Back from the Future- Chapter 7

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*Chapter 7*

It looked like we had decided to keep Susie, at least for the time being.
It would be fun turning her into our slave and making her pay for all the
evil things she had done down on Earth.

I had an ideas and got computer to modify a small cage in our quarters that
Susie could live it. I could get Computer to enlarge it if she was good and
her behavior deserved it.

I left Susie as she was for a couple of hours, whilst the girls and I
relaxed and discussed where we wanted to go next. Eventually, I got up to
go and sort Susie out, after the cage was ready for her.

I found her just as I had left her, the cum had dried on her skin, all over
her face. Her eyes were glued to the video of our fucking earlier and Susie
was looking extremely sad for herself. I transported her to the medical bay
and ran tests on her. Unsurprisingly, she was clean. The benefit of being a
lesbian I suppose? I got her scrubbed up, making sure that she was clean
and clear of all my cum. I looked at her petite, skinny body and face.
There was nothing that was particularly attractive about Susie but she did
exude a kind of sex appeal. One of those unexplained things that I could
not put my finger on. Now, Joanna was stunningly beautiful and Melia was
beautiful but Susie was not.

Once Computer had finished cleaning her, I had her transported to her new
home, the cage in our quarters. Susie had difficulty fitting in, until she
realized that she had to fold herself up into a sort of kneeling position
to fit comfortably. Susie whinged and moaned about how small and
uncomfortable it was.

‘Listen slut, here it is plain and simple. If you behave well and please
the three of us, you will find the cage becomes bigger and your life will
become much more pleasant. At the moment, you do not please us therefore,
you will stay in there until I decide. Also, the food will not be to your
taste but will improve as you do.’ I told her.

At the mention of food, I realized that I was hungry. I told Computer what
to prepare for us and what to give Susie separately. Joanna, Melia and I
sat down at the table and shared a drink whilst waiting for the food. We
laughed and joked and talked freely. Susie sat silently, looking miserable.
I kept an eye on her to see how she was taking her new life. Not well, but
at least she had learned to shut up!

The food arrived, beautiful Asian fusion dishes for us, smelling divine. I
had told Computer to delay Susie’s food for 5 minutes so she could see us
all enjoying ours. We all tucked in with relish, savoring the most amazing
flavors. I could see Susie looking on longingly. Eventually, hers arrived.
I had told Computer to give her a balanced meal but all mushed up, served
in a dog bowl, with water on the side. That was how it appeared in front of
Susie. The look on her face was priceless- disappointment, horror, disgust.
Susie started to say something, it began with the f word but, then she
thought the better of it and stayed silent. Good! I thought, she’s learning.

Susie was obviously hungry as she bent her head down and started slurping
up the food in the dog bowl. I had no idea what it was but trusted Computer
to get it right! We then ignored her and continued on with our own meal,
cementing the bonds between us even further. One decision we did make was
to go back to the Stone Age and see how the people lived then. I got
Computer to take us there, to a suitable date and settlement before we went
to sleep, tired but happy.

The following morning, I was awoken by the sound of sobbing. I was
sandwiched between Joanna and Melia and I quietly sat up to see what was
going on. It was Susie, kneeling in her cage, sobbing her eyes out. She saw
me sit up in the bed and pleaded with me,

‘Please, oh please let me out. I’ll behave, I’ll do what ever you want,
just please let me out of here.’ Susie begged.

‘OK.’ I said and transported her into another room where she could move
around. I saw her stretch and walk round, rubbing the muscles that had
stiffened during the night. I lay back down and switched off the screen. I
put my arms round both girls and dozed off back to sleep.

I awoke some time later to feel my cock sliding into a pussy. I looked up
and saw Joanna sitting on my cock, her eyes closed in pleasure as she sank
down onto my morning glory! I reached up and fondled her perfect breasts
with both hands. She was such a picture of beauty. I enjoyed her slow,
seductive movements up and down as she became accustomed to my cock inside
her. Another hand appeared on Joanna’s breasts and I saw Melia was also

‘Melia, come and sit on my face.’ I told her.

