Amber’s office life with her Master – Tuesday (Chapter 2)

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God, Master left me so raw and exhausted on Monday, I slept so well I didn’t wake up on time… and now I’m running so late to work.
Today, a message came with my dress code of the day. A schoolgirls uniform.
I already had all the clothes, my cupboard filled with all the clothes any slut like me would desire to fulfill her masters wishes and make him a happy man. Master loves buying me clothes, taking me shopping and to watch me put on a show for him.. and sometimes, lingerie shopping and a show there. He would shut the place down and we would have fun. Must be fun to be rich and powerful to get your way with anything. He hated it when I wore undergarments under my uniforms to office. But sometimes, that’s all he like me to wear under a coat. At home, or even at office.

Thigh high stockings, a pleated skirt which barely covered my ass. A push up bra… God, it made my boobs look obscene, as they are already so big, but this one, Master bought specially for this uniform because it displayed my nipples too, didn’t conceal them. And a thong that never failed to sneak inside my pussylips because of how tight they were. And I wore a short top which barely had two buttons and which I was supposed to tie under my bust line.
I put on my white stilettos, did my hair in two plaits and put on my makeup.
I looked like every teachers fantasy, who’d they purposely fail to get to fuck with.
I put on a coat, surely Master won’t mind as long as I am not caught my any CCTVs in office with the coat on, my I can’t walk around like this in public, its makes me too horny and I don’t want to be fucked by any stranger because that’s only allowed in masters presence. I remember, 4 months ago when I started, Master made me promise all my orgasms to him and I was never allowed to masturbate w/o his permission and if I were to be fucked by a stranger, it was to be in his presence only. And also, he to promised his cock only to me. No one else. I loved that; hence I would do anything for Master.
I make way for office, and just before entering the lobby, I slip my coat off and drape it around my arm and stutter towards the elevator in a hurry which half my ass hanging out and my boobs on display for the world.
Thank God, Jayden isn’t on the elevator, but this time, it’s a younger man.. closer to my age to slide up towards me.. he greats me, with a polite hello, but doesn’t look at my face.. only my boobs.. I blush and great him back with a hello. I love it when men look at me, makes me feel good about myself.
I push my chest out a little for him, His mouth falls open a little I bet he just saw my nipples, I want them to always stand out, maybe I should ask master to pierce them for his pleasure. I can see other men and ladies too in the elevator cart looking at me, with lust and hate both in their eyes.
As my floor slowly approaches, the cart hasn’t empties out much, and I need to push my way out, in the process many men cop a feel of my boobs and I stutter off into the office, to great master, I enter though his main door. I see the younger man following behind me. I enter masters office, “Amber, 4s!” he commands without looking up, I instantly fall to my knees and crawl towards him, not knowing, in the process the younger man has walked in behind me and can get a good look of my round globes and thong which is stuck in my pussylips. “Master,” I lay my face him his lap and nuzzle, feeling the thick outline of his cock against his trousers. I’m happy he is hard to see my today. Glad I didn’t disappoint him in any way.

“Amber, my girl,” He pinches my nipples, I moan out loud.. “Looking lovely.”
I blush and giggle, using a teeny voice “Thank you, teacher” I laugh. “Ah, I see… its headmaster to you Missy!” Master orders.. I hear someone clear their throat behind me, I groan and hide my face deeper inside Masters lap, “Jonathan, come here son!” I gasp I didn’t know he had a son… “Son?” “Amber, meet my brothers son! Jonathan, Amber.” I curse my stupidity, jumping to conclusions. “He will be interning here, he is studying business and needs a little more work ex. I offered him your cabin, so I can keep an eye on him for the day, and you can sit there when needed, or here, under my desk the rest of the time, its just for a day or two till his cabin is set up.” I’m happy and express my feeling to my master by kissing the outline of his erection.
“My my, uncle, what a lovely office and the view…” he growls.. “Amber is the best view for the sore eyes, makes the week at work better” Master tells casino siteleri Jonathan.
“Have a seat Jonathan, would you like anything?” “Coffee,” licking his lips.. “hold the milk” I blush as I knew he was joking about my boobs, which were going to pop out of my tee. “Two coffees Amber, stat.” Master orders and I got off my knees and made it into my room to set up the coffee tray and brought it back, bending extra while offering them their coffee and Jonathan thanks my breasts rather than my face. “Must be fun getting away from your cunt of a wife Uncle, she seems like every guys fantasy!” Master laughs “Picked her up right after college, she is my toy, will always please me, won’t you Amber.” “Yes master, anything for you..” “Anything?” Jonathan speaks up… while adjusting himself in his pants “Jonathan, I have work, why don’t you take Amber into your cabin in there and do anything.” Master says patting my ass, pushing me towards Jonathan. I crawl towards Jonathan, he fists my hair and slowly pulls me towards my cabin. “Careful of my toy Jonathan. Use her as you wish, but never damage a man’s property.” “Sure Uncle, never.” Jonathan pulls me into the cabin and shuts the door. “Stand up Slut, and strip! No wonder uncle loves coming to office.. you are a piece of art to look at.. lovely.” I slowly undo my skirt and let it fall off my hips, and untie my shirt and lift it over my head, thrusting my boobs more of for Jonathan’s pleasure.
“Anything, Uncle says… what exactly is anything Amber?” Jonathan asks me.
“As you wish Sir” I meekly replied removing the rest of my clothes, standing naked now.

