A Touch Of Luck Ch. 01

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Author’s note: This story is completely fictional.

It began on a hot sunny afternoon in August while I had been guarding our fields in my village. I could never dream that such things would happen with me…but it happened, and thereafter my life was changed for forever.

Let me start from the beginning.

I am Rahul, twenty…about five ten in height…have a lean athletic body and I feel that I’m quite handsome. Six months ago, I completed my graduation, and was trying to get admission in post graduation program; I got the news from my village that my father had expired suddenly…a massive heart attack. And being the only son, I was needed at home.

I cursed my luck. My father was only forty-five when he died…too young an age to die. He was a rich farmer and owned a big farm. After his death, there was no one to look after the farms, my widowed mother and my young sister, Mansi. I knew that I didn’t have any choice but to return home and look after the things…and though I. resented my decision, I left my adopted city and returned home

Therefore, for the last six months I had been doing what my father did for his whole life…farming…cultivating and harvesting. In the month of august, the sugarcane crop was ready…still there was a month or so before it would be ready for harvesting. There was not much work at the farms, except that a round the clock vigil was required to safeguard our crops. Crops were very good this year; and therefore, it had to be protected from stray animals and thieves.

As the pressure of work was not much, I laid off my laborers, except the two watchmen for keeping a vigil during the nights. During the daytime, I myself looked after our fields and that required me staying continuously there…from morning till evening.

My father had built a small hut at the center of our fields…with two small rooms. One room housed the pump set so that one staying there could also look after the irrigation of the fields; the second room had an old wooden cot for rest during the day. He also erected a scaffold near the hut. It was about ten feet high; I used to spend most of my time on the scaffold, as it was more convenient to keep a watch from the scaffold. Everyday in the afternoon, Mansi, my young sister, used to bring me lunch. After I ate my lunch, Mansi would collect the plates and return to home while I would rest in the room during the afternoon.

This same routine had been continuing for almost two months…occasionally my mother used to come with lunch instead of Mansi.

Let me tell you something about my mother and sister. My mother, Uma…is thirty-nine…about five three in height…rather good-looking for her age as compared to other women in the neighborhood…long jet black hair giving an exquisite look to her sharp features. Working in fields has kept her in quite good shape.

My sister…Mansi…she is eighteen…she has taken her features after my mother and was slowly turned into an absolute stunner. About an inch or two taller than my mother, she has long dark brown shoulder length hair…a pert nose, captivating dark eyes and a wild sensuous smile that can steal any heart. She too had a shapely body like my mother but hidden behind her loose salwar kurta, it was a bit difficult to notice, especially when you don’t look at your sister as a sex object.

Don’t mistake me for my salacious description of my mother and sister. I was not born with incestuous thoughts. Only a few days back, I could not have even dreamt about them in a licentious manner. But things turned in such a way that I became a sisterfucker and a motherfucker.

My daily routine at our fields was quite monotonous, and I missed my city life more and more with every passing day. During my five-year stay at city, I had a secret relationship my landlord’s wife, and that’s what I was missing the most…a hot pussy throbbing around my cock. My cock had already tasted blood; and every now and then it begged for a cunt…I desperately longed to feel a cunt enclosed around my rigid cock…slicing in and out a blissful abode.

I had a handful of porn magazines, which I had purchase while my stay in city, carefully stacked in a secured corner in the hut. Those were my lone companions during the long hot humid afternoons…I read them again and again…fantasized about fucking all the beautiful girls in the neighborhood…whacking my cock from one orgasm to another.

In brief, I was dying for a hot fuck.

And god listened my prayers. It happened ultimately…I got my dream pussy…my sister’s best friend Sheila.

Most of the days when Mansi brought my lunch, she came alone…occasionally some friend of hers would accompany her. Then one day, she came with Shelia, and after that both of them started visiting the hut regularly during the lunch.

Sheila was a childhood friend…two year elder than Mansi. Sheila, Mansi and I had played together during our childhood. That time she used to be closer to me than Mansi…but when I left our village for my studies…she casino siteleri became more intimate to my sister and they became very good friend.

During my stay in Mumbai, I didn’t visit our village very often and so didn’t get any chance to meet Sheila. I heard from my sister about Sheila’s growing to a stunning beauty…though I didn’t care much for her at that time. I was pretty happy screwing my mature landlady.