Quick as a flash, Melia was astride my face, lowering her pussy onto my
mouth. She was sat facing Joanna, so I had unfettered access to her pussy
and ass. My tongue reached out and dipped in Melia’s folds, savoring her
sweet taste, running it all round her pussy and asshole, making her moan
loudly. I pleasured Melia with my tongue as Joanna continued to fuck my
cock. What a way to wake up!

I made sure that I paid Melia’s tight asshole attention, dipping my tongue
in and out of her tight anal ring, before diving back into her pussy and
attacking her clit with the tip of my tongue. I could hear the girls
kissing above me as we all writhed in pleasure. I was now thrusting my hips
up to meet Joanna, causing her to cream on my dick, a small orgasm hitting
her as she built up for a big one. I had worked a finger into Melia’s
asshole as I sucked on her clit and could feel her jerking on my face as
she screamed in pleasure as an orgasm tore through her. Once Melia had
stopped riding the waves of her orgasm, she climbed off me and bent down to
kiss me. Joanna speeded up her fucking and we were soon both cumming,
Joanna sinking down til I was deep in her as my cock exploded inside her,
filling her with my creamy load. Joanna collapsed on top of me and we
shared a kiss, my cock still in her pussy. I held her there and told them
both what I was going to do now.

I transported Susie back into the room. I ordered her to take my cock out
of Joanna’s pussy and to suck up all my cum that would then leak out of her
pussy. Susie looked disgusted but, after I had looked over at the cage, she
relented and bent her head down. I felt her small fingers pull my cock from
Joanna’s pussy and felt Susie’s lips latch onto Joanna’s pussy and start
sucking. Melia moved off the bed and stood behind where Susie was kneeling
on the bed. I heard a slap and looked to see Melia slapping Susie’s ass
with her right hand. The slap were not too hard or frequent but they were
being felt by Susie, who sucked even harder to finish up my cum. Joanna was
enjoying it, as Susie was obviously a talented pussy muncher- a talent we
all planned to put to good use in the future. Melia had built up speed and
was really laying into Susie’s ass with her had, making Susie squeal.

Once Susie had finished, I got her to suck my cock clean before we put her
back in her cage. Susie begged to not be put back in.

‘But there is a surprise for you inside.’ I told her, before transporting
her inside it.

I had gotten Computer to make it a bit bigger, so there was room for Susie
to lie down properly, not curled up. She still could not stand in it though.

‘You have pleased us this morning, so your home is a bit bigger. Continue
this and you will soon be out of it.’ I encouraged her.

‘Thank you.’ Was all she said.

The girls and I got cleaned up and dressed for our adventure. We enjoyed a
light breakfast before sorting Susie out. I froze her in place, putting her
to sleep until we came back, still locked in her cage. I did not trust
Susie one inch but I wanted her to believe that she could eventually be
trusted by us.

We transported down onto the surface to a quiet location on a hillside
overlooking a deep valley. Down in the valley, there was a rudimentary
settlement of some kind. There were caves at the bottom and evidence of
human activity outside them. We could not see anybody at this time though.
Something made me stay where we were at watch for a while. We settled down
onto the grass under a tree and watched the valley.

I became aware of movement behind us and to one side, far enough away to
not cause any immediate concern. I decided to exercise caution and hid us
in a patch of bracken that provided thin cover. I was glad I had when I saw
what appeared about 100 meters away to one side.

A large group of men, dressed in animal skins and carrying clubs and flint
head axes stood just behind the crest. Their leader was communicating with
them but we were to far away to hear what was said. They did not look
friendly at all.

Without waiting any longer, they made their way stealthily down the valley
to the floor, where they disappeared inside the caves.