“Undo my pants Amber” I do as Jonathan says, “… I need the IT guy to set up my ID and stuff, call him first, then start to suck me.” “Yes sir,” I call Leena and ask him to send a IT guy inside my cabin, and go about to suck Jonathan. “Ah, on all 4s, I want that ass in the air.. a lovely view.” I do just that, start to suck his balls first, they were heavy and hung low. I took a deep sniff of him.. “Hmm… yummie” and get about licking him, from balls to his cock-head. “Faster twat, I don’t have all day” Jonathan growls. I pick up my speed, sucking him faster, while he pushed my head deeper, I take him till the back of my throat and moan around him, I’m sure the vibrations will drive him insane. There was a knock on the door, I was about to stand up, Jonathan pushed my head down again. “Keep sucking me, bitch. Come in.” he hollered.
The IT guy was stunned to walk in, me naked on my knees with a dick in my mouth.. “Errrm…” he mumbled. “No worries, come on in. I am just enjoying this beauty here, she got me tooo hard today. Need to unload. You can set up my ID, I’m sure Leena has informed you.” “Yes, sure..” he mumbled. He was so cute. GOD. I was getting even more wet and horny. He kept getting distracted when I moaned around Jonathan’s cock sucking him deeper.. playing with his balls… He quickly finished his work, just as Jonathan dumped his load down my throat. “Phew, what a way to start the day, don’t you agree IT guy?” “I wish… I mean, sure.. yes sir.” He mumbled. I giggled. Licking my lips, and winking at the IT guy. “I’m spent, my dick will take at least half an hour to recover. Why don’t you suck his cock Amber?” “Yes sir, sure.”
The IT guy looked startled. “Errrm, no. I’m good. Really. No need.” He was blushing and was so cute, I crawled over to him and slowly pulled his pants down, and pushed his briefs below his balls, His dick was huge. “Ahhhhh” I moaned, just looking at it, “I need it in me, please” I begged Jonathan. Paying me no attention, “Sure.. as you wish Amber.” I climbed up the desk, and spread my legs “Please… make me cum with that dick of yours, pleaseeeeee” I moaned for the IT guy… he produced a condom, ah.. a gentleman and slipped it on and in a flash of a second, he slammed his cock down my tight slippery wet tunnel. “FUCKKKKK” I yelled… “omg… yes… oh gosh, please… don’t… stop… ahhhhhh. fuckk” I was yelling. “Shut up bitch,” Jonathan yelled and shoved my panties inside my mouth and the IT guy never stopped. He was like a man possessed, fucking me in the most earnest way for sooo long. Keeping me on the edge.
His balls were slapping my ass, the whole room smelt of sex and musk. I was in heaven. Just then, Jonathan got up and scooped me up, laid under me and slid his dick, inside my ass, dry. “AHHHHHHHH” I yelped in pain, but enjoyed it to. I couldn’t speak.. but man, I was in heaven. Jonathan began pulling at my nipples, while the IT guy was pinching my clit. “Ah, yes.. gonna canlı casino come. Yes…” he was moaning and suddenly, Jonathan pulled out of me, in the bargain IT guy to slipped out and pushed me on the floor. “I was you covered in sperm Amber, and keep you on the edge” Jonathan claimed and began to wank, IT guy, not to behind, removed the rubber and started stroking his cock, they both were moaning, I was pinching my nipples and then, there was warm sticky cum all over my breast and face. I licked my lips, tasting them both. Ah Heaven. What a wonderful start to a Tuesday. “Please, I need to come… please” I moaned, rubbing the sperm onto my boobs… “On the table” Jonathan commanded. “Eat her bro, or she won’t shut up looks like” Jonathan gave the IT guy the go ahead, and I was suddenly filled with 2 large fingers, a mouth lapping my pussy and teeth biting my clit. My hips buckled “yes, please yess…..ahhhhh… ahhhhhhh myyyyyy god yes……” and I was coming all over his face while he was lapping me up.

