Brother on Brother

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I have three younger brothers, and I reached a point in my life where I began to fantasize about having sex with them. I usually go for girls, but I have never had much success with them and am often left in need of a warm hole to blow my load in. Since my brothers and I are always in the house together, I figured that we might as well use each other to get off. I first lusted after my 16 year old brother, and we hooked up a few times at night since our rooms our both on the third floor and our school vacations sometimes leave us home alone together. After that, I began to want to shove my fat cock into my brother John. I have caught John masturbating from a very young age on several occasions, which is what really began to turn me on to him. He is now 15 years old, has short black hair, brown eyes, is very thin, but has a nice round ass which is just begging to get fucked. I did manage to hold him and grind my erect penis on his ass on several occasions, but he never let me get any farther than that. He would not let me penetrate him, and I was left to go jerk it in the other room. However, that all changed on one family vacation.
My family was staying in a hotel, and we had two connected rooms, one with two beds and the other with one bed. The first night we were there, my brother John and I were assigned to sleep alone together in the room with just one bed. I waited until John was asleep, pulled down his pants past his ass, and began to hump him. He must have known that I would try to fuck him that night because his asshole felt like it had been played with earlier in the day. As he started to wake up I started placing my bulging cock head into his anus. My entire body was covering his; he knew that he helpless against me. For the first time, I entered him. We both moaned, as my penis plugged his young hole. After a few struggles he just moaned softly as I continued to push into his ass faster and harder. With pre-cum oozing out of my cock, I pulled out of him and rubbed the salty liquid all over his but cheeks. I then re-entered him, and pressed his abdomen down against the mattress. His body was so warm from being under the covers and his young, virgin ass was so tight that the feeling was indescribable. I lifted up one of his legs so that I penetrate deeper. Very soon after I did this I thrusted forward and came, depositing a nice, warm pool of cum in his ass.
The next morning I woke up next him and had an incredible lust for his sweet little ass. Needless to say I had some morning wood, and it only got harder as I thought of how I had fucked his virgin ass the night before. I just had to do him again before my family left for another day of vacation activities. However, I noticed that the door between my family’s two rooms was now open, so fucking him in the bed was not an option. I woke John up and guided him into the bathroom while he was still a little groggy. I quietly shut the door and reached for his pants with one hand as I rubbed my dick casino oyna with the other. Once I started to pull down his pants, he tried to get away, but as I grabbed him really tight I told him that his only way out of here was with a load of my cum in his ass. I pulled him so that his back was to me and pushed on his back so that he was bent over in front of me. With his pants now around his ankles, I let my bulging dick out of the slit in my pajama pants and lubed it up with some spit.
“Nnnooo, it hurts, stop, you can’t…” he complained, but I gave his ass a nice hard slap and told him to just shut up, and that the faster he made me cum the sooner it would be over.
With a firm grip around his waist, I now moved my lubed up penis to the entrance of his rear hole. As I pressed up against him to enter, he tried to move forward and started moaning, but I held him in place and pushed my cock head into his tight ass. I started to slowly move his body back and forth on the edge of my dick, slowly gaining deeper penetration. After I had thrust a little over an inch of my meat into his hot ass, his moaning started to get louder and louder from the feeling of a wide cock fucking his recently violated corn hole. I was nervous about the rest of my family hearing him, so to shut him up I thrust my hips forward really hard and told him that if he didn’t shut the hell up I would keep thrusting it in him that hard. After an initial yelp, he quieted down real fast.
As my penis got deeper and deeper into him, I knew that I was going to cum soon. I started fucking him faster and faster, pulling almost all the way out and pushing over half of my thick seven inch cock into him with every thrust.
As I pounded him, I started whispering to him: “That’s a lot of meat for you to handle, isn’t it you little slut? But you love it, don’t you? You fuckin’ love it you dirty little ass slut.”
He let out a moaning “Yee-eessss, aaahhhh.” Now that his asshole was broken in, I really started to thrust it into him as I continued telling him “That’s right, take my fucking dick in your ass, take my fucking dick.”
Soon, the heat and tightness of his ass proved to be too much, so I pulled his body back onto the shaft of my cock and began pumping my hot load into him. I continued holding him in position as stream after stream of my sticky cum shot into his rear hole as he gasped for air. As I let it out, I could barely stop from yelling out in pleasure. When I was finished, I pulled out, letting a nice stream of cum roll out of his ass and onto his inner thigh. Smacking his ass one more time, I put my dirty dick back into my pajama pants and told him to get in the shower before anybody saw him.
