Breeding Beauty Chp2 – Craigslist BBC Bull

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Very quickly I became addicted to shoving my dick up her ass and cunt will passed out drunk….to the point where I liked fucking her this way at my disposal rather then when awake..
Actually I would let her suck my cock and lick my balls then I’d lick her cunt and fuck her. After she orgasm several times she would pass out like a zombie. I’d hold off cumming so that I’d be hard for later…

Her ass started off super tight and needed much foreplay…but after months of anal abuse from my cock and my hand she was as loose as a two bit whore..
I loved the feeling of her inner ass ring gripping my cock….looking at her sleeping face and telling her what a cock whore she was…
The totally funny part is the dumb cunt would get wet from deep anal penetration in her sleep…fuck her ass for awhile and then the cunt is soaking wet….
The best was when her inner ass ring finally gave up and just stayed gaping wide open…full in and out cock thrusts and let my cock pick the hole….

Now the story begins….
One night after fighting out at a club because she was drunk and acting like an ass..she stumbled out of the car and into the bathroom. I went for a walk to cool down and when I came back she was passed out on the toilet head between her legs.

I pulled her panties off her ankles and fingered her cunt and she didn’t even flinch…I picked her up and carried her upstairs and flopped her face down on the bed. Took all her cloths off and gazed and the hot little whore, so thin, so white, so shaved and so blonde….I went downstairs to get a beer and look at some porn.

The first thing that popped up was a black guy fucking a hot white chick…Hummmmmm I thought! So I logged on to craigslist and searched for a BBC Bull. To my surprise there were several and I emailed them all with my cell phone….15 min went by and I was about to go up and fuck her myself….

Ding! It was Cory! with a pic of his huge cock. he was only 28 and a large guy with a freak dick…i asked if he wanted to fuck my wife while I watched. He asked where she was. and I said upstairs passed out in bed totally naked. He asked was she into the scene…I waited a few minutes and the sent back “what does that matter?”…

5 minutes later Ding! “your full of shit, take a pic of her and send it to me”…..

So I took a piece of paper and wrote Cory’s cunt on it…took a pic of her but didn’t show her face…

Ding! “I will be right over, 20 min”….I sent him the address of the wawa on the corner so we could meet then then walk back.


grabbed casino oyna a bottle of jack Daniels and downed a few shots…..

Ding! I am here!

I walked down the block nervous as hell thinking I’d back out once we met…but there he was in his lexus. He looked like a football player and we chatted for a bit…
First time, huh?
I said yeah but I have been fucking her ass and cunt when she is passed out for over 6 months.

He said the was excellent, but now it was time to take it to the next level and that I was doing the right thing emailing him.

He seemed so confident and it eased my fears.

We walked into the house and had a few more shots….I was now feeling totally buzzed…

Finally he said….”so you gonna let me see her?”

We walked up stairs and I turned the lights on but dimmed. He just stared and he jaw dropped open…fuck she is hot as hell…
He walked over and rolled her over to look at her face…Cute little white bitch…
Then he felt her breasts and fingered her cunt….NICE! tight!! I brought some good lube….

I nervously put a condom on the bed….he looked at it and said that he would break one of those…he pulled out a magnum condom…

He looked and me and said…”Well cuck, get undressed”

I undressed and he did as well…I peeked over at his masculine body and then her turned and his huge cock came into view.

Holy fuck it won’t fit in her I thought but I could not say a word….

He told me to sit o the bed next to her…..that he wanted me to lick her cunt… I did….I was getting hard myself….
Then he grabbed my headed and put me to my knees…cuck now suck my cock and spit on it….to lube it up….
I had never sucked a man off but I just did it…I think I felt bad for doing all this and that this was my punishment….

As I was sucking his cock it became super hard and swelled to a cock I had only seen in prono videos….

He took out some lube and fingered her cunt with it….and to me to keep sucking him and that my wife’s cunt was now his personal property…did I understand that, cuck?

Looking up at him with his cock in my mouth I nodded yes.

Then he pulled his cock from my mouth, cast me to the side and said that I was done for now..

He rolled her on her side and slid in behind her to spoon her. .

Then he told me to sit behind him, reach between his legs and grab his cock….that “I” would be the the one that would be putting his cock inside her to offer her up to him.

