Ass Sandwich

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“Well, I guess I should at least look in the produce section” you say to yourself as you push your cart full of meat, beer and a loaf of bread down the grocery store aisle. “And sometimes there’s hot chicks there squeezing the melons” You smirk at your little joke and turn the corner by a huge pyramid of oranges.

Your cart has one wonky wheel and it’s getting more annoying as you push on. You are about to say screw it and go to checkout when you see me. I am standing with my back to you and as your gaze travels down the small of my back, over my firm ass barely covered in tight cut-off jeans shorts and then down my tanned hard legs the word “Damn” escapes your mouth. I turn around just as I bring two plump fuzzy peaches to my nose and deeply inhale. Our eyes meet and you stop in your tracks. My big tits are spilling out the top of my tiny tank top and I have just a peek of flat tummy showing. “Hi” I say in a flirty voice, holding a peach in each hand and still up to my nose. “Mmmmm, dont you just love peaches?” I ask as I take another deep sniff.

“Dang, he is pretty cute” I say to myself and take a couple steps towards you. I have been so horny all day and just hoping I could find a guy to fuck the shit out of me. Literally. “What do you think?” I ask as I stop just at the front of your cart. “Huh? Um….what?” you stumble over your words as you are taken out of the fantasy you were having of squeezing those peaches so hard that the juice and flesh squishes out inbetween your fingers and drips down over my tits. “Peaches?” I say with another step closer. “Oh, yeah,” you smile and clear your throat, “love peaches.”

Back at your apartment I push you onto the bed while I slowly strip off my clothes. You sit and watch, your temperature rising, your dick so hard it hurts. I slowly swivel my hips as I pull the tank top over my head. My tummy is flat yet soft and you gasp a quick intake of breath as I free my melons from the white lacey bra that was barely containing them. I close my eyes and run my hands up my belly, up under my breasts and cup them both hard one in each hand. I open my eyes and watch you watch me squeezing my nipples until they get hard and when I see the tight stretch across the front of your jeans I feel a drip of juice escape my pussy. My hands travel down my front again and I slowly unbutton my jeans shorts and they fall down around my ankles. My white lace panties are already soaked in the crotch and I plunge both hands down the front. A moan escapes my lips as my wet fingers caress my swollen clit. I play with my button with one hand as I finger my slit with the other.

Got I am so hot for you right now that I cant wait one more second !!

I kneel on all fours and show my sweet ass to you. You rip open the buttons on your jeans to free your straining, throbbing cock. You stroke it’s thick shaft as I spread my cheeks so hard that it stretches the pinkish brown skin on my asshole so wide-open you can almost see inside. You don’t even realize your mouth is hanging open as I tease you by sliding a finger in and out of my puckered hole. The casino siteleri red tip of my fingernail appearing and disappearing into it’s dark tunnel.
I turn around on my hands and knees and your huge cock almost slaps me in the face. I hungrily gobble it into my mouth, straining to fit it in as it is so fat and swollen that it fills my mouth and throat. It turns me on so much that I immediately squirm and spread my legs as far as they will go, like a cat in heat, writhing and groaning. My pussy is so wet I can feel the slick juices running down the inside of my thigh.

I love swirling the head with my tongue and then jamming it in so deep you feel it hit the back of my throat. You grab a handful of my long silky hair and hold it in a tight ponytail against the back of my head as I bob up and down and you fuck my mouth hard. As I pull it out slowly I look up at you and when our eyes meet I let a mouthful of saliva and pre-cum run out over my lips and down the sides of my face. I take it deep again and your cock gives such a hard throb that it hits the top of my mouth. Knowing that turned you on so much makes my clit get so engorged that I find myself thrusting and grinding my bare dripping wet ass in time with the swallows of your dick.

As you are watching my grinding ass, listening to the sloppy sounds, smelling the stank that is now filling the room, looking into my eyes and watching your cock expertly stuff in and out of my mouth you feel an explosive orgasm rising. You try to keep watching but you feel weak in the knees and you roll your head back and close your eyes. It’s coming and it’s coming hard. Your body starts to shake and you feel you may not be able to keep standing so you take the hand that isn’t holding the back of my head and brace yourself against the wall.

I can tell you’re ready to shoot your wad and I almost cum just from the thought of it. I wish more than anything that I could have your fat hot spray fill up my mouth, my pussy and my asshole all at the same time right now. I let out a groan of pleasure just at the thought of it.

Just now I feel the jizz pulsing up from the base of your shaft that is slippery and deep in my mouth so I slide it out just as you look down. A thick strand of milky spittle is stretched from my lips to the pulsing head of your cock and I hungrily lick it up with my tongue in glorious anticipation of what’s to come. You let out a long animal like growl as the hole at the tip of your cock is spread wide by as a fire-hydrant of powerful thick cum pulses out and I greedily turn my head from side to side in an attempt to lap it all up. Huge gobs hit me in the face and slowly run down my cheeks. I get most of it in my mouth and swirl it’s salty goodness before I swallow it down with a smile.