It was then that the screams started. I stood on the edge, looking down
into the valley at what was a massacre. The raiding party had caught the
settlement unawares and casino siteleri were killing people all round. The men were soon
cut down til no sound could be heard. They all started looting what they
could find, dragging bodies out of the cave along with anything else they
could find. They handed things round to carry off with them. One man came
out carrying a body over his shoulder and did not throw it down with the
rest when he came out.

We watched them begin the climb back up the hill, coming towards out
position at an angle, as if they would pass right by us. Somehow, I did not
want to be seen. Joanna and Melia were looking sick and scared to death.
They whispered to me that they wanted to go but, something held me back. I
had Computer transport them up to the ship. I also got Computer to help me
make sure that the men did not spot me. I climbed back into the bracken and
watched them come directly to me.

As they approached and walked straight past me, I had the chance to observe
them close up. I got Computer to capture them all on video so I could study
it again later as they were interesting, despite what they had just done. I
suppose that was what life was like then though, kill or be killed?

As I was studying them, I noticed the man who was carrying the body still
had the body draped over his shoulders and it was wriggling! Someone was
left alive! As he moved past me, the body looked up and I looked directly
into the scared, haunted eyes of a young woman. She saw me and cried out.
Computer translated in my mind and the woman was calling for my help. She
was clearly terrified. When I made no move to help her, her head slumped
back down and she ceased her cries.

I stayed where I was, wondering what had just happened. I could not forget
her eyes, they had pleaded with me but something more. I had felt a
connection there. I instructed Computer to track them back to where they
were going. I transported myself back to the ship.

I found Joanna and Melia and told them what had happened. They were both
horrified that someone needed our help and we were not doing anything. I
tried to explain it was not as simple as that. We argued back and forth
until they both stormed off in a huff.

I consulted Computer to talk me through the options. Could I go down and
rescue this woman without causing all sorts of mayhem in the space time
continuum? Computer was a step ahead of me..

‘This woman dies soon.’ Computer told me.

‘What, how?’ I asked.

‘She is about to be sacrificed. Tomorrow at dawn she will have her throat
cut as a sacrifice to their gods. However, if you take her, her removal
will not cause any effects that I can predict. Do not kill anyone down
there though if you go to save her.’ Computer warned.

My mind was made up. I was going to save her.

I found Joanna and Melia and told them what Computer had said and that I
was going to save her. They both volunteered to come with me.

‘No, it is too dangerous if I have to look out for you as well. Stay here
and await my return.’ I said.

More arguing followed until they eventually saw sense. I took a weapon with
me just in case, not that I would have to use it! Computer transported me
down, leaving me behind a tree overlooking the settlement of the raiding

The first thing that hit me was the smell. It seemed I was right beside the

‘Thanks for the messy landing!’ I said to Computer.

‘I calculated that in this location you had the least probability of being
seen.’ Computer informed me. ‘What are you going to do?’

‘I want you to control all their minds. Make it so they cannot see me or
the girl.’ I told Computer.

‘Done.’ Was all Computer said.

Oh well, I thought to myself, here goes. I stepped out from behind the tree
and walked brazenly through the settlement. Nobody paid me any attention. I
looked in each hovel cum cave as I came to it. I could not see the girl
yet. Eventually, I found her. She was tied up with a foul smelling rope,
unable to move. She saw me and there was recognition in her eyes. I
motioned for her to be quiet.

‘Computer, I have her. Transport us both up to the medical suite and please
put her to sleep as we arrive.’ I asked.

In the blink of an eye, we were both in the medical suite. The girls was
lying suspended in mid air, asleep. Joanna and Melia came in as we arrived,
warned by Computer we were on the way. They stood and looked at her. The
first thing they did was to wrinkle up their noses, as the rope was some
sort of animal tendon, kept supple by oiling. The girl’s skins also stank,
as did she. It seemed you needed no sense of smell to live in the stone age!

I cut the ropes off her and got computer to incinerate them. Her skins soon
followed. I then got Computer to give her a complete and thorough medical
and clean up. This would take some time given the state she was in, so I
left Computer to it and retired out of the room with Joanna and Melia.

