Talk and Action Ch. 01

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“I made a mess of myself dreaming of you,” he said.

It was a lie. He had not been dreaming. He had been thinking. He visualized untying the knot of the top of her caftan and slipping his hands under to take hold of her nice, large breasts.

“How does that happen?” she asked curiously.

Shyam found that hard to believe. His old school friend, now closing in on 50 was the mother of two. She had married a genius of a man — a professor. The Professor was a man of the academic world.

“He is in a dream world of his own,” she said blandly of him. Initially the talk was centered on catching up. 33 years had passed since Sunil and Nalini had parted ways, after school. Prior to that they had spend ten years together in school.

But because they had been very, very close in school the topic eventually veered around to married life. Sunil, very clever with words, unraveled his friend and eventually they had discussed their sex lives in detail.

The renewed vigor that Sunil displayed in bed surprised his own wife. Unknown to her, Sunil was, in his mind actually fucking Nalini. Never before had he ravaged his wife the way he did that time. Never had he put her leg over his shoulder to splay her open and in that position fucked her with an animal-like vigor. Never had he left such deep bite marks on her breasts. And never had his fingernails nearly drawn out blood like this.

But Nalini was in his mind. She had her on camera and had been dressed in her nightdress. He could see her breasts and every time she carried the laptop to a new location in her house, she leaned forward.

He could see her large breasts as her top hung open. She did not seem to be aware. He remembered her as beautiful since school. But her breasts had grown to that of a mature woman and very every bit luscious. From what he could judge, they were large, heavy and weighed down.

On a particularly cold morning Nalini’s nipples stabbed through the top and it was clear to Sunil that she had suckable teats. He spotted the nipple large and standing. The location of that protuberance told him her breasts were heavy and hanging for the nipple was quite far from her cleavage.

At other times he thought he saw the nipples rise to the occasion when he talked to her suggestively.

All the sex talk and the views of his dear friend roused to the point where he had been animal with his wife. Sunil’s wife felt the difference and wondered about it loudly which she was being fucked. But Sunil was the picture of complete concentration during the act and did not reply other than to drive both of them to new highs and orgasm.

When they met again a few days later on Skype Nalini pushed Sunil for an explanation. “What did you mean when you said you were all messed up in your pants? And what does that have to do with my having had kids?” she pressed him.

Not wanting to upset his friend he replied, “Nothing.”

Actually, he wanted to say to her directly: “You have to know about fucking. How else could you have had kids?” But he wanted to slowly make her open up to him and was wary of scaring her away.

“No, Sunil,” she said. “Let’s make deal. We are childhood friends. No secrets between us.”

Many of these conversations had Sunil completely puzzled. Did she really not know or was she leading him on? But the careless manner in which she dressed when she came online and the nature of her persistent questions convinced him that she was indeed naïve.

The quiet girl of his class whom he had always fancied had never been accessible to him from the romance point of view. They were close friends. But it was other boys that lavished attention on her. And she seemed preoccupied between them and her studies .

The same girl, a woman now, had no one to turn to in the isolation of the university campus. He had her undivided attention.

Between his 45th casino siteleri and 50th year, there had been a series of reunions. Each reunion brought home the ease of using linked in, Facebook and other social media. He searched for her in the school reunion and she had not been there. When he went looking for her with gusto, he found her in this remote campus.

“You never noticed me in school!” she complained with a pout when they got past the initial rounds of catching up.

“Quite the contrary!” he replied. “You were gorgeous then and you had guys around you all the time. You never noticed me expect for mundane things. But you are gorgeous now too!” he complimented her,. It was not entirely true. But he said it anyway.

“Am I?” she asked. “No, you are lying. Professor hardly notices me,”

“But I am fit!” she said. She stood up and swung around showing off her figure. IT was then that he saw her large breasts. But what really accentuated them was her narrow waist and flat tummy — even if her hips were curvaceous and wide.

“Not bad for a 50 year old with two kids isn’t it?” she boasted.

And then she did something unimaginable. She pulled up her t-shirt and patted her stomach and slid her hand down to pouch the gentle bulge of her belly. “You could not have said I have two kids,” she said.

She was now facing the camera side on to show Sunil how flat her belly really was and how trim she had become.

