Joy’s Friend

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For context, please read “The Wall” Comments and criticism always welcome – JJS Harshaw

Joy’s Friend

“Uh…Vicki, this is Melanie Craig. I’m a friend of Joy’s.”

There was a pause and then a groggy “hmmmm” on the other end of the line.

“I’m sorry…I’m a morning person.”

The voice was husky with sleep. “No. Ummmm, no, that’s ok. I was just going to get up in an uh…an hour. What…?”

“Oh! Uh, I know this is really brazen of me but Joy told me about your encounter the other night at the bar and uh…”

Melanie expected Vicki to say something, acknowledge that someone else knew of Vicki and Joy’s sexual encounter in an alley but there was no response.

“…well, my kids are off to school and I have a late appointment this morning. I was, uh, wondering if you…you know…would want to…uh, you know, get…together. Uh, sexually…uh, like you and Joy.”

Melanie’s voice trailed off waiting for a response, hoping for a response. Praying for a response. She was feeling very awkward and with each moment of silence from Vicki she felt more awkward.

She didn’t think herself a prude but aside from her friend- ship with Joy, whom she thought of as a “wild child soccer mom,” her social-sexual life was rather ordinary.

Melanie had never just called a total stranger out of the blue and invited them to have sex. Lesbian sex at that.

“…Uh, now?”

Melanie laughed nervously, “Well, god…I’m going to sound like such a slut…you know, but the thing is, Roger, my husband – he’s off to work too – he, uh, we…we made love this morning and he left me…I’m kinda unfulfilled…you know, men. Wham-bam-thank-you-maam.”

Another nervous laugh.

This was beginning to sound ludicrous in Melanie’s ears.

“Uh, you see, Roger had an early appointment so I just let him have his, you know, way – he’s got a very nice way too, he’s a nice man, you’d like him. Big cock. Oh, sweet Jesus! I…I can’t believe I just said that. I’m sorry!”

There was a sleepy giggle on the other end of the line. “It’s ok.”

“Well…I’m, like, uh laying here in my bed…naked…and I want a warm body and an orgasm before I get up and have to go to the office.”

There. She’d said it. Boldly. Assertively. Now…

“So where do you live?”

Melanie was a little disoriented; her invitation had been – accepted! It was Melanie’s time to be silent on the phone.


“Uh…yeah…live…yeah…4 Georgetown Court in the George- town townhouses.”

“Ok. I’ll be over in about 30 minutes. Is that quick enough?”

“…Hmmmm? Quick enough? Oh, oh, yeah. Super.”

“Georgetown’s gated, why don’t you leave the door unlocked and that way you won’t have to get out of bed to let me in. Just let the guard know.”

“Uh…” Melanie felt giddy, her nipples stiffened almost painfully, “sure.”

* * * * *

The guard at Georgetown’s gate leaned toward the open window of the car. He saw a woman without makeup, her hair red and sleep toussled, a sweat jacket and what appeared to be a cotton nightgown buttoned to the throat.

“Vicki McCloud to see Melanie Craig. She’s expecting me.”

“Sure. Do you know where to go?”

Vicki shook her head.

“Go up to the stop sign and turn left. Follow the road past the clubhouse. Number 4 is just past there.”


* * * * *

It took a little less than a minute after Melanie heard Vicki hang up for a panic attack to set in.

Joy’s narrative of seducing and having sex with Vicki was tremendously arousing “at the time.” The time, however, was in the quiet of a piano bar, after a full day of showings – she was a real estate agent – after 3 martinis and a week without sex because Roger was out of town.

Melanie did not, would not masturbate; a fact that amused Joy and prompted no small amount of chiding every time Melanie called Joy and complained about being irritable because she needed to come.

“Well, Jesus girl, if you won’t do yourself, get a dog.”

“You’re sick, you know?”

Joy smiled a wicked smile just for the reaction, “Hey, babe, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.”

Melanie just stared. She didn’t know whether to be shocked, indignant or ask how it was.

“Oh, Mel, I’m just yankin’ your chain, bitch. Another martini and I’m so buzzed I might tell you I’ve done horses.”

“And another martini and I’d believe you. Could you really get a horse cock inside you?”

“Shit girlfriend, I have no idea but Mike says the Ob did a good job of tightening me up after Melissa was born so I doubt it,” and Joy threw a wadded up cocktail napkin at her friend. “Well, look, if not a dog – or a horse – I know some one you could call.”

Melanie assumed, given her friend, Joy was referring to a man. “I’d never fuck someone else unless Roger wanted me to. And he’s a very jealous guy, as you know. He would never want me to.”

casino oyna “To a lot of guy’s that’s their number one fantasy; seeing their wife fucked by another man of their choosing. Don’t you read the porn on the Internet?