Seeing as the girl was being attended to, I thought it time to clean myself
up as I felt I could still smell the stench of the latrines and the
settlement on me.

It felt good to wash off the stench of the stone age- perhaps we had gotten
too comfortable in the distant future, being too clean? Personally, I felt
that the old adage of ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’ rings true! But
then I’m from an age where technology made everything easy.

Once I had finished, I went back to the medical suite. The girls were with
me and we stared at the young girl I had rescued. I was a hero again to
Joanna and Melia for having rescued her. We were debating what to do with
her. Could we return her to her time? Would she stay with us? The girls
wanted her to stay but I wasn’t so sure. I consulted Computer in my mind.

‘What do you think I should do with her?’ I asked

‘If you return her to this time and place, her chances of survival for more
than a week on her own are less than 10%.’ Computer blithely stated.

‘Why?’ I asked

‘She has no one to look after her and will not be able to feed herself.
Also, the people who took her are out looking for her. They mean to kill
her.’ Computer answered.

‘So she stays then?’ I thought to myself and Computer, not as a question,
more a statement of fact.

‘There are advantages to keeping her,’ Computer said, ‘You will then have
three women again. I do not count Susie as she is not suitable for a
companion. The reason I chose 3 initially to help keen you sane is simple.
With 2 women, one will become jealous and you spend time with the other.
Having 3 women gives everyone someone to spend time with. It is human
nature and I am well versed in human nature.’

What Computer said made sense. That settled it in my mind.

‘Fine, she stays.’ I said. ‘Computer, what will we need to do to help her
settle in here? She is from such a different time and has no experience of
modern things and ways.’

Computer replied, ‘It will take time. I recommend that you keep her in
suspended animation for 2 weeks. During that time, I will clean her up
internally, as she has a great deal of troublesome bacteria. More
importantly, I will implant thoughts in her mind to help her adjust to her
new situation. This has to be done very slowly and carefully, so as not to
break her mind.’

Joanna, Melia and I discussed this for some time. The girls had a heated
discussion that I switched off from and I studied the girl sleeping. She
was very pretty in a unkempt way. She was very slim and petite, rather like
Susie. However, she was in much better shape, she was athletic, no doubt
due to all the exercise she had as part of daily life in the stone age. She
had very small breasts. Her pussy was hairy but I had told Computer to get
rid of all her hair except for on her head, during the next 2 weeks. I was
looking forward to meeting her properly in a couple of weeks!

Eventually, Joanna and Melia agreed that Computer was right. They inquired
from Computer everything it would do to the girl and Computer responded to
their every question. The girls were satisfied that the girl would be well
cared for but they both wanted to visit her regularly anyway. I left them
to it and returned to my quarters, whilst the girls helped to get the girl into a comfortable position for her long wait.

In the quarters, I awakened Susie. She had been asleep since we went down to Earth and I had not come to see her since I had been back. I got her out of her larger cage and had her kneel on the floor in front of me. I sat on a sofa and thought to myself. I had a two week wait until the girl could join us properly. I resloved to break Susie’s will in that two weeks and have made her our slave by then. It would have been easy to get Computer to do this for me, but I wanted to do it the old fashioned way.

I looked at Susie in the eyes. There was still resistance and hatred and fear in her gaze. It was a good step that she had learned to shut up. Now, I wanted her to submit totally to us, without canlı casino reservation. I had no experience of this, neither did Joanna and Melia. I thought that maybe we were being to harsh on her? But then I remembered her attitude and what she was doing before we took her.

I told Susie to get up and come and lie across my lap. She did so, naked, as I had not clothed her again. I got her to lie face down, with her pussy meeting my crotch and her ass raised. I sat there and fondled her ass. It was firm and actually a very good ass. I was enjoying my hands roaming all over her smooth skin, kneading each buttock. I allowed my left hand to slip up her body and under her, grabbing her left breast as she lay on me. I tweaked her nipple hard, causing her to gasp out loud. Sensibly she then stayed silent.

