had too much spare time. I focused on my studies. I wanted to get out of here.”

“Do you still want to leave?”

“Not right now. Please keep going,” I begged. My balls boiled with cum. I took deep breaths to keep from coming. I would do anything to make this moment last.

Carolina released my cock and leaned backward on her knees. She fully removed her shirt and now only wore a skirt and her bra. Reaching forward she cupped my balls and squeezed them while her other hand stroked me. Carolina leaned forward and kissed my cock on the tip. Just a quick peck. It stoked the fire in me, the desperate need for release. I wanted to bury it in her throat but could only imagine that pleasure for the moment. “You want to fuck my tits? Or would rather I finish you in my hand?”

“Tits! Please let me cum on them.” I bucked involuntarily as she said this. She pulled down on my balls and a flash of pain shot up my body. Carolina kissed my cock again. Then bahis şirketleri her lips slid open and she took it all the way down to the base in one dip. Her nose tickled my bush for a good five seconds before she drew back and spit loudly on my cock. My feet flailed with pleasure as she hit bottom. I had to concentrate to keep from blowing my load right then and there.

Her breasts rose and fell with each breath. My eyes followed them like a hungry animal focused on his next meal. I sat slack-jawed as she gripped my cock by the base and slid it under the band of her bra and between her breasts. The slippery wet friction made my dick feel like a match hitting a striker. Heat travelled from my balls, up my lower back and spread across my body. My skin flushed an angry red as I fought to keep from cumming. Carolina leaned close and flicked her tongue across my cock-head’s slit a few dozen times. Then she began raising and lowering her body in a slow steady rhythm. Her red nails dug deep into her breasts as she pressed them together. Her motions slowly increased in speed and the feeling in my cock only grew. I could feel my balls begin to overflow with semen. Soon, I would not be able to hold back anymore.

“Oh, fuck yeah. Fuck those tits. Come on baby. You know you need to cum.” Rude words ran from her mouth like I never heard. In the years that Miss Morales lived next to my mother and I never knew her to swear let alone talk like a such brazen whore. “Come on, come for me. How long have you wanted me? Did you get excited when I wore my dresses in the summer without panties? I like it when men ogle me in those dresses you know.”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Again it was the only word I could think of. Her tits plunged down one final time and she swallowed my cock whole while still nestled between them. I exploded with an yell. I could feel the overflowing cum make its way out of my balls and through my cock. My buttocks clenched hard trying to push every drop of me into her mouth. I half stood up and began banging my cock into her mouth. Carolina relaxed her throat and guided my cock deeper as her hands grasped my ass and pulled me to her. Her nose pressed against my pubes as I felt a long thin finger dip into my asshole and massage my prostate. As second orgasm began instantly. I screamed once more and thrust my cock at her face. She swallowed loudly and I could feel my cock head eclipse her tonsils. The finger swirled around inside me and each stroke against my prostate sent a new torrent of cum down her throat. Carolina held me there for what seemed like forever. Slowly her grasp relaxed and she backed her head off my cock. Her finger was still firmly lodged in my butt. With her spare hand she lifted my now rapidly shrinking cock in her hand and began to give it a vigorous tongue bath. Her mouth sloppily and loudly drew my entire member in again as she sucked it clean of any remaining juices. Only then did her right hand withdraw it’s digit from my now raw asshole. I fell back into the chair exhausted.

Carolina rose quietly and went to the sink to wash her hands. She buttoned her blouse and fixed her hair in a mirror on the kitchen cabinet door. Carolina quickly transformed from voracious lover back to my demure neighbour whom I had known all these years. She came over and helped me pull my shorts back up.

“All better, mejo?” She asked.

“Ugh, yeah. Thanks,” was all I could say. “I umm, really enjoyed that.”

Her soft hand reached out and played with my hair as she looked into my eyes with a maternal smile. “Look, there is much to discuss. But why don’t we finish your breakfast.” Carolina took another spoon of oatmeal and fed it to me. I barely noticed the lukewarm grainy texture as I sat entranced by the mystery of a woman before me. My emotions flickered back and forth while my heart did a dance in chest. Was I in love? I was too young to know. What I did know was that I was certainly in lust. Mostly I was confused and hungry for more.

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