Jessie Palmer Ch. 03

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This story is based on interracial lesbian seduction, reluctance and coercion (although there is a sprinkling of MF sex).

The thoughts of a white women being seduced by a black woman is a long held fantasy of mine, but if this type of storyline is not for you, thank you for stopping by but please pass on without feeling the need to leave a derogatory comment.


Claire padded out of the small en-suite shower room into her bedroom and unwrapped the fluffy white towel from her slender body as she crossed towards the floor-length mirror in the far corner of the room.

She smiled coyly to herself as she checked her naked reflection. Her body was in the best shape of her life. Her hard nipples sat beautifully high on her breasts and her flat stomach was actually showing the beginnings of a six-pack. All those hours spent in the gym were definitely paying off.

Her hands went to her head, pulling her long hair upwards and then allowing it to cascade back down onto her bare shoulders. She had subtly changed her hairstyle, as well as several other aspects of her appearance, so that she better resembled Jessie Palmer. It was Laura who had originally remarked on the similarity between her and the young porn star, and now it would be difficult to tell them apart.

Precious had also referred to her as Jessie when they’d met a couple of days ago and, strangely, Claire was becoming to enjoy being called that name.

Precious! Even thinking the name made her shiver. This was the girl who held Claire’s future in her hands. If she could get the girl to verify that Melissa Rhodes was one of Laura’s clients, the story would be elevated to such a level that Claire’s reputation as an investigative journalist would be made.

Claire had spent the last forty-eight hours drafting out her story and, even without any reference to Melissa Rhodes or any other individual for that matter, it was dynamite. Any story referring to interracial lesbian prostitution would ‘sell papers’, to use her editor’s favourite phrase, and Claire could easily turn her first draft into a series of three or maybe four articles with a bit of padding.

Yet it could be so much more.

She was determined to obtain the information she needed when she met Precious again tonight but … that wasn’t the only reason she was feeling so excited about meeting up with the girl again.

No sooner had Precious told her that the ‘escort’ girls ‘looked after’ each other, she had emphasised the fact by taking advantage of Claire’s drunken state by fingering the reporter in the back of the taxi cab. The orgasm had been so explosive that Claire couldn’t even think about the moment without touching herself again—with the inevitable results each time.

In fact, for a brief second she thought of grabbing her vibe and doing herself again there and then…

But no, she knew she had to try and control herself. The sexual machinations associated with the investigation seemed to have her in a permanent state of heat and if she wasn’t careful she would be in danger of compromising both herself and her story.

And yet that was easier said than done.

It felt as if the need that had been released inside her was slowly turning into a craving. Monika, Leroy and Precious had all taken advantage of her in their separate ways. Why was that such a turn-on for her? And why did she find the contrast in colour between her milky-white flesh and their black skin so intoxicating.

She’d even found herself checking out some of the black members of staff in the office yesterday.

Dolores was in her fifties, but the curvy canteen manager had always paid special attention to Claire whenever she’d see her. She’d thought it was innocuous, but now she was wondering if there was more to her interest than met the eye.

Then there was Bobby, one of the security guards. He clearly had a muscular body under his uniform. She had already begun to wonder if his dick be as big as Leroy’s.

As for Gloria, the young Brazilian girl who worked on the accounts team, the girl simply had a body to die for. All the guys in that department had tried it on with her, but the rumours were that the teenager preferred the opposite sex.

And there was something else. If she closed her eyes, Claire could still see the two white teenagers being coerced into sex in the nightclub restrooms. An image of the blonde girl remained imprinted on her mind, on her knees infront of Monika and lapping at her pussy like an addict needing her fix.

Her black pussy…

She turned back to the mirror again, her eyes drifting down to her thin black landing strip. She’d often thought of going bare completely but kinda liked the effect she’d created. Still, Jessie Palmer was bare down there. And Monika had been clean-shaven, too.

She momentarily wondered if Precious would be bare when the buzz of her mobile phone brought her back to the present. A shiver ran through her when she checked the message. Precious was changing the arrangements for their meeting tonight. casino oyna

She wanted Claire to meet her at her flat…


Finding a parking place in London at this time of night was rare but there it was, in a side street close to the address Precious had given her.