My right hand was now moving down her ass cleft, across her asshole and down to her pussy. I rubbed the outside of her lips and was surprised to find her getting slightly moist. I rammed a finger up her pussy, causing her to gasp out in surprise and try to wriggle off me. I held her in place with my left hand and continued to finger her pussy. I had a growing erection at this point and I knew she could feel it pressing against her belly.

I quickly removed my finger and moved it up her ass cleft to her bumhole. I pressed it forward, hard and firm, feeling her resisting sphincter against my finger. Susie shrieked and thrashed around, she even screamed at me,

‘Get you filthy fucking hands off me you fucking pervert, leave me alone you fucking ball of slime.’ Susie shouted.

It seemed she still had plenty of spirit left in her. I froze her in position and sent commands to Computer regarding her cage. I got Computer to remodel it so that she could only kneel upright in it. I transported her into it and got her hair tied against the back of the care, pulling her head back and thrusting her chest out. It was a very uncomfortable position to be in. I locked her into it and spoke to her,

‘Oh dear Susie! It seems you have upset me again. You will notice that your cage has changed shape again. it will not be very comfortable for any length of time. Just to make it even worse, I’m going to put this on you.’ I held up the ball gag to show her. I transported it onto her and let her have full control back over her body and voice.

Susie squirmed in the cage but could not find a comfortable position. She tried to beg or shout at me but with the ball gag in, all that came out was a muffled sound. It was at this point that Joanna and Melia came into the room.

‘What did Susie do to be back in there like that?’ Joanna asked.

I explained to her and Melia and they both nodded in approval.

‘Can I play with her like that?’ asked Melia. I nodded and told her to go ahead and have fun.

Joanna came and sat on the couch with me and Melia went over to Susie. We watched as Melia started playing with Susie’s nipples, which were hard on her thrust out chest against the bars.

I looked at Joanna and leaned in to kiss her. She opened her mouth willingly and we shared a passionate moment of tonging on the couch, like a couple of teenagers! I had us both stripped naked in the blink of an eye as we were still kissing before I moved down to Joanna’s breasts. I savored her nipples in my mouth, swapping between each tit like a starving man. I proceeded down Joanna’s gorgeous body, kissing and licking my way down over her toned stomach to her pussy. I dived right in, allowing my tongue to caress every inch of her pussy, both outside and inside as far as my tongue could reach, before settling on her clit and gently licking Joanna to a first orgasm.

My prick was rock hard now and I got off the floor from between Joanna’s legs and sat back on the couch. Joanna moved off and straddled me, guiding her pussy down onto my shaft. I gasped as I penetrated her, her warm moist love tunnel enveloping my cock felt brilliant as Joanna sank down my length til I was fully inside her. We kissed again, unmoving, savoring the moment after initial penetration as our genitals got used to each other again. Joanna then rocked back and forth, allowing my prick to move whilst staying fully inside her pussy. We continued kissing as our bodies joined and made love to each other. Eventually Joanna started bouncing up and down on my pole, lifting her pussy up it til just the tip was inside then slamming down quickly. I enjoyed being fucked like this as I looked into her face and saw the waves of please crease across her brow. As Joanna neared another orgasm, I thrust up, adding to her pleasure and triggered a large orgasm. I thrust up hard as her orgasm hit, gripping her waist and lifting her up and down in time with my thrusts until I felt my balls tightened and I shot rope after rope of hot cum deep inside Joanna’s pussy. I held Joanna on to me as my spurts subsided and she climbed down from her orgasm.

As she recovered, Joanna looked at me and had a twinkle in her eye.

‘Watch this!’ Joanna said.