I grabbed his cock I felt the condom only half way down his cock, I tried to roll it down more but he slowly pushed his cock to her cunt….and canlı casino felt his massive cock head disappear in her tiny cunt…

Then his cock stopped! What was going on? He pulled back a bit then thrust again…All of a sudden his cock stretched her cunt and he slid inside her….Fist slow and not too deep…she moving around a bit, but he stopped and she would stop…

I felt his muscular ass flex and soon his massive cock was balls deep insider her….

His thrusts became deeper and deeper….

Holy fuck a huge black cock is fucking my passed out wife!! And I am holding his balls as he is doing it!

All 11 inches of him was now buried deep in her cunt. He pulled out and told me to grab his shaft…

When I grabbed his cock I felt the end of the condom again only half way down….he put his hand cupped over mine and began to slide the condom off making me do it…

I stopped him but he told me it was the only way…the right way…..He said he would not cum inside her….and he kept tugging at it…finally I just gave in and it slide off his cock….

Before I could say a word he swatted me off the bed and buried his cock deep inside her cunt and began to fuck her white womb totally bareback

At first softly then harder and harder, deeper and deeper…

All sorts of crazy things were running through my head….

I tried to pull at his ass and told him to pull out of her but then he got angry…and thrust in really rough…

He turned and looked at me and said…her cunt is mine now, cuck…if you don’t let me I will wake her and you will be at fault…

I let got afraid of her finding out and he penetrated her really rough, almost violent….

I tugged at him again and told him not to cum inside her…

He turned and glared at me again….”No fucking way, this white bitch is mine” and he grabbed her nipple and said “don’t dare me to wake her, cuck”
His pace quickened and I knew he was getting close to cumming….and in that moment I knew there was no way he was going to pull out….

Before I could say a word he. He said “fuck, I am breeding this bitch”…with that his back arched and he thrust balls deep and held it….

I grabbed at his cock to try and pull it out but all I felt was his balls and shaft pulsate…and his hot cum began to flood her unprotected, passed out womb…

It seemed to go on forever and I was sure she would wake up….finally the pulsations stopped and he pulled out….

As his now limp cock slipped out of her stretched out cunt…and I saw all the cum leak out of her…I said “What the fuck did you do….she is not on the kaçak casino pill….I am fixed…

He just chuckled….”you have a problem then don’t you, cuck? You got what you wanted, deal with it”

He got up and I looked at her gaping hole and laughed again, proud of his cum leaking out of her…

He grabbed his cloths and got dressed. As he walked out of the room just said “She passed her audition and I’ll be in touch”

What the fuck did that mean?

Panicked I made sure that he left and locked the door behind her…

I sat in the living room, trembling at what I had done and afraid to go back upstairs….

Finally after 15 min and figured I had to deal with is somehow…to cover my tracks..

I sat next to my innocent wife now filled with a strange black man’s cum.

I fingered her cunt and tried to pull out the cum…finally I just sat her up a bit and that is when I realized how much he actually cum inside her…it just poured out of her stretched out hole…..

I laid her back down but I was now rock hard thinking about Cory breeding her…..

So I laid down next her her and looked at her face…something came over me and all I could think of was what a dirty little whore she was….

I slid me cock inside her cum filled cunt but it was so stretched out that it offered little resistance….

I pulled out with all of cory’s cum covering my own cock….Humm….I needed relief so I probed at her ass…I used his cum to lube it up….

I slid my cock up her ass and once again looked at her face…I whispered in her ear…you dirty little nigger loving cunt and I shot a huge load up her ass to match the one in her cunt.

I went to the bathroom and got cleaned up…then I cleaned her up with a rag….and crawled into bed…

Laying there I was totally freaked out and what had just happened…I could not sleep…

At around 5AM I heard her move around and get up to pee…

Would she know? To my surprise she slipped back in bed and snuggled up under my arm…kissed me and told me she was sorry for falling asleep….

For weeks I panicked that she had a black baby inside her…until she finally got her period….Phew!!!!!!

I swore that I would never do that again……I thought!!!

Then a few weeks later while sitting at work….Ding! I was Cory….

I texted him back that I wasn’t going to do it anymore…

Ding….”cuck I didn’t ask you that…I am telling you to get her ready for friday night…understand?

I told him NO!

He said that he knew where I lived and that he would tell her everything that happened…that I would go to jail…….

Holy shit what had I got myself into! If I only knew then what I know now I’d have never, ever done any of this but is was now too late…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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