“No, I don’t read the porn on the Internet. And I asked Roger about him picking another man for me; an article in one of those supermarket women’s magazines suggested it. The answer was a no and hell no.”

Joy took this in, smiling.

“You know what is tied at number one on the men’s sex fantasy hit parade with seeing their wives fucked? Their wives doing it with another woman. Another woman isn’t cheating…in my book, unless, of course, you like went dyke – you do have that cute dyke-ish haircut…”

“Hey, at least I’m not BLOND,” Melanie shot back.

“As I was saying…BITCH…unless you went dyke and fell in love, it’s not cheating – at least in my book. Shit girlfriend, if you did that I might be persuaded to leave Mike. You’re just so cute. We could shack up.”

It was Melanie’s turn to throw the wadded napkin back and then Joy told her tale of the sweaty, half drunken sex with Vicki against the wall in an alley and then in her van and then in her bedroom. Melanie found herself wet, her nipples aching in her bra. She’d never thought about another woman.

But now.

Reality was an 800 pound gorilla. She’d have to think about another woman for real. She was sweating, having palpitations in her chest, on the verge of hyperventilating and her hands were shaking.

To stem the panic attack, Melanie downed two Valium with a gin chaser (her shrink wouldn’t like that), lit a Marlboro Red (Roger would be pissed, she wasn’t supposed to smoke in the house), called her assistant and had her cancel her appointments and crawled back into bed.

She was half asleep, half awake, floating on the Valium/gin/ nicotine cocktail and dreaming of the details of that night Joy told her about when Vicki arrived.

Melanie was feeling very relaxed; very aroused. Every so often she would rub her thighs together and enjoy the sensation of her wetness and the leaking remmants of Roger’s cum.


Melanie opened her eyes. She saw Vicki smiling down at her, taking off her sweat jacket and starting to unbutton her high collared “granny” cotton nightgown.

“Well, hi there.” Melanie felt herself flush with embarrass- ment though she was no longer nervous – with her panic medication, being nervous was not possible.

Melanie had a serious problem now that reality was standing beside her bed: she didn’t know if she could reciprocate with Vicki.

She didn’t know if she could kiss her on the mouth.

She didn’t know if she could be kissed on the mouth.

She didn’t know if she could put her mouth on Vicki’s sex and make her come.

Having an aversion for masturbation, she didn’t even know if she could put her fingers inside Vicki’s vagina or rub her labia and clitoris. Or, for some odd reason that frightened her more than anything, whether she could take Vicki touching her sex lips and penetrating her with her fingers.

It didn’t seem fair, especially after calling Vicki and waking her. But fortified with 10 mg’s of Valium, two fingers of gin and a cigarette she was still prepared to ask for what she wanted. What she *needed*, damnit.

“Wait. Uh, don’t unbutton your gown just yet. I…uh, I’m sorry, I don’t know if I can…you know…reciprocate. I won’t blame you at all if you leave right now.”

Vicki smiled. Melanie was as beautiful as Joy said she would be and she wanted to lay with her and pleasure her.

“What do you want Melanie? Right at this moment? Right now?”

“I want…I want to come. I want to feel another human body pressed to mine. To make me come.”

Vicki quickly finished unbuttoning the top of her gown and bent over to grab the hem and pull it over her head. The gown came over her head, making her hair even more wild.

“I want to make you come. It’s alright if you can’t get into making love with me. I just want you to feel good. Scoot over.”

And with that Vicki slid into bed beside Melanie. Their bodies were different but not that different.

Vicki was a bit taller. With four children her body was softer; her belly, hips and thighs fuller. Her red hair shoulder length and curly.

Melanie, the mother of two, ran three times a week. Her body was harder, belly flat, hips and thighs lean. And her brunette hair was razor cut and close cropped.

They both shared the attribute of small, loose breasts – a feature that complimented their body types.

Vicki pressed her body full against Melanie’s, gently embracing her.

Melanie’s body fairly vibrated from the warmth, weight and softness from Vicki’s embrace. She closed her eyes and sucked in a breath, held it. The feeling of skin upon skin was so luxuriant.

God, this was bliss. Better in a different way than with her husband. Perhaps canlı casino it was because Vicki was so soft – and she grinned inwardly – and not hairy like Roger.

Vicki gently caressed Melanie’s face. With each caress, Vicki was whispering – Melanie heard her but her mind didn’t translate the words.

A whisper, a caress of Vicki’s fingers against Melanie’s face then a soft kiss on the shoulder.

