Cougar In The Yukon Part 3: Another Predator On the Hunt.

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Ava Taylor

“Dammit, who the hell is that” Gail said furiously standing upright in front of me, my prick head still buried inside of her tight asshole. “C’mon take it out, it’s probably someone from town” she said bending back down to pick up her robe as I started tugging on my still hard penis.

“Shit, I think it’s actually stuck” I said pulling back with a decent bit of force but it really felt like her anus was sucking my dick in more.

“What do you mean it’s stuck” she said jerking her hips forward trying desperately to dislodge my meat from her butt, but only succeeding in making me more aroused.

“That’s not helping” I grunted feeling the cum boiling in my balls.
We heard the knock again.

“Dammit, ok let me just answer the door. I’ll lean out and see they want and you just keep quiet and try not to move around too much” she said tying her robe and fixing her hair.

We walked as best we could to the door before she reached for the handle slowly pulling it open and leaning her head out.

“Hey sis!” I heard a loud female voice say. I was kind of surprised as I never thought of Gail having any family and she never talked about anyone to me besides her dead husband.

“Claire, Hi, what are you doing here?” Gail said not in the warmest of tones. As I was an orphan and without siblings (that I know of anyway) I didn’t know much about how family treated each other but Gail didn’t sound like she was too happy to see this so called Claire.

“I’m here to visit you duh. I know it’s been a while right. Can I come in, it’s kind of freezing out here” Claire said sort of cheerily. She had nice voice, like a trusting voice I suppose. She sounded sweet but a little pushy.

“Uh sure just give me five minutes I need to clean up a bit” Gail responded before slowly closing the door. “Of all the moments for her to show up here” she said to herself putting her hand to her forehead.

“Gail is that really your sister” I asked

“I’ll explain later, right now I need you to take your dick out of my ass and get dressed” she said causing me to laugh thinking of our situation. It was hilarious, erotic, and unnerving at the same time.

“Alright alright, don’t worry I got this” I said grabbing her waist moving her back to the table. “Try to relax yourself”.
I bent her over and went to work. I began pushing more of my cock into her before starting to pull back out slowly as not to her rip her open.

“Fuck that feels so good though sweetie” she moaned

“I don’t disagree but this really isn’t the right time” I grunted feeling her ass starting to let go of my prick. “Almost there” I moaned one last time before my cock was finally free and I watched her now gaping pink hole beginning to close.

“Wow I feel so empty” she chuckled. “At least I’m loose for next time” she turned kissing me before hurrying me to get dressed. “Now go to the cottage out back and start clearing the snow. Wait 10 minutes before you come back in through the front and you’re stepson from my second marriage I guess” she said frantically as she opened the trap door.

“You married twice?” I asked confused.

“No, but she’ll be wondering why I have you staying with me, just go with it” she said before practically throwing me through the floor and closing the door.

Thankfully that tunnel I carved through the snow a few hours earlier hadn’t collapsed and I was able to climb out easily.

I wandered through the woods behind her cabin for a minute before I finally found the cottage that she told me about. It was pretty close to the size of her cabin but it looked more like an actual house than a cabin in the woods and I wondered why she didn’t live in here.

Because of the direction the door faced there wasn’t much snow that had piled up against it so that made my job easier. With a little force the door opened and being the curious soul that I am I went inside. All of the furniture had been covered in plastic, so I assumed it hadn’t been used in a while. On the mantle of the fireplace there were several pictures. I saw Gail with a man in a few of them and I assumed that was her late husband. He looked like a very serious guy, like Clint Eastwood in Grand Torino. The pictures had to have been at least 10 years old or older so I knew Gail’s husband was several years older than her as he looked almost senile in these pictures.

There was another couple in some of them as well and I thought maybe the other woman was this Claire and possibly her husband.
I assumed 10 minutes had passed and started back toward the cabin making my way through the brush until I saw a black SUV next to my truck.

“That must be Claire’s” I said to myself approaching the door trying to figure what I would say. I wasn’t sure if I should call Gail mom or by her first name. I’d never met anyone with a stepmother so I didn’t know what protocol was. Also I wasn’t sure where my so called father was supposed to be and if he was dead how long ago did he die. Hopefully Gail’s got this all figured out because I definitely don’t.

I walked in nonchalantly as if I owned the place seeing the two women on the couch out of the corner of my eye but ignoring them until Gail acknowledged me.

“Hey Jack, I’d like you to meet my sister” Gail spoke prompting me to turn and face them.