Right then, the intercom buzzed. “If you both have had your share of my pet, send her to me.. clean and dressed Jonathan, Henry.” I blushed, I just had sex some with some who’s name I didn’t know. It did weird things to my pussy. Made me crazy.

The IT guy, Henry quickly dressed thanked me and Jonathan and walked out, while Jonathan did the same. “Get dressed Amber, you heard my Uncle” I did just that, washed up, dressed and went back to my Master.

I walked towards him, “I hope you have fun Amber.” “Thank you Master, I surely did.” I blushed and giggled.
“Get on my lap, your uniform is making my palm itch. I haven’t spanked you in days feels like and you looking like this, Bliss; Amber” I moan, and wiggle onto his lap, he lifts my skirt up and plays around with my ass for a while, then slides the panties off, which are soaking… “Hmm. Eager little slut, I must say.” “Yes, Mr. Headmaster. Please forgive me”
He opens his draw and produces a rules, “spread those legs girl.” I do so, and them,
Right on my pussy.. I yelp in pain and my hand flies to cover my pussy “Amber!”
Master roars. I move my hand and spread my legs wider as a sorry,
I begin to weep…“open those lips Amber, I see your clit wants to come out and play, needs some attention.”
I do so, opening my lips..
“MASTER” I yell and weep out… “Please Master”
“You have been very bad Amber, coming late to class.. bad grades… not satisfying the professors.”
SMACK on my ass now… it was burning up, humping his leg.. “Please… I’m sorry, master… please”
I needed him.. I was such a hussy! GOD.
“You need to be taught a lesson, look at you.. humping me when your punishment is being doled out” “Please master, forgive me. I’ll be a good girl for you. Please master”

He abandons the ruler and smacks my ass with his hand
“Count Amber, 1 for every half a minute you were late today.”
10 hard smacks, for 5 mins. I was burning. My ass on fire, my clit throbbing.
By the end of it, I slid off his lap, onto my knees “Sorry Master, please forgive me.”
He fisted my pigtails and kissed me… “Next time, I don’t need this nonsense Amber, be on time for me.” “Yes master, sorry.” I kissed him back.

“Stand up Amber, Go face the window. Spread your legs” I did just as my master ordered me.
He came up from behind me, naked too. I was so happy. I loved the feeling of him on my naked skin. He hoisted one leg up, and slammed inside my ass, good thing he lubed him self up, and Jonathan had opened me up a little… he slipped right in. I could feel his balls slapping my clit.. “Oh God, master. Please. I need to come. Please…” I began yelling. “Oh please, yes, yes, please!!” He slapped my ass “Quiet, you come when I say. Quit begging, you slut.” And began pumping in harder, I was so stretched; all I felt was pleasure and pain. Master. Ah. Bliss.

He began pinching my nipples, “I want you pierces,” he whispered in my ears, “OH PLEASE YES!!” I moaned out… “Nipples, and your Clit,” he pinched my clit “maybe over the weekend, get it done.” “Oh yes yes yes master.” He jerked my head back and began kissing me… shoving his cock deeper inside me.. oh, the burn was wonderful.
“Yes Amber. Ahhh..” he grunted and spent his load inside me. Thrusting one last time, he pulled out of my with a pop and I could feel bits of him leak out of me.
“Clean my cock Amber.” He said, sitting down naked on his chair, like the king he was, ruling over his empire. I walked to him, and began kaçak casino licking his balls and cock clean.
“Ah, my pretty ragdoll. You complete my day.” Master claimed. I was in heaven. I loved doing anything for him. I was so happy.

