Adventures with Hannah: Chapter 4

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Our glorious weekend with Hannah’s sixteen year old cousin Abby was now over, but my sexual adventures with the lovely Hannah were not. The memorial day camping trip-turned threesome orgy romp had lit a burning passion of sexual desire that Hannah and I were eager to explore.

Though our lives went on and our sex lives grew to perfection, Hannah and I still missed Abby. We spoke about the wild weekend often and fantasized about reuniting with Abby in the future. But for the time being that weekend was only a memory, Abby was hours away, and as the summer progressed Hannah and I spent most of our time focused on each other.

Hannah was my five foot tall, voluptuously built, shy girl turned sexual dynamo. Our first time together Hannah had expressed to me a burning desire to fulfill all my fantasies and since then we’d been actively pursuing that goal. Turned out I had a lot of fantasies.

This particular day is simply a glimpse at how much of the summer went for us. It was a hot June day and Hannah and I decided to take a trip to a nearby beach. We packed a picnic including a few bottles of beer (illegal in a municipal park, I know) and dressed for the weather. I wore brightly colored swim trunks, tan sandals, and wrap around shades. The sun was beating on my bare chest and back as I packed our few supplies into my truck. Hannah was waiting in the passenger seat and, as if there was any other option, Hannah looked striking. She had on a black two piece suit that drove me crazy. The top was tied behind her neck and held her large breasts up high. They looked heavy and mouth watering as she sat there, knowing full well she was the object of my intense desire. The bathing suit bottom was traditional but also had a small skirt that flowed around her and that I found adorable.

“Ready to go?” I asked as I hopped into the driver’s seat.
“Yes sir,” she said, winking at me before she dropped her sunglasses down over her eyes. I chuckled and we were off.

The state park was passable, as parks go. There was a small beach that was just a little too rocky to be real nice, but there was room to swim and fool around. Away from the beach there were picnic areas, sports fields, and playgrounds. As it would be expected on such a glorious day the park was busy.

Hannah and I decided to swim and enjoy the beach first before our picnic. The beach was busy and swimming was kind of difficult with so many kids splashing around and generally being in the way. Still, we had some fun, but shortly decided to camp out on the beach and take in some sun instead of mingling with the mob in the water.

Sitting there on the beach, Hannah suggested we play a certain game she was fond of. Basically it consisted of us people watching, pointing out a stranger to our partner who we found attractive and why, and then briefly describe some lurid sex we fantasized having with said stranger. It’s weird, I know, but Hannah gets a kick out of it and thinks that exploring these kind of thoughts only brings us closer.

“Okay, you first,” I said to her. She giggled and began scanning the beach goers and swimmers.
“There,” she pointed, “with the blond hair.” I saw who she indicated and was puzzled.
“The guy playing volleyball? He doesn’t look like your type.”
“Because he doesn’t look like you?” she laughed.
“No, he just looks like some frat boy douche bag. I’m sorry, please continue.” I had made a bit of a misstep in the game, we weren’t supposed to criticize each other’s illegal bahis selections, we were just supposed to listen.

“Well, he’s got a sculpted body, very nice. He seems confident, sure of himself. Frat boys aren’t my type, you’re right, but in this hypothetical case I would like to be fucked by a cocky frat guy like him once. I would love to play the slutty co-ed, maybe fuck him before I even get his name. He looks like he has a nice cock.”

I interrupted again, “now, how can you tell that?”
“A girl can tell, even with your clothes on, how big your cock is.” I didn’t believe that, but Hannah just grinned. “Anyways, I think I’d want that boy to pound me from behind, really use me you know, maybe get some other frat brothers in on it too…” Hannah started laughing. I couldn’t tell how serious she was.

“Okay, okay,” I decided it was my turn. I surveyed the crowd. There must have been a hundred high school aged girls there, reminding me of sweet Abby, but I decided to go in a different direction. I finally settled on a twenty-something aged black girl who was just running down to join her friends in the water. Her fat ass bounced as she ran and with each step her suit bottom snuck further up into her ass crack.

