Barbara at the beach

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She had finally received a new text from her master. Barbara was both exited and afraid of what would be next. She was very happy with the piercings and played with them often. When she did, she thought back at her adventures at the glory hole. 

The red headed girl had never expected that she could be such a slut but then again, nobody had pushed her as much as her master had. It was odd that she was in love with someone she had never met before and she was dying to see what he looked like. 

She was required to put in her butt plug and head to the beach, wearing a bikini. The text even pointed the spot out where she had to lay down.

Nervous, the woman headed down to the spot that was pointed out for her. She felt the butt plug with every step she took in the hot sand and she stared at all the people around her. I wonder if he is around them, she thought as she scanned the faces around her. Her pierced nippled pushed through the thin layer of her top and her pussy was extremely wet. Because she was not allowed to shave, the girl knew that some of her hair was pushing past her bottom.

‘Hey Barb.’ A female voice spoke. Barbara froze in place as she recognized the voice. It was Ashanti, a very good friend of hers. ‘Hey As.’ She said as she looked at her friend, who was wearing a red bikini. ‘What are you doing here?’  ‘I was here with my fiancé’ She growled. ‘But he had to leave for work and I did not want to go home yet. So its lucky that I came across you.’ The black woman smiled as she spoke. Barbara however did not like the idea but she also did not have the heart to disappoint her friend,

As Barbara headed down to the spot that was appointed to her, she sat down in the sand and Ashanti followed and planted herself next to her. Barbara’s phone zoomed and she checked to see a message from her master. Who is that? The text read. She is a good friend of mine, Barbara texted back. On one hand, she really was hoping that the play fun would continue but on the other hand, she really did not want her friend to know her dirty secret.

Name, age, status and where is she from? A new incoming text read. Barbara bit her lip and looked at her friend before replying: Her name is Ashanti. She is 22 years old, engaged and was born in Kenya. As her friend kept chatting about life and the preparations of the marriage, Barbara kept staring at her phone, waiting for an answer. After waiting several more moments, she finally received a response. You have 10 minutes to get rid of her, If she is still there after that…I will include her.

The minutes crept by as Barbara tried to find a reason for her friend to leave but she only came up blank. ‘Listen…’ Barbara started. But before she could continue, her friend jumped up and yelled: ‘Lets go in the water.’ Barbara tried to stop her but was forced to follow the other woman.

In the water, Ashanti grabbed Barbara’s breast and pushed her finger on the nipple ring. ‘So since when did you have the piercings?’ Barbara blushed and stammered… ‘How… how do you know?’ The other girl smiled and softly whispered in her ear. ‘your nipples have been on display the entire time.’ The dark skinned woman followed up by playing with Barbara’s nipple. ‘Well?’ The woman asked. ‘I met someone that changed my life.’ Barbara reacted. The time to get her to leave was gone. Now casino siteleri it was time to take a chance.

‘Want something special?’ She asked. Intrigued, her friend looked at her. ‘What do you mean?’ ‘That person I talked about is here somewhere.’ Barbara spoke. Her friend looked up and started scanning the beach. ‘Who?’ She asked. ‘I don’t know.’ Came the reply. ‘I have no clue what he looks like. I am here to perform a task for him.’ She saw her friend’s lips move to ask another question. ‘I don’t know what kind of task it is yet. She did not say that she was sure it was something sexual.

When both of them had arrived at the towels, Barbara finished: ‘You either have to leave now or join me in the task.’ A glimpse of red showed on the face of the black woman. ‘You know I am engaged…’ She uttered. It however looked that Ashanti was trying to convince herself. Barbara knew that her fiancée was not that active in bed and the redhead had noticed that her friend was slighting turned on.

As an answer, Ashanti plopped herself on the towel. Barbara sat down as well and her phone zoomed. ‘Topless.’ Was all it said.

Barbara looked around and saw her friend staring at her. ‘What is our first task?’ She asked. Barbara showed her the message and her friend looked surprised. ‘Nobody but my fiancée has ever seen my breasts.’ Barbara ignored her friend and quickly took her top off Her breasts sprang to freedom and her pierced nipples shone in the sun. Her friend looked around one more time, sighted and undid her own top. When she removed it, her dark brown c cups appeared and Barbara noticed the cute little black nipples. ‘MMMM’ She whispered in her friends ear. The phone zoomed again and they had to get an ice cream from the parlor. This meant that they had to go all the way to the other side of the beach. Ashanti grabbed her top to put it on again but just smiled as she said: I think we are supposed to go without.’ The other woman knew she was right and let go of the fabric.

The two of them slowly walked over the beach and they saw all the people staring. As they were walking, Ashanti’s shame slowly disappeared.

When they got back with ice cream, Ashanti was actually enjoying the attention.

The phone zoomed again and Barbara picked it up. ‘Go to the clothes optional part of the beach. You will find a purple towel, go and sit there.’ The two looked at each other as they both knew what was about to happen.

Without saying a word, they packed their stuff and slowly made it to the clothes optional part, There were some couples there, some men alone and a small group of five old men. To Barbara’s surprise she saw that the purple towel was right next to the older men. The two sat down and tried to act as casual as possible but failing at it as they saw the men leering at them. Go in the water and remove each others bottom. Then return naked.

The two woman looked at each other. They knew they would end up naked as they were walking to this part of the beach but now they were there and it all suddenly got real. ‘Lets go.’ Barbara said as she pulled her friend to her feet. The two ran in the cold water and Barbara pushed Ashanti over to tease her. As the other woman stood up, Barbara pulled the bottoms of her friend down and held the red piece of cloth in the air. Her fingers played with canlı casino the clit of her friend and she noticed that the other woman was completely bald down there.