“I have a webcall in a while Amber, Japanese.. go get clean and dressed and sit with me.”

I do just that, when I come back into my room, Jonathan is sitting, evil glint in his eyes… “My, all sex and no work. You must love your life Amber.” “I do as master pleases, Sir.” I reply and go into the shower area, to clean up. Jonathan walks in behind me, “Ahhh… Amber.. that ass looks so mighty raw.” He too has stripped and joints me inside the shower area. He pushed me up against the wall… “I feel like a teen again. I’m so hard Amber. You are driving me insane.” “Ahhhhhh yes” he moans, slamming into my cunt.. “So went and tight,” he moans, thrusting brutally fast inside me. I moan, yelping… “Master needs me,” “No worries, I’ll be quick slut, pinch those boobs for me… Ahhh, just like that… pull the nipples..” he ordered, while hoisting me higher on the wall, banging into me my butt slamming into the wall behind. “Fuck, yes.. squeeze that twat around my dick Amber. YESSSSSS” He slapped my face, “Harder” and I squeezed him harder, pulling at my nipples hard.. “Sir, please” he pinched my clit and I exploded around him and soon, he pulled out of my, pushed me down and filled my mouth with his cum. I sucked him dry. “Christ, three times Amber. I’m going insane.” He muttered. We both hurried up, and I dressed and went back into Masters room, The call had started.

“Ah, there is my slut. I guess someone else was banging her out, I’m sorry for the delay gentlemen.” “Amber,” he growled. “On the desk, spread those legs. Let these men see that tight thong pushing inside those cunt lips” I blushed, “Forgive me Master, gentlemen,” and I climbed on the desk, I could see this feed was playing live at some office’s conference room. 5 men with 1 slaves kneeling besides each of them with their mouth full of cock. “Start Amber, we don’t have all day…” I began to life my skirt, the thong riding up my pussy lips, “Remove” the man from the screen ordered, he was Japanese “Yes sir, “I slid the thong down, “Finger” he commanded.. I did just that… started thrusting one finger inside my cunt, I was raw and swollen, it was only 4pm and I have had too much sex for the day, “Found her in college, what a wonderful piece, I must say..” master told his associates. “Can she fist?” Another man asked, deep throating his slave sitting near him “She can always try,” master claimed “Trying fitting it all in, Amber. Japanese men love an obedient school girl, doing just as her master wishes.” Over the next 20mins, I finally managed to get my fist inside me, my pussy stretched. I was so raw, tears streaming down my face… it was hurting so bad, but at the same time, I wanted to please my master. “Magnificent” the Japanese man claimed, and blew his load down his slaves throat. “Great show Lucas, you do have a treasure. Until next time, we need to fuck our pets now.” And soon, master disconnected the line. “Lay back Amber, this is such a gorgeous site, your tiny fist stretching your vagina. Amazing. I’m so proud. Keep fisting,” he said and undid he pants, and began wanking off on my twat, and dumped his load on my pussy in a short while of tugging and pulling at his cock. “Slowly remove your fist Amber, I need to record this.” And he began recording from his phone. “Magnificent, put my sperm inside.” And I did just that, “Yes master,”
I moaned. “Come here baby,” I crawled up his lap, “Take the day off, I’ll take you shopping. You have been such a good slut today.. You deserve it. I’ll meet you under your building at 2pm tomorrow. Rest that twat for me. The driver will take you home” he said, we sat there cuddling and making out for a while. Master loved pinching my nipples, guess I am going to be pierces soon this weekend. So excited for tomorrows shopping spree too.

I got dressed, and went to collect my coat from my cabin, There was Jonathan and wanking to a video of me. Guess master had given his access to his office feed before, he was watching me fist myself, I turned scarlet. He was enjoying.. I’m glad.

“Bye sir,” I told Jonathan, who was too lost in the video.

And I left for the day.


Please, any kind of feedback will be appreciated.
This series will have 5 chapters, each for the day of the week about how Ambers life is generally spend in office with her Master (Lucas).

This is my original material.
Rights to duplication reserved. Do not post this on any other site without my prior permission.
All rights reserved by the author.

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