Joanna got off my cock and walked over to the cage. Joanna moved Melia out of the way, who was pulling Susie’s nipples hard as she had been watching us. Joanna then sat on top of the cage and spread her legs. I watched as the first bit of my cum leaked out of her pussy. Joanna’s pussy was directly over Susie’s upturned face. Susie could not move her head as her hair was tied back to the cage, causing her to have her head upturned. Joanna pushed my cum out of her pussy, using her cunt muscles to push the cum out. It then leaked out of her pussy and dripped down onto Susie’s face. The first drop hit her nose and ran down that onto her lips. Susie had her mouth closed so none went in her mouth. The flow of cum continued until Susie’s face was covered in my white creamy load.

I let Joanna continue this as I led Melia to the bed and had her lie down. Melia had not cum and I wanted to eat her to orgasm. I lay between her thighs and went right at it. Melia was already dripping wet, having just watched Joanna and I fuck and fingered her pussy whilst doing so. I did not take long before Melia was thrashing around with my tongue caressing her clit and my thumb in her pussy. When I moved my other hand and inserted a finger in her asshole, she exploded in orgasm, plastering my face with her girl cum, which I eagerly lapped up. Melia then flopped back, spent after her orgasm. I looked up to see Joanna making sure she had squeezed out every drop of my cum onto Susie’s face. Joanna then came over and lay down with Melia and I.

The three of us snuggled up and we settled down to sleep, serenaded by Susie’s soft moans as she struggled to find any comfort at all in the cage, with her hair tied back to it and the ball gag in.

The following morning, I awoke early and the girls were still asleep. I got up and looked at Susie, she was still awake, with tears running down her face, creating rivulets through the dried cum that was on her face. Susie looked a picture of misery. I took pity on her and let her out, transported her to the shower and left her to get herself cleaned up. Susie cried out as her stiff joints were stretched. Perhaps she would have now learned her lesson?

I went to go and check all the ships functions and have a briefing from Computer.

Everything was running smoothly it seemed. I inquired as the the health and well being of the girl. Computer told me that everything was going according to it’s plan. We were on schedule for her to awaken in 13 days now. I thanked Computer and left the control room to have some breakfast.

Back in our quarters, the girls were awaken and sitting at the table having coffee, looking out of the window at the sun rising over the stone age landscape. I had got Computer to move us to an uninhabited region and it was lovely sitting there, sipping a cup of coffee, watching nature at its finest, as yet unspoilt by mankind.

We discussed how we would deal with Susie from now on. We agreed to call her degrading names, like Fuckslut and Cumdump. We agreed to use her sexually whenever possible but to totally ignore her when we were using her and concentrate on one of each other. We thought this would be the best way to break her spirit, alongside keeping her in the cage til she broke.

Speaking of which, I got Susie transported to us right now. She appeared in front of me. I got her to kneel by my side. I then totally ignored her, other than fondling her breasts and patting her on the head occasionally, whilst I chatted with Joanna and Melia.

Joanna and Melia then excused themselves and went off to shower. I turned my chair and looked at Susie. There was still lingering defiance in her eyes, despite the night she had spent in her cage.

I said to her, ‘Fuckslut, come here and suck my cock.’

Susie moved forward to obey and I grabbed her head and pushed it down into my crotch. I pushed my soft cock into her mouth and just held her head in place, allowing my cock to feel the warmth of her mouth all around it.

‘Your mouth feels good, Fuckslut.’ I said to her, ‘Now suck it.’

Susie began sucking my cock and I felt it begin to swell into life. I began to use both my hands to move her head back and forth as she sucked, feeling my cock grow in her mouth. When I was kaçak casino fully erect, I moved her head quickly and enjoyed the sensation of my cock plunging in and out of her wet mouth. I wanted more this morning.

‘On your feet, kneel on this chair Fuckslut.’ I ordered.