Last year, Sheila got married and left the village. When I returned from Mumbai, Sheila was settled with her husband in some faraway village.

This time, she had come to visit her parents. I saw her when she came to meet Mansi at our home. I just could not help staring at her…she had transformed into a fine young woman. She was slim, yet every curves of her body were carved exquisitely in her sari to titillate the beholder. She had raven dark hair…like my mother…she was tall, like my beautiful sister.

Her tits appeared rounded and firm…her waist was quite small, and I could guess a perfectly smooth flat stomach. I tried to imagine about her shapely legs and the charming mound of her cunt between her thighs. No doubt that I had an instant erection.

Sheila too sensed my stares as her cheeks flushed a little.

We sat together and talked about older days. Every now and then, I stole a look at her ripe body and every time she caught my stare. She appeared conscious of my stares but didn’t show it. Then suddenly, Mansi informed me that from the next day Sheila would accompany her when she brought me lunch. I could not have asked any thing better.

Next day, I waited eagerly for Sheila and Mansi.

They came daily in the afternoon…tittle-tattled with me while I ate my lunch and then returned back after collecting the dishes. During that period, I began to notice that Sheila too was watching me very intently at times…many a times I caught her staring. Those stares appeared to have some messages…I wanted to ask, but could not talk freely in presence of my sister. However, I had a hunch that she wanted something from me…a wild fuck probably.

On the fourth day, as Mansi took the dishes to wash at the pump, Sheila and I were left alone in the room.

As soon as Mansi left the room, I looked in her direction. Sheila was staring at me…her eyes little dreamy. I decided to try my luck. I drew my courage and moved closer to her.

“How’s your husband?” I was so close to her that I could hear her heavy breathing.


“Are you happy?” I gently took her palms in my hand.

Her beautiful lips quivered but she didn’t reply. I got bolder…slipped my arm around her delicate waist and drew her closer to me…my lips inches away from hers.

“Please let me go.” She made a feeble attempt to get away from my arms. “Mansi’ll see us.”

I didn’t let her go…instead, brought my lips closer to hers and planted a deep kiss on her rosy lips. Sheila responded positively. We kissed passionately for a minute; then she forced my arms away from her hips and pushed me back. She immediately walked over to the door and stood there…breathing erratically. Her face was red with excitement, but I could feel that she had enjoyed my overtures.

“You should learn to behave properly with married ladies.” She spoke after catching her breath. “Mansi can come anytime.”

“I know how to treat a married woman.” I said lecherously. “Give me a chance and I’ll show you.”

She stared at me with a mocking look.

“When’re we going to meet?”

“Tomorrow.” She smiled back at me.


“Here…” She paused for a moment. “Tomorrow…same time.”

Then she went out of the room.

After she left, I realized that I had a big boner. Sheila must have sure felt my hardness nudging against her soft belly.

I waited for them to leave. As soon as they left for home, I unzipped my fly and withdrew my rigid hard on. I pumped my cock furiously while thinking about Sheila. Within a minute my cock blasted in a most powerful deluge of hot cum.

Next day, I waited eagerly for them. I wasn’t expecting Sheila with Mansi as I thought that she would come after Mansi returned home. But they came together. I felt little disappointed.

I ate silently while both the girls prattled incessantly. I was about to finish my lunch when Mansi told me that she had to go for some urgent work and Sheila would take care of the dishes.

“I’ll be back in ten minutes.” She told and left shutting the door behind her, leaving Sheila and me alone.

I looked at Sheila. She was smiling. I felt confused.

“What did you tell her?” I asked apprehensively.

“Nothing…just that I want to talk to you something in private and she agreed. You know we are good friends.”

I was too horny to worry about my young sister. Sheila must have given her some good excuse to be alone with me. I wouldn’t have expected her to tell the truth to Mansi.

Suddenly, my mouth was dry…I was alone in my room with a beautiful canlı casino woman…a woman whom I wanted to make love and probably she too was willing. I felt my boner getting hard…my heart began beating very fast.

She walked over to me, smiling. “You look nervous.”

I silently looked into her eyes…gleaming with mischief.

“You asked about my husband.” She brought her lips closer to mine and whispered. “I’m missing him very much.

She stuck her tongue out and licked her lips wet with her saliva and offered it to me. I took her body in my arms and planted my lips over her wet lips.

