Coming Mother Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

“Eat my cunt, baby!” Shellie groaned. “Oh, suck me hard!
Make me come now, Jay!”
Jay buried his face into the hairy wetness of his mother’s
cunt, sucking and licking. Shellie grabbed the back of his head,
humping her pussy up and down, beating it into his mouth with wild
twists and churns of her rounded hips.
Jamming his tongue into his mother’s cunt, Jay closed his
lips around the softly haired pussy and sucked very hard, clinging
to her thighs to hold his body out of the water. Shellie bucked
and thrashed beneath his face.
Jay plunged his tongue in and out of his mother’s cunt.
Shellie bucked up and down, and moved her ass toward his face.
Again Jay was not hesitant about poking his tongue up her tight,
hot asshole. The creamy cheeks of her ass in his face sent
shivers of pleasure through his body.
Shellie’s flat stomach rippled as she began to screech with
intense rapture. She shoved her hands underneath her overhanging
ass and cupped the cheeks, arching her pussy into her son’s greedy
mouth. Jay stuffed his tongue in and out of her pussy, tasting
the increasing flow of her sugary juices. Every part of his lower
face was slippery with the pussy juice by now. He tongued her
clit, sucked at the puffy lips, driving his tongue in and out of
her cunt wildly. Shellie was getting closer and closer to coming,
and her pussy pulsated with a fiery heat.
“Ahhh, suck it, suck it!” she wailed. “Ohhh, baby, I bet
your cock is so hard now! Ooooh, tongue-fuck my cunt! Lap my
hot, wet pussy, baby! Ooooh, I bet your balls are full … real
full for Mother! Eat me, suck me! Ohhhh, darling, make me come!
I want to come so much! Make Mother’s cunt come, Jay, and you can
do anything you want with me!”
Jay made wet sounds as he lapped at his mother’s pussy,
sliding his tongue in and out of the quivering, satiny lips. With
his arms wrapped about her thighs, he pulled at the soft hair,
opening her cunt wide for his mouth and tongue. He lapped at the
sensitive inner surfaces, dragging his tongue over her distended
clit. Shellie’s body jerked, her hips slamming up and down,
grinding her cunt almost violently into his face. She released
her ass and swiftly grabbed her naked tits, squeezing them
brutally, her nipples bulging up between her fingers. she closed
her eyes and sobbed, the sounds turning loud as the threat of her
orgasm increased.
Jay closed his lips about his mother’s clit, sucking as hard
as he could. Shellie shrieked and rammed her pussy into his face,
grinding her crotch at him wantonly.
“Now!” she screamed, the sound echoing about the river. “I’m
going to come now! Suck harder, darling! Ooooh, suck that thing
off! Chew my cunt off me, darling! Chew it … bite it!
Oooohhhh, I’m doing it, Jay! I’m coming! Mother’s cunt …
Mother’s cunt … Mother’s cunt is coming! Eat me hard! Make me
come forever!”
Jay sucked as hard as he could on his mother’s pulsating clit
as she came, her cunt convulsing against his hot mouth. The
juices flowed sweetly into his mouth and he swallowed them with
delight, his tongue flicking at her contracting clit to drag the
orgasm out as long as he could.
Shellie’s thighs grabbed him tightly, her hips churning as
she hunched her cunt into his face, grinding wickedly. She
screeched and screamed, her fingers pulling and twisting her long
nipples. Jay, desperately, shoved his hands to his mother’s ass,
holding the cheeks. The only thing holding him from the water was
her gripping thighs.
Slowly, very slowly, the contracting began to fade. With
soft cries of pleasure, Shellie relaxed. As her thighs loosened
their grip on his head, Jay grabbed for the deck quickly before he
sank. He was still between his mother’s legs, with his face a
foot from her cunt. While she rested, he gazed at her pussy,
thinking casino siteleri how beautiful she was.
Without warning, Shellie began pissing.
The golden stream spurted from her cunt before Jay knew what
was happening. The hot piss splashed on his forehead, and he
ducked. And then his mother was pissing on the top of his head.
“You almost got me in the face, Mom,” he giggled.
“Ooooh, I don’t mind,” she replied, making her cunt spurt
piss with quick gushes. “I’ll piss on your face anytime.”
Jay looked up, seeing the golden stream of his mother’s piss
flying past his head. He lifted his face, and took the full force
of her piss into his face, feeling it run down his chin, over his
chest and into the river.
But Shellie suddenly stopped pissing.
She held it in, looking down at her son. She giggled. “Why,
darling, your face is so wet with piss! You’re not very fast in
getting out of the way, are you?”
Jay shook his head, grinning at her. He pushed his face into
her cunt once again, and kissed it.
“Wait,” she said, scrambling around until she was squatting
on the deck once more, her toes over the edge. “Now, I’ll piss
good for you. You can watch me piss up close, baby.”
Spreading her knees as wide as she could while squatting,
Shellie used her fingers to part the hairy lips then started
pissing again.