“Her. Yeah, definitely. I’ve never been with a black girl before.”
“So?” Hannah snorted.
“So, I don’t know, it might be different. Plus look at that ass, I would fuck the shit out of that ass.”
“What if she didn’t do anal?” Hannah asked.
“It’s my fantasy, remember, and in it she does anal. If you have an ass like that you should have to do anal, it should be fucking law or something.” Hannah laughed and slapped me playfully, knowing full well I was thinking about her fantastic ass.

After another hour or so we decided we’d had enough sun and it was time for a picnic. Like the beach, the picnic areas were packed with people. Hannah and I never loved crowds, so she suggested we have our picnic in the bed of my truck. We spread a blanket out in the bed so we could sit and began pulling out the food. The parking lot was pretty full and there were empty cars on all sides. I didn’t expect, in such an open area, that Hannah would start to get nasty.

As some sandwiches and snacks sat out in front of us, Hannah unexpectedly began kissing my neck and sliding her hands around my body. My cock, whether I wanted it to or not, responded by pushing straight up and tenting my shorts. Hannah saw it and smiled, she knew she had what she wanted.

“Just sit back and enjoy,” she said. I was certain I would. Hannah opened my shorts and my cock stood free, basking in intense sunlight. Hidden by the side walls of the truck bed I knew no one could see my exposed erection, but we weren’t so hidden that we could actually have sex.

“You know what, close your eyes, and don’t open until I say so,” Hannah ordered. I complied. Hannah and I had discovered a fetish, one I was happy to indulge, that centered around my cum and how Hannah loved it on her favorite foods. I kind of figured that’s where this might be going today, and I was right, but not exactly how I expected.

My cock stood proudly and I sealed my eyes tight. The familiar touch of Hannah’s palm on my cock caused me to sigh and lean back. Hannah stroked me very slowly, worshipping my towering cock, and whispered bits of joy and wonder as she worked me to a massive erection. Her hand moved faster and throttled me, pumping my cock in the hot air. I expected the smothering warmth illegal bahis siteleri of Hannah’s hungry mouth next, she did love to suck my cock, but it never came. I felt Hannah slow but what I felt next was something new a radically different.

A moment after Hannah’s hand released something new grabbed hold. Something cold and slippery wrapped completely around my cock, and the new unexpected sensation made me jump and gasp. Hannah giggled and this new sensation began to move. It stroked up and down along my cock, wrapping over my head and brushing against my balls. As it moved it felt slick, almost gooey, and I felt a familiar pressure of Hannah’s gripping hand holding it tight against my cock. My mind began to put together a picture of what was happening, and imagining it spurred the cum up from my balls.

“Yeah baby, cum for me,” Hannah urged as my hips rocked. “Give me that delicious load.”
The first wave flew up with a shot. The cold mystery item still pumped around my cock and I began to pump thick columns of cum into it. I felt wild sensations as my cock felt the heat of my cum and the cold of the ‘item’ at the same time. A stream of fresh cum poured up out of me, much to Hannah’s delight.

When my final twitches subsided, Hannah calmly asked me to open my eyes. When I did I saw exactly what I expected, but it was still a total shock. In front of Hannah was a dismantled sandwich missing any lunch meat. Hannah held her hand out and admired it’s contents; a handful of cold honey baked ham, smothered and overflowing with sticky cum. Hannah smiled and gently placed the cummy cold cuts back on the bread. She pushed the sandwich back together and licked her lips as thick globs of cum soaked into the bread and dripped out the sides.

I watched happily as Hannah devoured her cum/ham sandwich. This was far from the first time I watched Hannah eat a cummy meal, but every time I was completely hypnotized by it. There was something about a beautiful girl positively savoring my cum that blew my mind.

The meal continued and we washed our lunch down with a few bottles of beer. As we did, Hannah winking and giggling like she did every time she ate a cum soaked meal. Hannah seemed content to let the party end at that, but I began to construct an image in my mind and was determined to see it come to fruition.