I looked directly at Claire and seeing her confirmed that she was the other woman in the pictures. She was quite beautiful but differed from Gail immensely with long blonde hair and a very thin body type.

“Claire this is my stepson Jack from my last husband, I’ll have to explain later” Gail said to her sister.

“Hi I’m Claire” she said standing up and extending her hand.

“Hi I guess you’re my Aunt” I said causing her face to light up as she showed her perfectly white teeth.

“I guess so. Gail why didn’t you tell me had such a handsome devil of a nephew” she said looking over her shoulder and I noticed Gail just rolling her eyes.

“Well I’m sure if you’d ever bother to drop by at least once a year you might learn a few things Claire” Gail responded aggressively.

“I’d say that’s a two way street sis. After Barry died you just kind of cut yourself off from everyone” Clair said now facing Gail. I just stood there observing feeling a little awkward and out of place.

“I really don’t want to do this, so if there’s something you’d like from me just get to it already!” Gail shouted and really shocked me to hear her get angry.

“I’d like my big sister! I know I haven’t really been there for you in the past but I’m here now and I just want us to get back to the way things were. I’ll be staying at the motel in town for a few days if you want to talk” she said sullen turning to the door. She mouthed bye to me as she opened casino siteleri the door.

“Wait” Gail spoke up stopping her. “Of course I want to talk, you’re still my little sister and I love you. You can stay here and we’ll catch up” she smiled prompting Claire to smile back as she walked over to embrace her.

“So this is the whole family thing” I thought as the whole scene reminded me of a soap opera.

“I’m not putting anyone out am I” Claire asked letting go of Gail.

“No it’s fine, Jack sleeps in the cottage” Gail said nodding to me.

“Well I guess I’ll give you sisters some time to bond and stuff” I said before they laughed at my goofy comment. And once again I headed out to the cottage past the brush.

After removing the plastic and shaking out the dust on the bed the place was actually quite cozy. Unfortunately as I laid down to rest I began to feel the adverse effects of not cumming earlier and my balls felt really sore. I was too tired to even try jerking off though and fell asleep shortly after to lying down, my last thought was worrying how I’d get relief now that Gail’s sister would be around.

Hours later I opened my eyes to see Claire standing by the fireplace holding one of the frames. I couldn’t help but let my eyes scan over her shiny blonde hair and trim figure. She was wearing a form fitting gray cotton dress that stopped about 5 inches above her knees. I wondered why she would a dress like that in this cold but I had to admit she looked fantastic in it. Her legs were nice, long, and went up to a pert heart shaped ass.

I sat there watching her as I felt my shaft beginning to swell with blood extending down my thigh. She then began to turn toward me and I quickly closed my eyes pretending to still be asleep. I heard her footsteps coming closer to the bed and I started feel slightly nervous knowing she was probably now the one
observing my body. And with the way the blanket sat atop me she didn’t have much to imagine as it only covered the top of my thighs down.

I was sure she could see a little of my pubic hair and probably the top of my hardening shaft.

After not hearing anything for couple of minutes it shocked me a little when I suddenly felt her sit down on the bed. As she did this the blanket moved down my body slightly and I could feel more of my pole being exposed. I then felt her hand on my stomach as she slowly grazed her fingers across my abdomen and down to my pubic bone.

I could hardly believe she was this bold; molesting someone that she not only just met but also someone that she believed to be her sister’s stepson.

She continued moving her hand down until I felt two fingers lightly squeeze the bottom of my dick sending a jolt of electricity through me. Soon I felt her entire hand gripping it as she tried unsuccessfully to get her hand fully around it.

“Holy shit” I heard her curse in a slight whisper. I assumed she’d finally had it with the slow unveiling as I felt her lift the blanket off of my member completely before gasping it in her tiny hand.

“Jeez this has got to be the fattest penis I’ve ever seen” she exclaimed starting to slowly stroke her hand up toward the helmet.

I opened my eyes slowly to see her gaze fully captured by my cock. She moved her hand onto the wide mushroom now lifting it upright. She was licking her lips lustfully and hungrily as she stared at my straining purple prick head. “Oh god I really shouldn’t” she said seemingly debating with herself on what to do next.

“I guess just the tip wouldn’t hurt and by the looks of it I’d probably being doing him a favor” she said smiling wickedly and I thought to myself what a lame justification that was. However I wasn’t going to stop her.

I watched as she bent down opening her mouth slightly and I tried remaining as still as possible as her warm mouth engulfed the very tip of my prick. I could feel her tongue swiping back and forth over the slit and just as she began moving down more trying to fit the entire purple mushroom in her mouth her phone began vibrating loudly.

