Chapter 2 Mel gets to work

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See Chapter one for an introduction to Mel

Chapter two
Walking across the parking lot of the truckstop towards the motel, Mel could faintly smell her cunt over the aroma of oil and diesel fumes. Her miniskirt was so short, the night breeze blew across the lips of her freshly shaved cunt, giving her a slight thrill. Opening the lobby door, Mel walked into the lobby. It smelled of years stale cigarette smoke, stale fast food, stale beer, and stale dreams.

Even though she had never seen him before, Mel immediately recognized the man sitting behind the counter. He looked like he was in his mid-twenties, pale freckled skin that still showed the signs of a bad case of teenage acne, with a shock of red hair and crooked teeth.

Walking up to the front desk, Mel dropped her backpack to the floor and hoisted herself up to sit on the counter. Swinging her legs around, she draped them over the edge, and rested her feet on the arms of his chair. His mouth gaped open in mid-chew on the greasy burger he was eating. Leaning forward, Mel grabbed him by the back of his head and forcibly kissed him, pushing her tongue into his mouth. She tasted his food and the malt liquor he was drinking.

“Can you taste the piss on my lips? It’s your sister Trixie’s. I just finished fucking her and drinking her piss. Of course Trixie isn’t really her name, is it?”

It took him a few seconds to comprehend what had just happened, but then the look of shock on his face turned to laughter as he looked at Mel’s face. “No, Trixie is the name our mom used when she used to work the truck stops. Her name’s Sally, she just likes keeping mom’s tradition alive. My name’s Bill, by the way.”

Looking him in the eyes, Mel stated matter-of-factly “Well Bill, I’m Mel, and I need to rent a room for a couple of months. I don’t really want to pay full price, so I’m thinking we can work out something in trade.”

The man got an uneasy look on his face. “I don’t know about that, the owners would skin me alive if they found out I was cutting special deals.”

Pushing his chair back with her feet, Mel got off the desk and dropped to her knees between the man’s spread legs. “Let me worry about that, I’ll make sure to keep you happy.” With that, she unzipped and unbuttoned his pants and reached in to pull the underwear away from his crotch. Mel wasn’t surprised that his underwear had piss stains, and other crusty matter on them. As she moved her face in close to his crotch, the musky unwashed smell assaulted her nose, and her own crotch began to get wet.

As she pulled his stiffening cock away from his underwear, Mel examined it closely. It was skinny, about 8 inches long, covered in freckles, with dark blue veins standing out along its length and bent sharply about half way along its length. The circumcised head was deep red, bulbous and leaking pre-cum. She quickly took his cock head into her mouth, taking a minute to suck on just the head, running her tongue around it.

As Bill started to moan and thrust his hips forward, Mel pushed her head down all the way onto his cock. Suppressing her gag reflex, she felt the head force it’s way down her esophagus. Once it was firmly lodged deep in her throat, Mel paused for a few seconds casino siteleri to let her throat adjust to the violation. Pulling back, she grabbed hold of both his hips and began fucking her throat with his cock.

Mel kept this up for several minutes, violently fucking her throat with Bill’s cock. Saliva and mucous ran down his cock, coating her chin and his balls. Bill grabbed the back of her head forcing it down into his crotch, violently thrusting his hips into her face. She could feel the change in rhythm as his cock became even stiffer, his balls contracting, as he got ready to cum. Suddenly he stopped, stiffened, and with a deep moan escaping from his throat, Mel felt his cum shoot down her throat.

Pulling her head back, Mel let his cock slip from her mouth, a long string of cum falling from the tip. Wiping her mouth off with the back of her hand, she stood up, grabbed the half empty bottle of malt liquor sitting on the counter and took a long drink. “OK Bill, now let’s talk about that room that I need to rent.”

The room was exactly what she wanted. On the second floor, at the far corner away from the front of the motel. Opening the door, Mel could smell the combination of stale cigarette smoke, sweat and disinfectant. The walls were covered in peeling green paint, a sagging queen size bed sat in the middle of the room. The bathroom sink dripped into a rust stained sink, the toilet was similarly stained. “Home sweet home” she thought to herself.

Mel quickly got to work. She found that she could easily turn over 20 tricks a day, without even trying hard. Most of them were simple blow jobs in truck cabs. The truckers knew the routine, as she walked through the parking lot, they’d make eye contact with her and wave her over to their trucks. After a bit of small talk where they would agree on a price, Mel would walk over to the passenger side of the truck and pull herself into the cab. Sometimes she’d simply lean over and give the driver a blow job while he sat there, sometimes they’d climb into the sleeper.

Mel didn’t discriminate, she’d blow any driver who expressed an interest and had the cash. Younger drivers in their twenties, older drivers in their late sixties, skinny drivers, fat drivers with bellies hanging over their sweaty crotches. She loved chewing on what she called meat cocks, cocks that were already large and fleshy even when soft, that stiffened when they became hard without growing greatly in size. She was constantly surprised by what she called blood cocks, cocks that were small and insignificant in size when soft, but which filled with blood to become stiff, engorged hard-ons. She never knew how much they would grow in size as she sucked on them, and was always turned on when they became large enough to provoke her gag reflex, their veins like blue ropes girdling the hard-on. She loved the smell and taste of cum, whether it was thin, watery and salty, the product of an old mans shriveled balls, or if it was thick, like curdled cream. Of course she always swallowed. She particularly enjoyed sucking on uncut cocks, running her tongue between the head and the foreskin, cleaning the musky smegma out with her tongue.

