First Time with Neighbor Daddy Ch. 03

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Continuing my summer with Mr. Stanton

Three days had passed since my little striptease in my bathroom for Mr. Stanton. I was hornier than ever, hoping that he’d understand that that was meant as an invite for more. I started doing some research. Looking up what older men like in younger boys. One thing I came across was being shaved; specifically around the boys hole so its bare. Taking note, and wanting to make Mr. Stanton happy, I gave it a shot. I had to wait until my parents were gone for a few hours, then busted out the razor and mirror and shaved myself. Not gonna lie, it took an hour. Regardless, I was completely bare, and hoped Mr. Stanton (whenever/if he’d ever see) would like it.

At my parents, we had an above ground pool in the back yard, with a big privacy fence around it. The fence went up about 3 feet, enough to cover a grown person’s hips down. At night during the summers, I always liked to go out and swim in the dark. A lot of the times, I’d ditch the trunks and swim naked. No one can deny that skinny dipping is a sensation; feeling the water all over your bare body.

So one night, about 5 days after my striptease, I decided to go outside for a swim. It was around 10 o’clock; my parents were still up, but getting ready for bed. I go out to the pool, jump in, and float around. A few minutes in, as per usual, I decide to lose the trunks, and swim in the nude. It’s amazing, water all over my naked body. I’m floating under the half moon, barely enough light to see my body glow in the night. I’m completely comfortable.

“Well hello there son..”

Alarmed, I drop my body in the water, and turn. To my surprise (but enjoyment), Mr. Stanton is standing 10 feet away from me on his side of the fence.

“Whatcha doing there? Going for a little swim?” He ask.

“Yes sir..” I whimper “I like to swim at night. It’s relaxing”

“Can’t argue with that” Mr Stanton says as he makes his way to the gate and heads toward the pool.

Oh my god. He’s going to see that I’m naked I think as he moves up the stairs on the deck. All I can do is watch him and wait for him to realize it. The reflection of the moon bounces off the pool water, so he doesn’t yet know. But that changes as soon as the makes his way onto the deck.

Reaching down, he picks up my trunks. “Well, well, well.. looky here. Do your parents know you’re out here swimming with your ass out?”

“No sir. They never know”

“Are they still awake son? Do your parents wait up for you to come inside?” Mr Stanton ask.

I tell him they are still awake, but not for long. Still holding my trunks, he makes his way to the patio furniture. Where he is sitting is blocked off from view of the house. He sits down and drops my trunks beside him.

“I saw you the other night. Playing with yourself, fucking yourself” Mr Stanton says “Did you want me to see you”

I don’t say anything. My dick flinches to life. I’m nervous as hell now. He’s called me out. I know he’d seen, but it still makes my heart pump.

“Answer me son”

“..yes sir..” I’m able to whisper.

“I thought I told you to call me.. Daddy. Now did you mean to let me see you fucking yourself son?” He ask again.

My ass clinches, remembering how filled I was last time I called him Daddy.

“Yes Daddy. I wanted you to see me.”

“That’s what I thought. I had fun last time we hung out son. You really treated Daddy well. Made him feel really good. Did you like that son? Did you like Daddy’s casino oyna cock in your mouth and ass? Did you like the way Daddy tasted?”

I can’t believe he’s asking me this. But I can’t lie. I was turning my on to no end. I was getting hot and horny.

“Yes Daddy, I loved your cock. Everything about it. I want more of your cum daddy.” There, I couldn’t believe what I was saying. How did that come out of my mouth!?

Daddy smiled. “Come here boy, get out of the pool and walk over here”

Without even thinking, I make my way to the ladder. I don’t even think about being seen by my parents. If they were up, they’d have a clear shot of my naked body. I get out of the water, my naked body glistening in the moonlight. My dick is soft, flopping back and forth as I walk towards my Daddy. I’m standing in front of him, completely naked. He looks me over for a second, then motions me to get on my knees between his.

“Daddy has something for you. Something you obviously like. Do you have any idea what it is?” He ask

“I hope it’s your cock Daddy. I’ve wanted it every minute. Please Daddy.. feed me your cock” This is incredible. I don’t understand the power Mr. Stanton has on me. But whatever it is, it turns me into a cock hungry young boy.