“Hannah,” I started, “that was quite the surprise.” She smiled. “What if I had a bit of a crazy surprise for you?”
“You’re not rubbing ham in my pussy,” she said.
“Ha, no, no I won’t. Just, lie down and slide that bottom off.” Hannah smiled and did as I said, sliding her bathing suit off and lying on her back. I marveled for a moment at that sight of her healthy pussy, with neatly trimmed ebony hairs surrounding, sitting softly between her creamy legs. Glistening in the afternoon sun, Hannah was a resplendent goddess before me.

“Now close your eyes,” I commanded. Hannah smiled and closed her eyes. I parted her legs gently and moved in. I could smell her warm pussy, making my mouth water, and I savored her delectable flavor as my tongue and lips melted into her. She moaned and writhed as I slowly squirmed my tongue around within her. Her pussy was wet and warm and she gently bucked it against my face. I licked and munched on her, giving her a long pussy eating, and built her to orgasm. Hannah always relaxed greatly after cumming, and I needed her to be relaxed. Her body quaked as her juices began to flow. Sharp cries escaped her as canlı bahis siteleri she shook and quivered out a warm orgasm.

As Hannah relaxed, I continued. She moaned as I gently licked her folds. I brought my finger to her and slid it down to her supple asshole. Hannah’s juices had soaked down and her ass was slick and wet like I liked. She moaned as I massaged the outside of her hole gently. I saw her smile as I eased my finger tip in and probed her anus. I had a surprise for her.

Hannah knew I enjoyed her asshole very much and she let me explore her limits. I removed my finger slowly, continuing my soft licking of her pussy and clit, and reached for my empty beer bottle. Hannah saw none of this. I brought the bottle up and nestled the opening against Hannah’s opening. I rolled the mouth of the bottle along the outside of her ass and I felt her squirm, not sure of what exactly was going on. I applied pressure and the mouth of the bottle popped inside, sending Hannah to a scream as her asshole opened around the ribbed mouth. The bottleneck was not nearly as wide as my cock, so it wouldn’t be the most Hannah had ever fit in her ass, but it was ribbed, had areas of varying width, and was the hard smooth texture of glass.

Hannah was a bevy of moans and gasps as I eased the bottleneck into her asshole. I watched with amazement as her beautiful hole stretched and swallowed it, shaping and reshaping to match each bump and variation in the bottleneck. When the neck was completely inserted I stopped, letting Hannah get comfortable with this new intrusion, before gently pumping. I pulled in and out, slowly and thoroughly, letting the bottleneck fuck Hannah’s ass. She squirmed as new pleasures excited her, and watching this display was exciting me.

I wanted to give Hannah another orgasm, wild and rife with new pleasures. Hannah had so far been truly willing to do any crazy thing I wanted, making me cum more times than I can count, and I wanted her to experience something amazing.

My cock had sprung awake and was ready for a second go. I told Hannah to roll over onto her side, something she did with great moans as each inch of movement brought new stimulation from the beer bottle, and to lift her top leg. She did, allowing me to slide up next to her, slightly lower than her, and take aim at her pussy. I inched my cock in, gently, and wiggled the bottleneck as I did. Hannah clasped her hands over her mouth in order to hold in screams as I made slow circular motions with the bottle. I gasped as I moved in and felt the bottle, through the thin membranes of flesh between rectum and vagina, rubbing and stimulating the shaft of my cock.

Hannah had no chance. I planted my cock deep within her and she exploded with orgasm. She quaked and rocked and both holes tried to clench but were stuffed, only making her scream louder and cum harder. The sensations of Hannah’s furiously cumming pussy, along with the probing of a beer bottle’s bottleneck, send me over the edge as well. My cock began spurting relentlessly, dumping my second load this hour, into Hannah’s throbbing cunt. Hannah and I came together, flooding her pussy and slopping all over the blanket beneath us, in the bed of my truck at the park. We were so lost in pleasure there could have been a crowd standing around watching us but, luckily, we were alone.

When we finally untangled and began to clean up, Hannah yelping and shivering as the bottle popped out, Hannah took the bottle and put it in her purse.
“We’re keeping this,” she said.
I smiled, thrilled that she enjoyed it. “We can get other beer bottles,” I said.
“Yeah, but I like this one!” she winked at me.

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