It goes without saying that truckers sit for long hours, often canlı casino going for days without a shower or bath. The dirtier the trucker, the more Mel loved burying her face in their unwashed, sweaty, rank crotches. She looked forward to tasting their stained underwear, licking the brown sweat from their hairy asses.

Once or twice a day she’d bring a john back to the motel, if they were willing to pay extra for special services. With her ability to read people, she had no trouble identifying drivers who would pay extra for particularly degrading sex, either giving or taking, or on occasion just watching. She quickly developed a couple of regulars who would pay handsomely for extended sessions in her room. She had no interest in conventional fucking, and consistently turned down any johns who asked for that. She was only interested in giving blow jobs to rank, smelly unwashed cocks, and degrading sex.

One of her regulars was Larry. He was in his late fifties, heavy set, perpetually unshaved and sweaty. Under his typical trucker jeans and shirt, he was always wearing a frilly bra, panties and nylon stockings, all of which were unwashed and too small for him. The first time they met, in the coffee shop, after Mel gently prodded him with questions that got right to the heart of his darkest fantasies, Larry practically begged her to rape his ass. She was only too eager to help him out.

After closing her motel room door behind them, Mel ordered Larry to strip down to his panties and bra. Stripping off his clothes, he stood in front of her, his frilly pink bra and panties soaked with the sweat running down his hairy chest and belly. Reaching into his panties, Mel cruelly grabbed his balls and yanked him towards the bathroom. “Come here you little faggot” she snarled. He had no choice but to follow. Once inside the bathroom, she forced him to his knees in front of the toilet. Hiking up her miniskirt, she pushed his face into her cunt.

“Drink up pussy boy” she said, as she began to piss in his face. Opening his mouth wide, he gamely tried to swallow the hot stream as it hit him in the face. The hot stream stung his eyes, and he began choking on it as he involuntarily inhaled some of the hot salty piss up his nose. After a few seconds, he was able to catch up, and begin drinking deeply as Mel’s piss poured out from between her cunt lips. As she finished, he began to lick her cunt, which earned him a swift backhand, leaving a red handprint across his cheek. “I didn’t tell you to lick my pussy, you little fucker. If you step out of line like that again, I’ll cut your balls off and eat them for dinner. Just for that, I won’t let you lick my ass, unless you convince me you deserve it”.

This clearly distressed him. “Oh god, please let me lick your ass. I’ll behave, I promise.” Mel knew that although Larry craved degradation, that he didn’t like shitplay, at least he believed that he didn’t like it. Mel didn’t care, she was about to show Larry how much degradation he was willing to endure. Hiking her mini skirt, Mel sat on the toilet. Spreading her legs wide for him to watch, she pushed out a large loaf of shit, all the while staring straight into Larry’s eyes. “How much do you want to lick my asshole now, fucker?”

Standing kaçak casino up, Mel turned to face the wall behind the toilet. Reaching behind her, she grabbed Larry by the hair and forced his face between her ass cheeks. At first he tried to pull away, until Mel threatened him “if you don’t take care of this, you’ll never touch me or see me again”. She had him in the palm of her hand.

Pushing his face into her ass, Larry began to run his tongue along her shit covered ass crack. The taste was pungent, bitter, rank, and the most intoxicating thing he had ever imagined. Pushing his tongue deep into her ass, she pushed out against his tongue, pushing out some mucous and shit that was left behind. At this point Larry was greedily lapping up everything he could, trying not to miss anything. His cock began to get hard, which only happened when he was feeling truly degraded.

After she was satisfied that he had cleaned her ass, Mel stood up and turned around. “Follow me to the bed you little shit eater. Crawl.” Walking into the front room of her motel room, she grabbed a longneck beer from the bedside table. With a quick twist, she popped off the cap and took a long drink from it, draining half the bottle at once. Holding the bottle in front of Larry’s face, she said “you’re going to take this for me”.

Ignoring the look of panic on his face, she reached down and slid the bottle up her cunt, pushing it in as far as she could manage, her cunt lips tightly gripping the body of the half-empty beer bottle. Sliding it in and out several times, her cunt juices began to coat the glass. When she was satisfied that it was sufficiently slick, she pulled the bottle out of her cunt and held it under Larry’s nose. “This is all the lube your ass is going to get.”

With that, Mel pushed him forward on his knees, bent over the bed, with his wide, hairy, sweaty ass spread out in front of her. Pulling his shit stained panties to the side, she pushed the head of the bottle against his hole. With one swift push, she forced it deep into his waiting ass. He lunged forward in pain, grunting, but determined not to disappoint her. Once she was satisfied that she had pushed it in as far as she was going to be able to get it, without doing major damage, she paused, then began rhythmically pulling the bottle back and forth in his ass, eliciting whimpers of pain. As she fucked his ass with the bottle, the beer remaining in the bottle was being forced deep into his bowels. The carbonation burned, his ass felt like it was on fire. After what seemed like an eternity, his ass was gaping wide, sloppy, easily accepting the repeated violations.

Reaching down, Mel grabbed his cock, which had steadily been leaking a mixture of pre-cum and piss in the already stained carpet. Squeezing tightly, it took only a few seconds for his limp cock to spew his thin, watery cum onto the floor. At this point Larry involuntarily pulled away, pulling the bottle out of his ass, curling up into a fetal position on the floor, whimpering.

Satisfied that she had given her john what he had paid for, Mel looked at the bottle still in her hand, and considered it. A mixture of mucous, shit and a smear of blood covered the neck, there were still dregs of flat beer in the bottom. Raising the bottle to her lips, Mel drained the bottle, thinking to herself “It doesn’t seem right to call it work when it’s this enjoyable”.

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