Unfortunately, John and I did not get to sleep in the same bed the next night, so my dick kept to itself for the night. However, in the very early morning, I woke up and saw John heading into the bathroom. I instantly recognized the opportunity which had just presented itself to me. Once he shut canlı casino the door to the bathroom, I climbed out of bed and waited outside for him. As I waited, I let my cock slide out of my pajama pants and began stroking it. By the time he opened the door, my fully erect penis was pointing right at him as I blocked his exit. As he saw me, a shocked expression popped onto his face and he took stumbled backwards. I whispered to him, “Hey John, you’re not getting by me unless you make me cum, and that tight little ass of yours is looking awfully nice. But, since I know that your asshole must be really sore from having my fat dick in it so much, if you wanna get down on your knees and give me a blowjob, that would fine with me.”
“Do you want me to get naked?” he asked.
“Why the hell not, that would be a nice bonus,” I replied.
John proceeded to step out of his clothes, tossing them aside, and getting down on his knees in front of my now raging boner. He wrapped one of his young, warm hands around it, but then hesitated before proceeding.
“I bet that you have never sucked a cock before. Don’t worry, it ain’t that hard, and you’ll love the surprise at the end. Just put your mouth on it, lick it, suck it, and try to keep your teeth out of the way.”
After these few words of encouragement, he started to open up his mouth and I thrust my dick forward right into his mouth. His mouth shut on it, with his lips wrapping around the edge of my cock head. His tongue started swirling around the end of my penis, and he began sucking a little too.
“Aaaahhhh, that feels so good; keep going, keep going,” I moaned as my hands moved to the back of his head and began to guide his head farther onto my cock. His head started moving back and forth along the shaft of my dick as he sucked it harder and harder. I wasn’t going to last long if he kept this up. He began switching back and forth between sucking on my shaft and licking the head, and he was just begging me to cum in his mouth. He took my dick out of his mouth, and I rubbed it all over his face until his young mouth engulfed it again. As he continued sucking me, his eyes peered up to see if what he was doing pleasing me, and I started pushing my cock farther and farther into his mouth as his tongue ran along the underside.
After enjoying his work for another minute, I grabbed his head held it in place, and starting thrusting my penis down his throat. He started gagging every time I hit the back of his throat, but he felt damn good. I then started leaving my dick deep in his mouth every time I pushed forward, and let his mouth tighten around it. After several rounds of this, I let his head go, and he started going to town on my throbbing dick. He held the base with one hand and sucked back and forth along the rest of it at a nice, fast pace. I felt that I was about to erupt, so I held his head in place with my hands and let him keep sucking as my jiz shot out of the end of my cock. As stream after stream came out, he tried kaçak casino to push his head back, but I held my penis in his mouth until he had taken and swallowed it all. I finished off by rubbing my wet penis around his face, and then just left him there on his knees as I went to bed a happy man.
My family left the following day, and we had a long six hour drive home. As we piled into the fan, John and I ended up together in the third row seat. It is too bad that the rest of my family was in the car, because I would love to get him alone in the back seat. However, as the car ride progressed, I would get my chance to have a little fun.
Several hours into the trip, everyone else in the van was either asleep or close it. I began lusting for John, so I reached over to his sleeping body and slipped my hand in the back of his pants massage his young butt. As he started to wake up, I pulled my hand out, licked one of my fingers, and reached back in and began fingering his tight little asshole.
By this time I was hard as a rock, and just needed to cum. I took my bulging penis out of my pants and pulled John’s head down towards it. The fingering must have turned him on, because after I pulled him in the general direction he just went the rest of the way himself and engulfed my rod in his wet mouth. I then took my pillow and placed it over his head to try and minimize any noise that might come from what was sure to be a sweet blowjob.
He slowly moved his head up and down, sucking really hard while his tongue caressed the underside of my cock head. I could feel his saliva covering the whole shaft as his young, red lips moved along my meat. He then pushed my dick into his cheek and rubbed the head against the inside, which felt really good. It was nearly impossible not to moan as he was blowing me. Taking my penis out of his mouth, he started licking up and down the outside of the shaft, one side at a time. Continuing down to my balls, he licked each one and proceeded to suck each one as well. His tongue then worked its way back up my shaft and he started sucking on my head again, with his tongue working overtime on the tip of my cock. As I was close to cumming, I started to slowly thrust my dick up into his mouth. He tried deep throating it, taking about three quarters of it in before it would hit the back of his throat. Once it was all the way in he would hold it there for a few seconds before easing it out giving it few nice sucks before going all the way back in. I then put my hand on the back of his head and started pumping it up and down faster and faster until my balls got tingly and I began to erupt in his mouth. I put my face into the pillow to stop myself from yelling as I held his head over my cock until all of my hot cum has shot out into his mouth. I continued to hold him there for another minute, making sure that he had swallowed as much as he could.
After he was done he wiped off his face and went back to his side of the row, and I continued the ride home with a nice erection. Once we arrived home, I looked forward to a full summer of my dick shooting load after load into my hot younger brother.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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