“How?” asked Sunil. She was gorgeous. Though he had not meant it, his statement turned out to be true.

“Oh, the gym!” she said. The university has an excellent gym and I go there regularly. Professor accompanies me. But mostly his students who use the gym heavily helped me along, encouraging me.”

“Would you like to see my gym outfit?” she asked on another occasion.

“Sure,” he replied.

“Shall I take you to my room?” she asked with a laugh.

“Yes,” he replied, his throat drying up at the suggestion in her voice.

She leaned forward giving him his umpteenth view of her sumptuous breasts. She lifted the laptop and holding it walked to her room. With each step she was treated to the sight of her jiggling breasts. Her torso was directly in front of the camera. He could see the outline of her nipple and he hoped the room was far, far away and that he would be able to ogle her tits for long.

There was something different about watching a woman who he knew closely. Watching women was not a big deal in the Internet era. Nor was it so modest with Bollywood films anymore. The heroines of today dressed as skimpily as the vamps of yesteryears.

But the body of a woman he knew and with whom there existed the distinct possibility of meeting — it turned him on at a different level.

“Don’t look” she said laying down the laptop at an angle she thought was away from her. . But the camera as pointed at some mirror and owing to some arrangement of multiple reflections he was looking at Nalini as she undressed.

She raised the nightgown over her head, revealing herself in full to him. Her pussy had a matting of wispy hair. Her stomach was as flat as she had shown and the curves of the belly merely enhanced the sexuality. The breasts, large, rubbed against the fabric as it stretched over the flesh. The caress of fabric against the breasts made her nipples stand to full attention so that when the curtain of the gown rose over the breasts they were signaling their presence to Sunil like a formal salute. .

The breasts themselves were large. Seriously large. And yet, they defied gravity.

She leaned forward to wear the running slacks and her breasts hung down as she did so. Sunil felt a raging hard on and watched in amazement as Nalini then pulled n a low top with a thin strap that went over her shoulder.

It was possibly a size too small; and even if not that, it showed around canlı casino a third of her breasts on all sides since it was so cut.

“This is what you wear to the gym?” he asked incredulously.

“Yes,” she replied.” You like it?” she asked.

“You look like a bomb shell in that!” he exclaimed.

“Really?” she asked. “No,’ she said, wrinkling her nose. That scrunched up nose was her defining feature with her having been compared to the hot star of their years — Mumtaz.

“But hey! I think you are avoiding the question. What did you mean by ‘mess’?”

Sunil thought of his impossibly hard and large cock. When he had removed his underpants, there was a sticky mess, enough to have been the output of a full ejaculation.

He wondered how he was going to describe the physiology and the reactions which caused all this to happen.

“I don’t know how to,” he said simply.

“You too!” she feigned shock. The impishness and the mischief in her eyes were tantalizing. Sunil felt stupid that he had let this luscious creature out of his orbit at all. “Then I guess I will have to be disappointed!” she said.

Sunil felt the opportunity slipping away.

“Well, you know, a man gets hard?” he said slowly.

“You mean — down there?” she asked.

“Yes. And then I started to flow as I saw how beautiful you look,” he said softly.

“You were ogling me?” she asked, suddenly pulling her nightgown closer as if to hide that impossible-to-hide deep cleavage.

“And you discovered that when?” she asked.

“I realized it soon after I became really hard,” he said. Then, “Hey! You don’t have to try and cover yourself from me!”

“I will if you try to change the topic. I never knew something like this was even possible. You better explain to me,” she said.

He could not bring himself to say “Uncover what you covered!”

But he need not have bothered. He slowly told her how hard he had been. And then? And then that hardness needed to be managed.

“So did you wake up your wife and do it to her?” she asked.

“No,” he lied.

“Then you slept off like that only?” she pushed on.

“No, I managed it,” he said.

“How do you manage that?” she asked.

He described how a man masturbates.

She listened and slowly the gown fell open again. Her lips were agape, her mouth seemed wet and Nalini’s eye had a gleam.

“well, okay then,” she said. “I need to sign off. It is time for him to come for lunch,” said Nalini.

She blew him an air kiss. He wanted to ask her for her response to his description of masturbation. Had she no reaction? Did she feel nothing? But she was gone.