With that, Daddy slides his shorts down, revealing what I’ve been craving for the past week. Daddy’s amazing cock is laying on his left leg, not completely hard, but still a good 7 inches.

“Here you go son.” He says as he grabs the shaft and points the head towards my face. I immediately open my mouth and take the head in, sucking and licking around the base of the head. He grabs the back of my head, feeding me his cock. He pulls it out and rubs it on my lips and cheeks, then puts it in my mouth again, forcing my mouth deeper on his shaft each time. It isn’t long before his cock is fully hard – all 8 ½ inches. He moves his hand from his shaft, and continues to push the back of my head down, making me go as far down on his cock as I can. I take all but maybe 2 inches. My throat is taking as much as it possibly can at the moment, each time he pushes down my throat clenches around his cock. I can tell Daddy loves it. He lets out a moan each time.

I grab his cock with one hand, and his balls with the other. Lifting his cock up out of my mouth, I begin sucking his huge balls. One in my mouth then the other. Daddy loves it – me sucking his balls while jerking off his slippery dick. I know he wants me to suck it again when he pushes it down.

I begin working his shaft with my hands while sucking on his head, using my tongue to lick around his hole. He’s about to bust, I can feel his balls tightening.

“Stand up son.” Mr Stanton demands of me. Wanting his cum, I keep sucking. He grabs me by the shoulders and lifts me, turning me around and leaning me on the rail. I now have a view of my back window – direct sight if my parents walk by! But I don’t care – I’m horny as hell, and my Daddy has me leaned over with my ass sticking out. I don’t know what’s about to happen, but I don’t care. I’ve never been turned on as much.

He gets down on his knees behind me. Taking both hands, he grabs a cheek and spreads, exposing my hole to him.

“Looks like someone’s done some maintenance for Daddy. How’d you know I liked this. My god your little hole is so tight looking. I remember how tight it was. Maybe I better loosing it up a little bit.” He says.

Leaning across the railing, I feel a wet sensation lick my hole, canlı casino causing me to tighten. My Daddy begins to lick my clean hole. It feels so amazing, tickling the sides of my hole, then sticking his tongue deep in me. His face is buried in my ass, and all I can do is try to quite my moans.

I feel him rubbing a finger around the outside of my hole.

“Yeah boy, do you want this finger in your hole? Want me to stop teasing you and give you want you want”

“uhhh… yes Daddy.. Please. Put your finger inside me Daddy. Please I need it” I saw as I rock my hips back, arching my back more to give him a better view and entrance.

“Not yet son. Not yet” as he lets out a laugh and rubs around my hold some more. Teasing me so badly.

He stands up, now in view of the window, with me still leaned over the railing, and rubs the head of his cock on my ass.

“Look son, if your parents happen to look out here, they’re gonna see you, naked with me, your older neighbor with a rock hard cock rubbing up against your hole”

He keeps rubbing my hold with his cock. I’m rocking now, completely oblivious to anything but this moment.

“You want that boy? You don’t even care about being caught, you just want Daddy’s cock do you?”

“Yes Daddy, I need you inside me. Fill me up Daddy” I manage to moan out.

“That’s right, because you’re mine right now son. And I’m going to give you all of my cock before you get to go inside. I need you to get my cock slippery boy, so I can take your tight hole right here in front of your parents”

Without thinking, I turn around and get on my knees and put his cock in my mouth, feverishly suck it. He removes my hands from his dick. “Just open up boy, let me”

I drop my hands and he grabs the back of my head with his hands. Slowly he plunges his cock in my mouth until I gag. It’s still not fitting all the day. But he holds it, causing me to continue gagging. Pulling out a little, my spit is dripping off his cock now. But he plunges back in my mouth, deeper this time. I can’t resist. This is what I want. I grab my cock which is being dripped on by my own saliva. My cock is slippery now, and I’m barely able to contain my cum while jerking off. D

Daddy is face fucking my now, putting his cock in and out of my throat. With his cock dripping, I’m able to take it all the way down my throat, squeezing my throat muscles around his cock head as I gag.

“Get up here boy. Turn around and stick your ass out” Mr Stanton says.

I do as he says, ready for what’s coming. He puts me against the rail facing the window. Not caring I lay my chest on the rail and reach back with both hands and spread my ass for my Daddy to enter.

