Chocolate Syrup , Berries Ch. 03

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I know you are so very sensitive right now but I can’t resist gently sucking, running my tongue over you. Feeling your body trembling from the after shocks of your orgasm. You remove your hands from the back of my head and cup my face, gently pulling me up to you. We kiss gently, my lips tasting of berries, chocolate syrup and you. You capture my bottom lip between your teeth and tug so softly.

You are still lying on your back as I snuggle up on my side, pressed tightly against you. With my head on your shoulder, I can feel your heart thudding under my cheek, listen to your rapid breathing, and watch as you chest rises and falls. One of your arms is around me, caressing my hair as I lay on your shoulder. You wrap your arms around me, stroking my hair and back.

You roll over on your side, stroking me from my neck to the small of my back. I begin to shiver as your large, hot hands dip into the small of my back. You slip lower to cup my bottom, massaging it with your powerful hand. It feels so good; I arch my back, pressing back against your hand as I moan low in my throat. Your hand slips lower and grasps my thigh, pulling it up so that it is wrapped around your midsection, leaving me wide open to your caressing fingertips.

I arch my back as your hand slides between my thighs, stroking my silky heat. Collecting the moisture and moving your hand further up to touch my swollen clit, so very gently. I push my head back exposing my throat and breasts to your eyes, my hands tightly grasping your shoulders as my body quakes, wanting so much more.

As your fingers continue to tease, you use your other hand to slowly bring my face back to yours. Gently you kiss your way across my cheek to my lips. Your tongue flicking across my lips as your fingers begin stroking my wet slit. Our tongues dancing together as my hips begin to rock against your fingers. I am moaning into your mouth. Tenderly you bring our passionate kiss to an end and slide your head away from me.

“Open your eyes, ” you whisper to me. My eyes flicker open so we are staring at each other. My face is flushed from desire; my eyes have darkened with passion as have yours. The candlelight plays over casino oyna our features, causing shadows to dip and dance over our bodies. My breath is coming faster as you continue to caress me. You allow your fingers to barely dip into my wet heat, just teasing the entrance before pulling out and continuing up to my clit again.

My tongue flicks out to wet my dry lips as my hips rock against you. You lean down and gently touch my tongue with yours. Our lips not touching just close enough for our tongues to dance together as we looking into each other’s eyes. It is so erotic, knowing you are watching as I move closer and closer to orgasm. My hips are rocking against you, faster and harder. Wanting your fingers inside me so badly. I am moaning, shaking uncontrollably as I search for my release against your hand.

As wave after wave of pleasure engulf me, I throw my head back and scream out my pleasure. My head rocking from side to side on the bed as you bend your head down to take one of my nipples in your mouth. My hands move to grasp your head, pulling you tightly against me as my hips rotate in circles.

You begin to caress my back as my trembling finally subsides. I am kissing your neck and chest, struggling to regain control of my breathing. You put one hand on my hip and gently roll me onto my back so that you can look down on me. The feel of your hot hand trailing down my body ignites my passion again. My nipples standing so proud and tall demand your attention. You trace around one before bending your head to gently roll it between your teeth, flicking it with your tongue as my back arches off the bed, trying to force more contact with your sucking wet mouth.

Slowly, you allow my nipple to leave your mouth, kissing as it slides out before rolling onto your back. I can feel the bed move as you reach up onto the nightstand for something. I watch as your hand closes around a spray can of spray whip cream and my body begins to quiver, knowing what is in store. You trace a path down my body with the nozzle of the can, just to the tops of my thighs then back up again.

You press the button to release a stream of whip cream onto my breasts. It circles my canlı casino breasts and piles around my nipples, covering them completely. You zigzag the can back and forth over my stomach, making a path for you to follow with your tongue. I let out an animal like groan as you bring the can nozzle into contact with my clit, forcing me to arch my body off the bed as my hands grab your shoulders. Slowly you separate my lips, so slick, with the nozzle on the can being very gentle not to scratch me as you slowly release the button on the can again. Filling me with the sweet sticky cream.

The can falls from your hand as you slide your body back up to my neck. Slowly kissing and nibbling your way down to my breasts. You can feel my heart pounding as you lick the whip cream off my nipple, my hands caressing your scalp as you suck my entire breast into your hot wet mouth. Licking and sucking it clean. I groan as you release me from your mouth and kiss your way over to the other. Nipping the skin between my breasts with your teeth, then licking the pain away.

I moan in satisfaction as you capture my nipple gently grinding it between your teeth. You lick all the way around my breast, staring into my eyes as you do so. I place my hands on your head, pushing you further down my body, needing to feel your mouth and tongue everywhere. I close my eyes and enjoy the feel of you, sliding down my side as your mouth follows the path of whip cream you placed on my stomach, sometimes licking, sometimes sucking, sometimes kissing or nibbling but always totally cleaning off my skin.

As you finally reach my thighs, you slide between my legs, placing them on your shoulders and lifting my ass into your hands. I grab my lower lip between my teeth as you slowly lower your mouth to me, watching the expression on my face the entire time. My head arches back as you touch my hot pussy for the first time with your tongue, a moan being ripped from my throat at how exquisite it feels to have your tongue teasing me. Barely touching me as my hips rock up, demanding more. My legs wrap themselves around your back and neck as my hands cup the back of your head.

You can feel my body quaking as you kaçak casino gently flick the whip cream off my lips. Slowly sliding your tongue up to touch my clit before you quickly suck it into your mouth. I am moaning uncontrollably as I beg you to make me cum. You allow my clit to fall from your mouth, kissing it so softly before sliding your mouth back down and parting my lips with your tongue. My head is thrashing back and forth on the pillows as you rub your firm tongue between my lips, not touching either my clit or going inside where I so desperately need you but teasing at a half way point.

Finally, when I feel as if I am going crazy from desire, you stab your tongue quickly deep inside me. Feeling my pussy spasm around you as your tongue wiggles back and forth. It is almost a physical ache when you pull your tongue out of my steaming wet box and tease my clit again as two of your fingers slowly enter me.

Using just the very tip of your tongue, you flick my clit in circles as your fingers slide in deeper and deeper. Feeling my pussy clench around them, holding them so tightly. Your other hand is still cupping my ass, kneading it with your strong fingers. I can feel your fingers sliding up and down in the crack, spreading my juices. I whimper as your fingers begin sliding in and out of my pussy, harder and faster.

You can feel my pussy getting hotter, tighter, my body trembling. I am trying to hold back my orgasm for as long as possible, not wanting the feelings of being right on the very edge to stop. My hands move from your head, slowly traveling up my stomach to cup my breasts. Running the palms of my hands over my nipples as you watch, plucking the nipples between my fingers, pinching them.

My back arches off the bed as you gently bite down on my clit, pulling back slightly. My hips bouncing off the bed, riding your fingers hard as I scream out my pleasure again for what seems like forever. My fingers tightly clenching the sheets, anchoring me to this world.

As my orgasm subsides, you crawl slowly up my body planting soft kisses on my trembling body until your body is covering mine. I can feel your hard cock nudging against my wet pussy as your tongue slips between my lips, allowing me to taste myself on you. I wrap my arms around your back, one hand cupping your head as I suck on your tongue, cleaning you of my juices. We are both moaning, hands exploring.

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