Claire’s hands were shaking as she fed the meter, and she glanced in both directions before nervously making her way across the road towards the apartment block.

She could feel her heart beat heavily in her chest in anticipation of where the meeting might lead, and had to remind herself she was here for a reason. The success of her story depended on her getting Precious to talk in more detail about the ‘escort’ business and she needed to forget anything else. Just focus on the task in hand.

The pause before she entered the building lasted only a few seconds. Then she was through the door and heading across to the lift in the near corner of the lobby.

Precious’s apartment was on the third floor.

The doors to the lift opened as soon as she pressed the steel button, as if it had been waiting just for her. It took only a few seconds to reach the floor she wanted and Precious’s apartment was halfway along the left hand side. The girl answered the door on Claire’s third knock.

Precious wore a smile on her face as the door opened, but not much else. Was she was naked underneath the thin purple robe? The pitter-pattering beat of Claire’s heart instantly went into overdrive again.

“Jessie,” she murmured, standing back so that her guest could enter. “Come in.”

Claire apprehensively walked past her and into a small living area. It was sparsely but remarkably tidy, except for the dildo and harness that sat on a small coffee table in the middle of the room.

Claire gave an intake of breath at the sight.

“I … er … parked nearby,” she lamely explained, more for something to say. “It looks like rain. I was thinking we might find a pub or bar nearby and—”

The words died in her throat as she turned to face Precious. The girl was casually unfastening the belt of her robe and shrugging the thin garment from her shoulders and onto the floor.

Her naked black body was stunning.

The question Claire had asked herself earlier in the day was instantly answered. She was clean-shaven. And her bare labial lips were glossy and pink with arousal…

Time stood still as Claire’s gaze flickered upwards towards those perfectly-formed tits. They were beautifully perky, with chocolate-brown nipples that grew long and hard out of her small areola. To Claire’s surprise her nipples were pierced, with small rings that sported a little heart dangling down from each.

The hearts swung gently from side to side as Precious began to saunter across the room towards her.

“I know the little white girl has been wonderin’,” she said, stepping closer. “So I thought I’d get the formalities out of the way first. You like?”

Claire nodded, not knowing quite what to say. The girl was just inches away now and she could feel her breathing, smell her perfume.

Precious’s broad smile suggested she was pleased with the response.

“You want?” she asked, holding her arms out wide to display her nakedness in all its glory

Claire swallowed hard. What happened in the taxi was one thing. But this was going way too fast for her. And yet she did nothing, just stood frozen to the spot as the girl’s head tilted to the side and she was whispering in her ear.

“Sure you do.”

She followed up the words with a kiss, just as they had had done in the taxi cab. Her thick lips were warm and sensual. And she kissed well. Very well. Claire knew she should have objected, tried to control the situation, but instead she did nothing. Just stood there and let Precious kiss her.

“I … I didn’t come for this,” she managed to belatedly say, but all the strength was gone from her voice.

“Sure you did,” Precious told her, holding a finger to her lips to silence the protest.

Then she replaced it with her mouth again. This time the kiss was longer, more passionate and Precious was pulling her hands to her full tits. The feeling of those heavy breasts in her palms, nipples burning into her palm, removed all the resolve the reporter had.

Precious’s tongue found her ear as she started to pull Claire’s blouse out of her jeans. Her fingers found the skin underneath and from the way her knee was pressing between the reporter’s legs, she knew that what was going to happen would be so wrong.

She was here for a reason. Not this. Wasn’t she?

But Precious’s hand had unfastened her jeans and her fingers felt heavenly as they slid inside her thong.

She gently pushed down on her hand in rhythm to her movements, not knowing whether she was trying to stop her, or help her continue. It didn’t matter. The girl was pushing her back against the wall and pulling the jeans down with her as she sunk to her knees.

Her fingers dragged the skimpy thong to one side and then … oh God … canlı casino her face dropped onto Claire’s wetness.

“Precious…” she croaked. “Please…”

Please what? Stop? Continue? Softer? Harder?