She responded ferociously, boring her lips back to mine. We remained in that position kissing for long. My hand moved to her ass and I caressed her taut buttock, boring my fingers into it through the material of her salwar.

“I’m missing my hubby. Will you help me?” She murmured as she brought her fingers down unzipped my fly gripping my cock through my cotton briefs.

“I’d like to…” I panted heavily.

By now her hand was inside my brief. She gripped my cock gently with her fingers and began stroking my pulsating shaft. I found it impossible to control and inserted my hand inside her salwar and gripped her ass…squeezing them hard.

She moaned loudly.

I released my grip from her ass. She undid my pants and in a one go dropped it with my briefs to my thighs, exposing my seven and half inch boner.

“God!!!” She looked in amazement. “You’re bigger than my hubby.”

I slowly lowered my pants and underwear and step aside from them. Then I removed my vest and stood naked in front of her. Sheila was admiring my naked body.

I moved closer to her and held her in my arms. Slowly I helped her in removing her salwar and kurta. Soon she was standing in front of me in black bra and panties.

She looked gorgeous. I admired her semi nudity. She followed my gaze that was continuously boring into her hidden assets; and for the first time, I found her face becoming red with shame…or probably with excitement…or probably with both.

I could not wait anymore; unclasped her bra and let it fall on the floor and then proceeded to unroll her panties along her thighs. In a fraction of second she was standing completely naked in front of me. I moved a feet behind so that I could appreciate her naked beauty.

Sheila’s tits were rounded and firm, little bigger than what they appeared from outside. They were full tits, her nipples arching toward the roof. Her stomach was flat, with only a hint of roundness above her pubic mound. Her pubic mound was densely covered with a thick mass of curly, soft hair that was hiding her puffy cunt lips from my prying eyes.

I sank to my knees and gently touched her bush with my fingers…slowly brushing through her crispy hair I exposed her pink cunt lips to my view…bent my head and planted a kiss over those rosy lips. Her legs shook violently and she moaned loudly.

“Take me to the bed.” She murmured.

I took her to the cot and helped her settle in a lying position…her legs wide open for my lewd views. I gripped her hard nipples and squeezed them coarsely causing her to moan with pain. My other hand traveled to her wide-open thighs…to her wet crotch. With my fingers I opened the slick outer lips of her dripping pussy, and bending my head I kissed it lovingly, thirstily boring my tongue into her burning cunt.

Probably, Sheila had not expected my tongue in her cunt, as she shrieked and tried to draw back her cunt away from my licking tongue but my hands were tightly gripping her thighs preventing any movement. Slowly, the rapture overtook her, and her resistance subsided.

My tongue moved in and out of her scorching cunt…causing her squirm in pleasure.

“Ohhh…god. Rahul, oh it’s so good, yeasssss!” She writhed and moaned.

I began licking her cunt with added zeal…my tongue feeling every part of her delicious cunt. At one time, it moved in and out of her pussy in a fucking motion, on the other, it licked her wet cunt lips and pricked her tiny clit. The way her body was squirming with every stroke of my tongue, I was sure that she was enjoying the oral feast.

Her body was rolling and tossing and bucking wildly on the bed, she gripped my hair between her fingers and forced my head between her open cunt lips.

Finally, I let her go and kneeled between her legs. I took her legs and placed it over my shoulder making my rigid cock just hovering over her burning pussy.

Her body shivered with excitement as the mushroomed head of my cock touched her labia. I waited for a moment and looked at her. She was intently watching my cock head nudging between the cuntlips. Her eyes looked dazed with lust and anticipation.

I forced my cock gently, causing the cunt lips unfurl giving way to my cock head. She watched it disappear inside her cunt. I winked at her, and plunged the shaft of my prick deep into her wet slippery channel.

“Aaiieeeeee!!” She screamed. “Ohhh! Oh maaa… kaçak casino yessss! Ahhh! Ahhh!”

Gripping her legs high in air, I rammed my cock fiercely in and out of her hungry cunt. The wooden cot creaked under my furious thumping. Every time, I drew my cock out of her cunt and rammed it back, the cot rocked and creaked. With her legs over my shoulder, I could watch my mammoth cock moving in and out of her heavenly chute.

