Angi part one

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Beep… beep… beep…, the alarm wakes me from my fantasy-filled sleep. As I get out of bed, I feel that my pants are slightly wet, which was no surprise from how horny my dreams had made me. I left my bedroom to check on my boyfriend in the living room where he was sleeping on the couch. I decided to treat him today by wearing a extra low-cut halter, a leather mini-skirt, and my “taste this rainbow” thong, which was his personal favorite. So, I gathered my things and headed for the shower. I walked into the bathroom and turned on the water. As I slowly undressed I realized that I was fingering myself as I was thinking of my dreams from last night, I quickly finished taking my clothes off and hoped into the shower…
I slowly got out of bed once I knew she was in the shower, chuckling to myself that she had really believed that I was asleep. I knew this was a great opportunity, my girlfriend’s parents had left earlier that morning and wouldn’t be back till late that night. I slowly crept to the door of the bathroom and took off my clothes just outside the door. I opened the door carefully so as to not let her hear me. I hesitated by the door as I watched her sitting on the floor of the shower masturbating, “fuck me baby, oh yeah Matt ram your rock hard shaft into me like, oh fuck, oh fuck me harder, I want you to fill my pussy with you load.” My dick became like a fucking steel rod. When she was done playing with herself she stood up to continue her shower. After hearing that I decided to give her her wish, I decide to fill not only her pussy with cum but a few other places I had in mind. I quickly moved over to the shower door and pulled it open and stepped in behind her.
I slowly worked the shampoo through my hair when all of a sudden I was grabbed from behind. I tried to scream, but a hand covered my mouth and I heard my boyfriend’s casino siteleri voice reassuring me that it was him. Once I had settled down his hands began to circumnavigate my entire body. As he worked his way up my legs he paused to play with my clit and stick a finger in my pussy AND my ass. After he pulled his finger out of my pussy, he slowly licked it clean enjoying every moment of it, and I couldn’t believe how horny it was making me. His hands soon found their way to my tits where they lingered around the nipple slowly working each one, by this time, my pussy juice was running down my leg.

Satisfied that I had touched EVERY inch of her body, and having paid special attention to those spots that brought her to the verge of cumming, I then proceeded to kiss her, following the same path my hands had taken. I took care to tickle her clit and trace her pussy lips, which sent shivers down her spine. Before I went any further, I made her sit down with her legs wide open so I had full access. I thought about her “taste this rainbow” thong saying to myself that I was going to drive her wild tasting that rainbow, and what a sweet rainbow it was. I then began to lick furiously, sucking on her clit and sticking my tongue in as far as it would reach.
As he ate my out, I was becoming so horny. All I could hear was the sound of the shower, the slurping noises coming from between my legs, and myself moaning at the pleasure my boyfriend was giving me. “oh fuck, what… about…fuck…parents?” “they won’t be back till tonight”,”ok, then…don’t…fucking…stop.” While he played with my pussy, I was wriggling around on the floor of the shower moaning “don’t fucking stop.” I could tell he knew I was ready to cum when I started tensing up because he moved even faster with his tongue. When I came, I grabbed his hair and held his face against my pussy canlı casino as wave after wave of pleasure washed over me as my intense orgasm sent wave after wave of juice all over my boyfriends face as he licked it up as fast as he could. When I was spent, I collapsed back on the floor, exhausted by the intense pleasure. He then continued working his way up my body with new gusto.
The intensity of her orgasm had both surprised and delighted me because I can never get enough of her sweetness. When I reached her tits, I slowly worked my tongue around her areola moving inward to her nipple as she wiggled under me. As I flicked her nipple with my tongue, I slowly inserted my finger into her pussy. I moved it in and out, in and out making sure to hit her G-spot.
After a few minutes he stood up and d to get to my knees, which I obeyed immediately. Until now I hadn’t seen his cock, which was rock hard and dripping with pre cum. He grabbed his dick with one hand and my head with the other. He quickly shoved his shaft into my waiting mouth. I bobbed up and down on his rod, stopping to lick his prick head sucking every tasty drop of pre cum out of his throbbing prick. within a few minutes his dick began throbbing even more and he grabbed my head and moved it along his shaft even faster “are you fucking ready? cuz I’m going to fill you mouth with my load” with that his cock started spurting wad after wad of thick, sticky cum into my mouth as I swallowed as fast as I could.
After recovering from my own intense orgasm, I stood her up and kissed her lips and neck as I fondled her ass. Without warning I spun her around and moved my hands around her body playing with her clit and nipples, kissing her neck. Then she gasped as I quickly slid my cock between her cheeks and into her ass. I moved my rod in and out quickly “oh fuck yes, don’t fucking kaçak casino stop Matt, I want you to cum in my ass, oh work it” “why would I fucking stop, you ass is so fucking tight” I continued fucking her ass as I grabbed her tits working my cock faster and faster as I got closer to cumming.
It was so good, I never wanted him to stop, I never imagined how good it would feel to have his shaft in my ass. His cock tensed up, “Oh fuck yes, get ready, Ang, I’m going to cum in your ass!” he shot load after load of his thick jizz into my ass and I could feel cum running down my legs coming from my pussy as well as cum dripping from my ass as he continued to cum. When he was finally spent we both collapsed on the shower floor with his cock still in me.
We just sat there for a few minutes recovering from our exertion, until she got up of my cock and reached up to grab the soap. She poured a little on her hand and started rubbing it up and down my shaft “it’s my turn to have a little fun” all I could do was lay back let her have her way. “oh fuck yes keep it up Ang don’t stop” she let go and let the water rinse off my dick. I tried to get up but she pushed me back to the floor “it’s my turn to have some fun, so just lay back and shut up”
Once I was sure all the soap was off his rod, I positioned myself over him and grabbed his cock and guided into my open pussy. ”fuck you’re so tight, oh god your pussy is tighter than your ass” “I said lay there and shut up” I rode him hard for several minutes moving faster and faster. I could feel my pussy tightening its hold on his rod as it was tensing up “oh fuck Matt cum in my pussy I want you to fill me up” “I had no intention of doing anything else” We came together, him unloading his wads deep in my waiting pussy as it drenched his shaft with sweet juice. When I was spent I collapsed on top of him even as his prick was still shooting wads of cum into my pussy. Soon his orgasm was finally over and we both laid there, his cock still inside me letting the water run over our bodies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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