I quickly closed my eyes once again still feigning sleep as she frantically pulled off my cock letting it drop on the bed and covering it with the blanket. The phone stopped vibrating after about three rings as she answered.

“Hello” she answered still trying to be as quiet as possible but talking loud enough so the person on the line could hear her.

“Hey honey” I heard and assumed this may have been her husband calling.

“Yea everything’s fine, I was uh just eating a umm breakfast sausage” she said and I tried hard to keep from bursting into laughter.

“I know I miss you too”

“Well don’t work too hard”

“Ok I love you too. Bye” she said hanging up and letting out a sigh. I felt her hand rest on my chest and I wondered if she was really going to start groping me again.

Even though I wanted to cum I figured I might as well wake up now.

“Claire?” I said opening my eyes and stretching my arms out as if I was first awakening.

“Morning sweetie” she smiled at me as I lowered my hand to rest on her thigh testing her reaction.

“Morning, what are you doing in here?” I asked knowing full well what she had just been doing.

“Uhh I just came to get you for breakfast, I thought we should get to know each other” she said coming up with a pretty good lie.

“Sounds good to me Aunty Claire” I joked making her laugh as I sat up to face her.

“You’re so cute” she smiled staring into my eyes before leaning in and planting a firm kiss on my lips that lasted much longer than it probably should have.

“Well c’mon get up and get dressed” she said standing up.

I decided to keep testing her reaction and threw the blanket off of my lower half standing up to face her.

“Oh my god” she said in mock surprise her gaze directed at my veiny manhood.

“Oh sorry, I guess I should have warned you” I chuckled knowing well that she wanted to stand there ogling me.

“No that’s ok, this is your place and I’m married so it’s nothing I haven’t seen before although yours is much bigger than I’m used to” she said and I could tell she was getting hot just staring at me.

“Thanks, I’ll take that as a compliment” I laughed walking into the bathroom. I would have loved to have relieved myself but I’m sure spending more than 5 minutes in there would look odd. After washing up I came out and went over to my clothes noticing she was standing right next to them.

She was looking at her phone but I could tell it wasn’t the focus of her attention.

“Is it…” she cleared her throat “Is it always like that, I mean it looks you know hard. I’m surprised you can walk with that thing”

“It can be a little uncomfortable canlı casino but it goes down eventually” I said sliding on my underwear thinking she was probably dying to get her hands back on my package.

I got dressed with her never taking an eye off of me and we left the cottage. We took her car to some diner in town for breakfast and conversation.

“So where is your husband” I asked wanting to see her sweat a little.

“Right now he is in England on business but we live together in British Columbia”

“Do you have children?”

“No, not yet at least. I don’t know if we will or not but I guess I wouldn’t mind. So how long do you plan on staying here?”

That question caught me off guard. “I’m not sure; I don’t think I could just leave though. My dad tasked me with the job of taking care of Gail so I think I should stay for her” I said making up complete BS.

“That’s admirable but don’t you think 7 years is enough” she said confusing me.

“What do you mean?”

“Well your dad, Gail said he’s been gone for 7 years right. I think maybe he’d want you to move on by now, don’t you think?”

“Oh right, well I guess that’s open for interpretation”

“I’m trying to get Gail to come back with me actually. You’re welcome to come too. British Columbia is excellent place to make a new start”

“I’ll consider it and I think it’ll be good for Gail to leave, there’s nothing here for her here, but good luck telling her that” I chuckled.

We left about an hour later and I thought about how complicated things were becoming. If I move to Claire’s city with Gail does that induct me into the family?

“Where’ve you two been” Gail said to us as she tended to her generator on the side of the cabin.

“I was just getting to know my nephew” Claire said cheerily.

“So what’s the age difference of you two” I spoke up.

“Claire you’re 41 now right” Gail asked

“Unfortunately” Claire laughed as she walked into the cabin closing the door behind her.

“About time” I said ready to pounce on Gail. I closed the distance between us quickly grabbing her around the waist.

“Not out here, it’s freezing and Claire could come out here and see us” she exclaimed half-heartedly fighting my efforts.
Of course it was all in vain though, I was man in need of release and she was the nearest receptacle.

I picked her up easily carrying her around the back out of sight and immediately pushing her facing against the house.

“Dammit Jack, we can’t” she pleaded as I quickly snatched her jeans and panties down in one motion exposing her round ass to my view. I unsnapped my trousers pulling my hardening cock out.