Jay gasped as he saw the golden piss flowing from his
mother’s pink, hairy cunt. It flew across his head but he lifted
himself upward. Shellie watched as her son shoved his face into
the stream, taking the full force of it into his face.
“Ooooh, honey, I like to piss in your face!” she mewled. “I
just love to piss in your little cunt-sucking face!”
Jay twisted his face around so he could feel his mother’s hot
piss stinging his closed lips. Slowly he parted them, tasting his
mother’s piss. Shellie watched him, her eyes hot and glazed with
perverse pleasure. She saw her piss gush past her son’s lips,
into his mouth, running from it and over his chin.
“Ohhh, darling, drink it!” she purred. “Drink Mother’s hot
piss, baby! Let me piss in your sweet mouth … drink mother’s
hot piss! Drink it right out of my hairy cunt!”
Jay opened his lips wide, tasting the spurting piss with his
tongue. Shellie shoved her pussy as far over the deck as she
could and still keep her balance. Jay slowly moved his face
toward her pussy, taking the hot stream of piss over his tongue.
He had been letting his mouth fill, but now he began to swallow
“Ohhh, yes, baby, drink my piss!” Shellie urged with delight.
“Drink Mother’s hot piss, darling! Suck it up, Jay! Ooooh, suck
it out of my cunt! Suck Mother’s piss out of that hairy cunt!”
Jay pressed his lips around his mother’s pussy, taking her
hot piss into his throat, gulping wetly. Shellie pushed her pussy
into his face, the stream slowing until there was only a dribble.
Jay sucked it up, then swiped his tongue up and down the slit of
her pussy, swirling the tip through the soft hairs, tasting piss
on them.
“Oh, Jay!” she cried out with pleasure. “That was wonderful,
honey! I wasn’t sure you’d let me piss in your face, and I wanted
to so very much!”
Jay climbed onto the deck, grinning.
She saw his cock.
“Ooooh, your cock is so very hard!” she said, grabbing it
with a tight fist. “I love your cock when it’s this hard, Jay!”
Jay sprawled back, and his mother immediately leaned over and
sucked his prick into her mouth. She bobbed her face up and down,
sucking with pleasure, cupping his balls, pulling and squeezing
them. She sucked with tight, wet lips, banging down hard to feel
the swollen head of his cock brush her throat.
“Ahhh, Mom!” Jay moaned with delight, watching her mouth
going up and down his cock. “Oh, you suck my cock so well, Mom!”
canlı casino Shellie eagerly devoured her son’s cock, making soft,
whimpering sounds of intense pleasure. The feel of his cock
between her lips, the exciting heat of it, made her body tremble.
The head was rounded and very smooth, and she couldn’t get enough
of twisting her tongue around it. She loved to drag her tongue
back and forth across his piss hole as he dripped. Her shapely
ass lifted into the air as she leaned over, and Jay ran his hand
up and down her inner thighs, from her knee to her bushy cunt.
“Let me lick you, too, Mom!” Jay gasped. “I wanna suck your
wet cunt, Mom!”
With a soft sob of pleasure, Shellie swung one leg over her
son’s head, smashing her juicy cunt into his face. But Jay didn’t
thrust his tongue into his mother’s cunt. He clasped the cheeks
of her ass and pulled them wide, and with a hungry moan, buried
his mouth against her asshole. Shellie wailed and rammed her ass
into his face, sucking almost frantically on his stiff cock.
Wiggling her ass lewdly into her son’s face, she sucked with her
lips as tight as she could get them, her tongue pushing his prick
to the roof of her mouth.
Jay, swishing his tongue around his mother’s burning asshole,
lifted his hips. Feverishly, Shellie pulled from his cock and,
sobbing with almost mindless pleasure, began to suck his balls,
taking them both into her mouth. His cock throbbed along her
cheek and neck, dripping and smearing her flesh. She shoved her
pointed tits against his stomach, whipping her ass about while Jay
sucked and licked her sensitive asshole. Crushing her asshole
into his mouth, she cried out as she felt his tongue sliding
easily into it.
“Ohhh, baby, baby!” she yelped, dropping his balls and
sliding her lips and tongue up the shaft of his cock, then taking
it deeply into her mouth again.
She hunched her ass down at her son’s face hard, and Jay’s
tongue seemed to penetrate deeper. She lifted her mouth from his
cock and let out an excited, ecstatic cry of joy, then stuffed his
prick into her mouth again, swiftly.
Suddenly, she pulled her head up again, swinging her leg from
his face. With a soft purring sound, she leaned over and smashed
her lips to his, plunging her tongue into her son’s mouth. She
twisted and swirled her tongue against his as Jay grabbed for her
tight tits, squeezing them hard. His cock stood up and throbbed,
his balls turning tight as Shellie’s fist closed about it.
Stabbing her tongue deeply into her son’s mouth, she jerked at his
cock almost in a frenzy, then cradled his swollen balls to squeeze
and twist.