Melanie was falling deeper into bliss.

A sexual daze..

Vicki moved her thigh over Melanie’s and gathered one of Melanie’s small breasts into her hand…

Melanie put her hand in Vicki’s hair…

Lips encircled the nipple…

The soft, wet tip of Vicki’s tongue made contact with the nipple…

“Ohhhhhhh…god…please….” Melanie arched her back to try to press more of her breast into Vicki’s cloying mouth.

The kiss broke, fingertips trailed Melanie’s jaw line, throat, down her breast bone to her belly and another soft kiss along the bottom of her rib cage…

Then another over her hip point and finally a caress, a lick and a kiss above her mons.

Melanie was incoherent from the intensity of her pleasure.

But as Vicki moved lower on Melanie’s body the atmosphere was jarringly broken.

“No! No damnit!” It was a sharp rebuke and Melanie sat up in bed, eyes defocused and her face and chest flushed from arousal.

Vicki looked frightened and Melanie focused, “Oh, god, I’m so sorry…uh…uh…don’t use your fingers. Don’t use your fingers on my labia…,” Melanie laughed nervously, used both hands to wipe sweat from her cheekbones. “It’s…it’s, uh, ha-ha, I can’t really explain…you know? Please just use your mouth on me. Lick me. Suck me. Maybe later, let me hump against your leg…ok?”

Melanie ran her hands over her hair and wiped sweat again.

“Sure. I’m sorry…”

“No…no, I’m sorry…it’s my stupid fault…”

Melanie started to say more and Vicki moved closer to her and putting her hand gently on one of Melanie’s breasts, kissed her softly between the breasts.

“Lay back. It’s alright. Let me please you,” another kiss another soothing whisper and Melanie was easily slipping back into the cocoon of pleasure she was in before Vicki stroked Melanie’s swollen sex with her fingers.

Vicki avoided looking into Melanie’s eyes, trying to melt away as a person and just let Melanie experience the pleasure of her senses.

Again, the soft whispers, the caresses and the kisses.

Throat, collar bones, nipples, belly, hips, mons.

Vicki moved down Melanie’s body, slowly, quietly, gently.

“Spread for me Melanie. I want to lay between your legs.”

Melanie spread and Vicki repositioned so that she was laying on her belly between Melanie’s spread legs.

Vicki slowly caressed the inside of each of Melanie’s lean thighs. She took a deep breath from Melanie’s sex then moved up and again kissed Melanie right above her mons.

Melanie closed her eyes tightly concentrating on the wonder- ful sensations filling her belly. She knew she was wet and the feeling of the blood heaviness in her sex was maddening.

Vicki took her time, slowly kissing and caressing with her tongue the hypersensitive flesh around Melanie’s sex. She wanted to work into the core that was the most inflamed and drooled a copious amount of Melanie’s husband’s cum.

After what seemed like an eternity to Melanie, Vicki’s mouth made contact with the spread petals of Melanie’s sex and Melanie cried out from the rush of pleasure.

“God damn!!! That’s so good! Oh, so, so fucking good! That’s it, yeah…that’s it.”

Vicki’s tongue slipped into Melanie’s cunt to lap Roger’s cum and Melanie’s body convulsed from the wave of pleasure. Melanie crossed her thighs over Vicki’s shoulder’s and held Vicki to her work with both hands tightly in Vicki’s hair.

The tongue left – Melanie thought to soon – but was rapidly replaced by a new sensation: at the same time Vicki’s mouth gently took Melanie’s engorged clit between her lips and applied light suction, Vicki pushed two of her fingers deep into Melanie’s cunt and slowly drug them out across the roof of her cunt. And then she repeated the motion.

Whatever Melanie’s hangup with fingers in her sex was, the narcotic of pleasure swept it away. Melanie whimpered, mumbled incoherently and her body stiffened as the wave of her orgasm started flooding her thighs and belly and brain.

Absentmindedly, she sucked a couple of her fingers into her mouth. Her body was reverberating with intense pleasure and she forgot the agent of her pleasure clamped between her thighs.

Vicki’s hands were pushing back on Melanie’s thighs, trying to break the lock Melanie had on her. This pushing motion brought Melanie somewhat back to the realm of reality. She loosened her thighs. Vicki gasped raggedly for air then coughed.

“Gotta…gotta let your bitch have a breath now and then, Melanie.”

kaçak casino Melanie was guilt strickened, “Oh, god! I’m sorry! Are…”

Vicki laughed, “Melanie…shut up.”

Vicki scooted her body up so that her head lay on Melanie’s flat belly and her breast rested over Melanie’s still pulsing sex. Vicki’s held Melanie’s hips lightly with her finger tips.