Susie was quick to get my cock out of her mouth. She got onto the chair as ordered. I got behind her and rubbed my cock along her pussy slit. She was dry, not surprising as I was essentially raping her! I got Computer to put lubricant in my hand and I rubbed it all over her slit and my cock. I then thrust forward and penetrated her pussy, feeling the incredible tightness of her twat around my cock. I took hold of her hips and fucked her hard for a couple of minutes, loving the humiliation she must be feeling of having a cock inside her. I pressed my thumb onto her asshole and she tried to jerk away. I swatted her right buttock hard with my hand, leaving a stinging pain in her ass. Susie stopped wriggling and I continued my thumbs journey into her asshole.

She was crying now as she felt my thumb break through her tight anal ring and enter her ass. I thumb fucked her ass for a while before withdrawing my cock from her pussy and positioning my head against her bum hole. Susie went wild as she realized that I was about to fuck her ass.

‘No you fucking asshole, get away from my ass, no, no, noooooo!’ Susie howled the last part as my cock head broke through her sphincter.

I savored the moment, here I was with my cock in her ass for the first time. I pushed forward and then withdrew, repeating the process until I had half my length inside her asshole. Susie was so tight it was incredible. Her anal ring formed a tight grip on my shaft and the sensation I felt as I slowly fucked her ass were truly amazing.

‘I’m going to cum in your ass Fuckslut, you are going to be my cumdump.’ I told her.

Susie just cried as I fucked her harder, feeling my cock penetrate deeper into her bowels. That tipped me over the edge and I erupted a torrent of sperm deep into her bowels, as I jerked my hips as each spurt caused me to ram in hard. It felt amazing cumming in her virgin asshole. I called for Joanna and Melia to come and have a look before I withdrew my cock. They appeared and I took my cock out of Susie’s asshole, causing some of my cum to leak out of her ass as it gaped open before her ring tightened again. What a sight it was. Joanna and Melia both laughed at Susie and enjoyed watching my cum leak out. I walked round to Susie’s head and stuffed my cock back into her mouth, forcing her to clean my cum and her ass juice off my cock. Susie’s tear stained face was a picture and I got Computer to store it for later use, with my cock in her mouth.

‘The Fuckslut swore at me again.’ I said to the girls, ‘what should we do with her?’

‘Put her back in the cage.’ Melia suggested

I did so, putting her in exactly the same position as before.

‘I wish she would stop her dreadful swearing and attitude,’ I said to Joanna, ‘then I wouldn’t have to put her back in there.’

Susie tried to say something, obviously begging to be let out, but, with the ball gag in she could not talk. She had tears running down her face and my cum was leaking out of her freshly fucked asshole onto the floor of her cage. We all laughed and left the room.

For the next few days, the girls and I made a real effort o break Susie. We continually used her body, the girls would fuck her with their strap on dildos, I would fuck her, we even all fucked her at the same time- I was in her ass, Joanna in her pussy and Melia shoving the dildo down her throat. We took every available opportunity to use and abuse her. We even kept her in the cage when not using her. We kept her deprived of sleep and only referred to her a ‘Fuckslut’ and ‘Cumdump’. We all made sure we orgasmed but kept her deprived of even that simple pleasure. The girls forced Susie to lick their pussies and assholes and I would make sure that she had cum to eat everyday.

Eventually, on the 10th day after we started it all, Susie was broken. She was kneeling on the floor in front of me and I was looking into her eyes. I no longer saw any defiance or resistance, only fear and acceptance of her new position. I got Computer to help me look into her mind to see if she was hiding anything. She was not. Susie was broken and was now our slave. I tested her out.

‘Fuckslut, come and suck my cock.’ I ordered her.

‘Yes Master.’ She said and moved to do my bidding, without me having to pull the leash that was fastened to the collar I had put round her neck.

I had to say that Susie’s cock sucking had improved immeasurably in recent days, helped by the lessons that Joanna and Melia had given her. Susie now attacked my cock with relish and I loved watching my cock disappear into her now willing mouth. I was soon shooting load into her mouth and Susie held it in her mouth, showed me my cum in there and then swallowed it all down.

‘How does my cum taste Cumdump?’ I asked her.