“That’s a good son, show me your hole. You ready for Daddy’s cock? Tell me you want it son”

“Give me that cock Daddy! I need it in my now! I want you to fill my tight hole Daddy!” I’m beyond turned on at this point.

Still spreading my own ass, I feel the head of Daddy’s cock touch my hole, and then with pressure, slowly enter. It’s another incredible sensation! Again it hurts a little, then the POP! And the pain returns. But I don’t stop him, I don’t yelp. For I know that soon the pain will cease, and immense pleasure will replace it.

Slowly he puts his whole head in my ass, and leaves it there, allowing me to adjust again. My ass is clenching around this cock now. After a few seconds, he pushes in some more. I moan in acceptance of his cock – the pleasure is growing.

“Yeaah kaçak casino boy. Take Daddy’s cock. Your ass is so tight son. Oh my god.” Daddy says.

“.yess Daddy… uhh.. give me your cock” I moan out.

He pushes in and out, working his cock in and out of my ass, going deeper and deeper. Each time he pulls out, all I want him to do is put more back in me. The pleasure of being filled is indescribable. Finally, Daddy is all the way in me.

“Daddy is balls deep in you boy. Your tight hole is swallowing all of Daddy’s cock, right in front of your parents view.”

“Fuck me Daddy, I don’t care. Just fuck me!”

With that, be picks up the vigor. I feel him diving all the way into me and pulling all the way out. Over and over he does this. Faster at times, slower at others. I feel like he’s filling me all the way up, the sensation is unbelievable. I grab my cock and start to jerk myself off. I feel myself getting close as he continues pumping to my ass. Then all of a sudden he stops.

“Come here son. Ride Daddy’s cock”

He sits on the furniture and turns be around so my ass is facing him. I grab his cock and place it at the entrance of my ass. Then slowly, guide my ass down on his cock. There it is again, the fulfilling sensation. My eyes roll back as I slide all the way down. Somewhere inside, his cock touches something that sends a stir throughout my body. I start bouncing on his cock, making sure to touch that spot over and over. I feel like I’m going to cum without grabbing my dick. Bumping up and down on Daddy’s cock, I eventually do grab my dick and start jerking myself. I try so hard not to moan, but it feels incredible.

“Yeah son, take my cock!”

With that, he grabs my hips, holding me up and starts pumping me from below. This frees me to solely work my cock. I’m rubbing my cock as he keeps hitting the spot over and over, faster and faster.

“Oh my God Daddy!! YES Don’t stop! Oh Daddy I love your cock! I’m going to cum Daddy! FUCK ME DADDY! FUCK MY HOLE! UUHHHH!”

My dick stiffens, and I shoot a line of cum all the way up my chest, then another, and another. My cumshot was massive, and my orgasm was body numbing. My ass clenches around my Daddy’s dick, increasing my orgasm as he continues to fuck me while I’m cumming. I’m numb.

But Daddy isn’t finished yet.

“Fuck boy! Your ass is so tight! Fuck yeah. Take my cum!”

He throws me off, and without instruction I get on my knees in front of him. He stands and points his cock right at my face.

“Open your mouth boy! Take Daddy’s cum!”

“Give me your cum daddy! Feed me daddy!” I say as I throw my mouth open and stick my tongue out.

Stroking his cock, he leans his head back and lets out a moan. As he does, a thick load of his cum shoots out and lands across my face. It goes from my forehead down to my chin, landing only partially in my mouth. Then another shot of cum. And another. It’s thick and creamy. I grab his dick from him, and rub it over my face, moving more cum into my mouth.

“Jesus son.. That was so good. Drink all of Daddy’s cum”

I swallow every drop that landed in my mouth.

Sighing, he looks towards the window, as he steps away.

“Looks like we made it without a sighting.” He laughs. Putting his shorts back on, he says to me, still naked on my knees, “well son, I gotta be getting home. Work in the morning. Hop in the pool and clean up. Wouldn’t want you going in looking like that. See you soon, boy”

As he’s walking away, all I can do is watch him. I’m completely numb, fulfilled, and satisfied. Never wanting to disobey my Daddy. I jump in the water and clean off. Already dreaming of the next time I get to see my Daddy again.

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