Sheila was gasping for breath enjoying the furious pounding of her cunt. I plundered her cunt with my massive hard on. Then, I bent her legs over, causing her legs to arch and pinned against her own shoulder. This way her cunt was more open to my onslaughts and as I was on the top of her, I was able to penetrate her even deeper with every stroke.

Sheila was wailing uncontrollably…begging me to fuck her harder and harder. I too obliged her by fucking her with wild ferocity. Never before had I fucked any woman with so much passion…with so much lust not even my landlady in Mumbai who gave me taste of first pussy. I pounded her steaming cunt mercilessly, thumping my cock again and again into her welcoming pussy…reaming it…ripping into it, driving her into a state of extreme bliss with my ravaging thrusts.

I drove my cock time and again into her begging pussy, and she responded with her passion filled squeals of joy. Sheila was enjoying the every moment of this terrific fuck session.

“Ahhh! Ahhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…! Ohhh…Yeah…” The room was filled with her amorous moans, squeaking of the wooden bed and the most beautiful music of a thick cock moving in and out of a wet dripping cunt.

I lifted my hips and jabbed it to her again. Again she squealed. She was now writhing her body…gyrating her hips with me in unison…meeting every single thrust of my rigid cock. That drove me wild and I increased my endeavor.

I would have loved to fuck her forever and my cunt-starved cock was not yet satisfied. It was still begging for more and more of that heavenly pussy. Though I was panting with effort, I didn’t relent my effort and continued with my onslaught. Panting and growling with extreme desire, I thumped her pussy again and again with a wild frenzy. Sheila also reciprocated in the same way, each time clenching the muscles of her legs…gyrating her ass frenziedly, trying to grip my pistoning cock with her wet clasping pussy.

The pressure was now building in my balls and I could feel the churning. Yet I didn’t relent. I knew I would be coming any time now but wanted her to cum with me.


As if she read my mind, Sheila moaned loudly as my hard tool slammed into her next time, and she began to cum. Her whole body went rigid with extreme rapture; her fingers bore into the flesh of my back; she lifted her ass off the bed to meet my ripping cock. Her cunt throbbed uncontrollably around my hungry manhood.

“Ooooooo…maaaaaaaaaaaa…” She squealed. “Ohhh…its so goooooooooooood.”

She squeezed her cunt muscles trying to clench my cock between her soft folds. Her eyes were closed and she was enjoying her orgasm. I knew that she wanted my hot semen inside her smoldering cunt.

“Ohhh…Rahul…” She pleaded with lust. “Give me your cum. Fill me with your juice. I…I…want to feel it inside me.”

I too could see it coming. Therefore, I increased the pace, drilling her cunt with more vigor. She coughed and gasped for breath; and tore at my back with her nails, crying at each thrust of my massive fuck tool.

I plundered her pussy for the final time, howling loudly.

“Here it comes…take it all.”

My massive cock erupted in a wild ferocity, inundating her scorching cunt with my love fluid. The hot thick jets of my cum spewed into her welcoming pussy, forcing her to clench her cunt muscles to retain every drop of my passion juice.

Gasping with fatigue, two sweat-slicked bodies finally came to rest. Sheila was still pinned and bent double under me, my wildly throbbing and erupting organ still sunk deep inside her tingling cunt… her fingers still boring onto my back but the grip was now loosening. I looked her beautiful face lovingly…traces of sweat rolling down from her face.

“Rahul…Oh…god…!” She was still gasping; she kissed me passionately. “I’ve never been fucked like that. Where did you learn all that?”

I kissed her back…withdrew my sagging cock from her dripping pussy and climbed off her.

“You didn’t answer me. It wasn’t your first time. Isn’t it?”

I grinned at her…looking at her naked sweat drenched body. Her bosom was heaving up and down with every breath. The cunt hair was matted with my cum which was leaking out of her pussy.

“We can discuss that later. Now get dressed as Mansi would be arriving any time.”

She didn’t make any attempt to rose…and grinned back at me.

“Don’t worry. She’ll not come for at least one hour.”

I was suddenly stunned.

“You told Mansi about it?”

“No I didn’t.” She smiled. “But I think she’s smart enough.”

I looked at her. I didn’t know how to react to that. In my lust, I never realized that Mansi could know what I was doing with her friend. But it was my mistake. I should’ve called Sheila at some other convenient time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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