‘Delicious Master.’ she answered before leaning forward again and cleaning my cock with her tongue.

‘You may go and rest.’ I said to her.

Susie crawled off to her new cage and locked herself in it. I had made the cage much bigger now and had given her a mattress to lie on. Susie settled down and was soon asleep. I watched her for a while before going to check all systems were functioning normally. I checked on the stone age girl, only a few more days now. I was anxious to meet her, as were the others.

I went to find the others.

‘We did it, we broke the Fuckslut. She is now totally broken and ours.’ I told Joanna and Melia.

‘Excellent.’ said Joanna

‘Cool. Now we can all fuck each other more!’ said Melia.

‘Yes we can!’ I replied. I’ve got to sort a couple of things out now, I’ll meet you in our quarters later. I left them to go and consult with Computer about a few things.

I returned to find Melia fucking Joanna from behind with her strap on dildo. Joanna had her ass in the air and her face on the bed and she was crying out,

‘Yes, oh yes, yes, fuck my pussy, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.’

Melia had her hands on Joanna’s hips and was thrusting hard into her pussy, sliding the whole length of the dildo into Joanna with every forward thrust. I was instantly hard. I moved up behind Melia and stopped up. Joanna cried out and begged for Melia to carry on fucking her. I had only stopped Melia so that I could fit my cock into her asshole. Melia was dripping wet and I scooped some of her pussy juice to lubricate her asshole. I placed my cock at her sphincter and pushed forward, my head entering her bowels easily and my shaft following. Melia cried out in pain and pleasure and started fucking Joanna again. I found that I did not have to move myself much as Melia’s thrusts would push her ass back onto my cock and occasionally Joanna would push back hard, driving my prick even deeper into Melia’s bowels. I used my hands to maul Melia’s perfect breasts, fondling and pulling at her nipples as her tight anal ring gripped my cock and attempted to milk my cum out of me.

Melia was now fucking Joanna really hard as Joanna reached her orgasm and Melia was mercilessly pounding her cunt with the dildo. This had the effect of speeding up my strokes into Melia’s ass. Melia reached her peak as soon as Joanna did and they were both screaming out their orgasms as I built up my pace and as Melia started to come down from her high, I grabbed her hips and forced myself as deep in her ass as I could and erupted my hot torrent of cum deep in her, splashing her bowels with my seed.

We all collapsed forward and I lay on top of my two girls spent, breathing heavily as they were. I moved off them and went over to the cage. Susie was watching us all intently and all I had to do was open the door and she was out quickly. She moved over to the bed and lay down, ready for what she knew was coming next.

Melia had gotten up and removed the strap on dildo. She then climbed astride Susie and planted her asshole onto Susie’s mouth. I could see Melia working her muscles as she tried to push my cum out of her ass and into Susie’s mouth. I saw Susie’s jaw working hard as she ate out Melia’s ass, her tongue reaching past her anal ring and into her bowels, searching for my cum. I ley there and watched it all as Joanna got up to her knees and took my cock in her mouth, saying,

‘I love tasting Melia’s ass and your cum on your cock.’ As she then went to work sucking up everything she could find.

Melia was grinding her bum down onto Susie’s face, shouting,

‘That’s it Fuckslut, good, keep going, keep your tongue in my asshole, eat me out, taste the cum.’ Melia was riding Susie’s face, working her way towards another orgasm, which hit her as she stiffened up and shuddered as the waves of pleasure passed through her. Coming down, she climbed off Susie’s face and lay beside me. Susie scrambled off the bed and knelt on the floor facing us all.

‘Good girl Fuckslut, that was good.’ said Melia.

Time to eat. I got Computer to bring food and we sat round the table and ate. I had Susie kneeling on the floor next to me and I would deliberately feed her morsels out of my hand, like she was a dog. Susie eagerly ate them and I would pat her on the head, as would Joanna, who was sat next to me.

Everything was perfect. Now we just needed the stone age girl to wake up.

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