“Don’t you da” I cut her off as I shoved my entire member into her pussy. “Fuck Jack ugh” she grunted trying to push me off.
I pinned her hands to the wall above her head as I started grinding my hips into her butt desperately trying to get off inside of her and relieve my heavy cum filled balls.

“Oh fuck that’s good sweetie, even if you are basically raping me” she moaned laughing a bit and pushing her ass back against me. I could feel her cunt clamping and unclamping on my shaft as she quietly whimpered. I assumed she was orgasming and I envied her that she got off so quickly. I wasn’t use to quickies and at the moment it was counting against me.

I could feel that I was getting close though as I humped into her my cock reaching deep into her cunt. And as if Claire’s hobby was ruining moments we heard the front door open.

“Fuck” I cursed quickly pulling out of Gail and forcing my hard cock back into my pants as best as I could. I walked around the other side so it wouldn’t look like Gail and I were coming from the same direction. I stood against the side waiting for my erection to subside as I saw Claire by her truck and Gail soon joined her.

I watched them a while just talking and laughing as my balls ached in my trousers. I would probably end up raping Claire if she pulled the same thing that she did this morning I thought.

Later that evening we all sat down to dinner. Claire told Gail her idea for her to move and to my surprise Gail agreed without much thought. They both seemed happy about their newly repaired relationship and honestly I felt happy also. Despite the fact that I was fucking my supposed mother and my supposed Aunt wanted to jump my bones I felt like I had a family for the first time in my life.

After dinner I said goodnight to the ladies and went to the cottage. I got in bed and began stroking myself to the thoughts of the two gorgeous women in this frozen wasteland.

I must’ve been very accustomed to the feeling of something tight and warm around my penis because my hand couldn’t get the job done and I thought I might implode from the amount of sperm that was building up inside of me. I was actually finding it difficult to even sleep and then an angel answered my woes.

I heard the door opening and in walked Aunty Claire. “Jack you awake” she whispered walking toward the bed.

“Is something wrong?” I asked sitting up taking notice of her in just pair of pink panties and a T shirt. “What the hell are you wearing, do you want to get hypothermia” I said allowing her into the bed and under the covers.

“I went out to my car to charge my phone and when I tried to get back in I couldn’t. I must have locked myself out and so I came here” she said huddling against her cold body against me.

“You didn’t think to knock on the door” I laughed.

“I know from experience that Gail sleeps like a rock”

“Why didn’t you honk the horn in your car then, I’m sure she would’ve heard you” I said doubting any effort to get back in the cabin if she was even locked out.

“I was freezing my ass off, I wasn’t thinking very clearly I guess” she laughed.

“Right, sorry. Well I guess you can have the bed tonight and I’ll get a few more blankets”

“No that’s ok, I’m not going to kick you out. I think sharing a bed for a night won’t kill us” she giggled a cute laugh that made her chest bounce and I could see her nipples poking against the t shirt.

“As long as you don’t tell your husband” I chuckled.

“Please like I want to make him worry, he stresses enough with his job and our marriage….well I don’t want to bore you” she sighed shaking her head.

“It’s ok if you need to vent Claire” I said sliding over from her and laying down.

“No it really isn’t anything. William’s just been a bit frustrated lately, but it’s nothing we won’t work out” she said as she laid down on her side propping her head up on her elbow. She looked so incredibly sexy in the firelight and I struggled to keep my animalistic urges at bay.

“Well let me know if he becomes a problem and I’ll take kaçak casino care of him” I said punching my hand making her laugh.

“Aren’t you sweet” she smiled moving close and kissing me again like this morning. “But I think you might end up killing him, you’re much bigger than he is” she said emphasizing the word much as I felt her hand on my stomach moving up to my chest. “And stronger” she said in almost a whisper looking into my eyes with such lust as she slid her leg onto mine before I felt her knee bumping into the head of my swollen prick.

“I thought you said it goes down eventually” she said licking her lips.

“It tends to thicken back up when it comes into contact with beautiful half naked woman”

“You’re never going to be able to sleep with it straining like that” she said pushing the blanket down my legs as she crawled down until she was hovering over my manhood.

She lifted my member up putting it flat against my stomach as she slowly bent down planting a wet kiss on the underside. I watched as she massaged my prick with her lips never taking them off the sensitive flesh as she moved up to the head. She sucked tentatively on the underside of my wide mushroom coaxing my cock to secrete its precum and she quickly slurped it down as if it were the last of a delicious ice cream sundae.

“Mmmm, I haven’t tasted a man’s semen in so long. It’s much better than I remember” she giggled and I knew she was definitely Gail’s sister now. They don’t look alike at all but they’re both closet freaks with an appetite for sperm.

