Awakening her inner sub

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Eva was a college sophmore. She was a 19 year old Latina. She was average height, about 5’4”, and on the slim side. She had long dirty blond hair almost down to her ass.

She had a boyfriend of a few months. Sean was 21 and also went to college with Eva. He was about 5’10” with short black curly hair. He was a senior but lived off campus in his own apartment.

Eva was still pretty inexperienced. She had a boyfriend in high school she had lost her virginity to, but he was nothing like Sean. He was older and more mysterious. She was intimidated by him every time they hung out. The sex between them was great, but she always felt like he was holding back.

Sean liked Eva, but her timidness was something he wasn’t a big fan of. He was holding back. He hadn’t shown her the real him yet and decided that it was now or never.

When Sean woke up, he grabbed his phone. He looked for Eva’s name and sent her a text.

Hey. I was hoping you could come over tonight. I wanted to make you dinner than hang out for the night.

Eva jumped at the notification on her phone. Her eyes lit up when she was Sean’s name. She replied right away.

Of course. See you tonight.

Sean sat there with a devious smile. Tonight was the night.

At about 7:00, Eva hopped in her car and drove across town. She had spent the last hour putting on make up, getting dressed and ready for her night with Sean. She was so excited.

Sean was busy in the kitchen when he heard a knock on his door. He opened the door to see the stunning beauty in front of him. He grabbed her kissed her lips. Eva almost lost her balance as she got lost in his kiss. He then grabbed her hand and lead her into the apartment.

Dinner was a nice affair. They laughed and chit chatted for awhile. They both knew they were just bidding time until they got to what they had planned for the evening. Sean grabbed a bottle of wine. And then another. Eva realized she was starting to get drunk. The next thing she knew, Sean had moved closer. He leaned in and the two began to make out.

As things started to heat up, Sean grabbed Eva and carried her over the the bedroom. He tossed her on the bed. Eva hopped up, lied on her back and began to pull at Sean’s belt. She got his pants off and went for his dick. The next thing she knew, his 9 inch member was eye to eye with her.

She leaned in and began to engulf his member. Sean’s eyes rolled back as he felt the warmth of her tongue on him. She went as far as she could down. Sean looked in awe as less than a inch of his dick remained out of her throat.

After 2 or 3 minutes, Sean knew that he should give a little back. He grabbed Eva by the legs and picked her up. The next casino oyna thing she knew, they were locked in an upside down 69. Sean went to work on Eva’s sweet pussy; making sure to give her the attention she deserved. He broke free for a second to utter the words “You are such a good little cock sucker”.

This went on until Sean could not take anymore. Eva felt him twitching and prepared herself. Seconds later, he shot a load down her throat. She choked for a second, but managed to swallow every drop. He placed her on the bed and she collapsed for a second, trying to regain herself after what had to have been multiple orgasms.

She lied there for a moment, and than realized how drunk she really was at this point. She looked around for Sean, as he usually had 1 or 2 more rounds left for her. She was ready to get torn apart at this point, but Sean wasn’t in the room anymore. She heard footsteps approaching her. Sean appeared back in the doorway holding a duffel bag. She was confused, but he put the bag down and walked over to the bed and crouched towards her ear.

“Are you ready for your surprise?”

Eva didn’t know what to think.  She was scared, but something about how he had said those words peaked her interest.  It was probably the booze talking but she opened her mouth and said “Yes”.

The next thing she knows, Sean had again picked her up and repositioned her on the bed. “Just let me take over”.  Eva laid their motionless as Sean grabbed something from the bag.  He put his hands to her face and started fidgeting. “A blindfold?” She asked herself.

Then she heard the bed shift under her.  Suddenly Sean grabbed her and flipped her on her stomach.  Then she felt her arm being bound, followed by her leg.  She heard Sean move and do the same to the other side.   

Now Eva was terrified.  She felt helpless. She couldn’t see or move.  And then, the feeling hit her.  She was excited.  She didn’t know what was going to happen and it turned her on.

She heard Sean get on the bed.  Something tickled her.  It’s felt like leather.   It made her body quiver.

And then it came.  A sharp smack on her ass   And then another.  She screamed in pain.

“Now listen you little slut, I want to make this clear.  You are a whore.  MY WHORE!  So from here on out, you will do what I say when I say it.”

Eva laid in pain and fear.  She couldn’t believe the situation she was in. She opened her mouth.

“Yes” She whsipered.

Another smack.

“Yes sir!”

Another one.

“YESSIR!!!” Eva yelled.

And that’s when Eva knew.  She was his whore.  And she loved it.  Her pussy had begun to drip in anticipation.

Sean noticed that Eva had calmed down.  Her breathing was slot oyna still heavy.  And that’s when he realized how wet she was thru the whole ordeal.  And he knew that she was ready for what he was going to do to her.