* * * * *

Minutes passed.

Vicki sensed Melanie’s slow, regular breathing.

Melanie was having a little post orgasmic nap.

Slowly Vicki extricated herself from Melanie’s thighs and lay back on the bed, panting.

Vicki reached for her own nipple as she ran fingers over and into her sex.

She took her time; legs spread frog leg fashion, her back slightly arched and her mouth open, panting as she worked toward her own release.

Vicki’s movements on the bed were enough to rouse Melanie from her post orgasmic nap. Melanie propped herself up on an elbow and watched Vicki masturbate. Melanie was stunned by Vicki’s sensuality.

Vicki’s fingers moved in and out and over her swollen sex. They made little liquid sucking noises as they moved. Vicki’s other hand pulled – in varying degrees of intensity – on a nipple. Then she would run that hand across her entire breast and then slowly move her fingertips down to her belly, over her hips and back to the nipple.

Melanie’s voice startled Vicki, “Can I help?”

Vicki half sat up, hands still on sex and nipple. Her eyes were lidded with lust, her forehead and chest damp with sweat and her face around her mouth glistening with Melanie’s wetness.

Vicki blurted, “I want to fuck you.”

This wasn’t exactly what Melanie had in mind for help but before she could ask how Vicki proposed to fuck her Vicki was up, kneeling in front of Melanie.

“Lay back a little Mel and spread your legs. I’m going to put one of my legs over one of yours and the other under and we’re going to rub cunts.”

Vicki moved into position. When their sex’s made contact it was almost electric. Melanie couldn’t believe the soft slickness pressed into her sex. It was so wonderful.

“Now…Mel, let’s… get…a rhythm going.”

Vicki’s hand went around the back of Melanie’s neck, lever- aging her contact against Melanie’s sex.


“That’s it, Mel…rub against me…”

The look of concentration on Vicki’s face was intense. She sucked in her lower lip, grunted.

Vicki let loose of Melanie’s neck and lay back on her elbows to leverage from a different angle.

Melanie stared wide eyed as Vicki’s soft body lay spread before her. How beautiful. Involuntarily Melanie reached out and ran a hand from Vicki’s belly up to her breasts.

Vicki gasped, pleaded, “Play with my nipples.”

Melanie took a nipple between each thumb and forefinger. At first she lightly flicked the tips and then she applied pressure and pulled them toward the outside of Vicki’s body.

“Yes…yes!” Vicki hissed in response.

Suddenly Vicki sat straight up, hugged Melanie to her and stopped rubbing.

Melanie felt the rhythmic contractions of Vicki’s sex.

Vicki was still for moments then slowly she started planting little kisses on Melanie’s neck and shoulders, whispering – between pants for breath – “thank you’s.”

Melanie closed her eyes and tried to absorb every touch of Vicki’s lips to her skin and every drop of sweat running off Vicki and down Melanie’s breasts and belly. Every place their bodies touched.

Melanie did not resist when Vicki sought out her mouth.

* * * * *

Vicki lay sleeping on Melanie’s bed.

Melanie was in the shower.

Joy, tipped off this morning by both Melanie and Vicki, let herself into the townhouse. She stood at the doorway of Melanie’s bedroom and surveyed the scene.

The room reeked of female musk and sweat. Lingerie was scattered about the floor. The bed was a mess of rumpled sheets. And in the middle of the bed was Vicki on her back, legs spread obscenely.

Joy sat down on the bed next to Vicki’s head, gently touched Vicki’s cheek with her palm and whispered, “Hey, babe…”

Vicki opened her eyes and smiled up at Joy.

“How was Mel?”

Vicki giggled, “Good.”

Joy leaned down and kissed Vicki lightly on the lips, holding her face lightly with her fingertips, “I have more friends who would love to meet you, just remember, you’re my little fuck toy when you’re not with Jack. Ok?”

Vicki giggled again, mockingly submissive, “Yes, mistress.”

Joy laughed as she stood, “Fuckin’A, my little cunt.” Joy was unbuttoning her blouse and unhooking her bra. “I’m going to let Mel know I’m here then you’re going to fuckin’ get me off.”

Vicki smiled coyly, “Ok.”

Vicki watched Joy step out of her jeans and thong and walk naked into Melanie’s bathroom. She laughed as she heard Joy’s raucous voice, “So Mel, how’s it feel to be a lesbian!? Gonna give up Roger!? He’s got that big cock I’d like to have if you don’t want it, ‘course I’d have to take the rest of him too. Oh well, you know what they say, ‘gotta take the bad with the good…’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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