Again a sigh as Ashanti removed Barbara’s bottom. Her finger touched the red bush and the pierced clit.

‘And now?’ The black woman asked. ‘Barbara smiled and ran up the beach to the towel again. Her friend had no choice but to follow.

As they walked past the old men, they saw how they were all looking at them and talking in between them selfs.

Back, another message was waiting for them. Enjoy the sun for now….

The two lay down and chatted with each other. Barbara talked about her master and the tasks he had given her so far while her friend talked about the preparations of the wedding. After an hour and a half, the phone zoomed again. ‘We have to go to the dunes naked and sit on our hand and feet.’ Barbara read the text. ‘The spot where we have to be, has two blindfolds. We are to put them on.’ She finished the text. ‘Is…. is he serious?’ Ashanti asked. ‘Yes.’Barbara said with a smile.

As the two went up in the dunes, they saw the two blindfolds. A red one and a black one. Barbara grabbed the red one and bound it in front of the eyes of her friend. She then placed her friend as instructed before putting on her own. At first, she had been scared that her friend would find out about her secret but now it was turning her on to give her friend to her master.

‘As sexy as always.’ Barbara heard the voice of her master. ‘And your friend is a looker too.’ A squeal followed. Her master had probably smacked As on her ass.

‘Who to fuck first?’ She heard her master ask and Barbara took no time to speak out. ‘Me please master.’ Seconds later, she felt his cock in her cunt. As he fucked her, he played with her tits and nipple rings. Her master fucked her hard as only he could and occasionally spanked her tits or ass.

He suddenly pulled out and she heard him speak. ‘Lick my slave’s juices off my cock. What followed was the unmistakable sound of someone sucking a cock.

Moments later, she heard grunts and moaning as her master was now fucking her friend. ‘MMMM. Oh yeah oh yeah.’ Barbara heard her friend say as the other woman got fucked.

Before Barbara realized it she felt the cock of her master pushing against her lips. She gladly allowed him in and tasted the juices of her friend on his cock. She started sucking him hard and deep as he grabbed her head and pushed her in harder. While sucking him she felt a finger in her ass and a shriek from Ashanti. ‘My ass?’ Barbara heard her friend say. ‘Yes.’ Came the strict answer.

Both woman moaned as they both got his cock in their asses. Barbara first again, followed by Ashanti. ‘Harder, Harder.’ Ashanti suddenly yelled out. Barbara was wondering which hole he was fucking now as both their holes had been used quite a bit. ‘Yes yes yessssssssss.’ Followed from her friend.

‘I’m going to cum.’ She heard her master say. ‘Cum in me. Take your dick and cum in me.’ Barbara was surprised to hear her friend speak like that. A howl from her master told her enough. He had cum. But where was the question.

‘Both of you will stay this way. ‘ She heard her master speak. The blindfolds will be removed for you.’

‘Okay master.’ Barbara spoke. Ashanti said kaçak casino nothing.

Suddenly she felt a penis pushing against her lips. This one did not belong to her master it was much shorter and stank. ‘Oh.’ Ashanti said in surprise and moments later, another cock entered her cunt. Again, not from her master.

Her blindfold was removed and she looked at the old cock and beer belly that it was attached too. To her surprise, she and her friend were fucking the five old men from earlier. Ashanti was sucking on a cock and got fucked by another. The sweat creeping on her black body. A penis got pushed against her hand and as Barbara was both fucking and sucking a cock, she started to jerk off to the third. ‘Those are two lovely cunts.’ One man spoke, ‘True whores.’ Another added.

The man in her cunt, clearly had no stamina as he came quickly inside her. Two fingers groped her cunt and played with her clit ring as one of the men took her tits and started sucking them, She saw how one of them came on Ashanti’s face and in her hair. She got turned around as the fingers got replaced with another cock and someone came on her tits.

A shrimped cock got pushed inside her face and as she took it in her mouth, Barbara tasted her own juices

Ashanti was jerking off one of the men as she played with his cock, while another man was underneath her, fucking her.

Sperm hit her face and inside her pussy at the same time and as someone else was about to mount her, she saw the cum leaking out of the cunt of her friend.

The last man, who was sporting a Grey beard, came on Barbara’s face and she tasted his cum. These men had taken pills as she had fucked all five men multiple times.

‘You are supposed to head back to the beach and clean your selfs in the water.’ One of the men said as they all left.

Barbara looked at her friend, who had cum everywhere. ‘Wow.’ Was all her friend said.

The two slowly stood up and walked towards the water, trying to ignore everybody looking at them.

They tried to clean them selfs up as good as they could. When they arrived back at the towel, Barbara felt something hard underneath the purple towel. It turned out to be a wallet with 200 dollars. You both earned 100 dollar each, the text on her phone read.

The two quickly dressed and said their goodbyes. Neither mentioned the fact that the old man payed to use their bodies but the money was welcome.

Home, Barbara took a warm shower and she could not help but playing with herself as the thought about the joy that today gave her. When she was fully clean, she walked in her bedroom, where she saw two texts.

The first text was from As. It turned out that her fiancée was home when she arrived and they ended up on the bed and made love. The text also mentioned that Ashanti did not have time to remove the cum from inside her cunt but her fiancée never mentioned it and he probably just figured that she was very wet.

The second text was from her master. As always, it was to the point.

We have enjoyed each other for some time but now you need to make a decision. Send 1 and you end our agreement, I will never contact you again.

Send 2 and we keep on this way but you will not see my face nor know my name for at least a couple of years.

Send 3 and I give you one final task. Succeed and you will finally meet me and we take this personal.

Barbara looked at the screen and took a deep breath.

The text she send contained only one number: 3.

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