“Ohhh, you know what I want right now, baby?” she moaned,
lifting her head. “You know what Mother needs? You know where I
want this hard cock of yours right this minute?”
He was so hard, his balls so tight, he ways afraid he would
come before she put it anywhere.
“My ass!” Shellie hissed. “I want it up my ass!”
She pulled her hand off his prick and sat back, staring at
it. She parted her knees wide, rubbing at her very long clit with
quick fingers. Her tits jiggled slightly from the movement of her
arm. Jay stared at his mother, watching her pinch her swollen
“Ohhh, come on, darling!” she whimpered with a quivering
voice. “Don’t make me wait, please! Ohhh, Mother is so hot for
it! Ram that cock into me, darling! Stab Mother in the ass with
your beautiful, hard cock!”
Jay got to his knees, moving between her spread legs, looking
at the hairy cunt.
“How, Mom?” he asked. “Shouldn’t you turn over on your
“This way!” she groaned, then lifted her ass, her hands
darting underneath and pulled the cheeks wide. “This way! You
can fuck Mother in the ass and play with that hairy cunt at the
same time!”
As he moved toward her, Shellie lifted her hips as kaçak casino high as
she could, keeping the cheeks of her ass open. She was almost
breathless as she waited for the penetration of his throbbing cock
into her asshole. Jay, still on his knees, shoved the swollen
head of his cock down to the tight pucker of her asshole. As it
touched, Shellie wailed and tried to slam her asshole onto his
prick. She missed, and his cock slid up along the wet lips of her
“You do it, Jay!” she groaned. “You stick it in me!”
Jay once more placed the head of his cock against the searing
heat of his mother’s asshole. This time he pushed, and watched
the head of his cock go into his mother’s ass. Shellie let out a
sob of delight as her asshole stretched widely. Jay grasped his
mother’s clit between a finger and thumb. He twisted it, making
his mother groan, and causing her asshole to grip his cock very
“Now, Jay, now!” she cried. “Fuck Mother! Ohhhh, baby, ram
the shit out of Mother’s tight asshole! Fuck that ass, baby!
Oooooh, yes, fuck that hot ass!”
Shellie twisted her hips around when Jay began to plunge his
cock in and out of her clinging asshole. Her cunt was juicy and
hot, and he rubbed her clit as his cock penetrated her ass deeply.
When he shoved a finger into her pussy at the same time, Shellie
came very close to orgasm. She whipped her hips around wildly,
her own hands digging into her firm tits. She made gasping sounds
as her son pounded into her asshole. She drew her knees up and
back, squirming her ass onto his cock.
“Do you love it, darling?” she asked in a thick voice. “Do
you love to poke Mother up the ass? Do you like to fuck that hot
asshole, Jay?”
“Yeah, Mom!” he grunted, ramming back and forth. “I love to
fuck this tight, hot asshole! I love to fuck your asshole, Mom!”
“Give it to me hard, Jay!” she pleaded. “Ohhhh, yes, ram it
hard and deep! I love it, too! Oooooh, your cock feels so
fucking big in my asshole!”
Jay stared at her hot cunt as his cock stretched her ass,
watching the hairy lips pulsate.
“I’m going to come fast!” Shellie squealed. “Ohhhh, make me
come fast, baby! My pussy … my hot cunt is on fire, and you’re
stretching and filling my asshole so sweetly! Fuck that ass, make
my cunt come!”
Jay pumped faster and faster, his cock ramming in and out of
the gripping heat of her asshole. His balls were so tight they
didn’t swing or bounce now. He began to smash her inflamed clit
with his thumb, causing his mother to gasp and jerk with lewd
“Now, Jay!” she squealed, grinding her ass hard onto his
cock. “I’m going to come now! Ooooh, feel it, darling! Feel
Mother’s asshole grabbing your hard cock? I’m about to come!
Oooohhh, come with me! I want to feel your cock squirting that
sweet cum juice into my asshole!”
She swung her hips in a tight circle, and then screeched as
her orgasms exploded. Jay, although his eyes were glazed with
passion, saw his mother’s hairy cunt twitching, her clit
pulsating. He then felt the contractions of her asshole grabbing
his cock as she came.
“I’m gonna squirt, Mom!” he groaned.
“Yes, baby, yes!”
With a groan, Jay came.
The thick juice of his young balls flew from his piss hole
and splashed hotly along the walls of his mother’s asshole.
Shellie screamed with ecstasy and pulled brutally at her stiff
nipples, her ass shaking as her head swung from side to side, her
hair fanning her lovely face. The orgasm faded, and just as
quickly started over again. She came and came, lying on her back
on the deck of the houseboat, her mind spinning with rapture, her
son filling her asshole with fiery, creamy cum juice.
Jay’s young body jerked spastically as he came, her eyes wild
as he lifted his head to the darkening sky, his cock caught deep
inside his mother’s asshole. Shellie kept thrashing her hips,
shrieking into the darkness as orgasm after orgasm rumbled through
her naked body.

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