Taking Care of Business

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Long distance relationships are the hardest, at least for someone as sexual as me; after one day of no interaction I thought my body was going to self combust. Brad and I had been dating for about a year and a half when he was shipped off to Iraq. I had made a promise to be true to my man, and I planned on keeping my end of the bargain. Besides, how much fun would it be to have all this pent up sexual tension just waiting for him to step off that plane? Poor guy wouldn’t know what he had coming to him!

Brad and I had ways around the miles. Yes, he was busy, leaving to do field work or search for the “bad guys” as he often said. In those days he would call me and check in with his promised ten minute phone call. These were short and sweet since there really was no privacy. It was more to let me know that he was okay and missed me.

Then there were those two precious days that Brad was safe in his make-shift bedroom and we would chat on the computer. I would start the conversation off fully dressed but one by one the clothing would come off and I’d be sitting in front of my laptop, lounging in my favorite recliner…. completely nude. The best days were when his roommate was gone and he had the place to himself. Thank God for webcams.

Brad was amazing. He could type something naughty to me and I’d have a lightening bolt of passion hit me in the lower half of my body. I was never one for the whole “cyber sex” world, but ohhhhhh did he ever turn me on! There were days when I would cum so hard and be so exhausted that I’d be completely satisfied. Amazing how that works!

There was one day in particular that stands out in my mind. Brad had been deployed in the field a lot longer than usual- two weeks longer to be exact- and I hadn’t heard a word from him. I’d walked around the house moping; masturbation without him just wasn’t as fun. Suddenly I cranked on the computer and there he was, waiting patiently for me to log on and look for him. He didn’t say a word and I was already getting those lightening bolts! Running up the stairs I quickly grabbed a few supplies and made my way back to the computer.

Brad was just as horny as I, and it took no time for him to be ‘licking my casino siteleri nipples.’ So let me tell you what I did about it.

Running my hand along my stomach, I slowly felt my way up to my bra. A quick snap of the clasp and my breasts tumbled out of the cup, the cold air hitting my nipples. My shirt was in the way, so I jerked it off over my head and slid the bra straps off my arms so I had full access. With both hands I pushed my breasts together, looking down at them I groped and squeezed until my nipples begged to be touched. Rolling a nipple between two fingers I watched it harden. Looking at the other nipple, I pushed my breast up towards my mouth. My tongue slithered slowly to the hardening bud as I flicked it, teased it….finally taking it in my mouth to suck hungrily. Just this little play was enough to make a wet ring on my panties. I could feel the ring grow, the more I played. It was enough to arch my hips forward into the air, looking for an invisible hand to stroke my pussy. Luckily Brad sensed what I was doing and told me to just enjoy and not bother to type. Not to worry, Brad. I didn’t have an available hand anyway.

Abandoning my breasts, I slowly slid my hands down the side of my body, aiming at the remaining pants and panties. First I removed the pants. Looking down at my light peach colored thong I could see the wetness protruding through. Running my hands over my panties I could feel the wetness. I’d give anything at that moment to have Brad’s cock in there, thrusting in and out of me….moaning in his ear.

Thinking about him, I grabbed my crotch area and squeezed. I took in a deep breath and moaned, reading what he was typing. I was glad the windows were closed, or the neighbors would surely know what I was up to.

I hooked one finger on one side of the thong, the other finger taking the opposite side. Standing up from the chair I turned to a full length mirror that I happened to have in the room from last time. I slid my panties down ever so slowly, loving the suspense. Eventually my completely shaved pussy came into view, my hardened clit protruding. It took all I had to slow down, get the computer, and put it down next to the mirror where I canlı casino could look and read at the same time.

Mmmmmmm, reading what he wanted to do with my pussy made me spread my legs in front of the mirror and watch my womanhood unfold before my eyes. It was such a beautiful pink, wetness everywhere. I made my fingers into a V and plunged down, pushing my fingers on either side of my clit, stroking both sides. Mmmmmmm was all I could say, trying to read and not throw my head back in pleasure. Sliding my fingers down, I gently reached the rim of my pussy to grab more wetness and rub it up and down….all over my clit.

“Ahhhhh….ohhhh…..” I said louder this time. Now sliding three fingers I spread my lips wide and circled my clit. Pushing against it hard I rubbed, and then made my way back to my pussy. I slid my middle finger in, as my thumb continued to rub the swollen clit. I still wanted more.

My thumb suddenly found itself in my pussy and my wet middle finger inched its way to the rim of my ass. At first my initial reaction was to clamp down hard and not allow access…but who was I kidding…I was obsessed with having a cock in my ass.

Slowly I allowed my finger to push forward, but only ever so little. My hips were lifting off the floor as I watched every move in the mirror. I watched as my hips jutted up and my finger slid farther in my ass. I was moaning loudly now, and I knew I needed more.

Grabbing my large purple dildo, I licked the suction cup and expertly stuck it to the mirror. I told Brad what I was doing, and he obligingly talked dirty to me as I worked my way towards orgasm. Not that I couldn’t have already cum five times, but I wasn’t ready to stop the pleasure. Call me greedy, I don’t mind.

Turning to get on all fours, I took my finger and loaded it with my own wetness, rubbing it on the dildo. Grabbing a vibrator, I was finally in position with the computer in front of me.

Brad directed me what to do, what he was doing to me…..The vibrator hummed to life as it touched my clit. “Ahhhhhhhh, mmm-mmmm-mmmm!” I called out as I humped it. Sliding it down, my whole hand was wet as I pushed it hard against me. Getting to my pussy kaçak casino I slid it in, not wanting to ram it inside me yet. I pushed my patience to the limit, and finally Brad gave me the okay to push back against the dildo. As it hit the rim of my ass, again I instinctively closed shut. Relaxing, I took a deep breath in as it slid into my ass. It was huge! I moaned in pain that turned to pleasure….what was I thinking, it was so thick and I didn’t even have it all the way in my ass yet. Taking a deep breath I plunged backward and let out a startled “OH!”

Rocking back against it slowly, I continued to play with the vibrator; my clit felt so good that I found myself pressing the dildo in myself harder and faster. Ahhh, to have something so big in my ass! It felt amazing yet naughty all at the same time.

I grunted and started to work up a sweat. I looked down to see my breasts bouncing as I pushed back and fucked the dildo. In one stroke I had the vibrator in my pussy, rotating between fucking myself and stimulating my clit.

Brad was ready to cum on the other end, now watching on the web cam what I was doing. I decided to surprise him with a sneak peak. I bounced against the dildo and watched as Brad stroked himself quickly, a line of sweat over his brow. I looked directly in the camera and opened my lips; I clenched my eyes and moaned as I continued to ride the dildo. Grasping the vibrator with my fist, I shoved it in and out of my pussy, feeling it hit the inside of my body as the dildo tapped my ass.

A constant stream of short wails and “mmm—mmmm—uhhh-uhhhh” came from me as I fucked myself hard. I watched as Brad furiously pumped his cock until he blew a huge load which slithered down to his fist. He continued to stroke it slowly, still hard as I was still on camera.

I flipped the microphone on and came for him hard and loud, with the vibrator stuck in my pussy and the dildo as far into my ass as it could go. “UHHHHHH!” I wailed as the orgasm crashed over me and the wetness dripped from my pussy.

Pulling myself together, I smiled at the camera and adjusted it so Brad could get a complete view of my body. On my knees and completely naked I reached a finger down and took a swipe of my cum. I wrapped my tongue around my finger, looking at the camera, and I tasted. Mmmmm.

I noticed Brad was stroking himself again, and I knew I had a few more hours in me. I mean, what the hell….support our troops!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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