Her hands found the girl’s head as her tongue instantly went to work, lapping hungrily. It was surreal and yet the sensations felt incredible.

“Mmm … you like that, Jessie?” she said into Claire.

The reporter gasped. She could feel the vibrations from the girl’s voice on her skin. But she had to stop this. Things were getting out of control, going too far. She opened her mouth to speak, to protest, but the words that came out were anything but.

“Yesss …right there, Precious. Oh shit. Right there!”


They were in the bedroom now. Claire was lying on her back on the small bed while Precious had spread her body across hers, scissoring their legs together.

Black on white…

The ease with which she’d capitulated wasn’t lost on Claire. The last time she’d had the excuse of having drunk too much alcohol. Tonight, she had no such excuse. She was simply giving in to the needs that were threatening to overwhelm her.

Precious’s toned body was the colour of midnight against her skin and she could feel her heat and wetness their pussies began to clash noisily together.

Oh fuck…

When Precious arched the top half of her body forward to kiss Claire, the young reporter responded by unleashing the pent up passion simmering inside her. The kiss deepened and saliva dripped between their mouths as their lips and tongues clashed.

Pierced nipples. Pierced tongue.

The kiss ended as Precious sat back into an upright position, pulling one of Claire’s legs up to her shoulder. Staring triumphantly down, she began to slowly move her hips, grinding the full length of their pussies together. The unexpected feeling of their bare skin gliding against one another was so sublime that Claire thought she might pass out.

“Black girls do it best, Jessie,” Precious teased, humping faster. “Let yourself go, honey.”

She adjusted position as she spoke, moving her hips in tight little circles as she increased the pace. Their flowing juices combined to enhance the heated grind as clit found clit and her tits bounced erotically on her dark frame. The hearts attached to her nipple rings went with the movement, dancing their own erotic dance.

Claire threw her head back and released a deep guttural groan as she started to frantically pump her hips back.

“That’s it, Jessie,” Precious encouraged, holding the reporter’s raised leg against her shoulder with one hand and using the other to grip Claire’s tight ass. “Like that. Fuck this little black girl…”

Claire growled at the words. It was a harsh sound, coming from the back of her throat, and it reverberated in her ears as she humped back for all she was worth. The friction, the heat, the sucking wetness had her close to being out of control.

When Precious reached out to slap her tits—once, twice—the growl turned into a shriek and her orgasm washed through her body as if she was being fed a series of electric shocks.

Seconds later, she felt herself slipping into a warm, comfortable unconsciousness.


Claire slowly turned her head on the pillow to find Precious lying beside her. Her young black lover looked so beautiful as she dozed softly next to her.

Not that it had been her intention to stay the night in Precious’s apartment. It had just happened that way. It felt like she had enacted every sexual fantasy she’d had since Monika had first confronted her, with a few new ones thrown in for good measure.

Had sex ever been this good?

Common sense told her that she had crossed the line. Despite the warnings she had constantly given herself, she had compromised both herself as a reporter and the very investigation she was there to pursue. If she had any sense, she should slip out of bed and leave the apartment before the young woman awoke. Accept what had happened but try and put it behind her.

But then … how could she go when she hadn’t yet gained the information she needed? Precious hadn’t yet talked about her life as an escort. They’d been too busy fucking to discuss the subject. Too busy fucking? My God! They had! She’d been with a woman for the first time in her life!

And, equally as exciting, she’d been with a black woman.

The wonderful colour contrast had started to beguile her when Monika’s dark fingers had covered hers and pulled her hand to her black sex in the observation room at the Young Offender’s Institute. It had grown when Leroy had coerced her into sucking his black dick—in the club and then again in his car.

And last night her growing masturbatory fantasies had come true. The sex had been incredible.

Turning softly on the bed to face Precious, Claire used just her fingertips to gently tug on the crumpled white sheet that half-covered the sleeping girl. Inch by inch, she gradually exposed her lover’s toned kaçak casino body until the sheet fell away completely.

For a few moments, she just lay there, drinking in her beauty with her heated eyes.