He gave her a few more smacks and placed his weapon down.  With Eva’s legs spread he went 2 fingers into her drenched pussy.  Eva shook with a violent climax.  

Sean removed his hand.  Then another smack.

“Listen you slut.  You cum when I tell you”

She nodded her head as her body tingles.  She had never felt pleasure like this before.  She was meant for this.  And she couldn’t wait for what was next.  

Sean went back to his duffel bag.  He grabbed two things and put them on the bed.  He then leaned into Eva’s crotch and went to her. 

He kissed her thigh and gave it a quick lick.  He then moved on to her other thigh.  Then he licked her cheeks.  Then her lower.  

All this teasing was driving Eva over the edge.  She wanted his tongue.  She wanted his fingers.  She needed his dick.  And she knew that tonight, she was going to get that and more.

Sean decided after another 2 or 3 minutes that he wanted to move on.  He spread her open and brought his tongue onto her virgin asshole.

Again Eva screamed in ecstasy.  No one had ever given her any attention there before.  She always thought it was for dirty girls.  But she knew now, she was a dirty girl.  

Sean, true to his word; gave her 3 more whacks.  She knew she would get punished, but that only made it that much better.

“That’s strike 2.  One more and you’ll really be in trouble.”

Sean went back to her rosebud and went as deep as his tongue would go.  He went on for what felt like hours to Eva before he finally relented.  

The next thing Eva felt was a warm liquid on her ass. Sean began to massage it into her asshole. It must have been some type of lube. He began to stretch her more and more. He removed his fingers and she felt something rubber replace them.

Sean looked the buttplug he had just placed in his girlfriend. He couldn’t wait to replace it with his cock, but he knew be had work do first.

Once he was done, he went to the top bed. Eva lied there facing him. He smacked her hard in the face.

“Open your mouth slut”.

She did what she was told and felt Sean shove his dick back in. She started to suck but Sean took over. He began to facefuck her as hard as she could. Eva was being choked, gagging and slobbering all over Sean’s dick. She loved the degrading feeling she got from this.

Once Sean relented, he reached over and grabbed his next toy.

Eva felt something wrap around her neck. And then it began to pull her back.  She couldn’t breath.

As Sean pulled canlı casino siteleri his belt back he told Eva

“You can cum now”.

That was all she needed. She felt Sean reposition himself. Then she felt her pussy stretching. Sean went at her like a jack hammer.

He kept up this pace for about 15 minutes, adding more smacks, choking and hair pulling. He slowed down to a stop. Then Eva felt him fill her up with cum. He had never finished inside her before. She couldn’t believe how amazing it felt.

Sean eventually removed himself from Eva. He went back to his bag and then back to Eva.

Eva then felt something cold graze her back. It felt like metal and sharp. He had a knife. He just kept circling her back. Pushing just hard enough to remind Eva what it was in his hand.

The next thing Eva knew, Sean had brought the knife to her throat. Her heart raced. The excitement over took her. He went back and forth around her body. As he retraced her lower hip, Sean scratched her. She felt her skin rip.

As the blood ran down her hip, Sean decided that it was time for his next round. He grabbed the buttplug and began to take it out. Eva’s body shook as he removed it. She knew what he was going to do next.

Sean climbed on top of his girlfriend and began to oil his dick up. Slowly, he lined it up with her asshole and slowly pushed in.

Eva gasped in pain as Sean slowly put in his head. He stopped there and just waited. As soon as Eva had gotten accustomed to the sensation, she began to moan. Sean took that as his cue and began to go slowly deeper. He got down to about 7 inches and waited again. Eva’s breathing sped up. Sean than began to pump in and out slowly. Eva’s pain turned into pleasure. The more she moaned, the faster Sean went. Eventually he was going at her asshole as quick as his hips would go. Eva felt as he pounded her with every inch he had to offer.

Eva couldn’t contain herself. She had climax over climax with Seans huge member in her forbidden hole. Sean kept up his pace while still absuing Eva every chance he got. As Sean began to slow his pace, Eva was ready. Once again she felt him empty himself in her. And even after all she had been thru that evening, Eva had her biggest orgasm of the evening.

Sean stayed inside her for another minute before finally getting up. He went over the the bedside and began to untie Eva. As soon as she was free, he peeled off her blindfold. Eva, being able to see for the first time in hours realized her situation. She was in pain from being beaten and pounded on. Her body could barely respond to her attempts at getting up. She saw the man who had just put her thru all of this. With the last strength she had, she leaned into him and kissed him deeply. Once they broke free, she saw the coy smile on his face. She smiled back at him.

“I think I need a shower. Maybe we can go another round later.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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