The professor’s first chore on reaching home was to take a shower. He would then sit down for a round of supper / tiffin which his wife usually kept ready for him, on time. Same time, every day. The professor was thankful for the clockwork manner in which Nalini managed the household routine. So much so that he never questioned her menu.

As a creature of habit he entered the bath as he did every day. He never locked the door for there were only the two of them in the house at any time. His wife on occasion walked in to get something from the bathroom shelf. And neither of them really bothered about the other in the process.

So when the professor heard the door open as he showered he paid no attention to it at all. Nalini seemed to be around for longer than usual, he noticed today. It was a complete surprise and shock for him as he suddenly felt his wife’s large soft breasts press into his bare back. Arms came around his chest as she hugged him from behind.

“What are you doing?” he murmured.

She replied by twisting gently the knobs of his nipples. She before had never treated the professor to this kind of brazen sexual advances. “What have you been reading?” he asked, groaning gently.

Kissing kaçak casino his ear and playing with lobes one hand stayed on his breast, teasing, twisting and turning the nipple playfully and the other hand moved down to the fast rising cock.

The professor was reasonably endowed. Nothing to scoff at; nothing to report either. His erection was ready by the time her hand reached its target. In line with how Sunil had described the manner in which he masturbated, she ringed the cock at the base. Pressing it lightly, she found the erection swell a bit more. Then she placed her palm below the shaft, lifting it gently as if assessing its weight.

She closed her fist around it. For the first time she realized, in all these years, that her fist closed around the trunk of the cock completely. When she stroked him once, for the first time she realized how sensitive a cock could be. She had never really touched him ‘down there’. The professor shuddered.

As he shuddered she pulled him closer, holding him tight while he did so.

“You have been looking up something?” he asked, not really bothered about what she might say in reply.

She slid her hand back, pulling his foreskin back till he yelped in his discomfort. She relaxed her grip a little, learning the tricks of the trade by doing. Sunil’s instruction had not quite been complete. But when slid up and outward she found she could grip tighter. When sliding back and inwards she needed to balance between grip and movement.

Soon she had him groaning and fucking her first in rhythm with her movement. She moved her thumb on the head instinctively and found she really had to cling on to the professor for the way he spasmed at that. She now stroked him outward and up hard and fast, inward and down looser and slower and then every stroke she rolled the ball of her thumb over the head.

“Where did you learn this”” groaned the professor, wild with desire. He did not want her to stop at all.

She did not. She fisted him expertly, slowly discovering that the way her hand needed to move was the way his hips moved when she fucked him. Her hand was the cunt for his cock and they moved in rhythm. She had her eyes closed, feeling in fascination the throbbing of his member in her hand like she had never felt in her cunt. She felt the shaking and spasming body with each stroke; the kind she had felt only when he was ready to cum while fucking her.

She had her other hand move down to his cock as well. On hand worked on the head while the other hand worked on the shaft. She coordinated the movements so well that there was no gap between the pleasures delivered by each hand.

The gap in strokes that allowed professor to luxuriate between strokes vanished. The grip on his shaft gave him the pleasure of fucking while the rub on the head gave him the sensation of cumming.

And cum he did. Great gobs of his semen shot out and spattered on the wall. Nalini’s instincts took over as she changed the rhythm of her hand to the rhythm of his thrusting. He thrashed about, cumming in large copious amounts, reminding him of his teenager days when he had first masturbated. His wife’s instinctively skillful hands delighted him. That she did not let go allowed him to thrust as much as he wanted to.

That she milked him as he came gave him the satisfaction of a full release. He let his body freely jerk and thrash around and was glad she was clinging to him.

The professor was drained completely. He slid to the floor under the still running shower.

Nalini had progressed from being just a passive housewife, to discovering something new about sex and sexuality. Clinically, she moved to the washbasin and cleaned her hands of the semen that she, till the other day considered yucky.

As the professor got up weakly to rinse himself, Nalini left the bath. After quickly donning a caftan, she logged on to Skype and left a message for Sunil: “Yes you are right. Masturbation works on him.”

Sunil, was online at the time and his eyes widened as he read the message. Before he could ask what had happened, she had logged out and left.

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