I take the finger that was in my asshole and wipe drips off my chin and look you in the eye as I slide the wet goodness into my mouth up to the knuckle. I slowly savor my dirty finger, in and out of my mouth, and after I have eaten all your cum I reach back around to my wide spread crack. I am so wet that four fingers canlı casino slip into my gaping hole and come out dripping. You stand there watching as I eat my own juice off my hand and it’s already making you hard again.
You sit back on the bed to catch your breath and bring your drained dick back to life. I step over to you, straddle your lap and lean down to kiss you and as our tongues swirl the salty pungent flavors from my mouth, you slide your hand up the slick inside of my thigh and insert two fingers into my snatch. I can tell you love it so I stand up, turn around and bend over right in your face. I back my dripping crack right up to your mouth. My shaved pussy and tight little bunghole are so perfect and you grab two handfuls of my ass cheeks and plunge your tongue into my slippery slit. You expertly trace the folds of the baby soft pink skin and your hot mouth between my legs is making me want to explode. I grind my wanton ass in your face that is now slick with my hot pussy juices. You fuck me deep with your tongue and I thrust back against it with every plunge. My tits are swinging from side to side and I grab and squeeze them hard to keep them still.
You slide your tongue out of my tunnel and down to my engorged clit. I yell out as you lick and suck on my nub and I feel the tingling starting in my legs and beginning to travel up, up, making me weak in the knees, “Oh God !!” I let out a throaty growl, “Dont stop!!” You clamp on and suckle my button as pussy juice drips off your chin and you have to squeeze my cheeks even harder to hold down my bucking ass. “I’m coming !!,” my eyes roll back in my head, “Oh God !!!” I havent been fucked good in so long and you are so good and I am ready to blow. You press your face deeper into my crack and your expert tongue does its magic. I come with such force that it racks my entire body. Just as I reach the exact moment of climax you glide your tongue up from my clit to my tight hole. You swirl it around the puckered skin and then slowly stick the tip inside. I cry out again and you plunge it as deep as it will go. It prolongs and intensifies my orgasm and I feel faint. You press your cheeks as tightly as you can against me to get as deep in my ass as possible. My shute is so tight and the racking orgasm squeezes your tongue and your cock slaps against your stomach.

“Get on all fours” you command as you stand up, wiping your chin with the back of your hand. I am dieng for that fat shaft so I immediately comply. I get all spread out as you kneel down behind me, one hand slowly rubbing your thick rod. I lick my lips in anticipation and squirm as you tease me by sliding the fat head up and down my split. You circle it around on my bung hole and then on my button then back again. I want in deep inside me so bad but you keep playing with me. You trick me by sticking just the head in and when I thrust back you slip it back out.

“Fuck me now you goddamn bastard !!” I yell just as you bury your sword to the hilt. I scream out and arch my neck. You have both your hands on my hips and start banging hard and deep into my willing kaçak casino cunny. God it feels so good as the hot wetness envelopes your every stroke and we quickly get into perfect rythmn. I cant help but close my eyes and smile as your thick meat is filling me so deep. You continue to hit it so hard and I spread my legs even farther so I can feel your balls slap against my clit.

The room is starting to smell like sweat and sex juice and while you are enjoying my slippery passage you are really longing to get in my glory hole. You slide out of my pussy with a slurping sound and look down as your purple-veined muscle springs up and a long strand of milky liquid hits the floor. You position your tip against my sphincter and scoot up on your knees closer and get a good grip around my ribcage. I moan out as the pink delicate skin stretches to capacity as you squeeze deeper inside. It hurts so much but it’s also really turning me on. You exhale deeply and lay over my back. It is so tight and deep that you feel faint.
After it goes all the way in you slowly pull it back and start a rythmic thrusting. Soon you get a second wind and straighten back up again. You love to watch the skin on your cock pull back and forth as it squeezes into my dripping asshole. It turns you on even more to see some blood running down my crack as the girth of you has ripped my delicate tissues. That makes you pound my ass even harder and now the stink in the room is a mixture of pussy juice, sweat, cum, ass, and the metallic smell of blood.

Your head is spinning and you feel a huge cum building. With every plunge you feel my ribbed muscles grab, squeeze and milk your dick. Your balls tighten, a tingling sensation starts in your lower back and begins to rise. Your thighs begin to quiver and you brace yourself. “I am gonna fill this ass!!” you yell as you pump great thick wads of your jizz in my bung hole. I feel the hot mess go deep and start to squeeze out and run down the inside of my thigh.
You lay across my back, still deep inside, for a minute to catch your breath.

“Dont move.” you demand as you pull your muddy dripping semi out of my reamed-out hole. You walk into the kitchen and open the new loaf of bread you just bought. You take out a slice and walk back over to me. I am still on all fours and as you lean over, you take the slice of bread and wipe it up my crack, mopping up the ass soup that is bubbling out.

“You can leave now.” You say as you turn away.

I get up and start to gather my clothes as you go back in the kitchen, get another piece of bread and sandwich the two together. You lay it on the counter and come back into the bedroom. You pick up your pants and fish the wallet out of the pocket. You toss a few bills at me and they flutter to the floor.
“I am not a whore !!” I exclaim.

“Yes you are.” And you walk back out and head for the kitchen. I quickly get dressed and see myself out.

You pick up the sandwich and take a big bite as you walk back into the living room. By the time you reach the front window the sandwich is gone. You lick your lips and part the curtain.

As you stand naked, watching me walk to my car from your 4th floor window, you pick the little chunk out of the tip of your dick and pop it in your mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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