The one thing she hadn’t done—yet?—was go down on Precious. Oh God, she so wanted to. Taste that black pussy from the source, not just from her fingers. The hunger inside her needed to be let free … and yet a part of her told Claire that if she gave in to the craving, she would be lost. It would change everything. Her life would never be the same again and she couldn’t afford for that to happen.

Her fingers dropped between her own legs as she watched Precious. They brushed across her swollen clit as she mind-fucked the girl and then began to move more insistently as the fantasy took hold. Pushing those black legs apart and dipping her head between them…

Oh fuck…

Precious’s left nipple was inches from her mouth and the temptation was too much to ignore. The nipple ring, with the little heart hanging down, looked so sexy. Maybe, one day, she’d get her own nipples done?

Nudging the tip of her tongue forward, she licked across the chocolate coloured nipple … once, twice, enough to bring a soft sigh from Precious’s lips.

The girl’s sleepy reaction was enough to release the orgasm inside Claire’s burning body and she pulled her fingers away as it swept through her. Then she was licking again, bringing the nipple alive at the same time as transferring her sticky hand from between her own thighs to Precious’s.

The girl’s sex was warm and wet.

She wasn’t going to go down on her. Couldn’t. Daren’t. But she could bring her to an orgasm in a different way. She’d learnt that last night. Twelve hours ago she’d never been with another woman, other than her brief experience with Monika. Now, she was becoming an expert…

Precious began to stir as Claire used her fingertips on her juicy wet pussy, finding and caressing her clit. At the same time her mouth became more active on the girl’s nipple, taking the ring between her lips and tugging gently.

Half conscious, Precious arched her back to thrust more of her breast towards Claire’s feeding mouth. Her legs opened wider to accommodate the probing fingers

“I see the little white girl can’t get enough,” she murmured happily, blinking her eyes open and grinning as full consciousness returned.

She raised her hands over her head and then grabbed the bars of the headboard behind her, stretching her black body on the bed.

“Put those fingers inside me, Jessie,” she huskily murmured, spreading her legs even further apart.

A lick of heat ran through Claire at the words. She eagerly worked one finger and then a second inside her. She would lick the tasty juices from them when she’d made Precious cum. The girl instantly pulled both knees upwards so that the squelching digits could reach even deeper.

“Yeah, like that…” she moaned, arching her body to the maximum.

Only her shoulders and the soles of her feet remained on the mattress as she began to pump her toned body on the probing fingers. Claire had to scramble up onto her knees to keep pace, sinking her mouth onto a chocolate-coloured nipple again as she finger-fucked the girl for all she was worth.

“Fuck, yeah,” Precious gasped, humping upwards like only a black woman could do. “Make this bitch cum…”


The bubble bath had been Precious’s idea. She’d promised to disclose more to Claire about her life as an escort, but wanted to do so in comfort.

The young reporter gathered her long hair in her hands and submerged her head beneath the warm water as she waited for the girl to join her. Had they actually fucked all night and again this morning—and in all those different positions? At times she had been so out of control that she’d lost herself in a haze of carnal lust, not caring a fuck about anything thing except giving and receiving the next orgasm.

The thought had just passed through her mind when a sudden aroma made her head whip round towards the bathroom door. It was a familiar smell, one she had experienced the first time she’d met Leroy—the noxious odour of blueberry headies.

Claire’s head whipped round to see her black lover standing by the door, taking a drag from the joint between her lips.

“Precious…” she gasped.

The sexy girl laughed as she sauntered into the room.

“It’s only a little harmless weed,” she casually shrugged, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. “It helps me relax. And it’s not just for me. I lit it for us.”

She stepped into the bathtub opposite Claire, her long legs stretching down under the water as she settled either side of the reporter’s body. For a few moments neither of them spoke, just grinning at one another, and then Precious leant forward and slipped the joint between Claire’s lips.

“If you’re going to be one of the girls,” she softly breathed, “you gotta act like one.”

Claire only hesitated a second. Leroy had used the drug to coerce her into sucking his dick, but this situation was different. Why not? What harm could it do? She took a long drag at the joint, the thick smoke hesitantly curling out from between her parted lips.

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