“I take it no action from your husband then” I said watching her continuing to suck on the fat prick head while swirling her tongue around it.

“Not exactly” she only said not really giving me answer but I guess get it. I mean what woman wants to talk about her husband while she’s sucking on another guy’s penis.

“Sweetie you’ve got to give me something here because my jaw is getting sore” she said pulling off my cock after nearly 15 minutes had passed. Believe me
I wanted to cum but for some reason I just couldn’t.

“Sorry, I’ll probably cum if we have sex though”

“I can’t do that, my mouth is one thing but I’m ovulating this week, not mention you’d ruin me with this monster prick here”

“You’ll be more than fine trust me and I always pull out” I said spouting anything so she’d let me fuck her.

“I can’t jack, I’m sorry” she said now angering me. I wasn’t used to women turning down sex and I had no intention of tarnishing my record.

“It would’ve been much easier if you had just said yes” I said before climbing off the bed much to her confusion as she looked at me quizzically.

I leaned forward kissing her soft lips before I quickly pulled her to me and flipped her over, handling her light body like she was a rag doll.

“Jack what the hell!” she shouted but not fighting me at all as I put her on her stomach so her legs hung off the side. Her perfect heart shaped ass was presented to me like a beautiful portrait as my cock twitched just from me staring at it.

I snatched down her panties exposing her pussy to. She had lips like gorgeous pink flower petals that protruded from her thighs slightly.

“Jack stop, you can’t do this” she said putting on a good performance. I know I was obviously a lot stronger than she was but if she really didn’t want this to happen she would have done most anything to get away from me and she’d barely even tried to push off the bed.

My guess was that she wanted to have sex with me but just letting me would be cheating on her husband. So instead she’d lie to herself that I raped her.

I wedged my prick head in between the soft petals of her pussy as she let out a low moan. She tossed her head back feeling her cunt stretching to accommodate the large foreign penis entering her for the first time.

I grunted and groaned continuing to plunge my meat into her all the way until my hips met her butt.

“Ohhh fuck” I moaned reveling in the feeling of her tight hot pussy completely surrounding my cock. Claire the supposed rape victim only whimpered and moaned as she gripped the sheets and began grinding her ass back against me.

Within seconds it became overwhelming and I was easily pushed over the edge.

“Wait no, don’t cum in me. Pull out now!” Claire screamed feeling the head of my prick swell deep inside of her.

Unfortunately I didn’t have the will and could only groan as I exploded inside of my new receptacle. It was the greatest feeling I had ever experienced, finally orgasming after being interrupted twice. I was shooting what felt gallons of sperm that had been building since before Claire had arrived and now because of her bad timing she was receiving the biggest load of cum I’d ever produced.

“Dammit Jack” she moaned submitting knowing any more resistance now was completely useless.
I panted as my cock throbbed spewing the last of my essence before I pulled out plopping down beside her on the bed completely satisfied.

“I’d apologize but honestly I’m not sorry in the least” I said bluntly still high from my orgasm.

“Of course you’re not, you’re not the one who’s going to have to explain to William why his child looks nothing like him” she said crawling on the bed.

“Maybe it’ll look exactly you then you won’t have to explain anything; that is if there is even anything to explain. I mean you must not be very fertile if you don’t have any children by now”

“That’s because of him, not me. We’ve been trying hard for a while now so hard that we even cut out oral and last month a doctor told me that my husband has some condition that will absolutely not allow him to produce not nearly enough sperm necessary to do the job. The doctor only told me and I’ve been trying to find a way to break it to William. And you just dumped an insane amount of your cum practically right in my womb while I’m ovulating, I needn’t say any more” she sighed.

“Huh” I said thinking she had a good point. “Well it’s probably best you don’t relay the doctor’s message to him now” I chuckled trying to cheer her up a bit as she seemed to sulk. “Claire I’m really sorry, I honestly assumed you weren’t fertile at all, maybe when the time comes you should consider terminating. It’s not ideal but you have my support if that’s what you want”

She looked slightly surprised for some reason. “Oh my gosh no Jack, I don’t want you to think I wouldn’t want your baby, in fact I know that I would absolutely adore it. I’m actually very thankful for you. You’ve possibly given me the greatest gift I’ve ever gotten” she smiled cuddling into me.

“But what about timing” I asked.

“We had sex the day before I came here, so that won’t matter”

We laid down finally going to sleep after an eventful night and it dawned on me that I’d been firing my seed quite freely lately and I’d probably gotten both Gail and Claire pregnant.

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